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Sri and Kira Live, April 19, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting Paradigm now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era
Namaste beloved ones and welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka SRI and I just first and foremost want to say hey thanks for hanging with us if you're alive right now we have had an extraordinary moment this week and I just need to share with you that our studio I mean like our Mainframe computer blew up after last week's radio show and it was amazing studio today because we have been so inspired beautiful producer Dawn over a call in at 880-627-6008 so thank you to all of you for holding up there with us because
wow it's a wild and wonders time and so today tree and I have really been navigating this past week since we were with you last Sunday so much has happened this week for Humanity and we wanted to open up in remind you that on Tuesday night on Soul mirrors was the first time that was revealed that this past week and that energy is really kind of still with us for this coming Tuesday night very much about Partners in pain and about what the partners in pain experience shows us and so through the witnessing of that and in some very dear dear friend of ours that we literally choose their Partners in pain over what we thought was a solid experience and so we're all expanding
from all of the dimensional experiences that are being invited through what has our attention and so SRI we have such a big so much to show Sarah today that my beloved husband was like this is like a workshop and it was like oh my gosh you're right let's just give this Workshop to you today so first of all where can you watch this Workshop YouTube official SRI and Kira and we are also over Facebook at the one that stock radio site over there and at 1 this talk radio and bbsradio so there's lots of nice
everything's. Com absolutely and so is all really available to you and I know if you hear it if you found it and you're listening right now
we're over at YouTube want to share right off the top here today let's all pay attention that has chakra okay wow yes when we are in the bowl bit of Truth are fifth chakra will invite us to pay attention calls us to that attention and so invite yourself to just you know relax into this moment today right now one of the guess how this came to be so for those of you that are on our newsletter list as it said today expansion and contraction are actually the fuel for the Ascension remember that when it comes to our Ascension energy experiences of this year and especially with the Ascension symptoms remember that this is the first time
beer has become an anchor point in the Ascension symptom experience and here we are in April and April is another experience month and it's the experience of restoration so what is restoring that is the overall energy beautiful and Soul Men come forward we are also in that moment of absolutely coming forward into our ascendant presents honestly in a way we never have too much masturbation nothing with that because Ashley and I navigated last week as we have been looking at this we want to open up first with so much gratitude because that's what
called in today's Workshop experience is is the gratitude
everything that is happening right now you know when we pay attention to the blessings that are being showered upon each one of us want to share with you from a very personal experience and from those of you that is more than a Dream It's the dream a dream of a dream literally everything from the moment we met online not only is it all here they're so much more than even together we could dream board it yesterday SRI went out to around we were sitting in our pool area and what are Therapy Center and all of the passion fruit Vines are blooming right now
in that moment I had tears in my eyes because I was thinking of all of you my heart knows that the reason she and I are here right now is is something I want to share with you it's been an incredible moment and part of the inspiration of today's Workshop no matter how big your self so you dream as big as you can and don't let anybody crazy I don't let anybody ever tried to stop you and don't let anybody else's beliefs systems take away what you know brings you the greatest joy Harmony peace and awareness because no matter how big you dream and I think between you and I and Zaki oh because I chose a great dream influence we were really no matter how big it is
when it finally manifest because you have not sold out because you have not been an authentic because no matter what the feedback you did exactly what you were aware was needing to be done because it was just knocks on your door and says are you ready because you still get to say yes to the final moment you have to want it we've been talking about this we've been sharing about this you got to want it more than you want anything else because it's getting up a million wishes with the first wish all you need to do is stay the course and what we are living right now and what we are so blessed to live because we know when the universe knocked on our door because we are all in this together
the universe is showing us that no matter how big you can dream watch how much more beautiful
I never dream big enough you are not being egocentric you are not being selfish when you called forward that highest vision of self the body transform and so it's a nut energy of gratitude as we were witnessing the partners in pain choice this past week around us on universal Global density level as the Divine pouring so much more information into us we saw the collective world that is working through the planetary God body is literally traversing what what are very much like the stages of grief and how their stages of grief night the release and so it became fairly beautiful through our deep gratitude for you to do this so thank you thank you because this
is your your gift all of us right now and we are grateful to do this together lyrics rev Ike about abundance and he was himself he was not afraid to be outside to go my goodness are we still there I am so sorry guys would enjoy that flow of unlimited abundance and prosperity not just about money but of health of Happiness of a vitality and and here's the phrase but came up in my mind is ours listing you share remember the word
old is infinitely take that and if we talk about things to do to fill yourself up are you bringing a teacup or you bring in a bucket
how much abundance do you want to receive and so many people are so shy and afraid to go down to the willow creation and say I am more than I can see how big do guys, remember you are the Divine inform and that which is possible is yours to play and yes I did my teachers to hold us with helping people move out of limited thinking that's what's going on so widely on our planet is the fear has activated all kinds of limited beliefs and people are moving into
action rather than the opportunity to truly expand to our BBS are 800 number colors and what they give you guys both call 008-8517 oh my God okay we do have one line open so over at the 808-862-7600 I want to open up before we go any conversation remember guys that
today is very much about grief as the fuel grief is actually in Ascension fuel especially when we remember that way back and what seems like years ago February symptoms for 2020 we were the only people and people wrote us and said all your fear is one of the number one overarching symptoms that it was part of this two-year process that you do everything that we mentioned is literally showing up it's literally happening just like you know Domino's and so the reason we're sharing this with you is because right now in this moment that fear Dimension a dimension is actually made
off the planetary spotty ego Center so what happens is that we all if you look at this this ever refining spiral right and if you don't know what the spiral is please please please go to our blog site which is simply told her. Calm when you told her. Com go there click on posts and and the very first post is about the six steps to navigating now it is an insult from the Divine directors it absolutely explains this diagram has brought us to this week and the contraction and expansion and that is the fear to mention is going to have a rare light on it meeting it's going to be visible to be seen by everyone and so how they see it and how they respond to it is going to be very individual and for those who don't know what it is to have a spa
why put on your fear it collapses you with this new moon illumination and I wanted you to see this because this is why I doubt fear and grief are the cocktail that make the fuel for your Ascension when you translate them into these multi-dimensional presences through your awakened eyes of Illumination so breathe on him because that's why we are having this conversation about the about victimhood and about Partners in pain and I wanted to bring these two beautiful women into the conversation because the energy experience of expansion and contraction
you just mentioned earlier we are living in this creative expanding universe and so expansion is actually when we relax and let go of some things to write the contraction Energy Right Now by all of us that doubt not fear that grease that if you do however you want to look at it we are all making that stew the question is are you the wise Elder who's able to walk in when they notice that maybe the stews been cooking too long cuz it's the first time it's being this is the moment we're all of us need to gather around the cattle as one and offer our unique gifts to the recipe for the energy that is
pumping on the planet right now is doing everything you can through this expansion and contraction to invite as many as possible to Anchor with their Partners in pain their by receiving more let's just say hi power fuel into the Realms that are loving creating this doubt this
wow you don't fear me grief oh my goodness to look for and then I I know you want to jump to these is one of the word for me this week was a recognition of how subtle fear can be as an influencer of our identity and our thoughts and let me explain that further have you ever met somebody who very intelligently can explain to you why things are going wrong here's the here's that you do
forward for me as I practiced the six steps to the witnessing Consciousness we swallow the words just like we were being sold a new car look at the energy of the person can be at or the energy that with which the words are delivered it's like words are always given a floating tune in a little deeper don't look at the content of the words look at the energy that is being communicated with the word appreciate
energy leave you in a sense of contraction or fear or judgment this is the number one fundamental teaching that came through so many years ago when we are we are we need to cultivate Discerning is a message of the highest or is the message intended to pull you from your divine nature information about the perceived experience that is happening collectively and I chose those words very carefully and planetary co-created experience right now is saying You must choose you must choose and as you are being bombarded because regardless of where you are
do you are at this point something has reached you about this so that no matter how is reached you at this moment I think about that now got a focus that's coming in through the entire planet. Just a bomb went off over here so these beings are transitioning into an energy of confusion perhaps no chaos whatever so that or this happens over here this happens over here imagine how strong the planetary fault body has become how is creating its own energy this is like becoming the master what it's saying is if I got this powerful with just little pieces of this coming in to me imagine how strong I can get
if the entire every on the planet is focused in anger and hate and polarization and illness death and and the belief in attachment if you want to enslave a soul race to this planet then get the entire planet to believe it its self-imposed limitation at its greatest and we should be standing up and going I mean yeah we are incredible right so how do we write the truth so how do we go beyond how do we move from that moment right to Bravo
that's the gift of what's happening to be able to look at it and see the absurdity of the abstraction not to judge it not to try to force it to change the only thing we can never change is this right here our own business but you gotta want it to really want it so I wanted to share story that we came across this installment from the cosmic a scene it's a very short installment and I want to share it and then I want to bring on the first because in the moment where everything where the contraction energy and make decisions that are
here we have an opportunity to witness ourselves doing exactly that which is and flow with the greater Harmony and you know it's so funny to read this later on I said no read what we offer due on the 17th to you a little bit of an installment on April 17th 2020 which was this past Friday and for those of you who this is from the Divine director your heart and I think you'll understand why they wanted us to
you are now at the time of expansion or contraction and you must choose one or the other the density experience is offering all who are tired the safety of contraction this contractions use decisions from the consciousness of density and is limited to that Realm
the 5th dimensional experience is the Gateway of the expansion men will find the safety of density more attractive as it is easy and is supported for the massive energy that is what gets your attention this is the moment to do exactly the opposite of what density is showing you
to choose to expand and explain Inspire when decisions are made from the freedom of fear that is the inspiration energy then the solutions are burst from a heightened State of Consciousness that is why I dangled being one with a broader Consciousness arises solutions that were previously unable to even be seen however the access to this inspired action and the universe abundance low is to expand at the moment when density says to contract
2 up level through inspiration rather than say yes to the energy of exhaustion
roll through your little bit there's a lot there and
now you are safe it is safe to expand
I want to share before we bring it in to speak I want to share that during this past week as shree and I have been so blessed against the gratitude for all of us including this came in on the 17 bus right now and and those of you that are with us through the lineage holders know how to time Jump here and do that with us and so it feels like we really are holding I feel like every Sunday we're all sitting down in the temple of the Andes Mountains right cuz for those of you that may not know tosa is actually Temple of self Ascension that's what tosa means you're receiving together and so SRI I think you should share about Diaz generosity and kindness and modeling exactly what the Divine directors were sharing
you just offered this in the way of introduction DNA is from Boise Idaho she is a long time George for a long time and has understand that she was in a moment of feeling that contraction energy to step forward into the expansion energy and one of her ways of expressing love and service was to make a donation to Clinica Linda are free pain clinic that we offer here to the indigenous the Farm Workers already descendants and many people are are are about money or the future she made a stand
I will expand or I will share I will stand in my spiritual generosity and that decision opens a Floodgate Of abundant flow in the longer-term and in the near-term it really demonstrates courage and commitment to which I say thank you as many of you may know screen iron are currently teaching on our we're calling them are Monday magic Knights this right now but we will we will also share this incredible overflowing response to that we are going to keep going to have our Mastery mentorship out there's going to be free admission for some of you and heavily discounted brother so thank you. That's really important and and so I do feel that what
opening is idea is saying it's important that we offer this gift because all of our donations for Monday night's also go to Clinica Linda and it hasn't been enough to keep it really going and we have people who are really needing the services on and so we also want to thank Jim I think you should also think this is this is a community project and you know whenever we offer to others we always get it back Unlimited
yes. Can you hear me oh my God this is actually working huh
yay yay
so thank you for joining us I love you so so so much
thank you we love you returned and and I still feel you here at tosa Blue Mountain and I know that our Beloved Community here are beloved are really feeling you as well and so offer us a moment of of you for your process and what it felt like to just say yes at a time when everything else is saying no
the phrase that you have repeated so often which has been so meaningful to me is if not now when and
it's been longer and coming then I intended but there is only the now
when you first mentioned the property of tosa extending now down to a river this is back in the fall I was trying I was trying I was in the process of making a decision to come to the New Year's there was one place left I knew it had my name on it but I had many when you said it was on on Thursday nights then. Kara that you had this property and now it had River Frontage I mean I lit up and then the not that night but I think you talked about the the clinic on the end gym and with the laser
and it's just my total does my 45 years in the in the helping professions and it was my fiber and I knew that I had to walk the land and I had to be by that River and so that was one of the main pieces that put me over into getting it so that I could be with you on New Year's celebration that was integral to my whole experience of having been in the highlands of the Andes and walking that ground
thank you thank you and you also were in the Integrity of knowing how to relate to that call in though in your own personal way and that's part and parcel with how we make our choices because each of us has this life sometimes we feel it sometimes we got it
thank you sweetheart really talk about this grief cycle that the world is going through in an about all these other really amazing things that are assisting us all to ascend even further is there anything you would like to share with our beautiful audience before we thank you for being here today
The Treasure of having spent two weeks with you and meeting on hell and meeting Rosa who is going there with this be a road and I saw a pair know when you've mentioned recently about the indigenous the tribe actually exist exist my heart so brief yes this is not grief this is joy of two old not greedy but they're so maybe there will be less Grease
exactly exactly thank you sweetheart so brilliantly said yes yes yes my family so much Rich energy going on right now and one of the things that we did a presentation that we're making here please please please go to shrink and read this article and this is one of those little paradoxes similar to fear being and Ascension springboard being actual symptom of Ascension
schools of grief Psychology 101 it's it's been out there a long time of the very common stages that people go through when they had a loss and these emotional stages are very human but here's the chi
key to understanding that is all forms of loss can trigger a grief cycle now the question is how long we dwell in the various stages of grief because the grief cycle is the natural response of the ego to the loss of that which depended upon so your loss could be the loss of a loved a relationship because the transition of a loved one who left the planet it could be the loss of stability or money or anything else that you relied upon for your stability
and this is why so many beans are being touched another words you can be stable in your victim Consciousness you can did you have the past couple weeks we have talked about this happening right now is that when we are in our grief cycle sometimes we actually read the life that was even if that life was unhealthy part of refining ourselves out of what we call the victim triangle in the victim triangle that you're staring at here is a victim a rescuer and an abuser so those three
energy support the ever refining cycle of victim Consciousness this is the third dimensional experience this is the planetary thought on this is going to continue and that's what this expansion contraction is about where the victim that transformation to be teacher healer Mentor is also here right now and so the kids and this is why we start talking about partner if your partner bring you more safety then you will remain in the victim triangle because partners with our victim rescuer Partners in pain are basically the safe haven of the victim and so this is a moment where it's actually okay to grieve your lifestyle change is not in their traditional
so everything she said and what I'm sharing is well what that means is that everything right now is on new ground that I like to look at it is helping out on this beautiful Plateau right and so you've been living this creative life your Plateau has a border on it but its self-imposed so you've never seen it before right you were given so much room to create create create cuz it's so you just been creating more plant before was the fence around it this is like The Truman Show right you know we're all hitting that moment but here's the better gift if you really open your eyes to see beyond that which is the limitation of your own third-dimensional creation
and you wish into your system Encinal South for that love and compassion then you notice there's a crystal stairwell standing there the whole time so the question is all you see is a crystal stair well it's just it's just a stairwell of light and I'll never forget the first time that ever happened to me and Mike are you willing to walk up not knowing what's up there cuz you're just seeing the stairwell or are you turning around and going I got really good Plateau here and I can just keep creating this that's the expansion and contraction and that's why the contractions going to be harder because everything that would pull you up is the Abundant flow everything that would contract demands every ounce of focus and energy you have to manifest it to stay in contraction right now now means you need to be one with conspiracy you need
be one with Rama you need to be one with negativity you need to be one with the most negative news you can find and trust me I've already found it because there's so addicted to it even the most amazing people are writing me right now going guess what this one just said that one just said the same response whatever they said was for you to hear non-us thank you we are so focused and this goes back to the Divine directors again and this is another article that navigating right now if you want to invite this grease to be your fuel for your essential if you want to say yes okay I'm going to harvest all this energy about I'm not going to be present as a denial mechanism for dealing with their true emotional patterns
right with you except once you enter in the fifth but in the lower living there is very different than visiting and so this isn't this is an important energy right and it's so so I want to read what the cost make a scene or saying and said about this and then I thought we'd bring on another beautiful day has been holding on to talk about expansion how she's navigating that was Robert DBS Radio
lady Kara sometime back and it is very relevant for this time now so take a breath and be present
within Ascension energy all that is unlike light will dissolve
all that is unlike light must has all
when you step into Ascension energy sometimes you must lead into the void it may feel as if you are dying as if everything inside of you is dying as if everything is being questioned as if everything must turn around again
honor your intuition and as you honor your intuition You released the doubt molecules that hold you in density
really breathe out in I'm unlikely white right I feel like we're all just kind of floating right now what I'm enjoying so much about this is that with Ascension energy is how it opens meaning the one test it is the truth of who you are and I enjoy how they say that all that is unlike light will dissolve and all that is unlike light must install because the frequency cannot it it doesn't it's not compatible and so this is very much with the ascended journey is about isn't it all that is like light dissolves with us comes with us all that is unlikely must dissolve and that also includes the aspects the lower aspects are addictions to the drama the chaos without the owner of the fear and so when we can end the path of self Ascension Ascension
David simple directive was to love to listen to love and to hold the space or enlightening that was our response I think maybe sure that again
that our mission is to listen to love and to hold the space for enlightenment and receive our newsletter it was the very last graphic there today if you click on it it will take you to our website that talks about the outcome of the yoga of attention to safely effortlessly and with great compassion live through that planetary thought body without the attachments of the Go Transit what is now the spirit Dimension as we are able to really hold open a pillar of light through that really asked for we interfered fourth dimension and anchor in v
not really breathe on him and feel that and I over the past 18 years and I are so blessed we have so many beautiful beautiful people died and every once in a while a few of them just this beautiful presents and expanding within in this moment most certainly and and one of them is Jess so you want to bring her in
hey Jess
hello my sweetheart welcome welcome welcome thanks for holding him so happy to be here with everybody today well you know we're happy to have you here too and also for those of you that may not know Jesse's my regularly on the first Tuesday of every month co-hosts over its Soul mirror so make sure you join us especially when Jesse's there and Jess you're the host of another Dynamic radio show what's the name of that show
Soul Fusion Cafe
and when is that on
tonight and Sunday the 4 p.m. Pacific time, make sure you check out Justin's 4 p.m. show for two reasons today number once again just through the Gratitude you are a single mom you are navigating this you have two teenage children what is keeping you in your way out there having to do your own thing and so so how is it because I'm straight and I are witnessing you just create create it's like you go girl it's amazing it is like the time is now and it's been clicking ever since
things really escalated in 2020 and everything we're going through it was like oh my God like if not now when exactly right now and its expansive I definitely have to walk through those little moments when it's illuminated but then the expansion happens and it's crazy my kids they're like getting along better than they ever have we've got our thing going on here and opportunities come and saying yes to them and then more, it's just extremely amazing it's kind of jaw dropping and then and then not at the same time it's an interesting experience like all this is what's supposed to be happening
I hear that I hear that loud and clear so so just so you know you're you're navigating this and then one of the things that I am so excited about it is that you are a horse part of the experience that we've been jumping on his Thursdays and this Thursday to illuminate the fear Dimension everyone is going to get a good luck and so it's either going to be a joyous Oh yay I'm releasing through this or it's going to be a freak out and so what we're enjoying is at your right and so I know you're feeling this and so your heart has said hey let me continue this journey Friday night and will expand that so how are those two Mama's feelings for you as we're moving through this Thursday let's look at Shear moment
I am so excited about it because we're ready for that we are ready for this and I feel that you're my throat's like clearing where all clearing her throat was weakened stepping into intensity this is a major moment and yeah I was really called forward to start doing these new moon ceremonies I did the first one last month and I'm going to continue this month and plenty of holders is Thursday night with the new moon on Friday I'll bring in a ceremony as well just to really support us
as we come together and illuminate in this moment and Jeff true whatever fear might seek to hold us back and it is extremely enjoy it when we do that from it's amazing to have the support that we're going to be here together this week
I know it's amazing today which is amazing tomorrow lessons of Life magic Monday we have had so many people all my gosh it is so amazing you know having gone through through these before I mean but this is there were written for right now it's just insane how much more information is coming through with it I'm totally loving it and tearing that up was doing the Nim program again and coaching like it's it's crazy it's so the fart of all of this right now
what do you know speaking of thank you for supporting the fact that we were able to put it 50% off because us coaches were so magnanimous with your with your time as well and so it's really the life preserver
yeah absolutely cuz it is a whole new level it's it's like I'm doing the program with them against you and I'm going okay I've done this before but it is offering a whole new level and people that are coming to it then a different energy it's it's pretty amazing I'm like this is the same program I've done I know it by heart but it's also offering more you know
well I think that's the. She'll code like on on Mondays right when we do the lessons of life but things that we never said a word but you know our own light language holding came through and because this is the first time we've ever oh wow you're the hum your this is I'm sharing this right now and so that we were taught and so to have so many people riding as I'm getting just like you do. I must be getting I don't know 2240 emails a day from people in that program telling me things that are happening and I'm just so excited about tomorrow night and that's why I feel that that's why we're calling this Monday magic like if you if we do nothing else for all of us cuz you just said about the name is so important to part of it is who learns more of the teacher and student and learning just as much and so
I love this Sunday Monday kind of weekly jettison right we're together for these beautiful Community Sunday services and then Monday nights we come together to really dive into the work for those that want to take it deeper and then Tuesday night is full mirrors I mean wow why don't you say hello
it's amazing that much before and it feels so good to have to know that we can look forward to these times together and keep having this information what you guys are delivering and giving us and what the offended rounds are bringing through it it's like it's just such an amazing part of what essential right now we need the phone I'm so appreciative of this before community
I just want to acknowledge just that this time feels more ripe and ready than prior times it's like all of us are saying yes in a more profound way and in the saying yes to our spirit yes to our expansion yes to the upliftment more is given more is noticed and more blessings are received
yeah and tell everybody how can they get in so Jess is hosting the Friday night this is going to be after that it's available for like virtually nothing and so just tell them how you can find that for Friday night in register
yeah if you're interested in registering for this monthly New Moon ceremony and balancing you can go to self Ascension and you'll see online events on the top and you'll see the new moon ceremony I'm asking for a donation of $3 if you can swing it you know and if you truly can't just join you have to come to the page and it's very simple to sign up and last month was so amazing coming together and sharing in that moment and I'm really just so excited to have this opportunity to be together again it's
just thank you thank you for sharing this with everybody in our community
thank you for your continued service to the community of South Ascension we love you dearly so thank you my love
hi honey itself Ascension don't ghost go see what she's doing and follow your heart so much spiritual generosity being showered our way and that is the blessing of this moment
expansion and contraction gain strength what has your attention and I think it was so powerful and choose expansion or contraction there is no middle ground and this is what we were going to have to let go well the question is are you letting go and lifting or you let it go because you want to just drop into density because you're tired that's what's happening and the fact that you're listening to this show the bacteria found your way here is an ignition the restoration of April 23rd of April in the Mets and the energy of the entire month of May whereas this month it was restoration is expansion and contraction
so where were we given up level like you know hear some fuel and and what do you want to do with it right how do you solve our ego functions with more clarity so that you can be the wise adult rather than the reactive child the big star we talked a little bit about loss earlier and we're going to talk more about that as we unpack some of the blessings that happened in the grease cycle it's not about a sense of stability as much as a sense of predictability the predictability could be a stable at expectation or could be chaos victimhood is my dog's regardless of which it is the ego-self that is the one that does the greeting is the one that seeks
partner in pain and the eagle is the one that will find an excuse to justify being tired so when we talk about tired or inspired okay everyone of us met at some point feel the need to just let go and and you're tired and that it might be a very helpful time out as long as you pay attention conscious conscious that I'm taking a timeout to restore myself not disconnect you don't we can step through the tiredness by bringing our eyes back to the / bringing our eyes back to that which is wholesomely expressing not that which is contracted because you are a product of creation and creation
what is always created and when we start identifying with decline when we start identifying with tiredness then we buy into old age we buy into deterioration we buy into lack and those energies are lessons if you need those lessons go for it and if your complete with those lessons choose again we find a spot where you're going with us visit some of the profound truths that we have touched before justino's we were talking with Jess about the navigating the inner Matrix home study program this is a 9-week program that was some years ago and this is a program expands one's relationship with the Violet Ray it expand one not understanding that the ego
self which we all are born into has limiting beliefs that will always show up when the ego is triggered and that the only way through being in the prison of your limiting beliefs the prison of hurtful feeling is we must expand Beyond them by anchoring in our spiritual identity your spiritual Essence is the resource to pull you through these times and all times because your spiritual Essence is connected to the end of an expansion that is our Cosmic nature that's who I want a mighty Graphics tree
oceanographic is important to remember is that with this but we call a shock and denial right and so when we are in shock and denial is that we entered a 7-month cycle back in February so February March April May June July August month that there is another energy around this like it at the eighth month is kind of like September and during that what we are witnessing and this is what really became process at the cycle of grief which is and trees got him right here since going to read it in order for you so it's that shock and denial right anger bargaining depression and then
as ways to really shut you down you can dive into them just because their stage is doesn't mean you're gonna move through them quickly or move through them at all witness people that can't get out of
there's a lot of Batman today that are interesting and thank you all for being here so if we were to look at that then there is an overarching energy that came in with the initial let's just say the ignition propose propose that has called voice I just got to keep going back to that guy's you see the power in that do you see that every time you say yes to anything that is less than your highest to see the power in that so I think we do have I want to share the first one tree is do we have the polarities we do okay right there were seven polarities all right
inexpensive please do take it easy this chart before and I published this chart in 2015 and so this has this was when the Ascension escalator open and what's important to notice are all of its valuable especially now that you're looking at it because it even kind of blows us how how accurate is if you look at the right side of the chart the density and the Ascension energy this year 2020 let's talk about and I think we all remember was it was agreed year the density of energy and and so that's what anchor does ascended heart and if you look at their that there was generosity living your truth self-love mutual respect in her
I see that in this community and the time we get together this year and entry let's just look at someone that few people Brittany and said why did you ever find out that chart it makes me afraid then you're focusing on the left side of the chart we put out the chart because the ascended masters gave it to us and asked us to get it out there and to teach the seven polarities of Free Will as a reminder that you always get to choose the left side of the chart right now is absolutely the contraction and the right side is the expansion so let's just look right now at the energy 20/20 forces of Destruction or density that is the fear based and preoccupations take a look at 2020 doomsday preoccupations anger no future lack of vision and fundamentalism
because from the stages of grief what 20/20 is saying and its own way is that a lot of people already been through their shock and denial because you're you're awake just something you haven't been awake to before question is can you grow through it means you might have to look at yourself so it's still easier to project blame on somebody else so this is I think a very powerful also the lack of vision and fundamentalism because when I opened up with your biggest dream is still smaller than what the universe will manifest for you if you say yes and we are the living proof of that right all right where are you free will in the energy of hopelessness now as we look at the forces of creation of co-creation of self Ascension trust and love then what's happening in 20
he is an opportunity to amplify ones divine nature
blessed moments ever 20/20 and now we know 2021 is going to be a two-year window that these two years are giving us a gift it's like world record time master all those beautiful energies that come with it knowledge wow wow of the things that Archangel zadkiel says all the time this is also a third eye year cause of that interference and manipulation so remember that without star Consciousness ignited yes it can awaken you tow lot of things but it also can become a direct pipeline to the ego there by connect
you between 4th dimensional astral interference and the ego which I know people don't be saying this is about 90% of those that claim to be awake and that's okay we all have to be speaking of a stage I need to take a little break studio computer crashed I can only give you a slide to look at and so we're going to turn off the mic we're going to leave you with a slide will be back in 3 minutes or so and so and directors ensoulment that has been out there for a while and we invite you to really read just a few minutes
welcome to the self Ascension classroom affordable and beautiful home study for your mystical Journey imagine the gift of studying everything that you've ever wanted at home and on your time yes it is possible and there is so much to choose from as you dive into your home study experience remember that was every moment you spend studying this gift you ignite your Divinity Imagine The Mysteries of the toe heel as a crystal is Clarity and radiant of London Visa a Mastery balancing technique and certification process and then Cosmic life regression travel the universe and remember allow yourself the gift of navigating the inner Matrix is beautiful ascended Mastery Program of the Violet flame will take you to places you may not have dared to dream to go
and then you will ReDiscover the true gift of your divine nature yes the time is now to study the ancient Mysteries and it's so easy to begin discovered the self Ascension classroom only at Street and Cara. Com that SRI and Kira. Com, today
the live video I want to help you connect to this since old message even deeper so just be with us now as I read this out loud and I invite you to breathe crabs close your eyes and feel the truth and the love of this message
you have now arrived at the Borderlands the vast Valley between the perception of sanity and the freedom of Illumination
there is a Divine recognition that arises from within as you enter the Borderlands of perception and awareness simultaneously
it is the recognition that you have fully anchored in the into the 9th dimensional frequencies that is cyst to release further the ties to density it seemed to stall your fully empowered state of presents the presents that arises and radiates through steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust these three aspects of the journey each call forward three other aspects of each other as they open a framework of support that exists as a bridge and a Lifeline to the parallels this framework is the experience of the Oneness through the illuminated presents
I'll be honest
taking a breath and welcome back beloved ones and really feel the radiance of that beautiful and Solomon from the Divine directors what they are sharing their is how we ignite the torus field of energy that sustains us into multi-dimensional presents and certainly this moment is one whereby we are each choosing what will be our framework of support and your framework of support we invite you to consider is your Divine connection and from that wisdom we've been called to us worldly support primary is to set in motion and energy and that it is from an ascended energy when we make the choices from that place but then we attract a corresponding field of experience that will delight and inform us
this week let's let's start there again this is a very important this is the week where we are going to be having that new moon illumination of April now this is not its own up level event as a matter of fact we were given very specific information about this unified presence of the Passover Easter Ramadan energy on a specific do this moment again please watch during the break and again we're on our computer that is over at official activation of the restoration and this moment at hand because
Thursday with when when this specific New Moon illumination for the first time is going to open up and shine I kid you not it's going to be like a spotlight in to the fear Dimension if you're not ready what happens when you have to look at what you're afraid of or when what you're afraid of is put in front of you and this doesn't necessarily have to wait until Thursday this energy is happening right now and as a matter of fact this is one thing Street and I were just working through was some people that we love and adore that have some amazing talents have right now decided that they have a group that they mingle with that's very deep and very deep into dark information and where we have always had a little river between becoming let's just say close friends was that that was always our River cuz she and I don't
not only other people that we love and care about and we're unable to invite an expansion through that decision as matter fact it was very much on this is our decision and why you're insane not to know it's right and that's when we just can only offer our love and appreciation and gratitude thank you so much and that's the humanity moment right now in one way or another this coming week everybody's going to walk through that and this is why on Tuesday as told me about your partner's right now want you to contract with them but what if you could honestly Break Free of all pain what if you could say in those of you don't know my story know that it was a long journey until I finally got it but here I am what happens when you can walk again right by those of you who I was wheelchair-bound
and so what happens when you say yes to the ascended presents with them what happens when the I am is in complete harmony with a physical body what happens when the stages of grief are able to be honestly experienced in density while simultaneously being loved for your multi-dimensional being this this is why the arc Angela Crowell the ascended masters all of the beings multi-dimensional experiences have been inviting us to learn the up level experience to Anchor in are multi-dimensional a bean that's right to do we have to witness Graphics that is
available as it experiences the 7th Dimension that is witnessing the 5th dimensional witness her of that third-dimensional more me centered coping style witness to say yes to that to enter those Borderlands of sanity and say yes to that to realize your Plateau had a crystalline stairwell that's been waiting for you that is how you navigate the grief stages without being consumed by the grease and he was trying to find you a graphic and so instead you got to see what our studio looks like before we put up Graphics it's so there we are and it's a spiritual awakening can we wanted to show this to you right now because the cycles of grief are being navigated
based upon the framework of support that you have called forward remember that when we ignite our framework of support through our steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust every individual has that their own interpretation what that is for them to Austin uni
, and chaos to support you you hear what we're saying how about you're focused awareness is you're focused Awareness on Breaking Free and Ed being that ascended presents or is your focused Awareness on your day-to-day survival well either way it will manifest that's that's you know that's the key what you were saying earlier Austin yourself and your Divine Mastery connection or everything the world around you is trying to tell you to believe in which will keep you intentionally please contradict itself that's how it grows contradiction is the way it grows and so is your gazing at the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening hear you notice down there right at the base is density Consciousness and that has a Big Y dark but it doesn't go anywhere it's like being on that pirate ship in the
my God I just got done with a lot of radiation so it has a lot of power but it's just going to be a lot of wind swings you wonder why you keep repeating the same thing over and over again but as you enter that pyramid that.. Joy-filled expansion as that light enters into you when you get into spiritual activism and remember you want to lift up now and you want to be seeing this is like a big portal right now you're seeing this in front of you like a big telescope like a big portal like you're staring through it spiritual activism is a bit supported because it is still married today but it has an addiction to the polarities and the sense of hierarchy and right and wrong so spiritual activism while it's a step up from density is always a step removed from the True Divine experience
shock denial and anger are all density experiences we have an entire plant and right now the vast majority of our planetary Consciousness is stuck in the lower energy of spirits dangerous place and anger bargaining seats big wide swings and density and it's a big huge Loop it can be very hard and
acceptance much less moving on because in order to do both of these it's the leap in Consciousness and it has to take us out of that contrarian energy everything in your life is there for your gross now your benefits the key is are you paying attention during the cycle of ascended Consciousness which requires that we bring our Consciousness to the awareness the experience and a choices and so we're going to jump through the phone lines in just a minute so stick around there but before we do I just wanted to underscore something and that is the opportunity of this x triggering of the grease Cycles is to demonstrate to each and everyone of us where are we attached now it is in the attachments that become a
that will hold us back and so when grief comes up when they shock and denial comes up denial is a way of not absorbing the full impact of what has happened okay and I stain is too big to process maybe you want to slow it down a little a little what we're saying is I choose to displace what's happening rather than process through it
and these emotions will never anger has has has can has a subtler side to it can show up as judgmental is pointed rationalization is is 2 is to have a point of view in our bargaining with the outer world to create some new form of stability
in that cycle where by either you or the bargainer or the person around you they just an end this is what's happening with our dear ones who chose their Partners in pain they really wanted to bake them there because that's in the Judgment however Arcangel zadquiel offer the most amazing way through that so if you find yourself stuck in that or I can feel like an argument with other people are you just fine that you can't say you don't even try to engage this is about the sleeping in The Drowsy speaking and trying to be with those who are awake you bring your hand to your heart very easy process bring your Consciousness up to Star Consciousness remember remember this is the year of the third eye balancing and so that's the important to be having that that's our Consciousness that's why I just want to share that there's a lot of people out there right now that are using a tuner make sure if you
carrier of the tone let us know if you want to be a carrier the tone send us an email but I mention that because the star Consciousness is your guy so you breathe into your Consciousness I need to share because no matter what they have to share it they're stuck in density Consciousness there's probably a lot of activism wrapped around it judgmentalism there's nothing you can say to a drunk those are drunk energy but what you can do through it so you breathe you let them share whatever they need to share and the response he said if you need to say anything then you say thank you thank you for loving me enough to share and please know that I love myself enough to trust what is right for me I honor your journey going piece
and then let it go only the ego needs the debate so I wanted to share that because I think a lot of people through their stages of grief I think a lot of people get stuck in the bargaining moment you can get stuck in any one of them a lot of people get depressed for a. Of time and it can't stick around you know what maybe you've heard of a marriage and they they go into a decline that last a long time it's understandable its human and it's not required to just wrap up this discussion about the stages of grief and the opportunities each stage show called loss will show you where you defy with a form of stability it is outside of your divine nature and this isn't to diminish it this isn't to judge it this is merely M4
Nations what is your priority if your priority is Enlightenment if your priority is to align with the soul with the essence of your authentic energy be Mortals beautiful self it is Anime intentions than beasts grief signals will show you where you're sticking to the ego reality this thing is you can be free through your fear Shameless plug for my husband's outrageously good program. Just got out there a wonderful three parts cycle of Consciousness cluded beginning of the month and in this
you can call it a Mastery Workshop everyone who everyone who gathered not only had the opportunity to gain New Perspectives on Consciousness and on upliftment and what a sending Consciousness what is the power of its we also went through live healing experiences up flying physical issues and it was a wonderful wonderful time everyone benefited the feedback was just so excited but the universal interest everything from relationships with pain and how to work with us to understanding the power of your Consciousness when applied with Transcendent love to your physical Forbes and the alchemy that can happen and I want to show
I am working daily with this Alchemy and restricting this vessel and in ways that I didn't know I could do
literally regrowing his intestine guys I mean it's crazy what's happening so go to shrink your. Calm and learn about trees killing and recessions but check it out and so Street I want to go to our phone lines and chat are beautiful people on the planet right now and so one of the things before we bring you guys and I have noticed since we've gone to our new to our format and will you raise your hand whether you have a question for Sri or not it seems that we are we're kind of doing these healings along with the readings like the two of us what kind of come and get her to amplify the reading thing so if we open if we are asked you if I call you in be sure to feel free to ask that question
We Energies that support that experience so that you can online them use the call board to raise your hand and that will why does that you have a specific question that you like to share on air and receive some some feedback or guidance around and of course I sincerely want to answer your question so always feel free to ask along with your request for many Soul ratings we love it all has to bring you a live into the show number online to over at the 800 line hey Denver namaste
Namaste India thank you so much for all your loss and then what
I'm sorry sweetheart we actually just now or hearing you can you start over on so sorry and yes no problem thank you so much I was saying for all of your life that you're sharing worth of wisdom it's really the kind of support that he needs right now so thank you
that's what I was trying to ask you because I have been saying PS4 like almost two years right now in cancel that thought for all my life has become an integrative practitioner unclear if this is a person supposed to be moving forwards to so I would really appreciate any guidance
and if possible
thank you sweetheart and I love it as you were speaking first thing I had to do was cover myself in sacred oil and literally like I'm putting it through my crown and everywhere and there's a sense of ICU in what looks like a very tall Crown but it's rows of crystals that are like coming up with a huge collars but it's more like you're wearing it and and this energy that's all around you is coming is very feminine and at first I thought it was Quan Yin but it's it's like it's not just Quan Yin it's like this this blend of all of these ascended goddess energies and they're saying each one of them is one of these radiations around you and that has I'm sharing this with you I want you to
especially your crown chakra and what they're saying is this they're saying our most beloved one you have simply forgotten temporarily that there is still more for you to learn that you have been acquiring all of the keys to that which you are and that there are there is still like a a final big key and I will share with you that I'm I'm hearing a Visa and any should very least activate the evasive breath and I'm losing my voice as I share that with you because inside of you the reason you're doubting is because you're telling you you've been at this level for a while and it's like you're up to here with and it's like come on come on it's like you've got on this huge life preserver but it's only keeping your neck above the water because you've got just enough to sustain but you don't have the final
stop and that's why you got through and that's why you're connecting right now you are in the moment of the final pop and they're saying it is time for you to take a leap that is one that you have been considering and to dive into the Divine depth of who you truly are and Breeze forward again the energy of you and they're showing me the actually showing practice they were just showing me you going to sleep so if you have not yet downloaded that it's free it's on our home page basic connectivity seven times for a week but the seven you are at the precipice and that's why the doubt that lower frequency is trying to pull you back cuz you're literally at your 11-minute 11:59 moment and that's when the doubt always gets the strongest it's
time for you to let that clock strike twelve and see what you've been waiting for because you already thank you what a beautiful blessing for you to be on the show today I am really honoured did you have anything else love deer in Bow before your intention to help and to serve others and let your mess yourself Bloom Namaste grateful thank you sorry honey Michigan it looks like maybe Shelly all right can we let her talk you're right on it there is yet
I don't hear you
okay we just hear your radio but we don't hear you
say goodbye sorry honey.
You're welcome. Thanks for taking my ball by Pleasure hello in for Cherie I I noticed system physical changes on back of my skull and I had to having hard time sleeping maybe our to a night so I was wondering if he can give me any kind of advice or that
okay let me just take a minute and take a peek at the totality of your chakras
okay that for the purposes of of this moment I you see the experiences in the physical form are largely influenced by how the chakra energy is Flowing what are emerging and many people can use a pendulum and can douse over chakra and see the flow that's part of the picture the other part of the picture is it is your Consciousness or your beliefs do they inhibit the healthy circulation of the Divine energy as it intersects with the physical for our you have to chakras but would really offer you great momentum if you bring your attention more fully to them the first one is V in the second one is this sex so the fifth chakra is in the throat the six chakras between the eyes guess where they intersect back here in the back of the head
you just a little bit of info that I don't care has more to share about accepting what you versus repeating what you've been told is true select that in for a second the fifth chakra is being comfortable with your authentic truth
and in allowing that to flow so when we have aligned with an older belief system and it influences what we are willing to accept this true or willing to express his true will start having some issues associated with that chakra which are respiratory issues it up right cuz when I scanned your field this is what you presented to the other is the sixth chakra which is very similar physical and in that discernment are you influenced by family of origin beliefs or are you being able to notice your spiritual family to be guided to the robustness you know you evolve out of the little family of origin into the grand family of Spirits because as we are able to trust the grandeur
family of spirit then the information from our guides the information from our our divine intuition comes into our Consciousness more fully so this is especially in the back of your head remember the chakras just aren't in the front they go through the side of the skull they go on both sides of the spine they emanate front and back and it's the back of your head where of some you're being talked to open up that reception exactly what's going on sweetheart I was sleeping so as you were sharing and Ash tree with sharing I could feel right back I'm sorry meets the cranium and horizontally on both side
there are I have all these crystals here if you saw me as you watch the video you saw me looking like I'm moving chess pieces there's there's crystals are Shiba is there luminaria versus amazing rose quartz healing bracelet there are some that are streaming into you that are keeping you up at night there is a direct current polar opposite of who you are and end this conflict when I got it goes right to your third chakra that you have this energy from here this coming down into your third chakra and what it's saying to you is again what do you want to be what do you want to say and how are you going to move forward with it I will
how to share with you that this one on the right side has an astral energy component that's feeding your ego pay attention to everything in your life right now get on your knees and say I am here I am ready I am open
what kind of collapsible dissolve and what is feeling like congestion is actually a gateway to expansion a doctor check it out because if your left brain has doubt and worry that there is something physically wrong with you then Spirit cannot come in because we are not inviting it at that point so the often times the best thing to do is if you can't get out of the fact that you sent think there's something wrong with you at a lot of times we go in there like I've no idea right wonderful that's just confirmation or something else and showing as energy energy are hold it
and ask what are you trying to tell me because your higher self is screaming to get your attention right now because you have a big moment of change in front of you coming up around August and so what do you want to do what's got your attention we love you thank you for asking
thank you love you love you too honey, but I see some hands up and let's go to where we heading honey
Illinois with a Honda Namaste and welcome
I don't know maybe we have a volume problem we just can't hear you
okay I having a hard time going to say hi to from Mississippi
motorstate thank you I have been going through with my wife and I 3 months ago we ran 48.6 miles
and we are
head of 52 people that we can. Fitness classes for adults great opportunity for us and over the last few months with energies are going on
even though we're eating healthy I'm gaining weight and I'm feeling it all in the upper portion of my opinions I'm also having trouble with running because I'm feeling like a blockage in both legs below the knee and having to kill these problems been having calf problems
plantar fasciitis feel like there's a blockage
shorts that's going on throughout my body and I just can't release it and we've been talkin about this my wife and I
a song but there's a blockage in this how to release the blockage
thank you for sharing your sense is the third chakra which is right there just under the rib cage am I feeling that my friend City understanding of muscular power and the density understanding of empowerment and what's coming forward is the spiritual reality that Divine Frost and divine offload enter the body and express through the muscles into action so that's a little piece for the brain is the the energy is not flowing in a smooth way from left to right
going round and round your chakra energy initially Express in that circular fashion and if there is a hiccup in the get along they don't look directly at you start the body tries to compensate for the lack of energy number one favorite compensation or wait let's Outlets let's put on some pounds the other thing that the body does when you are experiencing a spiritual energy up-level moment is it seeks stability and so it will put on more weight to keep the ground you you know it's like I'm feeling a little wobbly you know what I want to ground so hate give me some pounds now these are very innocent things that happen and we don't normally do you get on the scale and you notice that it's a cycle you can pass through this but what you
who is asking you to do is to accept more bully your spiritual reason for being on this planet and let that energy and Truth flow into the body let it become part of your mission and how you express in a more full way now I'm not talking about going to church I'm talking about you being at peace with your spiritual nature so I just want to be clear on that your spiritual nature is more profound and more deep than than many people give credit to and it's time to line up your actions in the in your body with that spiritual Mission also receiving a lot of energy wow
I know from my own Journey that I went through this exact same experience I mean exactly what I thought was perfectly I've never eaten a lot of food I couldn't lose weight I was gaining weight my feet were so bad I thought I would never walk again you are in the middle the what they're showing me with all of your guys are sharing and it's about you and your wife showing you and your wife kind of sitting me Danny and I'm holding each others hands you are being ass right now to create the dream anu-anu your feet don't know where you want them to go and and your feet are saying that I am here to assist you now please go to shrink click on the practices and learn the living alt practice I can't stress that enough it's about the two-way street right now of your body and all of this beautiful Ascension energy around
you just keep saying the two of you are birthing the dream together be clear and be ready for this is a moment of introspection so that you may be ready to eat with the Divine and so thank you for the blessing of sharing is my angel you are an amazing blessing we are grateful to meet you
thank you, stay Ashley in this
often times we lose sight of the forest for the trees you know that expression that we take for granted the national energy that flows through our our our energetic body until such time will God bless
take a look at what's going on offer to all of you to try and you can do this on your own but I've been at kind of walk you through it very quickly and just breathe
Hands-On heart we open up a Gateway of divine recognition your heart is not just a blood pump your heart is a portal of connectivity as soon as we breathe are we start connecting to the essential energy that is the truth of our soul now people overlay this with all kinds of belief systems so have a party go with your beliefs if if that's was calling you what I'm asking and inviting you to do is connect with the essential energy that is the essence of the Underpants before all of the overlays and refractions I believe so we breathe in your heart
begin to have several breaths there and anchor Into Your Heart Center as a meditation I'm not going to guide you any further than just that much you want to dwell there a little while and notice what happens when you breathe in and out of your heart center bring your energy down to your root chakra and that is the first chakra in the body it's in the pelvis and now you connected with the law that you could bring your attention down to the pelvis sometimes it's helpful to bring a hand down there to help direct your attention and breathe in and out of that for chakra just sending it love and attention nothing more
I am here loving you
and after you have us felt sense of kind of anchoring in that root chakra then move up to the sacral chakra the second chakra is right about at the belly buttons usually couple inches below but still get hung up on that just bring your energy down in that area near your belly button you're the navel and breathe in and out of that space connecting the love of your heart to God chakra I am here with you
Can You Feel The Love in Santorini of that and we go up to the third same thing I'm connecting to my third chakra the chakra of empowerment in the form and breathing in and out inviting it to relax and trust the love of my Essential nature
we already did the 4th let's go up to the throat chakra and is we bring the Divine love up into the throat chakra we ask for balance in understanding the nature of true joy as authenticity I am connected to what I know is true and I'm willing to receive more information about that
one comfortable with that energy bring that acceptance to the throat chakra it opens allowing the heart to connect up here to the higher faculties and once again the sixth chakra bring your energy up there breathing in and out I'm willing to receive inspiration
we go up to the seventh chakra bringing the breath up there
I am open to Divine wisdom
and this little exercise of loving your energy body will open you to ever greater Clarity ever greater peace and ever greater love and as we come to a close today I just want invite each and everyone of you to bring your hands to Your Heart Take a deep breath
and know that all is truly well we'll see you next week we love you
thank you for joining us in stream KIRO live to have your questions answered send up an email to guess at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3 and you're you next week, today

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