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Sri and Kira Live, April 5, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to your alive other worlds in seemingly out of control we are all meeting up shifting to a new level on a yearning of the universe. Off of Life open up your mind body and spirit bringing you here
namaste in welcome beloved ones I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka first taking a deep breath and say yes to the presents of the collective blessing of us being together
so let's just breathe that in really feel that because we are at an extraordinary moment and we are grateful that you are here and as we move forward today there is so much to share because April is a month of Bountiful energies like Bounty Bounty Bounty and Bounty is also its Bountiful and the overarching energy is the complete restoration of balance which carries with it a lot of nuance a lot of complexity and yet a lot of Simplicity it's one of those moments where it's simple but that doesn't mean it's easy it means that you you got to want it it's really going to be about what do you want more and end in such a moment we are in
to us a new opportunity to find a higher balance to have the energy of the restoration of the Resurrection energy that is commonly found in this month is is an opportunity to restore a higher-order balance and to really pick up on the up level Crescendo coming next week so we want to give a big shout-out to of course hello over at YouTube official Street and Kira hi everyone shree and I are not able to engage in during the show however Bria roses in there from Ecuador right here at tosa Blue Mountain and so hello everyone over at YouTube official stream Carrot Top radio I also want to give a big bow and hello to our beautiful producer Dawn over at CVS app where you can watch the show you can hear the show and you can call it on that 800 number with before we went on the air with already
so let me give you that number right now if you want to call on the 800 number is 862-276-0086 to 76008 to either speak with SRI or speak with myself or colleague last week we're kind of digging this where there's some other chat going on we have another call board 517-208-1500 again that's 517-208-1500 that called bored as well get into that has chat going on everywhere and including iHeartRadio thank you we are so grateful to be here and you can also find the show in the Apple iTunes if you want to listen to iTunes you can also find it there wow so we're doing
voice of passionate action there was a moment to really really claim your voice of passionate action this is a beautiful moment because it is part of it up level experience absolutely because passion is activated compassion we all learn a lot about love through our lifetime about how the traditional environments of the chakras and I want to mean by that is the lower chakras are typically associated with safety and their associated with your sexuality and and power and end in for fear of loss of power empowerment those issues are all in that lower part of the chakra system but when we get to the heart we first understand it is love in our family and we later begin to understand it as intimacy with another being and then it refines into love for the global family
is a complex evolutionary step now here's the key when we get to the heart and we begin to touch the piece that resides there not just the emotional Splash and fire of love but the peacefulness of saying I accept myself I accept you I accept this world I'm in a state of acceptance have the foundation for moving into the ascended state which is the compassion that is free from judgment I'm so grateful that you were starting with this because remember 20/20 the chakra and outside of the linear experience is actually the ascended heart and so is the ascended heart is that kind of higher frequency if you're really seeking that Ascension energy the way to grab it this year is this
really committing into that ascended heart and that brings us to April 2020 this year as we all know already and if you don't go back and watch all of our other monthly videos but this year is very much the year of an uplevel energy that has come in as a blessing from the Divine so we're in it to your kind of a moment between the moment breast between the breast experience is really what 2020 and 2021 are going to be and both of these years are exquisitely in a way that they are very much years are respiration and right now we happen to be in an in breast that has compressed everything and so we are being Amplified
connections that we might not even the fact that you're at home on Retreat right now right because we're all on Retreat to the fact that your home on Retreat right now raisha that is April and so this is not just about the restoration of the balance because if you are choosing the yoga of self Ascension if you are choosing to say yes to your divine nature right now you've already been volunteered for the Army by we're all standing on the front lines but we're an army of five-star generals we have been leading this for a long time and the
five-star generals are being called forward is for this this moment is not about money this moment is not about ulterior motives this money does this moment is not about how can I capitalize and and that's what you're seeing in the third dimension and so in the third dimension it's very much that moment and that's cool if you're living in the third dimension and my guess is if you're listening to shree and I know you're not supposed to talk about how you can actually talk to me about that right now as well because that's that's part of our new show format so the moment right now the moment and hand it is important to taking a breath and to really give yourself permission
to feel whatever you need to feel about the fact that life as it was has demarcated it has changed and so it's going to be natural if we're seeing this happen all over on a planetary basis and so that's okay because it's just like when we relax our ego there's always a moment of lament for what was because that's the piece of the ego that softening it's that piece that saying okay if I'm really going to soften I just need you to hear this but as I'm walking out the door let me tell you this that's what happens when we start softening that you fell and that's that moment right now what's important to remember is that the April energy in in a two-year window where we have monthly up-level moments we're going to go to the calendar
little bit later on the show today because we have enough level this week and so important that we are in an in breath so everything right now in April is going to be what happens if you hold your breath too long or what happens when you're intentionally calling in breath but you let go of the focus of why the breath is there and what the breath is offering you when we properly breathe when we really open up those channels show me really can be with an imprest that's the moment when you can pop out of body and anchor multi-dimensional space like this and that's the moment we're in in April but a lot of people are forgetting how to breathe is a far more sophisticated energy than most people give it credit for
smart so it's an over-simplification so I think we have to have a little self care and self-love to love of your partner to love of humanity and Gaia if you able to extend loadouts those are sophisticated layers of love instigation now of course you do with something happens that's a big impulse and we have that adrenaline rush in the the fight-or-flight kind of impulse yeah that's that's classic deer that everyone relates to its in every movie you see how the Hollywood but what about the fear that's a subtle insecurities that says I'm uncertain about
what's coming or what is and therefore that becomes fuel for negative thinking for one term that we've been introducing now for the past couple weeks unconscious expectancy because in the in the restoration of the balance in the resurrection it is the unconscious expectancy this week in particular and it started with last week everything is illuminated your pussy the truth of people because people can't hide anymore you're in your own face literally so are you happy with what you are seeing in the mirror or are you still resisting it and so everyone is being called out it's an amazing and that's why the sphere conversation is so important
breath it is like it's going I'm wanting this is expected in and and sometimes when the ego which is not more than 90% of your experience believe it or not is the egoic filter having a engagement with your life and so it stimulates your thoughts it stimulates your actions in your feelings and I think when people fail to recognize is a spiritual evolve being can still be a very egoic fee
it just has a more are refined lens on the ego because right now we're just having this conversation is that all you have to do is poke around YouTube or look at look at anywhere it's easy to find and the addiction we've been talking about this we talked about this a lot yesterday about the 4th dimensional levels in this moment right now it is a breath just taking a breath
and relax into the sacred mirror of your soul because as you are gazing as you are looking around YouTube as you are gazing around the addiction to the drug is called Partners in pain and we were talking about this this is the energy we are noticing the energy of needing a partner in pain is overriding your Ascend Consciousness thereby keeping you stuck in the higher strata of spiritual activism higher level of spiritual activism that is still extremely judgemental refuses to see Beyond on a self-imposed veil and says no this is it then I say to stop stop trying to make it anything other than that stay there and do it well because everyone is finding their strata
Comfort until you break three break free from the need for partners in pain and I think we should involve the partner in pain and the fear cycle because you're going to see this this is why a lot of people are reversing because many people want affirmation of their own drama and we'll go sit up if you want to justify conspiracy theory you will go find it as many places as you can and you will feed yourself if you want to justify a point of view you can go anywhere and find it that's the outside world if that is still your number one means of Engagement you are not in 5th dimensional because in the 5th dimensional anchor ship of the compression you love yourself enough to break free of the need for a partner and to wrap your arms around the pain and it's a
the words that I'm sharing my intention is to awaken a recognition not to set a new standard
in the recognition that I'm operating from my spiritualized ego that I'm operating on a dog maybe a new age Dogma the key here is can you be the witness of yourself as you're engaged in that third dimension is right now having a Heyday and so it is witnessing itself that's actually a sign of awaken energy the fact that the third dimension is witnessing itself is pretty impressive that is that's pretty much like the work of others is about becoming the witness morning how to look above its fabulous were cats the first step and that's why it's so broad because it's an easy First Step it's a tenable and it's mandatory but now look at the 5th Dimension witness CD Wings spread
Dimension noticed how from The 5th Dimension you lift up into the seventh it's more of an active you see that it's like you're having to keep those wings going to keep yourself up but in The Fifth Dimension you see how broad and why does wings are because the minute you open the energy portal of your 5th dimensional compassionate presents you literally ignite a portal that not only showers your 3rd dimensional presents consistently with reassurance with with compassion with keeping that higher-level window open but notice how those wings fold it is the Gateway of the of the higher level of the of the movement we are in a moment right now where when you are the witness or of the third dimension and you were there with love and compassion and you see things from that border of you you literally have already invited the Transcendent release of the Judgment that brings you into the 7th dimensional witnessing as an active presence that
lift you up again into the ice where we become the multi-dimensional anchored witness and where it begins again this is available right now more about this in the second hour but the more that we're seeing this the more that we're seeing that with the way that the April energy how you call forward a shift because if you call forward something because you believe it's wrong then there will always be a balanced energy coming back to you from those who believed it was right and so all that the April energy is from the ascended Realms is the energy to really anchor the full restoration of balance and that's the the blessing yet the partners in pain are finding a lot more and a lot I've seen a lot of people that have been quote-unquote on the journey for a long time that have absolutely given up
concept of Avari even our spiritualized ego is operating that has the notion that that we have an unconscious expectancy that there's an anxiety maybe it's low-level maybe it's high-level means where is your Zone Of Consciousness what are you attending to you might have other people save your ear. Partners in pain is the is a coping mechanism meant to reassure us that are its normal Arcangel zadquiel who first offered us this beautiful term it is an AR book sacred you really need to grab it
we are in the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain that brings us to an energy that attracts our sacred Union Partners in pain and so when we can be aware that we are looking for partners and paint your go-to partner in pain I always giggle I shared with people in the Bible how do I know it on like go to a lunch went when you can go again right imagine when you could all right so but but imagine that you're at a restaurant and there's but there's a group of women and they're all talking I guarantee you 99.9% of that time that conversation will have one person whose loudly complaining and three others who are loudly reassuring her why she's right and then
the conversation to look a little differently but that soon to be a table of three people that we must look in our sacred mirror of our divine soul and start paying attention to what we are attracting to ourselves this moment on the planet is a co-created research recess our mother Gaia said you guys need a time out everybody's our room and isn't she breathing mom's getting her moment too and so as we are all on this Retreat what are you co-create and are you playing with Partners in pain or are you celebrating your ascended presents and feeding it ever more remember the journey is a journey of Consciousness the ego specialty in her child keeps judging am I am I okay am I behaving an acceptable way and you can smile at the
part of yourself give it a little hug and say it's okay I'm growing up it's all right you know and let go of the self judgement however when we even when we let go of the self-judgment there still is a desire to keep the peace that you do once once to get rid of the Ruffles and so when we have the the unconscious anxiety floating it will trigger need to be right the need to be right is right up there with the victim habit is our common qualities in density Consciousness in the software program and the cat and the key is are you still activated those scripts and how do you know because here's the magic
when we bring awareness true awareness and become the witness or of our awareness
we won't put up with a lot of dysfunctional Behavior because it's right in her face but when we're not really witnessing it then we'll just roll it will keep you if he had interrupted script is I remember when I was really conscious and aware for me I had to separate from my immediate family because the dysfunction was so overwhelming that I saw my partner through your awareness you really wake up to I'm not trying to change them at all love them for playing a role so perfectly oh my God I bow before them without them how would I be right there where when you see the dysfunctional
is you do the choice before you and I love the sweetest nectar and and that's really what happens is that when you Empower yourself enough to say wow the only way I can really stop the cycle from affecting me is me is it to remove myself from that partner of page regardless of what I may see in this moment here if you're doing it to honestly her your divine presence then then that's that moment where sometimes you begin their Journey on your own and what I can share with you is there is a huge family waiting you just have to keep walking and by the way that family gets bigger the more you walk or get out of the woods
and and this brings us to a reminder that your evolutionary Consciousness will always go through the cycle of awareness experience and Choice Auto Repair this is the cycle of a send a Consciousness and this is why it is remember that 20/20 in the cycle of the Consciousness is an experience year remember that the decade 2020 to 20:30 we were we were the first ones out there saying this is going to be the Roaring Twenties and what are we saying manifest in a lot of countries and so it is the experience of the experience and then we're getting the experience of this up level and which is in the moment in an in breath which means were in a moment almost a second this is important
when we hold our ascended frequency who we are when it's not something I think about the cycle of Consciousness begins to have that's why all this five-star generals were talking about that's when this massive wave of illuminated energy will start melting some of those other helmets that are saying I'm in density having a great time hey can I have another whatever you know they're in a bubble guys and their bubble is happy and joyful and get everything they want so your bubble 10 to and the gift is that the density bubble is designed to support those that absolutely need this journey in this lifetime
each Soul Archangel zadkiel with what I said it's so beautifully also in our book sacred Union the journey home is that each soul is getting exactly what is being called forward and that will have their needs met through this experience right here and that is talking about the needs at the level of your soul so the more that we can say yes to that energy and letting go of just being aware of this dimension of learning how to be more conscious of it of the The 5th Dimension and so that's why so many more now becoming aware of that
so breathe up and then breathe because we are in an in breath moment of 20/20 in an experience of an experience year in a moment of implosion when the restoration is going to be in the release of the pain of the pain and the need to have Partners in pain and for some that's going to be a fascinating moment and it's happening this month and so just consider the beauty of this sophistication that if if if balance is thought of with the metaphor of like a teeter totter then as we lean into the partners in pain we're creating a new contact for balance long without the eagle wanting to shift our paradise and make it okay
this is so true. How many do you have a chronic ache or pain that night I woke up this morning and as I was lying in bed I said you know I've had this Ascension symptom going on for a while and I ask myself am I just growing accustomed to this or am I paying attention inspired Christmas loves the Socratic method
loving Mentor revealing for me cuz we allow symptoms in our body and our emotions because we want the gifts we want the discernment and the wisdom that will come when we get through the other side when the result of abuse so those of you that are over in our 517-208-1500 call board shree and just a moment we'll be taking calls from those of you that have questions for him specifically you will want to raise your hand in that call bored and in order to do that you press * 5 right
asterisk 5 over at BBS radio at our 800 number call board which that number is 880-627-6008 hold on to that number because of 8862 76008 in just a moment so straight each each week one of our wonderful blessings is that my beloved husband who is truly a world-class Master medical intuitive and by the way street did an incredible presentation yesterday for the virtual New Life Expo in New York City it was amazing held over until I was really Blown Away shree's presentation was so amazing think it was just such a blessing and I would be wonderful for a little bit more about what
but in the energy of April right now how many physical symptoms are rampant they are a mediately tied into what's happening with the up level energy remember we have an up little level week this week and so there is a physical response and so sure let's let's turn it over to you to talk about that and then to inviting people to share with you we see quite a few raised hands over here as well so we'll be able to get everybody I think there are a variety of topics is the essence of medical intuition as I work with it is to understand the energies that are allowing a physical symptom to pursue an end to be when we start turning into the energies that allow something to persist where then peeking behind the veil
weird now approaching the experience of the Mystic and so ultimately this journey of becoming a medical intuitive is also the mystics Journey who's the path of the artifacts of a Miss creation world every one of us allows into our field our energy Fields those energies that will resolve a karmic contract that will bring forward a learning that we want to learn or strengthen or enhance our awareness there are no accidents that you know what you didn't just have a chance hiccup there is the convergence of energetics that you allowed yourself to experience and this doesn't mean that you're Your Own Worst Enemy
this just means there's a gift to be harvested and that's it and so that's Universal overlay right now it's our world in particular about the virus and there's so many things that can be shared around that yet what we're noticing specifically this week is going to share a little bit more with you about this heart and energy in particular and the truth chakra which is the fifth chakra really the chest right this area is being heavily compressed and there and there's also this energy of a lot of Partners and paint hook up a lot of people that are really having a hard time staying because just like your tendonitis you were you
he was tired but you were tired of the pain so you kind of gave into it and said well maybe this is my new normal which then I brought you to the inspiration of will know but that's a potentiality I have and what do you think she and I have posted to help you work through that mentalization is an incredible as woman from the Divine director so please please please because it will tie into the physical as well go to lineage it's our new blog site it's down and dirty but click on the post and download the six steps to navigating right now the way your lips are moving because they're directly affecting this other brilliant way to start training your multi-dimensional site to be the witness singer of the witness that explains them and thank you sweetie because that really is the key is through
an anchoress some folks Namaste Cape May New Jersey welcome
Hi how are you we are well how are you sweetheart welcome to the show through a lot lately so thank you thank you I'm so happy thank you so much
so my question is for sure because I'm a nurse and I get there I feel like I'm very much the witness are witnessing so I'm I look at it as I feel like I stepped into this
third dimension reality when I go into work and my patients that I'm with at work for a big big huge corporation and I know that it's meant for me to be there because they see my love in my life and I almost stay under the radar and I know that walking my numbers I know who I'm meant to be this is where I'm hearing my people in my patient starts density to I
hope they come to me why do they say I'm their angel I mean they said they asked me to touch them and ends with working for such a big huge corporation issue is so not about getting it and then also deal with my very sick people for people who don't have money as people who are very much being affected by the virus. I can feel that there's days I know what I'm going to do
we got it honey we're going to let us let him share we got it we hear you how are you taking care of you because clearly you are sensitive you're anchored in your hard and you truly have a sincere desire to help to assist to bring comfort that will deplete you in the density environment of the corporate world unless you take time out throughout the day to restore yourself so you don't run on empty now I don't want an answer that question I'm just giving you that as a reminder that we all are in a the caregiver role the Healer roll we are asking for little timeouts throughout the day to store ourselves so that we don't deplete our self
that's totally fine
and so as a street is doing the scan I just want to say thank you for your service thank you for Beacon healthcare worker that is showing up to work that is doing something that is this is true Service as they say in the Bhagavad Gita true service is when you do it because it's the right thing to do and and that's what your presence is doing you're being given the blessing of learning how to hold a sentient Consciousness through your presents with every breath and I'm going to turn it back to Sri because he completed us can I just wanted you to see one of the things I want to point out to you is that the third chakra which is actually one of the big universal one for this time right now your third chakra in particular remember it governs your muscular system and your digestive system there is a need to bring more
loving presence to yourself in that area of your body so that your digestive tract will function more easily and your sacred energy will flow into the outer World more easily there's this kind of flip-flops sense in this that it didn't you work but it's on the inside that needs to really soften I trust myself and my mission I trust that I'm where I need to be and I trust that I will take care of myself and not give myself away because your fifth chakra also is wanting a little more love and balance and the third V off and dance together these two are like two sides of a similar coin and so much more today other than this
and this goes for all of us people need reassurance
your role as a nurse you are in a you're right at the front line and the people are senior light they're seeing your love and your job if I may impose upon you a little history to offer them reassurance that not that they're going to get well but that they are okay that they are loved this too will pass just in the way you can you touch a hand just in the way you walk into a room and I know you know that and we love you dearly and thank you my angel I know that a lot of others were having this experience with you in this moment namaste
alright shree and so I want to talk a little bit more or do you want to take a few more hands or what would you like to do for me right now and I know you have a lot of hands up to and remember that we have a whole second hour is that I want to talk about sitting on the fence because I really need to look at it look in your own heart and discover where is your solidarity because in April as we mentioned earlier on the show this is about the full restoration of Perfect Balance we are in breath of a compression and we are through this restoration of balance we are going to help expel but while we are on this in breath then is a moment really when you breathe in through the nose and you really breaking into the body that is a moment to pay attention to the deeper Mysteries with all of the things that are happening in April
you have been gifted with a rare opportunity to be with you to put yourself in your own Divine spiritual Retreat yeah it is valuable to see it witness it and also be aware of what the third dimensional you is going through you are never going to be closer to you than you are right now this is a Divine moment and so as you are close to you right now everything is up leveling and entry I want to go and put up the April up level calendar did you have that available or not specific April up level however I want to remind you right now look where we are just quit reminder 2020 is the year of Mastery experience in the in the in the cycle of
it is an experience year in an experience decade and because of this dragonfly energy that is carrying this ascended heart right it called forward through this energy profound shift Visionary Transformations from timeline adaptation morphine's will be conscious of the fact that they are living in multiple dimensional timelines than ever before on the history of the planet and that's what brings us to the final cycle which is this Awakening to self Ascension more bees will be a waste of a truth of who they are ever been at any given moment so this is actually a bration but I want you guys to look at April April and May are the center of the pyramid that is you see how that pyramid look at the point of the pyramid the dragonfly heart is where the top of this pyramid takes us and it lifts us up
and in perfect balance the month of October which is when we're heading back down to Peru April right now may next month and November bees are the months that will fully support the pyramid remaining open it's like the final ignition and so we are in a series of moon energies right now March April May are what these are three supermoons in a row and when we came out in March we mentioned that April would be the Apex right March April May it's like this is the top of that little mini pyramid however June is needed and we're going to come right up with a full lunar eclipse 3 super moons and then an eclipse eclipse becomes the Jewel on that triswivel of enlightened presents and this is all happening during the most profound
that's a Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation there by remembering March we had that huge huge huge dichotomy right we had the Superman and then we had that micro New Moon it was kind of like a big telescope right and where we are right now is that a peak moment for 20/20 and this April right now could actually wind up the pink vomit for 2020 and 2021 and that is the magic of the up level that were in right now and this is why it's so important that we are in harmony with our physical bodies that we are in sacred Union with our body we started talking about coming into sacred Union by doing what allowing your first second and third chakras to say okay guys you've got this have a blast with my physical body there by
allowing our system Mastery to be in sacred Union with our bodies are literally reforming themselves and in this month of April for all of you that have the steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust in you through this this is like Mission Control successful blast-off guys it's a massive moment when we have two conflicting energies within our field we end up getting tired and we end up depleting our immune and our sacred energy inner conflict is the Surefire way there to put you in bed
that remains to be seen so A House Divided does not stand you've heard that before us and so when we can be congruent resources into alignment and we say I am committed to this whatever your this is and and negotiate what you do is give it your passion to be the Creator that you are lined up with where you want to go there is only now and the soon-to-be come now the past is just that passed yesterday and I we've been working as hard as we can as fast as we can and forgive us we have made a couple errands with correcting them and find them but we published on YouTube that official stream Kara your spiritual survival kit this spiritual survival kit does not require you to buy anything or do anything except watch the video
please watch it and its entirety it is 15 minutes if it's worth it to watch the video because what you need right now is CCI what is CCI you need Clarity connection and inspiration those are the three biggest pieces of your spiritual survival kit please watch it because it does address a lot of these other symptoms to Pieces too very important pieces of it are on the homepage of Sri and Kira. Com please go to string you'll have to scroll in the bottom of the homepage but they're both are these are pieces of the spiritual survival kit the first one is an Incredible video by my beloved Sri Lanka teaching you the sipping light practice please watch the video please learn the practice and then right there you'll see a big link for the PDF for the avesa connectivity dream sequence please download that PDF it's free and do the
we will restore balance when we collectively remember we are a part of that part of that is that when you sleep at night your Consciousness doesn't so if you have scattered dreams if you wake up feeling whatever that's because anything and everything is having a field day with your Consciousness but if you literally use this all they saw and Forever Yours we've offered this practice in our big weekend evasive workshops and we heard clearly to get it out to everybody so download the PDF do the practice and start noticing what you are noticing that is the Gateway and then go to lineage and download the installment from the dryer and directors with those six steps and take your retreat time to really discover who you are it's a moment of amazement
and yes the physical body can be freaking out and your body is your friend that you have not given your full attention to pain is a signal that attention is needed it is not a failing it is not an error pain is simply the body's way of saying Notice Me Now notice me memes give me love the pain
partner in paint
paradoxical this is that restoration of this right guys bring the pain is the abuser and then the victim is the victim is how we live our life but the rescue are so fascinating how your emotional body dances with and then says no Outsiders allowed or I've heard you before shut up or whatever it says and then you get into that dance of a feeling victimized by the body or or wanting to shove the body
signals back in the box pop up box on the other hand when we just bring the light of Consciousness to bear
we can look at we can see the the dance we are in with the pain week and then experience the pain and we can give everything the light of your loving Consciousness and all by itself to learn years ago when I sat as a therapist with clients was I believed I was schooled that we had to swim in our emotions we had to decide whatever that word is we had to look at our feelings we had to drown in Am Express them in and then starts with what I learned is that BS
yes you need to know what you're feeling but that in its own right is the gateway to the healing it's it's this beautiful feathery dance of iTouch into my emotion I know what it is and I can claim it but I do not let it onme I don't have to drown in it we don't identify with it there's an energy flowing through me but the inner child identifies with its there in this the growth dance and there's more there will be another conversation, getting into Matrix and Matrix program
play Sonoma welcome with a question for straight
hello can you hear me
how may we serve
yes about my symptoms as well as I'll bring him the idea of interference and my understanding of it and maybe you can clarify if I'm not understanding correctly for all of us and my face breaking out and on my left side on my neck and shoulder it's been moving into their the ball in the way it has happened and it became clear to me that it wasn't anything regular I'm going to say just because my teeth would get really loose and then they stopped being looked and and the other thing that happened to visit any other symptoms I have that money don't make me feel good now the thing is
is that there is error that comes with us so I haven't been able to present it down really good at Minecraft skin is or I'd like to hear more about what you're getting surrounding us but also my understanding is that most interference which I'm going to the find as much as something the body is doing but something that kind of happens in clothes externally to keep in a certain place but that it's actually something you have them that I have not brought into wholeness and it's kind of coming in and making that mean like ten thousand times worse and distorting will I have to jump in so okay first of all how I need you to sew and for everyone who's in right now
we are tasting metal in your mouth right now okay sweetheart at first when you were sharing my hands up around my jaw and I felt what honest-to-god feels like a bolt coming in the one side of my jaw and going to the other side and it's like it's going straight through you and it's holding what I'm seeing looks like this helmet and there was like a bit it's like a horse bit only it's literally suspended through it through your job right here and you are so freaking powerful that you are this awake and this clear with this much left you had the whole suit on you for almost your whole life that's gone but what's left is this and I can't stop tasting metal and it's got like a shield on your eyes and and well yes your words
correct about interference you my angel rrna they're calling it a Capstone of captivity for the wide awake and that this was a Divine appointment right now because anybody else who's out there right now tasting metal in their mouth and oh my God it's so bad I can barely get rid of The Taste is in the same experience that there are a lot of lineage holders that have been wearing this it's like oh my God you called forward this amazing thing for all of us and so my jaws are starting to hurt and they're saying that if you bring up those of you that do Morphine right middle index ring pinky part of quantum Clairvoyance or if if you don't just just middle and thumb together and then pointer and they're saying the pointer fingers bring them right here
the weather
small circles
and they're saying breathe deeply feeling the golden ignition of your Divine Mastery presents and as as you're breathing in that gold I'm watching this go up I'm up watching it like it's like inflicting and turning this into like a balloon and this thing is pulling but it is like his is going back and forth and they're saying open your mouth and breathe in deeply lift your head up and exhale and as you do complete with I am
and they're saying that your hands are filled with violet light and to just use it like a healing salve
they're showing it all on on this open the mouth somebody may be feeling tension in your drawers and then they're saying to bring it up
and open it as the fountain it is that this is the freedom that many have been seeking and unable to source and so I had to jump in because your words you don't need words right now honey you don't need word and SRI I know you have so much as well and thank you kind of poking each other on who should go first and they got very evident that we had to clear this so that what he is Sharon can be even more received thank you so we want to give you a nugget we wanted me to serve you with something that you that was useful to you to be a sacred mirror and there are a number of issues in your life experience in the body experience that can be addressed and the key is to pick one and bring the light of your own self love to that issue to bring love and energy to that issue for
example teeth are the symbology of your teeth is the ability to allow yourself to receive nourishment from the physical world the teeth are about breaking down the food so that it can be assimilated so let's look at the emotional symbology there if I'm afraid of the world I might be holding tension in my jaw and I'm unable to gracefully make the nourishment of this world compatible with my body something to look at and this might explain why the beer they get loose then they come back again because that emotional orientation toward the world the terror versus the comfort with the world oscillates
so the chief that are giving you a message about how am I orienting toward the world and I'll give you one more little thing and then we'll have to give you a hug and say enough for today is when you go into your medications and look at this from an energetic standpoint there was an energy that you could call it an interference energy using the way you Define interference earlier that came in with your father in this lifetime and our parents always give us some form of legacy and sometimes that the emotional level were working through how they behave with that's how they treat this and then there's the energetic level of what was riding with them you know what energy was on there feel that they then passed along and you can discover this simply by bringing your energy up into the sixth chakra and feeling around and looking and asking because when we do the Socratic method with with Detachment when we just simply asked what is this
there we will be given information when we ask with an agenda will be given distorted information the key is to be neutral and in that takes a little practice so beloved one we offer you our love we're grateful that you called in and I trust that you are are receiving something that will be useful for your path Namaste namaste
thank you so much sweetheart. I am how does it get to be so fast this time portal right now then you're noticing that you can barely keep up with time right than that if things are feeling very very slow that you have fallen out of that inspiration a lot more about the spiritual survival kit is our community our we're going to try and jump into the chat over at YouTube we have phone Banks pretty full or the radio right when we get back from break 76008 or 17208 1500 chats going on everywhere we prepared a little moment of beautiful music by Benjamin bubb here and so enjoy have fun and enjoy
Ascension classroom affordable and beautiful home study for your mystical Journey imagine the studying Ever Ever Wanted at home and on your time yes it is possible and there is so much to choose from if you dive into your home study experience remember that with every moment you spend studying this gift you ignite you would Divinity balancing techniques and certification process and then probably
allow yourself the gift of navigating the inner Matrix is beautiful ascended Mastery Program of the Violet flame will take you to places you may not have dared me to go and then you will ReDiscover the true gift of self Ascension classroom
we are so grateful you are with us and I was I was sitting here. All right I'm getting up there with the music and since we were just looking at OC Blue Mountain for those of you that may not know this is our backyard we have 44 prayer flags that we brought back from Bhutan and so when you're here about when you're here you can wander through all the prayer flags and listen to them and you know it reminds me of the unity Consciousness it reminds me of yesterday and remember we had this huge up level moment coming this week with a full moon up level moment you're going to be hearing all about that Tuesday night join myself over at
Tuesday night 5 p.m. Pacific you if you want to hear more about that because we will be in the energy of that up level but that is going to propel us this week straight it and that's why I think starting with yesterday and the 444 right how was that for you guys a lot really started coming together in this restoration of perfect balance for 4/4 was an opportunity to recognize not only the fact that we had this alignment of of the the numeral logical dates looking at it from the linear perspective but it was we have the 2020 and it's not just you and 220 you don't throw it out it it counts because the 0 is the gateway to the infant at the zero is the connection to the creation and so now when we look
little deeper than just this Earthly linear 444 we look at it as 44 it's a double incident and so what we're sharing with you is what we were talking about yesterday when we did the best we mentorship ceremony which oh my gosh bowing before all of them show up it was incredible if you have the app spiritual Mastery was free and Cara download our app and if you are part of a story membership team are we able to get that what's where we are in hasn't fully been updated the actual ensoulment the audio of just that part of the ceremony is already in the app and you can listen to it and go deeper with it a little later today the actual video will be uploaded for the membership to be able to reconnect
we energy of this very moment is a propulsion energy on an in breath and that's very confusing that can be very constraining and I think that we should just jump into the phone lines you want to share more where should we go right there
did you get the listen to shovel who still on. Let's see if we can say hi to Ivona from New York
Hi how are you my sweetheart
yes yes to hear you again and connect with you and I'm kind of getting back into everything and I was wondering if it's possible to hear a little beating there's just too much going on for me to even get into it I think you know energetically you know anyway so the very first chakra and he doesn't connect with you nice it's like a dagger and it's like seven chakra and it's like I keep asking what is this or what is there it is
for you it is waiting for you to just grab it and pull it out and just command it that this dagger is like an energy Spike and that this energy floats around you and there's times when it enters from the back X winners from the front I see I don't use the word wounds but I see healed areas from where it used to be and the and it said it's looking at you right now and I see it really looks like a little piece of energy and they're saying as you claim the balance before you and and they're saying and you must make a clear decision you've got to get really clear your your your eyes go everywhere they're saying get really clear pull this out and hold it high and that which would stop you will become your greatest vehicle forward and so it is thank you my love thank you so much
you're welcome how many people right now are working with a third chakra right this is a third and I support you remember the third chakra in the spiritual eyes more ascended Paradigm is about trust this is not about power which is the old Paradigm competition power dominion and it's about trusting your Divine empowerment being in alignment with the reason you took birth and expressing that through your muscles mean I take action I'm I'm passionate about why I why am I here for for I want to continue the conversation but this is Art this is our community our so we like to kind of linear understanding
because April being the fourth month of a linear timeline the fourth day of a constructed timeline fourth-year so on the very linear level we were the four for four and the date was very profound and it brought a lot of bees from all levels of consciousness together and that was the real gift of yesterday was that everything no matter where you are in your Consciousness no matter where you are in your own sense of being yesterday was a moment in this timeline experience where everything lined up because first you have the linear date then you have what you had all the astrological that that came in around that that called in a whole other group of beings looking at that then you add the infinite write a SRI mention using a scented numerology numerology is the original system of working with numbers it incorporates the
Euro it doesn't just throw it out it doesn't truncate and say the only numbers that matter 1 through 9 that is a truncated system that offers a truncated explanation and sew in ascendant morology remember were charting the soul so we're charting not just this lifetime we're literally seen the Soul's Journey why you incarnated why you were born the day you were born why you have to name you have why you were born where you were born what that is your Soul's foundational energy so yesterday I looked at the ascended numerology and so it we went from the 444 to the double zero 44400 but then the amplifying the ascended presence of yesterday with the 10 so then we have the 44400 * 10
and the reason this is so important to just really feel you don't even have to understand at all but just to feel it is that when when as the ancient SE Na and this is all in our new book coming out the end of this month and so it when the kitchen SC Not walked in this world and many others many know us as the ancient Magi we were the ones that would arrive at the moment of the Brewers and turn out the soul and roll that scroll as an offering to the parents it was almost a guidebook for the in carpeted soul to be able to birth again and again Masters in Mastery and when the time came that the collapse of Consciousness once more came back down into our bodies and with the burning of the Library of Alexandria all those Scrolls were burned
and as so beautifully said by the cosmic a scene knowledge is never lost when something is burned in this world it's just released into the vibrational dimensions and when we're ready it's like it's safeguarded when we're ready it restores and so yesterday as a 10 could could not have been any more perfect because in ascendant numerology that is the energy of the Ted is is very much about inspiration and motivation and what of the CCI of your survival kit guess what inspiration is the end so that 10 energy when it's not balanced when it's in its lower before spiritual maturity it's the addictive personality it's the ego-self it's the quick rash decisions based on drama and if ever we are seeing this moment it was just so beautifully blissfully show to us and yesterday was a moment where we could
focus on perfect balance and so what a wonderful way to propel us into this up level week that we're in right now in this peak month knowing that you guys density is going to be freaking intense this month and if you stay fixated on it the addictive personality will pull you down and you might not get up again and so this is a moment of stand grab the hand of the one who's extending it and come be with us on the front line hence our unity and that's why we really wanted to continue flashing our flags and our beautiful kedarnath mountain and just sending it all out to you in radiant Oneness because it is our up level of Consciousness that will move this forward plus this week the initials meet again this Thursday night all the Linea told her meet again so those of you that are registered with us at the journey
it's Thursday night and next Monday and we intentionally chose April 13th what's happening next Monday stream mentorship of what we call the lessons of Light by the way are a very powerful spiritual text to help break free from the hypnosis and the veil that where you are all born in you know what happens ways we begin to awaken is sweet we get this urge to check things out and we go looking for more clarity we go looking for more life and when you find something like the lessons of Light which are pure they calibrate at at be on this planet they are are truly archangelic
for the first time are going to be cold them and we have never done this before we have never been before and we are doing it as a 100% donation program so starting next Monday truly truly a way to help let's just say Paul clean the windshield of the truth and activate activated inside of you is starts on Monday the 13th and I just read and find it and take a look at there's more information there and get him get involved, you literally can't miss it and this is another way we are encouraging
we never the spiritual survival kit is CCI the three things the three mandatory things that you need these are not negotiable is Clarity Clarity Clarity and then it's connection connection that connection that keeps you connected right here to you right to the truth that stream of support constant flow of inspiration which is beyond by Clarity connection inspiration please watch this and then go to call scroll down the bottom the whole page because two of the things also mentioned in there are the sipping light practice stop by my beloved Street and the dream process download the PDF and gift yourself with that structure of your spiritual life will keep you in this moment of reach
reflecting a brilliant mirror that is squeaky clean and will see you through your days will fly by your inspiration will be incredible right side books make that journal talk to your friends do what have you been inspired to do what haven't you done and also go through your living space and start with your especially if you're going to do the avesa dream sequence sit in your bed look to your left and very slowly look around the entire bedroom and every single thing your eyes land on does not bring you Joy that it's time to put it in another room it's time to rearrange Russian the bed give yourself the blessing of a sacred container for your Consciousness when you put the body to sleep every night these are productive things you can be doing
right now and in your weekly structure I'm going to invite you to write this down here are things you can put on your calendar right now that will absolutely be there for you something you can depend on no matter what's happening or what's going on Sundays from noon to to join us on Sunday to Pacific time starting next Monday Monday night 5 p.m. Pacific Time join us for the lessons of light let us reveal to you that which has not been revealed before so even if you've taken the lessons of light come and join us and see them in an even greater depth and then Tuesday night's join us at 5 p.m. for right here at YouTube official streaming DBS Radio and of course one this talk radio in all Affiliates this week especially it's an uplevel moment we are going to be setting the tune for that please join us and then tree
Thursday nights if you're part of the Linea told her program you'll be with us this Thursday night we are dyed our time Dimension shift is so critical this week I so those of you that are registered to join us on the shoulder try to be there live we are going to literally time jump in and through the sphere Dimension and and it's a it's an important jump it's an important come together moment so there's some things you can put on and then what else can you add where is your joy week where are you taking care of you that's the gift of this moment you you are being given a retreat and when you reignite when you walk back out into the planet who's walking out my angels because this is a moment where you are really resurrecting and restoring balance thing you said I want to remind you that one of our community members share the other day was as you put in place this spiritual survival kit it will soon become your spirit
rival kit approach self-care with the energy of love and present yeah we Thrive and let's enjoy that because the dance needs more people dancing questions for you if you were going to do all right with the BBS called board and say hi to Lynn from California online V
Namaste Namaste so good to hear your voice can you hear me
we can hear you beautiful sweetheart you sound wonderful
love to you and end the whole community and I have a question I have to get up and go into the kitchen but occasionally periodically I get what I refer to as electric insomnia and if I feel like I'm plugged into an electric outlet and I literally can't lay and it is only painful like I'm your shivering and I just can't lie sometimes I try to do a yoga positions at the stretch my spine which I'm not even aware of viewing and along with the constant buzzing in my ears be years so I was just wondering what that is
well that is a SRI and Kira we're both going to respond and and the first thing I do want to share them to let Street Takeover in a moment is please go to shrink scroll down on the homepage of the basic practice because right now especially your bedroom is really important that you are in absolute harmony with your Consciousness before you attempt to sleep but I want you to jump the energetic standpoint of your beautiful body seeking to be a vessel for your spiritual energy your six and seven chakras are let's just say they're being invited to process to process more clearly the energy that you have called for words you know one of the things that happen
this Ascension energy these higher frequencies are accepted is the body's nervous system must adapt to this and quite frankly whenever they they started out with these vessels they need a little more mile on so the thing that will help you is to do when you get up and do your meditation and you're stretching is to bring your attention up into the center of your head to start opening that because your endocrine system is seeking to function at a higher level your nervous system is seeking to integrate the energy that is truly Divine wisdom that come in and inform the rest of your body and so there's a process of breathing into this and relaxing and into stretch the body everywhere
to allow the impulses to go through the nervous system into every limb and every area of your body and you just say I surrender I accept I am blessed I Surrender I accept I am blessed
give that a try really is
glad we are complete and so it is thank you
Namaste sweetheart and so where we going talk radio call board namaste
Namaste stream Kara bless you both and so glad that I am that I got on I wasn't sure I would today I got kind of like an earlier colorized just got so much going on I'm not sure where we're too focused on what you said today already has been very helpful to me basically everything House Divided cannot cannot stand I feel like something is stuck and I can't really get out of my my own way and in some manner to to get the clarity that I need to move forward so
I will be I didn't anticipate with lineage holders during the last year and looking forward to to pick him back up but yes any any guidance that you might offer I would very much appreciate well first off thank you for calling and bringing your love and your your sincerity to this community Through the call you know what I do is I look at you energetically I want to say to you go stand in front of the mirror look in the eyes that gaze back at you and say I love you I love you and and then when you say that to yourself to bring a hand right up here to your heart and say I am lovable I deserve Health vitality and and and I am a beautiful being of life because there's a part of you that's just craving that reassurance and those are all true statements I didn't make that up that's true
time to kind of fill your own cup so that you then are going to be in a place of being in an easier low in the world because you do have work to do sweetheart sharing I was watching it it felt very much like Raphael and right here at the part of the spine like like like right at the part where it hits the neck you know like so it's right at that shoulder those right there is like a 4 inch section like this and they're saying that there is a plug of Doubt trapped between your heart and your throat and that and that this doubt is like a it's funny it's like a like a slow steady pulse that comes in right there and and
Archangel Raphael is is like wrapping you in compassion and saying all you need to do is stand up with the confidence of that what you already know that that they're all just waiting for you it's like you have this huge huge huge tribe around you and they're all just going as soon as she stands up let's go and so it's it's about really taking that deep dive into your own Consciousness and I would bring my attention to that spot on your spine and asking what is what is stopping me what is an really listening for the answer without trying to bring It Forward just just notice what you notice and it will bring you forward very quickly and then went the minute you do it's like wow amazing support so thank you for that connection we are honored to be with you today
thank U Namaste thank you sweetheart, this is one of the things is that you know bring a hand your heart off and guys right now because especially in April and and especially this month. It hears the one thing that maybe that's enough today this is a this is a peak moment for 2020 potentially for the next two years so here's a good news you will make it through April I want you to hear that over and over again and if you need to do the Sharpie pen and write on your bathroom mirror energetically it does start getting a lot better literally met one we will collectively get through April the question is are you noticing what your
noticing because this is the month where you're going to have that Peak pull to get you to stop and you know I always said it so well that the ego is my pirate right it will do anything and everything so the ego so it's addiction to drama and Chaos because whoever you're not addicted to it your ego is and that's when the witnessing become so valuable because you get to separate from it and realise wait a minute that's not even me at all that's using that 24/7 addicted that's waking up and looking what numbers are stats are that will be there
so in this moment right now lift up stay right here and notice what your sacred mirrors reflecting and I was loving how you were sharing the one woman about look in the mirror right whether you like it or not you're literally going to be looking in the mirror and so why not use this opportunity to look in the mirror with love look just at your eyes don't even see anything else if you just literally look at your eyes in the mirror it will actually take you deep candle have you done candle gazing lightning right nice soft room light a candle sit so that your neck doesn't get uncomfortable but you want to be able to gaze right into the flame and relax your eyes and stare at the flame and you practice until the the flame splits now first-time it splits
relax into it and then I think the sleeping light is important but why that's so important
the role of the lungs is to exchange the essence of life
so therefore when a person has suffered in their life I can I tune into their lungs and I can see and hear the story of their suffering because the imprint is carried in that organ so now let's take this little further the role of the lungs is to exchange the essence of life Essence is joy
Essence is joyful okay we are Divine beings having a joyful experience because Consciousness aware of itself is joyful yes but yeah this is a natural state of being is an infinitely peaceful infinitely loving an infinitely joyful those are the qualities of my being so consider the Distortion that's upon the planet of density right now with a virus that is impeding Joy
okay and that that Joy is a interference is a fundamental disconnect from your spiritual truth
and when we as beings that are more energetically sensitive than we were in the past are walking through the Sea of energy in our shared world we cannot help but pick up a little residue from the planetary thought body the planetary thought body is that is Jenny cloud of unresolved Expressions especially of emotional energy of the course vibration such as fear and anger and hatred and hurts and all of that stuff and it's just circulates around the planet because it's associated with Earthly experience now when we have an emotion and we resolve the emotion we don't feed the planetary thought body but when people are unconscious or when people died suddenly whatever that last experience was
Fusion of that Aroma in the shared experience click on it learn and use the container practice because this planetary thought body has become so strong because it's like the ultimate garbage dump never walk into a room right you're feeling great you walk into a room and you like wow who was in here or am I here that is what goes into the planetary thought body everything else that right now has so much more potency and that's why the container practice gifted us from the archon Jolla Chrome is literally the responsive responsible recycling less than positive energy is there so there's there's two pieces here one is that
the container practice is the most foundational fundamentals spiritual energetic self care practice for people who are walking through dancing yep because any time you will have been triggered any time that you are expressing something other than peace lover Joy you are putting a course vibration out and the responsible thing to do rather have it when I say out it doesn't it might be just a few inches from your body might just be in the auric field and then it makes you laugh often and be free floating so when we do the container practice we are actually clearing or energy with intention and Consciousness and placing that energy in a sacred container where then it will be lifted out of this Dimension frequency and dismantled into raw energy
however all of those instructions are trained under practices. Container practice is that the experience of this worldly soup is a call to Mastery so when we have the feelings of reactivity when we have the feelings of hurt or pain it isn't to say say anything other than oh yes I have a choice I can choose to dance with the pain and feel like I deserve to have this in my life or I can say thanks for sharing and now to the container and when you do that to The Container when you start literally recycling energy that sends the clear right Clarity that sends the clear signal to the universe that you have arrived bear in mind that.
reverse has infinite patience your soul has infinite patience this timeline is a complete fabrication of Arco creative power but when we start doing the things that send the clear signals then the universe respond greater Clarity greater connection greater inspiration we're in that upward spiral of Consciousness and it all starts coming together and again go to lineage blog site leave your sharing join a community to do just be there but go to the Post right now to go to post very first post download the insolvent from the Divine directors that talks about this that talks about the spiral energy that gives you these six steps for literally anchoring your entry into multi-dimensional present we have literally been getting step by step how to do it through the Consciousness that is presenting on the planet right now I mean how amazing is
and I know that a lot of us are having a lot of these Ascension symptoms that keep going up and down all the time and I'm sitting here thinking we might have to have a whole show on that another person has a question we're going to it looks like Houghton Michigan alright Michigan almost a welcome
hello hi Namaste welcome I feel a connection unemployment like a person I know I don't have ear infection or anything on my heart chakra
Google why I don't have it right now and you're okay dear what I want to offer you first that yes your sixth chakra which is associated with the organs of hearing right in the center of the head the sixth chakra is calling you to restore a balance to be able to listen to and incorporate your Divine guidance more clearly whenever you know I'm in a general sense when we have a ringing in the year it's it's kind of like of the doorbell's ringing and who's there I wonder what the message is and in your case there's actually an energetic there as well seeking to restore balance now they're the corollary thing over to the left arm is it's an interesting
yes connected with is your ability to move forward and so there is a nice Dynamic here that will really as you play with this when I say play what I mean is be present to it more fully you will discover that there's information here to support you it begins with guidance it begins with acceptance and then the incorporation of the guidance and acceptance into that ability to reach forward into life which is the free free shoulders piece is that on I see all these letter light language letters around you a lot of them and it's like I just want to sit here writing and so they're saying to me they wouldn't like a gold gel pen get a gold gel pen black paper you know make it really contrast or dark red or dark blue paper gold but preferably gold gel pen
and just sit n n m really invite it's like you can bite the hand and move and listen because it's like you're being called it's like it's like I see them removing like a gentle little piece of something that you've been waiting for and it's like it has to move through the whole Bo both sides of who you are and so my love enjoy listen and notice what you're noticing you're getting ready to break through a whole new connection for yourself at a very beautiful moment so celebrate how loved you are thanks for calling in
thank you but one heart energy almost like a congestion and and and how quickly these two hours and then let us remember that when we Empower our heart our divine presence guides our life our inspiration becomes so consistent right action doesn't need to be debated you become that we are at an uplevel moment that will be unlike any other possibly for this year and next year and certainly for this year this is a unique moment and there is an upswell of energy that has literally push
you higher if you want to or pulled you lower
and for some it's too high to jump and for others it's too low to duck under and they're stuck in the middle and that's where the pain is and so if you're if you're in pain in emotionally if you are having a really hard time then it's because you're stuck and you will find a lot of partners for that pain loves Addiction Jane loves drama and Chaos seeds pain notice what you're noticing and are those that are around you just bounced pieces of your pain hoping that you stay in pain with them as well
when we are Linnea told her we are often the one who breaks free from our family who is the one who often times is misunderstood in the family often times considered the black sheep or the one who isn't living up to whatever the family expectations are because you're there to knock them all out you're the one that's there to a bit to do to put a blast of light into those remember that when you stand up is a little bit holder you free all the lineage back all the lineage forward and you expand out like a rainbow of light through multiple timelines and spaces but often it's not easy we as Lineas holders as Divine beings who chose to be on this planet in this particular time line right now have been summoned this is the moment you've waited for and you are ready but what are you going to do because if you're swimming in the middle right now you are in
pain and that pain can be resolved the minute and and the way the Divine directors talk about it is that imagine if you are holding on to the top of the Spiral and it's going up so it's pulling you but your feet are on the other end going but if you don't let go you're going to be in pain and so it's some point either swing your feet up and let go and lift or literally let go with your hands and return back into that where you feel safe neither choice is wrong
it's a restoration of Perfect Balance if holding yourself up is just too hard for you there will come another moment in your life sometimes we just need another cyclist where we are it is the release of judgment and the awareness of the cycle that will ignite your ascended presents we are at a massive Ascension wave we had others before and when we have a massive wave of Ascension transition happens in breath transition is happening and it's happening in all levels
beloved ones. Clear Choice is always empowering as we come do it then today we want to offer you our love and our gratitude thank you for being with us breathe and trust your soul to guide you because all is truly well
and check out more information you next week

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