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Sri and Kira Live, February 16, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today in Shifty Paradigm now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are SRI and Kira

Namaste beloved ones and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am Sri Lanka grateful to be with you here today and you know I think it's kind of cool kind of fun Street and I did not know what each other was wearing so we got up here the studio and I kind of giggled that we both went with the white and I really have to have this smile about this because it's such an uplevel moment we are in this imminent retrograde experience the crystalline energy is going to get even larger we have such a huge show for you today it just feels to me like the universe is speaking through our shirts straight rose tea today celebrating

God for those of you that were here right as the show is starting there was a slide up on screen we had just gotten from one of our employees actually back for you check this out. Little town that's just down the hill from us there's two kind of the main place where there's a bus station and all those good things the name of the town is pouty and take a look at this illuminated entrance to pout a ZTE that is paute this is literally there's this one road that you can get into our little village and we live for and a half kilometers outside of the village Central which is where this is but this just caught us with such love when shreen I came back from India this had just gone up and it stays that they put up for the holiday seasons and then also for the celebration of the Town itself which is coming up this weekend

so they leave it up this very long time and I'll never forget the first day we had come home from India with flown into town and we flew home to the ciudad De la Luz it is the city of light and I just love that so much that's where we live is such a beautiful thing that the locals here celebrate the city of light and they're very very much plugged into the fact that we are more than just a hard-working float of protoplasmic jumpsuits

energy healers actually have stores you know they have their places you walk into to get your energy healing from the indigenous Elder and so I love that and so you know that's a moment from us to you and of course this is our water therapy center right here this is our fountains creation and you want to learn more about that yesterday please please with all our heart if you did not join us for explore the Mysteries yesterday you missed a really important show go to YouTube right one to talk radio one. How about all of you that are here for today let's say hi stream CBS radio and video at one stock radio YouTube and Facebook

dodo bird like we have no call board and we are also brought over a beautiful bbsradio and you can call us there with an 800 number here you go you ready 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008 or give us a call at 517-208-1500 both of our call boards are open and we do have our call board up and running now so I believe that we are in good shape and we said hi to all of you in a physical change your I hope over at YouTube high we love you and I believe our Bria Rose is in the chat room over there as well right and she's chatting with you guys I was walking up the steps waving to Bria she was walking in to get ready to chat with you so we're up here in the recording studios atosa Blue Mountain and

down there and the Beautiful, like the community Buffet area where is it like to hang out it's really quite a lot of enemies we've been celebrating here at us to Blue Mountain that we've been eating almost exclusively off of our land right now so it's really been a time of great Bounty and and I'm excited to share all of that because we are in such a transformative moments tree this is guys we are two things happening in the next 2 days all right and when we start because it's only two days away this actually started yesterday and what that is is that we are in the first Mercury retrograde of this two-year up level miracle moment that we have all collectively co-created and what this does is it assist this illuminated New Moon all of his came forward in January

to open up the veil yes but this is going into the void of creation and literally having your eyes wide open knowing this is your moment to harvest I mean clean that guy's really claim that you know we've been talking about this since last year and so it's really important to just who you know breathe into that pay attention and this particular weekend we are two days away from the NEX II up level up level of February which is on the same day that mercury finally ghost ghost stationary and it's direct position did you know if we want to talk about this for a second because what I have observed this particular cycle

I mean the Mercury retrograde coming up here in 2020. Is that the pre phase is more call it a destabilizing and then the then the retrograde the actual retrograde pays that is to say it's like the anticipation energy and it isn't in anticipation as much as the introduction of another frequency into this accelerated moment and that other frequency brings with it the traditional kind of mercury stuff of having to redo things are we think or revisit things a couple of times yet when it goes full-on

there is a stability to it it's not just a waxy difference in frequency it's a stable influence and any time or energy environment has a stable influence we get to kind of settle in more so what curious and wild about this is were sort of settling in to a rocket ship I don't know that is exactly. Let's put up the February calendar okay we did share a lot of this yesterday but let's put up again right now because this in retrograde energy there is a lot to know guys this is going to be a master experience unlike any other because it's the first one in a two-year expansion. And what it means is that everything's getting stronger the fear a little bit as you're looking at the calendar here is very quickly what we pointed out yesterday noticed that February the energy of February is profound shift okay we know that that all the bus

this year have different energies in them and not profound shift happens to fall in the consciousness of evolution in a choice months which means next week next month March is awareness again right so here we are in a choice months of profound shift with two up levels I mean that's enough for anybody however there's a lot of firsts and so we have the full moon up level on the 9th which was 9 days into February then 9 days later which is this Tuesday not only does mercury finally go retrograde so do we have a second up level event now if you take your finger or you take your eye and you started the nine and you draw to the 18 you're going to realize we're building a pyramid and then that ate energy is going to be like a beacon of light and it will stabilize on the 23rd through the first eliminated New Moon of the Year inside

this first bercury retrograde and what we collectively co-create will manifest and so this is just it's it's one of those moments where I'm feeling like the Divine directors the ascended masters all of them are just saying say this to his many people who will listen as possible right because they're there is such an opportunity here for everyone to be able to joyfully walk forward into this Mercury retrograde saying I am ready I am ready and I think that's really extraordinary and and when we ready right when we are ready, because we stayed committed until you really say yes to yourself until you are really committed you got to want it guys got to want it you've got to want about it filled miracle

life more than the inertia that maybe in front of you and your current one and sometimes that's not as easy a choice to make as we think sometimes warm it's a hassle to reach up and turn on the warm water is also hassle to get out and there you are right right now

Oakhurst or if you're cold and so it is just not quite comfortable but I'm not going to disturb it well that's what happens with spires fatigue comes in little by little by little and What Becomes of Norm all of you who are interested to can our video for the first time is also broadcasting live right now over at that's also where the 800 number is so if you want to check it out we are also live our video is Li died our producer just pinged us so that we will have to be able to give as many people as possible access to the energy and the information that is critical for living and ascended life at this time

and I think the most important critical thing on that is to reclaim who you are that lets because in the energy of this Mercury retrograde rest of this Mercury retrograde this one is initiating a two-year cycle a two-year cycle guys of reclaiming yourself that's The Re-Up this is more than a return it is a Reclamation and it's a really profound thing to claim yourself also is to reclaim Your Divine Galactic blue to return to that which you truly are and I want to speak to this for a moment because there was a common in the YouTube Shadow a peek at it just a second ago on YouTube chat person there said hey you guys look younger than you did two years ago

time we are like we are that's actually true part of this that I want to share is everybody has a moment in their life when they must say yes or no when you must drive or or be tired you know there's these little moments they often come forward due to a great challenge or lost they often come forward due to a great inspiration or clarity

what I know for myself and for my beloved Kira is 2019 brought forward both extreme Challenge it's like the the grid that enters the oyster and it doesn't know if it's going to live or if it's going to make a pearl you know is if he just came in and there was a whole lot of friction and what we found is it brought forward a recognition and a capacity to master the density that we are our bodies are in and the Mastery of the body the Mastery of the density this is not a magic wand this is the state of presents that brings in sacred Union with the body and the sacred Union is from a l ascended Consciousness standpoint so there's two to Sherry's here one is we went through a process that I will be sharing more of when we get to the Consciousness and healing

workshops that I'll be there a lot of you sending us

will I ask Google

pick up at and so the technicians are going to figure out why some of the pages just suddenly evaporated years are born and suddenly Pages disappear right after I uploaded a new video just like an interesting side note on the retrograde energy and also on the energy might want to be stopping whatever is going on we we really worked hard on the 20 20th century symptoms video I pray you guys have connected with it and if you have not right here at YouTube it official stream Kara that video is up please connect with it really really please connect with it but from the minute I started uploading it to you too we weren't even live yet and that's when all the time just to say all of the fascinating challenges happened with our website and we have been back and forth working with our website like this poor man who is not a web man has been

almost twenty-four hours a day because we're both so concerned that here we are saying hey go check out the website there's all these new things they're go look for this we're getting emails going that page is not there were like oh my God thank you for letting us know so still hang with us guys it is restore a backup and they're there and then something else disappears next without the labor in that I've got this guy very shortly and I'm going to upload the description of what's being offered but let me give you this little tidbit conversations in Consciousness and healing how to empower the Healer Within

how to empower the Healer within is a new training that is not just for healers because all of us are healers and all of us deserve to be healed we have fractured ourselves what we came into this lifetime at bed we built upon those fractures by attracting to ourselves all kinds of the year's over whatever Blake the time but we we find a stability Consciousness seems to be kind of is there's a way to turbocharge The Awakening there's a way to turbocharge the realignment with your souls energy which then automatically gives the vessel

a new reason to level up

okay no my angel

so much he cares so much and Street that's what happens is that I wanted to share with everyone you know we've been getting a lot of emails in and we are in this retrograde energy right now and did put out the video The 20/20 Ascension this is our Cuda oil those of you boil that when you're here in tosa Blue Mountain so there is the full article if you have not left yet seen the video and the reason you might want the article is all of the symptoms are there they're all printed out and there's a lot more context want more content so to speak so if you go to shrink your dog, is that well that's on the homepage so the homepage is still intact read the article when you get a chance to share the article with other people but as we talked about this retrograde moment and what's coming in I've been getting a lot of emails especially from those of you that horny

The 20/20 Ascension symptoms video and yesterday she and I very sincerely put out to all of you that look if you want us to talk about something specifically that we're not talking about we we are happy to if we feel that we are the ones to talk about it we are happy to honor that and so please send us your emails to guests at SRI and Kira radio. Com and that is the same place you can send if you have any interest in which we might be offering send an email as well and you can get on the list will send it out to you. What's going on in that class and how to maximize the value because everybody who joins the class will receive a personalized healing energy so we have to know who you are, so today I got so many emails from people who have seen the video that new about today's top again with this retrograde braids that is about reclaiming right it is about reclaiming and so

a lot of people to bring us about pain and they're saying I'd like to know how did you release your pain how are you releasing that pain how are you moving through pain I'm in pain someone I know is in pain my children are in pain whatever and this isn't about a singular form of pain right this isn't about that what this is really about is releasing pain and so because so many of these emails have command and I've also been working with lots of comments right here over an official stream Care at YouTube responding to all of you I really wanted to talk about this a little bit today and as I spent all last night with it was connecting with more and more of you this morning it was the Divine directors that said the Consciousness and healing with Shriram car will activate the release of pain in this way and my husband's looking at me because she hasn't seen this or she'll just yet that to you today and so if you if you put

at the top of the piece of paper or you can just hang out with what we're going to share right now but imagine at the top of the piece of paper it would say Consciousness and healing Consciousness and healing and with that you would feel as beautiful energy of Sri Lanka and and his incredible wisdom and ability to do what he does and he is the best kept secret that if you guys knew I mean I kid you not hundreds and hundreds of people that have had documented Miracle results with him it's just crazy what the Divine director said and they invited me to share it on the air today so are you okay if we do this right cuz it's the both of us together okay so I want you guys to put down the side of your page the word release like are you know Ela SE right down there okay and then underneath that maybe leave a little space the word pain same way a i n and K and the reason I'm sharing it

reason I feel that it's important is because in this retrograde moment I just really guys don't want to negate this or not stressing enough because this really is so important and none tree can we put up again let's put up the February we're going to stop again just February's up level calendar and if you don't know what the upper-level calendar is please right here at official strain carrot YouTube watch the video about the Ascension energy up level as I mentioned earlier the night we already have been through that up level and not and you see what happened this past week cuz remember everything up levels this is an exclusive this isn't a club everything is receiving this up level energy then when you get to the 18th which is this Tuesday we are not going to only have our second up level remember. Every month has up levels excuse me every month has to every month has at least one but this is one of the few months this year that has two and it's our first Mercury retrograde that is saying reclaim reclaim remember

and be do not be afraid that is the top of the pyramid in this is why I want to put this graphic back up if you draw a line or you take your eye from February 9th to February 18th then bring it back to the 23rd which is the illuminated New Moon that illuminated New Moon matters what we co-create what we call forward and it's not about bringing the whole bunch of people together to have to do it that way it's about each individual will simply saying yes in the energy of creation to expand to uplift to say yes and that's how that 23rd reunites with the 9th and you guys see it right it's a pyramid and it's a pyramid that's acting like a beacon into the rest of this year so this is a choice months and we are literally being gifted with a beacon of energy and so what a better time

directed then to not only release our own pain but to release pain what a beautiful gift don't you think straight always distracts the fullness of our attention and of course can be quite uncomfortable and I will be on Soul mirrors together in the energy of this up level moment with this Mercury going into the the retrograde experience and we are going to be offering an uplevel Attunement to that energy live on the air during Soul mirrors this Tuesday night Soul mirrors is on right here at YouTube official Street and Kara we are also over at 1 this talk radio. Com and all the Affiliates through there so I'm excited and we are at

6 p.m. Pacific time that gives more of you an opportunity to join us we hope so I'm looking at all the call boards filling up with everybody so let's just start with the release let's give a few if we're going to we're going to start feeling in the release Mary had to release pain because guys this is how it begins right and I'd go to wanna industry and I'm sure this more than what you have to have more passion tired or inspired you know if you watch The 20/20 Ascension symptoms video which I pray you have and if you haven't we do then you'll know that this year we have eighteen unique symptoms plus the two Master symptoms have finally revealed themselves these Master symptoms have been there for a very long time they have just now finally the clarity is come forward plus my kind of pissed resistance of the whole experience we actually have an opportunity to evolve

despite 2022 so I think that's pretty exciting they saw breath feel it as an Embrace still it as a smile so in that release the very first star is relax relax relax

write it all starts with breath and so whenever you find yourself anxious whenever you find yourself in pain what happens when you're in pain I know I went myself guys I went through it for 5 deep years really just always holding on the just the other side of positivism but yet feeling more than once and I was going to lose half battle and Gets You Through It is relaxing into it instead of resisting it right this is the release that brings us into that loving compassion and listen to Fitz dimensional experience so it all begins with the relaxation and in many ways I think in the steps of Ascension Alchemy for a minute all right yesterday and this is another reason why guys you want to look at that yesterday we put up this model this is the bottle of the yoga of salt Ascension and the reason that it just came forward is because of this relaxed see how one of the four steps is 2

four steps of the yoga stop Ascension that have no particular order as Archangel zadkiel was so insistent when they were given to us is to be first with yourself release Judgment of unconditional surrender looks like and as I was just sharing with you about relaxing what really hit me with that isn't that the Ultimate Surrender of what surrender looks like imagine if you were looking right now that's a tourist in the middle of the merkabah there guys and if you want to learn about this go to shrink and click on the yoga self Ascension or go watch yesterday show but imagine yourself does diving into the center there where that peace love joy is anchored into what is the heart of that all they saw pulse I can't think of anything more relaxing than that

because as you let's say that you relax right and who that you are that e is to evolve relax and evolve open your mind expand your vision ignite your heart Heal the World first begin with your inner world and wants her inner World becomes this beautiful fluid motion of energy than the radiant's that comes forward from you illuminate your pathway calls your you're eliminated if you're eliminated everything is shown you are revealing. Which needs to be seen and you are illuminated for those that need to see it's always a beautiful balance and this is the year of Perfect Balance so you ready for the L yeah we all know the alright it's love I mean look at just the first part of this word released right relax evolve love because an order

to sincerely Law & Order to get into that unconditional love space of the yoga self Ascension you need to relax because in order to relax I throw the t-word in there and that's trust unless you trust you can't relax you know it's at its that free fall right it's that old exercise. You don't close your eyes and found a group of people only in this one the universe saying open your eyes and fall into our arms and and and know that you are already there it's only the illusion that you think you haven't already made the leave if you were here right now it's because you already have and there's a part of you that knows that so relax evolve love all right so it's so now we'll jump to the phone lines for a minute so it's a little teaser we're going to we will complete all of that today so sorry we're going over the 800 lines first

Mexico holding online to PBS, say Kathleen from New Mexico welcome in regards to my health and vision was kind of phone as I'm connecting with you I first lost my breath so I'm just trying to really sent her back into my breast and as I'm doing that I want to invite you to do the same thing the other thing I need you to do is just if it's if it's comfortable and I'm going to do it with you right now I'm going to take my hands and I'm just kind of like what am I'm like holding my shoulders with my arms in front and I'm sitting up as tall as I can

I'm letting my head just go down a little bit just a little bit just like a gentle it's almost like it's pulling at the top of the spine and as I'm doing that I am kind of now I'm noticing that my fingers are pulling my shoulders forward as my head is going a little deeper

and I want you to keep breathing

and what they're saying is that they are opening the very they're saying there is a connection point of balance it's where your neck is like where the base of the neck the top of the spine and shoulders come together if you were to consider that across so you know from down here there and they're saying that this point of balance is congested with fear and doubt and that it is being pushed by a force that keeps you comfortable and that in your third chakra and that's why I now I'm sitting up really really straight and I've got both my hands on my third chakra and they're saying that in your third chakra since the seat of golden light that is simply asking you to say yes to him

and that as you stand and move and dance you will discover that this energy will Propel the other it's like I see this golden energy coming up from the third chakra it infuses into this what has formed across like energy up here and you're standing straight or your breathing better your clearer and so thank you thank you I feel like I feel like I have wind blowing through my spine right now I feel like you brought a clearing for all of us and I feel that that's the other issue that you need to always want to keep in front of you is that the more you take care of the more of you is available to be with others I love you sweetheart thank you for calling namaste

belly Buster many blessings and so it is all right wow SRI look over here we have so many people holding over we're over over at the other call line now tree wherever your heart is taking you that's where we need to go where we going we're going to Oregon okay hey organ namaste

hi thank you so much you're so welcome

I am so looking forward to Union full Union with my own self

healing of it is so elated but drifts away may I please have I am asking you sweetheart sincerely so the first thing that I am receiving around you is white on like like the whole chest it's almost like there's a strap of energy on your chest that sang am I really really safe to do this and so I have both of my hands like holding them on my chest right now like that would be that strap of energy and if it's safe to close your eyes and anyone else who is working with a similar issue right now are beautiful color is is holding for so many of us you may want to put your hands as well and if it's safe to close your eyes what we're going to do in just a moment and my feet are also flat on the floor we're going to the moment is going to breathe in Annex Halen. I saw breast let's go in

I noticed it as your exhaling I want you to gently pull your hands out while holding the energy of I am one with the Universe I am one with all I am one

I am one with the Universe I am one with all I am one and you open those hands and receive all of this beautiful energy and you can literally they're like saying apply it apply it like a salve anywhere that anything would seek to say I am not good enough I do not deserve is this real can I trust me cover it in this beautiful Crystal and light that is just come in and they're saying bring your hands together

allow yourself to say thank you

and then open your eyes to a new day

and so it is

thank you so very much

Namaste thank you my love and I'm going to need a minute I am very dizzy

oh my goodness gracious wow what a beautiful you know Street that's the thing about this community I mean we are so so blessed to have the most extraordinary community on the planet come together I'm feeling all of you right now I'm almost a little whelmed and see this is the gift of this retrograde guys we are reclaiming we are returning this is beyond the remembrance right this is the knowing and how exciting will truly truly and one of the things I hope that you are noticing is that when we come together and we are engaged a lot where we create a community of energy and that is kind of thing it is it is the spiritual essence of exceptions which is the foundation for love which evolves into unconditional trust when we are able to be

accepting of each other we are saying yes to Spirit

and this is such an important lesson for a world and that the only way the world learns the lessons if it is a people start living than to say yes to each other is to say yes to the Divide to say yes to the Divine is to love yourself more fully

which anchors trust in all that is

a lot of matter is pretty simple yet it might take a wife drive to sort it out

or maybe I don't know or maybe it takes a moment right we never really know when that moment is upon us until we feel the lift of it we are let's go back whenever we had our Consciousness and healing right up there at the top where were feeling the beauty of Sri Lanka the wisdom of our own Divine healer within saying yes because we need to start by saying yes to ourselves right guys that's part of how that trust comes forward all right we have the word release in the word pain written down the side of the paper are relaxed evolve L love that brings us to another and you know it is enjoy

enjoy if it does not bring you Joy why are you doing it what it's like it was bumper sticker number one free and I literally we premiered such a cute story we've had our first book in April 2003 at an expo a huge Expo in San Francisco and we had made bumper stickers that said if it does not bring you Joy why are you doing it archangels on killing that was it we just felt so honored that sod kill had shared all this and it's all about the joy and and it was such a valuable moment for us and such a great lesson because I will never forget there was this one woman who came up who was the epitome of the new age Queen and very very sure of her epitome Dennis hey ho let's go in right I didn't know she was I thought we were all there for the Same Spirit silly Kira and so so true

I had printed these bumper stickers that I'm standing there and you know we had them done in Crystal and white with letters and she picked up the bumper sticker looked at it and went and put it down it was the best lesson I ever got IL because of that moment it was like Sasha was tickling us all over it was tickling Street and tickling me and saying remember let it be fun enjoy and then our very first installment public and Soul Men Crimson Zod kill starts talking about wine and dancing and I was a little concerned I was so supportive was to be in communion with this ascended Angelic being is basically reminding us not to take her

so seriously all of this guy serious it is is right up there with Dogma as an inhibition of the spiritual nature of who you are you're a creative bubbling effervescent be having this experience let's not forget the effervescence and if so what was in solely through Kira at this event he she stood up and said I'd invite you to gather in little circles drink fermented grape and Dad's you know there's someone said you saying we should drink at the angel reply I didn't say to live on it it was the very first Publican song that we heard it was in front of like 300 people and when I heard what had happened afterwards I was like oh my God but it helped us brought in as well as much as the

the new age Queen scoffing at if it does not bring you Joy why are you doing it but you know we have lived that has been like strand is Golden Rule for now the past 18 years I don't know a lot of solid 18 year spiritual marriages where we are probably even more solid now than we've ever been and they cheated that is that our common ground is the yoga of Health Ascension and that is what we do it's who we are it's not something that you have to wake up and prepare for it's just what you are and when you are living that what you are you're always manifesting your always creating and it's a 10 you're always craving from from the Bountiful experience of energy and that's why no matter what's happening to you and our homepage is still working there a train so if you have not been to the home page recently go there send us an email let us know what you think and we've posted quite a few news

might catch your attention so should we keep releasing relax evolve love enjoy the princess to another re-read your current level of Consciousness to adapt means that you say yes to never stop growing you say yes to all new experiences you see the limitlessness of age SRI and I are legitimately younger than we were two years ago and there's times I feel like we're younger with every morning and I know that that's actually happening my husband is actually regrowing intestine I am actually reverse aging at a pace that is just beautiful it is now it doesn't mean that that we're not having our own moments with everything we've been very clear about that but what

just me this were committed to the adaptation everything's evolving Angels everything's evolving you know those of you that are in my Bhagavad Gita course God bless you and thank you for joining me tomorrow night ready one of the things we taught just last week I started talking about the Thomas right and how would Thomas are the inertia that is when we it takes a lot of energy for us to stay in a nursing because we are inherently active we are energy thereby we are always active right we're always radiating so to hold ourselves still to get bogged down to be really tired and depressed takes a lot of energy is an inner spark to say yes I am open to add app says teach me show me what's new what can I experience today put on the eyes of

newborn and see everything like you've never seen it before and watch how much you smile is creation not compromised adapted to the energy of now when when shreen I'd offer breast practice is when we teach breathwork and we have a whole extraordinary newest ended presents breathwork that will be working with this March Cosmic Origins group for the very first time in Singapore, oh my God I can hardly wait and eyes if you are is that kind of thing calls to use September we still have four slots left for the September Aquanauts but that was almost full as well so on March is full but September does have four slots so our breath is the way that we send signals to the universe and our smile is the way we send a signal for physical body we actually move muscle

it is an activity so when we come by for example the Ave saw breath when we breathe in the all day at through the nose exhale the saw let's combine it with a smile and noticed how good that feels so breathing in all day


smart when we breed with a smile no matter what is happening it will it will pull you out of it we just have to consciously say I'm going to breed with a smile and get in the habit of breathing with a smile if you are constantly breathing with a smile you are sending illumination and release energy into your present constantly and bring it to the E which is one of my favorite word

he's please I surprised him and he let me touch it could be understood as relax evolve love enjoy adapt smile he's is that a release or what so this Mercury retrograde release this is the very first one and an end what are we releasing rolls are releasing all of our traditional beliefs about Mercury retrograde number that you can absolutely go in with all the traditional beliefs and all the things about don't don't don't don't don't don't know my. Or you can be in that ascended Loc

a twitch is level of Consciousness which my beloved husband talks about in the video The 20/20 Ascension symptoms video watch and he talks about David Hawkins and his work is our very first date our very first date was to go see David Hawkins anyway it really was in Sedona and so when that level of Consciousness starts moving and lifting we release and in the energy of this retrograde grade why not release that witch has been your own self-imposed shackles why not just so you know what I am free and freedom is the truth of who I am I am not crazy I am not alone I am affirmed and you know what I am ready and I've been ready for a while right and it brings us to the pain because if you release the more that you release the only thing left to stop you would then be that physical body and this is what she and I have been talking about that the Divine directors have made it very clear that 20/20

opened up a moment of portal of energy that is unique and it's part of why she and I are reverse aging so rapidly I think this is part of what we're supposed to do I mean who knew right what a shame right what's great is that when you release the boundaries of Sanity which is what we keep calling at the Borderlands of sanity and you relax into that which you are then the physical body begins to trust you enough the truth of you enough the Illuminator of the form right it begins to trust you enough that it says okay well since I know you've got this then let me have this and the next battle is actually the Battle of what's left of your ego surrendering another one of those steps right. Sunshine what's left of the egos surrendering into the recognition that the body is the partner of the soul and that the toucan

perform as one and that's the battle that most people are in right now that's the kurukshetra of this moment and that's the battlefield of the bhagavad-gita for those of you that may not know that's really the one of this moment it's the Battle of am I going to invite a higher level of Consciousness and if I do then I need to consciously know that in order to go or adapt to a level of Consciousness that has not been available to be sustained by a body before then my body is also being invited into a level that his it has not been asked to do before and I need to honour what it wants to do and that's that's the moment right there and that's actually a redefining of your identity exactly right there if we're able to redefine our identity were able to master everything

one day your angelic Oracle Kira raw and after about six weeks of really being with the invitation from the ascended Master Elmira I am now Master Ladykiller raw and when I offer that to you it comes with great humility of presents as I am still adapting with ease into that energy as well we are all dealing with this and we each are playing our roles perfectly and you know one of the one of the things that always keeps me amused is the way I like to share it with all of my dear friends and all of you my beautiful Community who are my dear friends is imagine this right cuz on Tuesday night if you were sold mirrors with shree and I we're going to time John we're all the time jump into our own time experiences so you really want to be with us for this Attunement to Tuesday night is about time jumping and so

I always like to remind myself that it was a breath of snow that we were all in our Universal Mastery form at this extraordinary in my world it's an extraordinary Gala we're dancing we're having fun everybody has their favorite beverage and we were saying hey you want to go to Earth and we are at and we all got together when we won't be so fun to go do density haven't done density in a while yet let's go do density and we looked at each other went great but I'll see you for lunch tomorrow right this is that moment of time and I can hardly wait for us to meet at lunch I want to hear what this was about I want to know the other side of this and having had a several profound near-death experiences what I know is true and I and now my beloved husband who also had an nde this past year what I know is true what he knows is true what we together know is true is that you are Limitless you are not crazy you are absolutely manifesting your Mastery and thank you

for reclaiming because the more of us that start reclaiming through these magical retrogrades ahead so less pain on the planet and we will make sure we goes for the pain and just a moment yeah we need to get on with it all right with the p is actually two words it's patience and a plan

in order to release pain you first need to do the release okay remember its release pain you got to look at the release and and once you're grooving with the release energy then you need patience in a plan how long have you had the pain why is the pain they're so patients and a plan a lot of you have asked what I did and I will put that out there for you to look at but you need patience and a plan whatever your plan is a awareness and attitude remember it all begins with awareness what is the pain trying to teach you what have you adapted to through the pain that may be a trade-off for a payoff that's holding on to it and that's why I attitude is important you got to believe it's not the rest your life what was my Mantra when I couldn't walk it was this is not there I would walk around while habel and like I'm like this is not the rest of my life this is this is you know the truth of who I am can walk you know and so that's part of the attitude

why inspiration as the invitation when we are inspired we invite the universe back in and so through the pain signs your inspiration my inspiration was knowing that it was temporary with every every sense of Mike or knowing that for every moment I was in pain I could put in an equal moment of releasing it and so it's about inspiration as the invitation and the end well we kind of cheated because of the words but one of them actually begins with a K but it's knowledge you have the knowledge put the left brain to to bed get the knowledge you need I went for the cats cans I went for the MRIs I got the biopsies I had two surgeries on my knee get the knowledge and the other end is know how to say no

stand up for yourself and when you do you will see that there has been a pattern in place and that pattern will back to the circle release the pain it's an every finding spiral and it does work when we are in a place of Joyful surrender and we say no to the patterns were also saying yes to the expansion yes and that's what this retrograde is doing and I just want to remind all of you please be with Street and I Tuesday night 6 p.m. right here at YouTube official SRI and Kira and also over at 1 to talk radio. Com we will be offering live at to meant for this up level moment with the Mercury retrograde including a time Jump so if you want to love you that were with us in the lineage holders know how powerful that can be

to the keep going forward you know it takes a willingness to expand it takes you know we talked about saying yes. We have to keep saying yes I did do that we set up a pattern of availability to Spirit

what are you available to are you in the pattern of being available to the pain or you the pattern to be available to The Inspirations patterns are a dead Spirit and the infinite energy that we share will support whatever choice you make so I vote for Joy because remember the moment ahead is one where you can release pain claim your truth and really real waken to the blessing that you are you are a master and master join us Tuesday night 6 p.m. Pacific Time be there let's up level together it's so exciting

I'm in the breath may you find the truth but all is truly well we love you here alive to have your questions answered send up an email to guess at 3 and Kira radio. Com and check out more information at 3 and you're do you know not today

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