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Sri and Kira Live, April 26, 2020

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Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to three and Kira live other worlds things seemingly out of control we are all experiencing I'm speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe off of Life readings and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit to the paradigm shift in perspective and time of wisdom or three in a row
Namaste beloved ones are welcome welcome welcome Gathering I am wisdom teacher Shriram, and I am Master lady care of raw and welcome to Sri and Kira live celebrating 16 years on the air we are delighted you found us here today especially today this is a very special Sunday service that we are offering as we are in this final week of April we have so much to share we are at a misinformation Highway unlike any that has ever happened before it is directly affecting the Ascension energy there is just so much happening that's going on not only this week but in the Universal experience that we are all having as we want to reach out and say thank you thank you for being with us and to remind you that during our two
power service one of the things we enjoy doing is talking to you answering your questions are offering you any Soul readings for around that offers answers to your Ascension symptom ology and what may be happening in your physical form from that of course of Asa energy healer perspective to do that you got to call us and so I know that the phone lines are already filling up but I don't want to do the phone lines first and so we are over at where you can watch the show you can hear the show and where you can call in on our toll-free lines and that number if you want to call in toll free 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008 and then of course over at the call board at Oneness talk radio. Com you can call us at 510-551-7208 1500 against 517-208-1500 and of course with all the phone lines you do get to listen to the show while you are holding so that's a nice little bonus to
all right and then of course we are also broadcasting over at YouTube official SRI and Kira and all right and we are also broadcasting at the Facebook I believe for one radio and did I could do a cover everybody who's anybody else we love you and we are so grateful you're joining us wherever you are finding the show today it is a moment of extraordinary extraordinary of leveling Street the only word I can use the times we've experienced recently passed because we are at a time of upleveling energy or anticipated in in many regards the energy of this time is an amazing blessing and opportunity to discover what's true inside of you
it's about isn't it is as we move forward to this week let's just let's just dive into what's going on because the energy of the moment I remember this energy burst with actually when Ramadan came forward because all of the energy that that point unified that were part of that April restoration and so what's happened is this beautiful experience of expansion or contraction and here's the here's the blessing it is a simultaneous experience that the expansion and the contraction are here however it's how you are experiencing are you experiencing the expansion and the contraction through your expanded ascended presents or through your contracted dimensional judgment caring presence doesn't matter which Essence you're in you are still going to be experiencing the expansion and contraction and this is why she chose
today's beautiful beautiful photo for you I took this picture we're going to we're going to move this site okay so guys we want you to come into the cave with us we took this picture those of you that have been to toast the Blue Mountain this is the cave of creation I was in this cave meditating and this is what this is my view this is what I was seeing and you see those the little bit of The Flash magic is he just at the top there she's beautiful prayer flags with hang at the entrance and you see this Vine since I have taken this picture of that vine now covers I could you not this much it is like a it's like a window shade if it's like a window shade and we get not to touch it but this is our Compadres mountains here that you can see can't see all of it but we wanted to bring this energy to you because remember April was about the rebalancing the remembrance the restoration the resurrection Protection Service all these amazing unified energy
and so how has April treated you are you expanded and unified or are you contracted in Justified and this is how the misinformation has found its way and that's why I think it's so important to be talking about it today in the energy of what's going on this week because remember May begins Friday it's this way you know it's important to just take a moment step back from the picture a little bit and have a chuckle over the things we've believed as true the things Humanity has believed as true and you know what this can go back to when Christopher Columbus sail the world and what happened when he proved to the people of that time wait a minute it just keeps going around it's not a dish that we're going to fall off at the edge what happened is consciousness opened now hate this may be my own.
someone else is true as well but I don't remember who they were so just demonstrating any always looking for his other route to India helped inaugurate an extraction in Consciousness and the Renaissance soon came forward we moved out of the Dark Ages the middle age into the Renaissance I want to point out right there that in that European Renaissance we were seeing that a genocide in the other time you will always find us this energy happening in the planets like I just want to point that out that our greatest
exactly and simultaneously Catholics believe it was impossible to run a mile in under four minutes Rodger back right eye keeps getting you no further and further faster and faster true just because an idea has press doesn't make it valid! Does not make it true so how do you know how do you know right this is this moment right now and this is why we were using the title if you're on
re Carlos and I hope that you are but Today Show is about the Ascension misinformation and how this is happening and why this is happening and many many many so many are writing us and we are doing our but we're reading as many as we can we're not able to respond everyone's emails but we are getting it and we are factoring it into everything we're doing during the week and right now we insure this last week that this was going to happen that this week was going to be very much a week about Partners in pain the adepts paying attention to what's around you you know what's got your attention free and I offered the invitation and we're going to offer that invitation again today that for the next 30 days starting last 30 last Thursday use me you fast from allowing too many voices guide you need a inward Journey to the blessing of you now I want to underscore that by putting up the met up level calendar
free would you put the Mets up level calendar if you don't know if it's for like almost no money and it's a donation that supports clinical end and you get not only the entire Year's calendar but the perfect checklist a lot of other things you need I want to show you May's calendar down next weekend is going to be all about the May energy but for those of you that already have the up level calendar I've shared with you that when this came through and I was told to put this calendar together that the art was even placed on the page according to the energies of the month that every quote that was on here was put on here as a reminder to carry us through the month now we already know because the Divine directors of already shared in the Ascension activation that's currently YouTube official stream Kara and I encourage you to watch it often listen to that message listen to that message listen to that message again it's at YouTube official
Cara Ascension activation we just put it up the energy of May is expansion and contraction and as we were just sharing look in the corner here of the up level challenge on the left corner starting at the third the third the tents the 17th the 24th and 31st do you see what's happening here do you see that is a person if you weren't aware that is starting at their high heart 24th and 31st is when the high heart energy is really going to be expanding and then you look at the 17th and 10th that's all about the throat chakra and gazing up and the third is all about paying attention to your third eye because you see where he's directed you see that the he she has directed the way it's looking up into that void that is illuminated do you see that right now did you notice that boy that is eliminated is placed on the calendar because that's the end
that's coming into may we just finished an r r really, dating it today within the past 24 hours that new moon illumination and so this is another reason why we are talking about creation and Truth everything is in the void right now and you are either seen it or you are being compelled by it and so when May comes in there is only one date in May that carries the next up level and that is the 22nd for but it's the 22 which is the four of the arc Angelic realm so this is coming in with huge Angelic presence and you see that both of lights that then is going to kick back through the energy and on the seventh on the full moon of the seventh we're actually going to get another rotation of creation this is an inward months and it's going to keep building building
building building and so this is why she and I are sitting in the cave of creation today as well because this is the month to be able to really go within and pay attention to how you are responding how you are moving forward and where we talked about the fear Dimension again and how that's affecting the 5th Dimension and how the Ascension misinformation is brewing Humanity has always been in faddish Illusions about what is true belief systems your part of the dance because it's new or slightly different people that's got to be the most profound
beings on this planet who have contributed to Sacred works
there's nothing new here that most profound sacred Works were developed or con hundreds of years ago but for the most part are not as much attention as extraordinary as it has shown and revealed itself this is of course the same thing that's talked about in the Bhagavad Gita is that these perennial philosophies were established in 2500 BC everything that's free and I are offering is coming from those the ancient energy the energy that can only be remembered when you are ready to let go of Dogma because this isn't a luxury how you brought us full circle to the misinformation like I just love it this is the moment where
everything that is the truth will be attacked as the opposite and everything that you know is true will be challenged if you let it I don't want you really breathe that in because that's what this expansion and contraction is all about everything is expanding and everything is contracted remember it's that bad it's right everything's like we're Thomas like this teeter-totter it's like the Seesaw however right now that expansion contraction is available to be witnessed through your higher Consciousness so that you are not being really thrown by this energy because this energy has one if you go right to the It Wants You In Fear it's going to do everything I can to keep you in fear and it will use to use archangels. Jill's words it will use everything fair or unfair.
stop you from popping through why because it must that that right I think that's the most important thing is to is to really call it in the look it's not that it's this evil seeking considerable whatever that's it that's why it exists it's a self-perpetuating self-fulfilling cycle this is why anything that's spun in density has to be listed through rights we always says that the best you cannot play your way off this game board you the only way off is to lift your Consciousness and so this right now is a moment we're free let's put up on do you have the victim so let's talk about this for a moment because this is what's happening and it's going to be huge in May and this is why may is all about the inward journey and so for some the inward Journey could be terrifying they might know
want to see who they are they might not want to look it could show up a massive increase in depression and suicide because May is going to be very much about the inward Journey however if you walk in to me and I want you to really look at what we're talking about here now those of you that are in the lineage holders with us you've already had us explain this in detail and I want to share that you see the blue spiral we are all in a never refining spiral it we are never lost we are just in a different area of the Spiral but the gift is that you are always part of the Spiral and this is that knowing that you will always be is that Eternal nature this was revealed to me very clearly during my near-death experience in 1989 and when you look at the third dimension what you see right above it there is the planetary thought body now posting out of the planetary thought body are the energies that either stay in the third dimension
man should be in the fourth and you see every once in awhile if you hit the 5th and that looks like a heart EKG line is the planetary thought body that is made up of every single thought word experience that is sliced off you know if you ever walk into a room and you suddenly feel something or you like wow why do I feel that that's that slept off energy and that's why Arcangel zadquiel brought in the container practice right so the planetary soft body has been radiating with fear intentionally and it has been building since 2015 entry and I first started talking about this in 2012 that from 2015 to 2022 was the Ascension escalator and during that time everything would amplify well what has happened is that the planetary thought body has now given rise to literally the opening of what's known as the fear Dimension this is the only way we can describe it
is goopy it's like this this jelly that's been put on top of the planetary thought body in the third dimension and then with the collapse of the fourth dimension and what that really means is that it's all kind of hugging each other it's all loves each other it's saying oh my God this is great my fear is so powerful it's created its own world and I have a dimension that's all about my ego that will keep me in it this is why you have seen a tree and I again first talked about this in 2013-2014 we said that the rise of narcissism would be rampant that there would be a huge pole toward quote the enactment of reality versus authenticity because it had to happen in order for this moment to open and it is self-fulfilling and so as you have dated that what we are trying to show you is that The Fifth Dimension is
robust right it was the biggest area and we are in this up level opportunity where the moment to lift into all of these multi-dimensional space is happening and you can learn how to do it and if you just go back and listen or pass radio shows are come to our website using we've done for free we have been teaching this for free for years we are at that moment and so the time right now this week is to really get clear with yourself don't think about the past right don't think about what if I lost my life would look different if I did that or I did that no be here right now and celebrate who you are now and then get clear and we are all sitting in the cave of creation and call forward the life you were meant to live right now that's a big moment and I feel more
with or more confident about what you're thinking or feeling the first tip is be in a relaxed state of being before making any decision before evaluating whether something is seems appropriate or truthful place and each of us has our favorite ways to Center ourselves can be derived that simply by bringing a hand to your heart
a few deep clearing brass and organizing aligning yourself in your heart and perhaps that after you've arrived in this spacious place to repeat the Montrose self Ascension I am here I am ready I am Open Sky
now from the state of being then inquire about something that you had confusion about or what need more clarity about has not arrived by a better intellectual argument and intellectual argument produces is a slave is a wonderful accelerant For Thought based realities because when we're in The Brainiac mode or whatever and we're in the abstract Runner head disconnected from our feelings for the most part
in that disconnect is a little refuge and a disconnect it's a partial reality it's not connected to your higher truth so it's that's why we start here at the park the other tip I want to give you is to remember what Sade kill shared with us years ago on how to know if information is of the highest he was the skeptic asking because you don't remember those if you didn't know our story this poor man wear in Sedona I pass out the next thing you know he's talking to Archangel zadkiel for the first time and being a psychotherapist you know I would have wondered if I was insane and so I love that you were asking those questions Southern Voice began speaking my immediate mental response was borderline
tune into the energy and just threw that all out because the energy it was just powerful but had I still been looking for evidence to support a diagnosis Channel material I was going to New Age fares you know when seeking to sense the deeper energies and so exhausting we're sharing information I did ask how do I know it's true
and like you said she Lanka first does the information leave you feeling loved and expanded
number one does the information leave you with a sense of Love or and peace doesn't agitate you well that would be enough to know right there does he have proof he said that your Tootsie they would leave you with an expanded sense of peace and love and then the other is does the information invite you to judge others or support of hierarchy
if so it is not of the highest in our book sacred Union the journey home which you can get at Amazon if you want to read it it really reveals a lot of the backstory of things that were talking about right now and 3 I really am so grateful that you brought that up because that is exactly how to navigate this moment the misinformation is intended to attach to the addictions and we started talking about this last week and I am not everybody wants to look at those treat I want to read again last week the Divine director has brought through a really beautiful sharing on April 17th it was in our newsletter that he mailed again today and I really think we should read it because it really does I feel last week was important that it was important I came out on the 17th but you know guys as we've been feeling it's the energy of the week ahead the transition into me and remember Master 18 mentor
team this Saturday is the miracle Gathering make sure you're with us 9 a.m. Pacific time Saturday cuz we have a huge Ceremony this month and a lot going on at the healing light two to release so I think this is important to read what do you think it is beyond the density and it's important that we move into that Sacred Space that hard Center space to be able to discern what is being shared free the Divine directors on April Seventeen the density experience is offering all who are tired the safety of contraction
this contraction skews decisions to the energy that arises from the consciousness of density and thereby it is limited to that Realm
the 5th dimensional experience is the Gateway Arch expansion
many will find the safety of density more attractive as it is easy and supported through the massive energy that is being poured into what gets and has your attention
and what's the thing about read that again because you know for such as distinct short sharing it is it to me I feel like I'm reading an entire library of information in that one moment and the reason I want to bring this up again as I want it let's just do this line by line because it is the rest of what we need to share with you about this week and entry I really also want to tie into this will let I want to talk about the Ascension symptoms and then we could also be welcoming in some of our callers so the very first line again guys want to hear it again and if you got our ecard today this is in there the density experience is offering all who are tired the safety of contraction this is because the energy of contraction is for those that have basically said I'm too tired now we've been talking about tired or inspired since last year since the end of last year that we were coming into a moment where inspiration would be the energy of the lift and that if you were not inspired
are done that tired energy would readily give over just about anything to just feel safe and that is exactly what we're seeing happening right now and so what what the Divine directors are saying is that look for those that are aligned in that third dimension without planetary salt body of fear that is created that fear density without compressed 4th Dimension they're going to be having the time of their lives those that are in density I mean really deep and density are playing their role perfectly the question is are we are we giving just as much empowerment to our Mastery is there giving to there is because right now from standing up here in the balcony as a seventh Dimension looking at that experience on light Bravo guys you know how to do it but you know what Subway and that's the blessing of the opening of the illumination of the creation is that I and I want to continue reading this again this contradiction
contractions use me this contraction skews decisions to the energy that arises from the consciousness of density and thereby is limited to that realm meaning that it can't affect you unless you're living in the third dimension it's their bubble everybody has their bubble and that damn you so brilliantly said because he is out there even say hear the contraction skews the decision that doesn't mean it's skewed from being right it just means it's queued into it can only birth from this one energy because of the level of Consciousness it carries no hierarchy it's just that's what it does and so the more that we can stay in our expanded Consciousness the more we can smile it that's what it does but it does not mean it's unaccountable and it does not mean that it can run amok and unchecked what it does mean is that the solution is not found
that is why there has been an Ascension misinformation I'm almost going to call it campaign and forgive us guys that would say that the way that we are teaching self Ascension or the way that we're teaching Ascension is so contradictory to the mainstream because there's now a mainstream Ascension movement that it's our YouTube channel has been we have had so much more interesting thing happen and I are appearing in New York City where they are hosting to Ascension panels and we were not allowed to be on either one we're allowed to be on the strange panel as they call it and so that even within the realm of those that are supposedly awake the challenge of saying you can hold the higher presence and have as great an effect as an angry being in the streets
is so outside of what that planetary thought body wants can we put up the fear Dimension graphic one more time because this is really to the Crux of the guys in the morning to talk about the physical stuff of this to if you look at this again that planetary thought body right now is so fat it is it is amazing it is loving itself and the fear Dimension is exist because of the 4th dimensional let's just say hugging of the third dimension and the planetary thoughts ADI so to break free of this is to lift through it through the blessing of self-love and the divine presence of forgiveness because in the 5th Dimension right now
the the those who are in the upper fourth because we all have to walk through it right but those are in the upper fourth right now their egos are still really being fed by the 4th so the misinformation is all about competition it's all about greed it's all about the illusion of right and it's everything. Jill said about is it at the highest and I was I was stunned when we were told that we were not to be on those panels even though there's openings and so it was an affirmation from our personal experience what we're witnessing and other avenues as well and how perfect there's always that the energy of perfection and that is that in this moment as we come into May are you ready to go within and discover your true voice to ignite and see your high heart
leading the way or just a contraction feel safer
please understand the sphere is uncomfortable but if we hold a belief or a perspective that lets us be at peace with the fear it's less antagonistic it's like I can tolerate that because I understand why it's there so to say I might die because of XYZ and then I go deal with X Y and Z then I tie my fear of death is it gone but my fear of that form of delivery of gas has been softened so that's one thing to notice the other thing is I have this you ready for this
fear is a cult
fear is the most popular religion on the planet and it's the planet and then the Greek face are cold sweats in fear in many ways and that is what do you give your soul to what do you give your energy to that's your God
so if you're giving your life force energy if you're investing your attention which is secret your attention is the way you project log energy Divine love out into the world if you're projecting that energy on fear-based content you're bowing before it
and this is why one of the most proven path of Enlightenment that was brought forward in the Hindu tradition is that a bhakti yoga of service it when we hold the Divine in our hearts and we say I'd vouchers of divine I want nothing more than to be with the Divine to be the glory we are that devout the only possible outcome long-term is that you become that what you love well and I have to jump in and because you know I just call her and one who has taught about. Bhagavad-gita remember that with all that bhakti there is the action or the service of that body in motion and we don't want to do things with the Archangel look around in the ascended Browns is that what we have been blessed to live is Shanti bhakti Ananda as a trinity of support
and this is why in this moment right now as we move into the May energy this week ahead is really about the clarity of what you really want again why we're sitting in the cave of Creation with you because any expansion contraction energy whether you're a very conscious of what you want or not it will be coming forward and expansion or contraction so to get very clear on what you really want what you want your life to look like how do you want to make your living who do you want to be with who who are you are you expressing yourself are you smiling are you aligned with that which makes you smile you know we had I don't even know I know you are we are we had 130 emails forwarded to us why can't I don't want to pick anyone today but I will say one thing my heart was really being around all of you because almost uniformly the emails I came in for the radio show
we're all about I get it I listen to you guys but here's what I found all over the Internet well okay I'm going to go back to the same thing we've been saying for over 18 months steadfast I mean really steadfast commitment is not enough right now. Just be committed you have to be steadfast commitment steadfast and then and remember cuz it's going to be all three of these together you can't have just one is like you can say why I really am committed okay good well then number two is is the next step because you need all three of these right now to really have the clarity abundance the phone number to
focused awareness I mean every single email you and I receive from someone that was angry or was upset or very confused or stealing less than the highest was because they had watch something or they were cruising or they were doing something again that's the addiction you know that you're addicted to what am i a n in an order to really Break Free if we share that with you and you get angry than your ego is not ready to hear it so then make the choice to go back in and do it well because it's some point you got to look in the mirror we have all had to look in the mirror and you know what it never stops she'll keep looking but you get used to looking then you start loving what you see then you start learning then you see through and so you'll constantly be looking in the mirror but it begins the first floor of looking in the mirror is saying okay I get it I'm the common
Mater and every single thing in my life and just start there that's what I think is really important to remember what is Ascension what is the quality that is your feedback that you are on a path of self Ascension is it is the expansion of love if you had to pick one quality the expansion of love so beloved ones when we're out surfing controversy all we're trying to do is fill a basket full of conversational topics but are we expanding love letters that focused awareness that's when that all happens but it brings us a step number three cuz remember we mentioned earlier you need all three steps to navigate number one steadfast commitment number to focus
Ernest how many different conflicting voices even about Ascension are you letting in your head right now and how do you feel after you connect with each one are you confused or you clarify right and that's where number three comes in complete trust trust you know those who are closest to shree and I know and we're sharing it with all of you publicly now is that we do not watch anyting as it's not that we feel it's good or bad it's all meant to be watched It's just that our steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust is with the connection that we have been blessed to carry together for over 18 years and that guidance has to bury where every once in a while and you'll hear a story and I talked about something we've just encountered or red or a movie or something you want to share with everyone but we've been really called in our form of service and each being will have their own right but in our form of service it was very it was made very clear to us that we would need to stay
when you were only focused that there were times our journey would feel very lonely that we were going to go through some very hard things and we have and that we would always have each other for this journey and and that has really been our steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust and over the past 18 years and some of you watching this have been with us from pretty-much day one thank you we love you so much for becoming a master you what we know is that for us this is how we can do what we do so however that looks for you that's what we were inviting me 30 days to be about one of the easiest ways to the next 30 days is to have your community established and to have almost daily check-in if you can really is going is going to be like the instead of a a you know it's going to be a Ascension anonymous because we are outside the mainstream you're not going to find a lot of support and this is why she and I are literally right now working 7 days a week almost
18 hours a day every day we are receiving and trying to get it out as fast as we can so make a note for this week right now today of course you're with us thank you we love you Monday night please join us Monday nights Wednesday nights are now we have it's fun sum of our students have started calling it hashtag Monday magic to thank you we agree because she and I are now teaching the ascended Master work every Monday evening and you can join us at any time drop-in hang out and be with us every week because wow has not been amazing purple and it gives for those of you that say but wait a minute I want to understand more questions we do all of that Monday night Concepts and the words
if they come from an ascended state of being they will offer you an energy as well as giving your mind a sense of ease our sense of understanding when we see content with this not based in Consciousness all we are doing is slowing down our Ascension Journey now driving from Miami to New York and that New York New York because when you get there that's your that's okay you going to drive straight through or you going to stop off and see the giant pancake how many Side Tracks are you going to take along the way of your known Journey between density and Ascension Consciousness and there's no right or wrong
because you have free will you can do whatever you want so at some point in the journey a priority comes forward that says you know I've already had an ice cream more than once I've already seen the tourist attractions I've seen in public and no longer has a lot of what I care most about is the expansion of the service of the divide and the realization that is my destiny yes yes yes and so we're all a little like this are you going to just try for a month to suggest just let go of negative thinking take us from distraction and one or two things and just be just be with it and so right one teaching the lessons of light on Monday nights and thank you again we're getting a lot of
Nails on that and wow will talk to all of you Monday night tomorrow night again because we'd love to be publishing what you're saying I mean what it what is happening to those of you either with us on Monday nights thank you and again thank you for helping us to try and stop what we feel is something close to a genocide of indigenous peoples down here and we are working as hard as we can on that end as well to assistant and for all of you for your Monday night donations thank you Monday night skies you can show up for whatever you want we've had people give us as little as a dollar and that's fine because all of these are donations for the clinical Linda just go to and and join us you know and I think it's pretty amazing looking at the time and I'm blown away because this is what's been happening lately however I think this week we should be really sharing with people about these Ascension symptoms and the way that governing that might be easier and I'm I want to remind all of you that if you have a question for free as far as an Ascension symptom you're having or an energy
we do answer them together so it's kind of like getting an answer from Sri and then if something comes through I offer that as well and if you want to do that over in the call board that is at 1 this talk radio you will need to press * 5 is that all right so just on your phone if you want to ask a question of Sri if you're over at bbsradio just please let our producer know and we will get you right up alright Street in there for you. That is actually a hand-cut Crystal hamalian Crystal Shiva eye and it is real quartz I'm wearing this today because this is very much and energy week that's going to be about fifth chakra up remember that May calendar when you go back and look at it again the picture that we had
literally coming into May Roam are ascended presents there at and so the message for me is stay here be the witness of the Whitney Wright stay in your ascended presents and this month will be amazing you are going to fly remember connect create but we have you heard of clarity this is a month where you won't have to do a lot it's like everything you put in Motion in April now starts rolling out so you so for many especially during the ascended energy it'll be keeping up with how much is going to roll out right so everything is put in yes it's going to be awesome or it's going to roll down and that's why it's important expansion or contraction so that's why it's a month SRI it's going to be here for everybody
absolutely I was going to run the phone lines or it and talk about it a little bit first I think one of the most common is going to be a sense of fullness in the head the cranium the physical head is going to feel more full that. Energy that is Illuminating the 6th and 7 chakras it's Illuminating the pie Meal which is another focal point and so there's fullness in the body is often felt as a headache as tones in the ears a different frequency because I Street sharing this we connect with all of you I'm feeling you feel there should I feel your crown chakra sky so I ran to grab some of the soil while we're sharing
discomfort is you stop anger in your heart for a moment and then bring your attention to the space
I'm as if you are sending the breath right into wherever you feel the strongest sensation
and when you breathe in and out of the ringing in your ears when you breathe in and out of the headache when you breathe in and out of this other sensation behind your eyes without doing anything other than noticing this is the hardest and the easiest simplest pay anywhere and just notice without imposing a judgment or demand and just notice
and as we just notice number one it will probably get more comfortable number too and she will probably gain an insight
sometimes the insides don't come immediately or in the way we thought it might be more of an urge to do something deeper breath can we all just take another breath again cuz wow
better better and thank you all of you for being so beautiful and so open I was I felt like I was hearing a thousand voices at once and my heart vows to that because it was dark Angels sweatshirt with us that when we gather as a thousand or more is when we will hold the doors open for more and that is why the Mastery mentorship team was created because of the frequency of creating Miracles and so again this Saturday morning will be our May mastering mentorship Miracle Gathering a ceremony and for all of you everyone remember that we have a 24-hour open prayer line and I it is sent via email and anyone can use it please share it please pass it on it is called the ceiling light just the ceiling light light at Celta and that is where you can send your Miracle request your prayer request anything you just need to share and it is 100%
confidential and every first Saturday of the month all of those that have come in from the time we did our last ceremony are brought into the energy of the full presence of the battery team and I know there's a lot of beings out there right now praying for miracles and what I can share with you is is that through what we teach the Mastery mentorship team at Arcangel zadquiel gifted through us to teach to those who feel call Miracle Terriers over the past we've had this team including our own we have seen I mean bona fide manifest you are ready for the miracle as long as you allow yourself to receive it and you do that by loving yourself more by gazing into that mirror with forgiveness and then by saying yes to allowing the physical body to relax and do its job to support you
so that your soul can fully died and that's the moment when the ego relaxes because of that integration where love and Trust right love always needs its its service towards balance love and trust is the ark Angelic realm says that's from one of the lessons of life this is that moment it's at that's really part of that can stay the same energy so our fear and hate right you know it's fear + anger equals hate and so it's a it's a big moment and so what a time to be gazing up into the universe and saying show me let's do this dance one of the things that happens universally as we lift you know I use the word love it let me get a little bored definition as we lift into every finding states of being
judgement dissolves and we are not in subject-object Consciousness as much and eventually it's gone however it begins with noticing you know I'm much more peaceful around what would have agitated me a much more accepting around different opinions and actions because I realize everybody's working their stuff out well that's true everyone is doing the best they do have given their state of consciousness in it it's a start to flow in a whole new way has our whole context for looking at life shifts it really does and we have a hand Raised To Your Collar from Switzerland Switzerland let's see if we can say hello
hi we can hear you
I hope we can achieve forestry and this time for myself and I know because I love
with your permission may I look a little deeper at your personal situation or do I have your permission for that
okay SSI I do my little scan to the chakras here's here's what I'm noticing for you in particular and it also speaks generally to everyone who are shares these kinds of things is that there's two steps involved the first is you're in the habit of the irritation and I want to bring that up when we have a persistent allergy what it's saying is something irritates me and rather than go deeper I'm just going to let myself be irritated now I don't need to hear this is criticism when I want you to hear it is adaptation we we adapt to what is common
the lungs are about your ability to with peace receive energy and release energy it's about the exchange of vital Essence yes of course when pollen counts are higher or exhaust fumes or higher those are irritants but let's let's just kind of back away from that for a moment and ask yourself and on hard
if I were at peace with my world would I still have these allergies
if I were truly at peace with my world would I still have these reactions
and the reason I asked you to inquire about that is too kind of find the root element in your personal case because as I was looking at your chakras what comes to me for you is actually what's more foundational is digestive it's down here in the third chakra and the third chakra is about trusting yourself in the world trusting your spiritual nature to express through your muscles to express through your body and then without a foundation of trust and there's always a little unsettled energy so those are the two areas that are going to give you the greatest spiritual growth is the energy of trusting your own Divine information and trusting your own recognition of the truth it's about trust in yourself and Trust in what you know to be true
if you could work with this is to be able to bring a hand to your heart and to your your third chakra just below the heart and to say in this moment I trust myself free in this moment I trust myself
and then
I tell myself the truth I tell myself the truth
Adventure. A little bit a little bit. The whole time that that she was sharing with you as I was connecting in Archangel Gabriel came in around you and the message that came from Archangel Gabriel and it they just kept repeating it so I wouldn't not mention it and I'm just going to let the words flow through is that your words carry great power and you declare off and that which does not need to be as you pay attention to that which you declare and command your words to create you will discover that which you seek has already been revealed and so it is thank you sweetheart and I must say you're welcome my love tree looks like we've got Chapel Hill North Carolina
oh that's that's not it okay yes we have a new mouse member guys we're still on our new stuff okay now we just lost everybody okay there's a Chapel Hill North Carolina
hey oh my God it's me
I want to say thank you guys so much for all the support you're offering to all of us thank you without it from what I've gone through the last few months
thank you thank you for receiving thank you for saying yes to you
the reason why
I know you
I've done. I guess you can say we are trying to get comfortable at looking at my ego
and a lot of their
and I'm trying to find the words or what happened when I finally said okay I'm going to allow myself to be thinking I'm coming out and that means I'm going to allow all the PSP seen all this the beauty and everything right on we celebrate you
thank you and you know it's last week you know following the law
I had a breakthrough I mean hot moment I have not gone that deep and very much. If I ever
Arendelle dog
Friday morning
I woke up and dance.
And it was excruciating pain we ended up calling the ER and they did X-rays and why do you know if it's something internal
stopping and going back to straight
however that put a lot of energy on Mars by physical body and my art dark Road by my dad's okay so I guess it is you would like to have another contact for understanding what happened
yeah there is everything is really amazing and it's
all right just like I okay this is so the knee that has acted up is your left side
it's my right it's your right knee and your left knee is working okay right now you probably remember the left and right side of the body relate to past and future so the right side is your past and the left side is what's coming
so looking at it just threw that lands on his more lenses you can look through just to the lands of what in the past what old energy is seeking to sabotage your moving forward and now you said you had a wonderful information you know you had a breakthrough you've been looking at the shadow pieces and yet Out of The Shadow comes a self-sabotage of your journey that you with you we can be our own victim triangle so it's it could be the voice it could be some other but you know very powerful plans is that whenever we have an accident it's a signal that we need to change direction
so just even stubbing your toe or getting up funny you know Creek in your back or your knee or whatever it's a sign that you were heading to directions at the same time you weren't aligned fully in One Direction do it made your choice looks like you've made yours or that the universe is assisting it to be made with even greater force to cultivate a very productive journaling session to be able to bring the energy of South love to you and say okay one thing that's holding me back is and right about that or a belief I have that I cannot carry forward is
an energy that is up for resolution now is
those are the kind of open-ended journaling questions that will bring forward a recognition and when that recognition comes from you yourself is empowering when the recognition comes from an outside third-party it's not as powerful because you're the one that's needing to claim that empowerment so they're both sides are even so that you can walk with confidence into your destiny Mary I just want to share with you that from someone who had two nice knee surgeries and I really understand how you're feeling and what's being called to you please with all my heart and soul do what they tell you to do the repercussions of pushing yourself too fast are not worth what it's going to do the other thing is the universe put you down for reason and so you thought you got more time to reflect you have more time to do you send those around you that may put demands on you maybe they need to learn how to say yes to have time to take care
you and so you need a little you time you really need it right now and so clean it and the universe that you have to have it by then I'm everybody it's time to take a little break a little research assess stretch your legs in a cup of tea we're going to play something for you to keep you lined up if you're staying in front of the computer enjoy we'll be right back I'll see you then please come back with a lot of show to go
welcome to the self-obsession classroom affordable and beautiful home study for your mystical Shirley studying everything that you've ever wanted at home and on your time yes it is possible and there's so much to choose from as you dive into your home study experience remember that was every moment you spend studying this gift you ignite your gift it is a Mastery balancing techniques and certification process
Amman Cosmic life regression travel the universe and remember allow yourself the gift of navigating the inner Matrix beautiful ascended Mastery Program of the Violet flame will take you to places you may not have dared between to control and then you will ReDiscover the tree gift of your divine nature by the channel to study the ancient Mysteries and it's so easy to begin discovered the self accession classroom only a treat and cure adult Cam that treat and cure
Namaste beloved ones made a beautiful Buddha of the blue Energy race shower Divinity upon you as Together We Begin our robust Community our live chat much more
Namaste and welcome back we are delighted you are here with us thank you so much for staying with us, those of you that have been watching the Ascension Activation YouTube video right here at official SRI and Kira please connect with and he is the creator of Mastermind of that beautiful session of music and we had intended to offer some of his music today on we ran out of production time it just didn't flow however starting next week one of our regular features were looking forward to bringing you another beautiful piece of art every week starting next week so I'm excited about that addition to our shop and a nice beautiful experience look for that starting next week and you know as we have been talking about this misinformation that's going on out there and the intention of it and the way that its effect on Consciousness is having a pro
sound effect please if you have not already visit SRI and Kira. Calm and read the article Street and I have also put out a very substantiv article about this subject there's a lot more to share and so if you go to Sri and Kira. Com on the homepage you just scroll and you'll see there's a thing that's a block that has our most recent article just click right there you know we're up at the top you'll go to the Discover and it'll say articles click on articles it's the most recent posting but really sincerely because there's so much what would take up with another three hours of show and so we can cause you to read the article and also gift yourself again this week you're with us today be with us tomorrow night Tuesday night Soul mirror Saturday we have the Mastery mentorship beautiful experience happening and you can send your prayers you can send your your request anything that your heart needs the universe to hear that would make you feel better to put it in written form said it was confidential
why does he to ceiling light at stop Ascension. Com Consciousness as healing of this is a three-part masterclass in learning how to claim and to be the ascended one in relationship to your body and healing others and what I mean by that is how to use your Consciousness as the balancer as the Healer not only for your own physical pain but also in order to assist everyone you come into contact with who is in the energy of contraction of Separation to have the spaciousness around them to evolve it a natural beautiful well in this is your bass request you know what one of the things that tree so brilliantly really embodies and teaches is how our Consciousness is the healing presents and how we can actually work with Ark
I just miss as healing so I'm excited about this hello let's jump over to the 800 number right now
thank you and very grateful that you're taking my call I love you both so much I'm very thankful for all your support your guiding your knowledge I need good teachers and you're amazing I'm just wondering if you can give me a mini Soul reading I am at the cost of retirement and for some reason like I'm spinning around I know what I should do but there's plenty Eagles taking charge so hopefully I'll get some guidance first of all sweetheart thank you for asking and and thank you for being you know is it was as precious because as you were as you were sharing about William near retirement what I saw was what I guess would be the post-retirement experience and I see you really happy I will show that with your loss of smiling you're Outdoors you're wearing it looks like a fleece
and your hair is like in the wind a little bit and it is funny that your hands in your pocket and in your pockets and you're just looking up at the Sun and smiling and they're saying remember who you are receive the illumination you already have this answer and they're saying that as we are connecting with you as as this connection is happening right now that you are receiving the light of Illumination and all you need to do is close your eyes be in this moment outside you already know where you are and they're saying and then within the energy of your divine presence turn around and it's all right in front of you and I am loving this connection you are amazing oh my God I love you so much thank you hun
thank you thank you I love you both and I'm very excited thank you love and blessings I want to share that I love that in our community interface right now that we're opening up that don't like a crystalline initiation to me like very very powerful remember that one of our secret intentions during this entire 2 hours Sunday service is to not only be here with the words but to be here in our community of energy and then we sink into the sacred second our wow you feel that those of you that have chosen to hang out you rock really amazing cuz together we are so better and so Street I'm just enjoying that we opened up with this crystalline portal today so where else are we going to go from California
hello I'm so glad you talked to a few guys I know I got a lot on my mind about my Ascension process it's got pretty hairy over here kind of scary Harry and I'm just like some clarity if you can come up with me will have me telling you the whole story cast don't think I need to do that I want you to do is like I just want to cry because you are so beautiful and you have so much and I'm literally getting choked right now like I'm having a hard time even taking in my breast and then as I'm sure in that with you I'm seeing what looks like almost something wrapped around your throat that is just like making you just say okay okay okay right and what what is happening as as we are together right now is I'm literally watching these multiple dimensional portals come together and and they're saying
come come come come back in to where you really are that there has been this rope like it it looks to me like oh it's not a cord but it's like it is doubly from density and that's why I feel so strong around you and they're saying that you are in the moment of your own self emancipation all that is looking on real is appearing because you are ready to get rid of it forever the moment of your ascendant presence has already come before you all you need do is stop giving in there saying that you must literally I see you you're liking a couch like right and there and there and there and there and they're taking this and as you're like all right let us do this and so it's like raising all of your what we just talked about steadfast commitment Opus awareness just giving it all back up and saying all right all right all right here I am nothing left here I am
it's like I'm watching everything free it's like Neo coming out of Matrix like everything is pulling out of you and your lifting up and they're saying arise here is our hand see us again and stand for you already
and so it is thank you so very much thank you thank you my love thank you for being on the planet I'm really grateful you're here and that I've had this honor to know you thank you a lot of luck you guys one of the things that night I'm reminded of is I think there comes a point for most of us on the journey where we wonder if we can handle what we're being given often awesome there comes a point where
we can reframe that and I called out the Captain Dan Mullen trust I do for bee is breaking loose I was drowning and everything going on my process of a waste why we met had he not stayed committed we would have never met everything was he born of this crap and all of a sudden a thought came in my mind of Captain Dan up at the top of the Mast and shaking his fist of God saying is that all you're not you know I like to get the laugh at my problems are beginning to the nearer moment you became Captain Dan
I could do it at when we are able to kind of reframe in that regard to be able to realize we are we have the ordainment of the printed on are being you are a Divine being having your worldly experience and there's nothing in this world could throw at you that your Divinity cannot walk through absolutely and you are extremely abundant always have been always will be the question is what are you abundant with are you abundant with feet are you above do with poverty Consciousness are you abundantly addicted to the victim Consciousness energy again she and I are putting out as many articles as fast as we can go to screen share. Com not only read our current posting read the one from last week as well because this is a moment where if you feed your soul your soul will read and when the soul leaves and again and I've been modelling this
Jennifer for close to a year the unified stream of the soul body and you seen what's happened to both of us is that when the body knows it can trust the soul and when the soul and the body come together and divine partnership that's when the flow is so strong and so profound that keeping up with things in linear time becomes challenging and I know there's a lot of you watching right now they're having that cuz you're sending me those emails we are we are totally trying to just play catch up with linear time because so much is happening and you're living in so many dimensional experiences at once but yeah the quantum experience and the desert experience are actually coming closer because of what because of that compression of the fourth dimension and so it's a lot more about that next Sunday when we talked all about the revelations and of course Saturday those of you in the mess we mentorship team will receive all of those plus an installment as well
wow I know it's a big week adolescents like tomorrow so mirrors Tuesday night I'm excited from where we going are we able to chat at YouTube right now or no and we bring that I don't think we can write and I'm sorry when this talk radio. Com and jump into the chat over there we are able to peek into their alright Street where we do we get a chant in you in the only Anna from Ontario, CA hollieanna welcome sweetheart thank you so much for taking my call I just trusted in the moment I just needed to be honest and I'm so happy that I got you so very grateful
thank you
and right now I just I love everything that you guys have been sharing has been helping me so much it's really my son to sanity truth and wisdom and Lake this opening of
Within Myself of deepening Trust of deepening of digging deeper and and I'm really grateful for that and I was walking into the water and I feel like the coast finally brought grout first of all I am grateful and and thank you for sharing that she and I were both just sitting here kind of nudging each other going wow you know it's so funny because as you for sharing the first thing you said is why this reading is happening it's trust you said you know I just trusted in the moment knew I had to be on this call the minute you said that they were all clapping like like this it's like this world needs is a crowd because all I'm seeing is like so many beings around you but they're all clapping they're all very kind of Misty like
just kind of making out forms but you I'm seeing completely eliminated every one of your features you're in a very profound ascended state but here's what's so cute you're wearing the smallest backpack I've ever seen and it's like this little mini backpack and is anybody Dawn and and the straps are very comfortable it's you forgotten it's their right behind it is on seeing this huge very female Angelic presence who's doing this saying you do not need to talk to me don't don't do it but there's like a soft blue pink energy and she has one hand up and I'm singing in direct connection to it looks like a portable 33rd Dimension and her other hand is on this backpack in your back and she's saying it is time to remember and let this.
you no longer need to fear anything arise my beloved child and together let us fly forward and spread that which needs to be known and so it is all thank you so much care I really really really appreciate that in that resonates deeply much love to both of you, stay and all you see your crown chakra as you feel. I feel like my crown chakra right now is emitting like I feel like I'm I'm ready to like Lyft right and so also some of you may be feeling some very high high high should you mind if I doing a tune real quick here because I'm I'm almost spinning yeah so this is the a tuner okay this is the one that opens our Cosmic prime meridian and I'm going to play it very quickly and when I put it like this for you want to share with them where the that'll be
where your eyebrows begin on either side of the Realms now I know why we could walk you through everyone the energy so what what we are co-creating in this is why I love about the second hour of the show because this week how create with you we are co-creating that everyone needed to have there, and prime meridian to Dad that makes complete sense and kind of shame on me for not having just plan that ahead of time so aren't we grateful that we are together and all of you who hung out for this moment you're the ones that are ready for this there's any patching this in the archives so you know it lots of microphones where do I strike this so they here at that bike okay so go ahead bring him your heart and just take a nice deep breath
I want to strike the tuner I'm going to focus it right into the camera ear and want to feel that radiation come right in as tree mentioned so relax
breathe out through your nose and exhale
and again this is the tuner that I had designed to do this and it is breathing it in I feel better I was I was off-balance guys I was young I was so I was so far gone I don't think I could have finished the show so thank you because it really does it really does take care of the the gift of rebalancing and what is April all about rebalancing wow so let's take a nice deep breath and SRI who we speaking to next week so many people holding us so many different phone lines and it looks like we can see the YouTube chat once I open up this little window right now and so relating to everybody we all and lots of people here I love Elizabeth I am here I'm ready I'm open in my
call is guiding even as I am guided right on and lots of beautiful things happening over here yeah we're going to keep that up or you know where how to get that against Real that is right there all right okay well let's grab another caller and now we know we can work with are YouTube comments as well so Shreve to PBS right now okay online 5 dumbest Avon welcome sweetheart
okay someone took her place will then I don't have that on my messages here but let's bring her on
all right Shelly your life welcome honey
oh yay I got through I'm so excited you did great timing welcome thank you thank you so much my heart is beating so fast right now
I hear you had said earlier in the in the Shell to get clear on what I what was what we really want and especially this week and what I really want and this has been a misting for me as I want a partner to play with I want someone to play with who wants to ask who that I love that I totally love that totally loves me
and I know that that that's one of the things that I do want
I would love a mini Soul reading
well I'm grateful that you are here and I love Vancouver by the way or you're not from Vancouver nevermind I'm sorry jelly but what I want to share
yeah I got to go see where unified in that I do want to share with you that as you were sharing and it was so beautiful like I have tears in my eyes and I'm really trying not to cry This Magnificent very soft blue with like a really almost like a sapphire blue around like cocoon has come in around you and as that is happening I'm watching you and there are crystalline tears coming down your eyes and everything you just said you want is inside of this beautiful blue cocoon being said to you and your higher self is is has these beautiful blue eyes and but it's it's a very different kind of blue and it's 10 staring straight at you and saying the partner that you seek are will appear Arise & Anchor when you are first partnered with you
in exactly this way and they're showing me you dancing in your house they're showing me you doing lots more breathing work a lot more breathing work they're showing me you playing with your clothes like I'm going to wear this with this just because I can or I'm going to do that and that they're also saying that bring more bring lots more life into your house lots of green plants maybe a little small water fountain in your bedroom and they're saying wake up in the morning holding the love of this experience in your heart and the one that is yours to be with will find. Frequency you are both in this happens often cuz I do see this energy field that's why I came in this way around you you to have to be in the same energy field and you're both not ready yet that's why I mentioned earlier when I said that had SRI not follow through on his work we would have never met much less stay together and so the timing is before you and you already know what you want and so thank you for
for so many and I'm happy for you because you're already dancing with the partner you already having that fun it's sooner than you think as long as you keep that steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust days we love you too thank you sweet hundred oh my God
and at the subject is about manifestation or attraction which is very similar but manifestation is more powerful than simple attraction and it's when were seeking that partner to play with to be my equal to be my partner partner thing to look at is the energy of the partnership and the joy of the partnership and be in that energy Allura now in the energy of playfulness where Bagel to trust the universe to enjoy our lives to be willing to share and maybe you're sharing it with a flower or kitty cat friend doesn't matter at the moment it is about the energy of the manifestation that will call to you greater actual
so be that energy of divine love and partnership and the one that is able to meet you in that energy will never bore faster you know I will share with all of you were talking about this I mean I know some of you heard this before but before she and I met you know I was married four times and I was very clear that the last thing I wanted to do was continue the journey in another type of marriage my girlfriend registered me for hence that's how she and I met but that moment that probably sticks TJ window right before she and I met I was finally really clear that I would no longer compromise on whether or not the person I would be with whoever they would be vegetarian or not whether they were on the same spiritual path or not I was finally really clear that well it doesn't mean that people who may not adhere to that aren't good people it's just that I knew that
more to me than finding someone to be with or or have feeling a whole that needed to be filled to have somebody step into I knew that I was the common denominator in everything that happened in my life up until that moment and so I sat down and I absolutely literally threw out my wishlist instead of what I didn't want I literally sat down and wrote out what I would want my partner the characteristics I didn't care about what they look like I didn't care about how old they were they were I didn't care about anything all I cared about was these characteristics because I knew that for me to go the distance that's what I would have to have because I was awake enough to what I was needing to stay in a partnership what I was wanting and what I could offer and what I could bring and so I literally wrote it down and I always give away stray that the
then what I did was just to share with you I taped it on my bathroom mirror it was in my office and I constantly felt into that energy and what I first noticed was that the people I met you the way my life move shifted things were we're moving I was at when I was working in the metaphysical store in Cherry Creek Denver and I was the psychic in the back of the store and all of that was happening and the last thing it's just my little inside joke that I'll share with you cuz you don't need to hear what by list was I gave you a few of them but the last one was and he will absolutely have to be a psychiatrist to deal with Ed look who I buried right I just went and we went with three wrote me I was we were I was on spiritual singles like maybe 24 hours when I got this amazing email with the subject line that's said elevator to escalator 2 expansion and my heart stopped because it was my expansion or contraction moment it really was and that's why I'm with this because
I had to make a decision I knew before even ever even read his email I spelled it in the subject line I knew if I even open that email I was going to have to really be who I am I couldn't bulshit myself or anybody else I couldn't hide I couldn't pretend that I was going to have to take it off and stand naked lie transparently authentic because I could tell if you'd already done the work and that's why you won't meet this until you get clean with yourself and so I just wanted to share that because I think that's the important getting what we're talking about and you got to have your captain dad moments I wrote a letter to the universe about my soulmate and he showed up exactly when exactly it's that easy because it's not easy to give you otherwise we're
not Third Dimension wide swath right to be so highly functioning victims it's not for me accepting the realization that we can tolerate think about that it's not about will my wishes be granted is the brightest realization of those wishes that you know how much as we sent last week and are you going to the ocean of Creation with a symbol or with a bucket how much creation energy are you willing to Clay station on our way there we are right here where your and we put you in the cave today into that creation moment I love it it I'm loving it and I'm seeing all kind of things
literally got a software update this morning and it said okay the YouTube check will now control we can't write that we can read because I've seen how much love you that's all you see how we receive you guys are so freaking amazing can we check over here to at one knows make sure not missing anybody over there all right we have Sandra when does top radio hi sweetheart and Scottish hands over their amazing article thank you thank you thank you and please everyone go to screen on the home page scroll down scroll down page you'll see articles click and read the most current article and then also reads one before and you know Street the six steps we really know not to give you too much to read but go to lineage that is our blog site for all of you to continue this incredible conversation after these shows in in the stay connected all throughout the week in the post section we have left it up there right now to most
post right are the six steps updating our website. All right what street we have all these people looking to chat all right with pop over for 6 area code
how do you say thank you for everything you do
and I want to ask you guys I don't know if I ever since October my work one light
shortly after that
the conflict I don't know if it went to the energy of kir or
figure out what it was but it was like this
Sonic can you stop walking. We got a lot of wind in your microphone
I'm muted you sweetheart I'm not sure we're going to be able to continue but let me share because I think we've got enough but we've got you on mute right now because the wind was really whipping and what's interesting is that I've got it I can I can feel it you are in the middle of of the way that we've been describing this is a second wave Kundalini opening but it's stuck and it's stuck between your second and third chakra so what's happening is that it's almost like you got so much power inside of you is trying to jump and because of that there's this sense of imbalanced which is why you're saying well I don't know whether this was good or bad is essentially what you're saying the key is that you are at a moment of divine command is the energy I keep hearing and this is coming literally from the energy of like this huge bee kills a duck presents she kills a duck presents that is like gazing at you and saying I am right here cut it out stand up remember who you are
bar and wear the crown again and so this is going to take time and thank you for being this reminder to all of us is it going to take your steadfast commitment Focus awareness and complete trust back to what we were talking about as well what do you really want because you have got some Power House Entergy standing here and that's why you're having a Powerhouse experience and this can literally it's like it's like busting a balloon full of confetti and the minute you do that it's just going to be like a phone straight up shower of divine illumination and so it's in your hands and you are ready and wow what an amazing thing you are Namaste thank you thank you my love we love you dearly blessings forgive me I'm like being Wild Waves and waves of this huge crystalline light and that is the expansion right expansion unifies
you're certainly doing that I feel like we're all expanding right now during this beautiful moment together gorgeous
are you okay by 4 babe we're all just like it there so you don't ever refining spiral sitting here in the cave of creation we're hoping that you're creating as well are you know I do feel a little disoriented you know there's so many thoughts that I thought were important to share that I no longer think are important to shifted but I want to come back here in a second it's important that we accept ourselves as we are
and then manifest what is ours to claim there is a let's just say there's a subtlety at work between
accepting what is even though we think it's not enough or not full enough and having a self-fulfilling prophecy so there's a couple of little fin little Fried Chicken walked out to love ourselves as we are is to say it's okay that I'm working process and if the minimum weren't good enough it wouldn't be the minimum it's okay that I haven't mastered everything that my heart wants me to master it's okay because I am enough as I am and as I am not
and from that energy of self-love we then can be in the space of you do is like a funnel here comes the future and the future is always brighter future has more goodies for you than the past had so that's why we threw the past is no no determiner at all no determinant for the future there is only now and what is soon to be now I'm still the more we expand into self the more we keep our eyes of a divided at all times thank you I'll tell for Writing Practice keep coming back the brighter the return the more it is because everything you require for your journey shall be granted unto you everything because remember everything you require for your journey is not inclusive solely of
you stink you need you with all haste right you got to be aware of that when we let go of the need to control when we let go of needing to be the one who makes all the decisions the only thing that we are ever invited to do is to absolutely remember relax and receive the gift of remembering who we really are and then to say yes to it you know the gift is laid at your feet you know it's it's always go the way I like to describe it is this is waking up on whatever morning be at your birthday Christmas whatever holiday waking up and gazing at all of the the presents under the tree but do you open them and then after you open them do you use them that's where we're at right now is if you're ready to receive the universe is ready to bless you are already blessed how much are you willing to say yes to I found that one was free and I said yes to it all
it was initially whelming and then it becomes outrageous is not just the particular content that you're saying it's the fullness of the energetic when we say yes to partnership we're getting the fullness of the partnership that can include some sorrow that can include moments of projection mobile homes of of a lesser level of of the operating because that's what's up for clearing that can include moments of blissful expansion and divine communion you did it all so saying yes means I am ready I am
exactly I know you could just sit there you just sits while ago okay right. That's the blessing that is the Plessy and that is the blessing of the moment at hand right now this very breath say yes to you to you you know what I always go back to Archangel zadkiel beautiful illuminated sharing is there is but one sin to use the word if you are wrong it would be to influence the path of another or another or to allow another to interfere with your path mean where is your steadfast commitment where is your focused awareness where is your complete trust if you have that those three things nobody can take you away from her you are nobody can tell you you're crazy and nobody can make you doubt and when you can arrive at that level of awareness and relax the ego from believing it needs to be in control
it's like we hand over the reins to the universe and it's like hold on what a ride it's outrageous
you do if you treat your ego as you would one of your children that you will find your way because a healthy parent set healthy boundaries and the child doesn't get to drive the car but the child is lovingly put in the car seat and gets to see what's going on is so the decisions in your life are made from your souls wisdom not from your egos desires and step-by-step overtime Eagle begins to trust the soul begins to relax its need to be noisy and is happy to be along for the ride and that my friends is the gateway to so much glorious upleveling energy and its in store for each and everyone of us
you do too and I hope that we get to connect with all of you again tomorrow night on our magic Monday teaching sessions Hope you join us then and if not let's see you Tuesday night for soul mirrors right back here at official stream carry you to Andover when the stock radio. Com truise we love you thank you for cleaning up the screen Carolina
setting up an email and check out more information from you next week

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