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Sri and Kira Live, April 12, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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is a rebel in all of us calling us back to the place where there wasn't a can for rent king in the queen
Never Scared
on the brink but I'm feeling myself the only way to deal keep it real with myself I guess that means that I got to deal with myself cuz every
I'm a Rebel Without a Cause I'm dangerous
mind is like a blank canvas when I draw on the brink but I'm feeling myself the only way to deal
on the brink but I'm feeling myself the only way to deal with myself I guess that means that I got to do with myself cuz every
in the hardest demon up in my head
to one of my laptop I'm heading out of state.
imma hit him with that
everything we doing this the life on the path to Freedom what you're seeing sew Breeze with us because we are having a resurrection of a resurrection and have a beautiful opportunity available for today's opening and thank you for all of you have been waiting thank you for not not letting go of today show and actually play the video right now so we have no idea why this is happening and so maybe it was just coded that way there we go back to our Banner what's everybody just Century just a breath right now all right
angels and I'm just chilling at everything if I didn't work because we had an interesting moment. It seems like we're just resurrected only we have such a big big beautiful sincere Resurrection energy show for you today we are going to be talking about the energy at this moment just before we went on the air about an hour ago that we recorded a time we had a very special Easter resurrection message for the Divine director has come for me I made some slides we're going to be sharing that with all of you you will all be the first people to hear this live
I planned A Beautiful Mess
about this moment of divine experience and that is a lovingly being offered through our dear friend David Raphael
touch weaving into today and the more that tree and I feel into this Sunday format are new to The Killing capacity of which three offers to Black release all readings and connections with this community we feel that it is our service to be with you
you as we come into this moment now SRI where are we brought the technology we rely on becomes unreliable and that has been happening off and on a bit and so right now we are delighted that we are broadcasting official treat and cure a Channel or broadcasting to PBS radio both video and audio one second here and we are now broadcasting radio audio and video on Facebook on this talk radio video so good grief it's all happening right now
and hey those already feeling but let's give you those phone numbers because today is a very special day today as part of our Sunday service we will be of course really talk about the physical energy and what's happening right now and how you can really call that energy and it's such a profound way and what's coming ahead so if you want to speak because he's going to be offering quite a bit of Resurrection healing energy today give us a call over at 517-208-1500 free Resurrection
call Borden if I press the star 5 right
call Jason wolf
community service for all of us to come together so you can also it was a butt over at +888-627-600-8276 and let our produce calling for the SRI or not that's all we need to know a question for
happening right now so we get our two numbers 517-208-1500
iPhone 6 double
so she really hoping to dive into the show because guys so much and as many of you know especially those of you that we've had the honor of walking mr. but I thought these past years and I are who we are and what we do and many many years ago when Archangel kill literally every day
the yoga the purpose of for the yoga of salt Asuncion is.
It's just that simple and complex and so and I today as part of this Resurrection energy and when we talk in a little bit right now about this emergency over here and straight I think you and I should do this then we are really Street I think wait Street trees Pappy Easter there we are all right we wanted you to see the beauty write the rainbow of this beautiful energy and how are my angel come back we'll be like the unified pillars are here we are all right so sorry are you ready to join us too many of the charts as possible but this moment we're let's just take a deep breath right now together bring your hand on your heart
and say welcome on presents view to the Divine practice at this moment this Resurrection this day of Resurrection one energy unlimited voices unlimited Expressions but this is a day that celebrates the life the life of being the opportunity to the opportunity to ascend into a Divine experience of that took first and so
talk about
share what's happening right now because it is an energy of convergence and in this energy of convergence and it was opening is this expansion or contraction and if you look at a nano that in this April energy for for energy which was a profound across this planet and that built us to the second which was the Super full moon on the 80s that was also of course the first day of Passover so through that super full moon this energy of Illumination of Ascension of of
moving into a state beyond that which could hurt you opened in a very great profound are free and I are 100% non-dogmatic we we really do not even look at Dogma what what we are blessed with our experience is we are always noticing the experience in the law through the sacred literature of of another tradition are all Traditions with red almost all the way through the through that through the energy to be worldwide and B&N pray and end connect with people of every faith and tradition just about and so what we offer to you is the heart we have discovered and so on the ace not only did the second Peak member this was the peak of the energy if you're not sure I'm talking about please go watch our past few radio shows with the fall out there but it was the peak of
one more Super full moon full moon will happen in Ramadan and what's so beautiful is that your are currently in that 7-Day pass over experience at the at that ascended presence of we are able to be in our ascended present and have the ability to let the sacrifice of the ego be that with taxes and so it's very very beautiful but that healing light is all around us right now and then that's going to be here and we have today and amplification that you are now also in that amplify descended light you're being given the keys to the
but as we move into the phone. When Ramadan begins where this 30 days of divine fasting I mean it's actually I put it up here Ramadan Kareem which is very very literal he's at the fasting that the month of fasting and so in that month of fasting again price of the Igbo
I want to be ascended a month of creation without the Super Bowl so today is a critical
when you hear today's message and I are you really are a beautiful great religious Traditions call forward a focus that is intersecting it's part and parcel and so we are indeed at a moment where there is a nanner
there is an energy that
pouch 26 test language we use there is always enough to Greater surrender a god communion and brush it will Rebecca truth you know today is Dyess we feel very much that this is our stress that we offer every Sunday is this two hours of community coming together and connection and and I did just want to also love your master ladies Rogers is this beautiful I'm not sure where she bought it from if she's in the chat you could ask her over at probably YouTube if she's here but I just wanted to share with you that as I was going through
me and I will fill out the Divine directors
can I talk to you and I'm like I'm not even here it's been we've had this yesterday and I went up to the energy that you had you guys with the opening for this moment right now and that's why we're sharing it with you divine moments you know what is Kira's bring you through these interviews I'm feeling the flow without getting the words that actually is been going on every day or less accepted yesterday I sat in the cave
and you're sexy too case I sat in the first cave and I felt the the connect there and I basically heard the message we are here with you now and I sat in the energy of communion that energy one this and then I got up and went to the next day where I basically was in that surrender saying died me
and and basically I I felt this kind of energy of be that what you are
and I looked down because the buy shoe and bumped into some updating didn't know that when I went in and there's something has many a couple of levels let me lift it up and show you
this is a tree limb that is in the shape of the crook
in any way
maybe yesterday I was talking to a minor remember we had a fire here where we lost the meaning for me is this side of the stick is most stick this side is chard and it is because we have we have the balance of that which which was unharmed that which was burnt we have the the clay me
welcome to the self Ascension classroom affordable and beautiful home study for your mystical Journey imagine the gift of studying everything that you've ever wanted at home and on your time yes it is possible and there is so much to choose from as you dive into your home study experience remember that with every moment you spend studying this gift you ignite your Divinity Imagine The Mysteries of the clarity and radiant of London Visa a Mastery balancing technique and certification process and then Cosmic life regression travel the universe and remember allow yourself the gift of navigating the inner Matrix is beautiful ascended Mastery Program of the Violet flame will take you to places you may not have dared to dream to go
and then you will ReDiscover the true gift of your divine nature yes the time is now to study the ancient Mysteries and it's so easy to begin discovered the self Ascension classroom only at Street and Cara. Com that SRI and Kira. Com namaste
what were the truth of who people are will be revealed and so shree and I will only ever invite anyone to be inspired to do something if only if we've ever done it ourselves and so it's just something we feel is important today and so I want to begin with this email because this email is really part of this email actually poked us to say you're right maybe it's time to do this so here's the email this is from a on we love you and here's her hurt subject line by the way the six steps and my life at a person wrapped up into one and we're going to accommodate all of that I would love them and we would love to have all right I have been running this pandemic with relative ease because I feel like I have been
this week I have felt a surge of Life scripts coming up mainly I'm not good enough I have been triggered keyword hold on to that guy's I have been triggered by a social media post that criticized our writers positivity and lack of understanding of the trauma some people are experiencing I was left feeling I may be lacking compassion for people who are struggling just now am I doing Humanity a disservice because I choose not to look at the suffering I know choosing to not go down the fear route is right for myself and my kids I feel like I'm seeing it but I'm not in it yet I wonder if that's egotistic or selfish
I wrote a positive blog for children but trauma has not been my children's experience I have found the six steps very useful for noticing the thoughts and my heart versus my life script and the external interference if it is a benefit to others in the community to love and Easter blessings to all Namaste and thank you for sharing now and there is so much to unpack here especially about what's happening today remember that today is a convergence of Energy's today is a moment to see that it is it's going to take the energy that are coming and you're going to hear more
it's going to take all three of these overarching unified in a send presents to call forward the next Evolution and there's enough of us that are doing that that it's pretty much a shirt and yeah because of the world we are and you're also going to see how these can become very polarizing in other ways so you are in many ways reflecting both sides of the way that our energy is channeled through our process but the first thing I want to do is turn it over and play.
new license for seeing that social media is outside of your truth your authenticity this is the river of the region and sometimes great of any connections but it's scattered so slip under your ascendant trigger that life script so here's the key now my love if you know that you're being down spiral by some person who is not holding your level of Consciousness who is just angry and yeah we don't okay, let's do that instead next one down at 1 today
Judaism do you want to stay in the victim triangle that is 100% victim Consciousness the person who wrote the social media posts is the abuser in this category right is most likely the person who first wrote and then the rescue as you yet I see all of you changing that each one of you could be different if I'm going to learn that I am triggered by reading certain social media post then I can transform the victim rescue myself through the process of learning mode
there was the usual whatever out there in the world and you saw it so that is half the battle right there I noticed I was triggered next to correct a little more quickly you got their terminology every human being ever human ego has four very common life scripts that are negative
one of our services right now is that the program is half off just about it always something wrong with you in a lot of us and so right so it's like the inherent vice grip so no one can see the safe practice to re-establish our spiritual center at that you do reaction that is but it does
it takes a little practice to this is that moment and so the other things for you that I wanted to talk about in this beautiful letter was about you about the blessings being given to us the signal were sending to the universe has stopped giving them to me so that's actually how we stay in a lateral spiral member we're all in this for those of you that are not sure what that is to go to go to go to the post and it's free read the six steps Divine installments in Sonic on the Divine directors because this is what's happening is that you wrote a positive blog and then immediately.
find yourself with undercuts on the shoulder and what's that saying is that I don't trust their by I cannot be trusted just remember that you know I always share this with you by my stepdad he says don't ever trust those who do not trust and so really feel into that and so are you trustworthy with the magic of the universe or are you just going to throw it out there are you just going to treat it like nothing or is it something that is so sacred that it's that all of you is right I just want to say once again thank you for sharing your Humanity
it is simply The evolutionary process of the cycle of the ego being triggered in in learning to trust your soul and all of this has been your birthday gift from us we love you so much and thank you for the beautiful mirror of gifting it to all of our community because so many are going through this right now the last thing we want to finalize with you is this of course you're seeing the four for my lawn before 4 is the cross of perfect balance and that is what all of this is inviting you to do when i gaze into your energy field for your birthday reading I see an ignition of a six-pointed merkaba and your it's like you're sitting in it and you got your hands on the steering wheel but you're not sure you're waiting for something to happen and you cancel all you have to do is say go
you're the captain and this is going to be an amazing year for you we love you so much and thank you blessing Namaste peanut up a bit first unless I'll take a breath and Achieve spiritual attainment or at a level of what we must continually we keep climbing the temple steps so to speak that which separates us from the one and that which separates us is managed by yourself and that's part of the Earthly birth if we go through the veil of forgetfulness we get it
and all the while we are loved so much that spirit will always keep you on a need-to-know basis my angels always the reason is that we are here for the experience we are the Oneness we are the alness we are the co-creative force and within all of that is more than enough room for all of us and it's only through our own ownership of the contraction as part of the ulna but sometimes we forget and that's really what's here right now and so is part of that street and I really wanted to talk about spiritual generosity what that means and we wanted to model at through offering just a little more of an in-depth sharing about what the past 18 years of a public service have been like for us
as we are saying yes to an up level experience in all that we do and so together we are all used to say that's for me and I hope that's for you to look out at examples in the world of what you choose to claim and not feel guilty about looking at it and a bunch of experience for me so this is really a profound moment and I have gone through all the things that we've gone through together and and been blessed to do I really know that it has been
generosity you know what that is spiritual generosity for us is the foundation of the yoga of self Ascension and as we opened up the show is today the the purpose for being our secret is to listen and so we wanted to model for you with that have look like for us and brought us to this point where we are saying yes probably in a greater way than we've ever where we are we thought we were all in before and all I can share with you guys is that the spiral evolving and water or I will let you decide how you would like us to flow and we thank all of you because we feel that in this sharing to you right now we can assist you today is that what's going on around you as well and to know that we are all in this together we have each other's hand we might be on different Trails but we had each other's
and we can see the trail that's the rainbow a very personal struggles but they were personal gymnasiums things and this is
there is a never refining evolutionary path and that whatever refining for us we have discovered even Sutler levels of the ego that are seeking seeking to trust the Wonders we have discovered areas that we were a holding on that you don't have to come up and have been cleared and that we keep going because to surrender is not a one-time thing surrender is one of the four steps of my surrender that I got to let go of my thoughts about things right that was the year 2002
you know and then accepting the mission I was I was like no way I was like I am not doing this I don't want anybody to know about this because I was I always said I was the idiot savant so it was a really fascinating entry into everything that we are now a psychic break or if there was an Angelic presence lesson or Paradigm of what is mental health
what is this what's happening and what was shared was that there was a soul Mission or contract that we had taken birth to do you still want to do it was still there and none of us and the layers of the layers of the I think when we first got together we were both river between spiritualized ego in Ascension awareness
we were able to really move through that together but what we have over the past 18 years and what we want to share with all of you is that if anyone offers you a Rosy ride the whole way then really check in with what inside of you needs that feel faced energies it was it was all of the lessons we've been through some incredible things that you would say wow and you do not but not the least being that I lost both of my children and I'm so aware that was so that my path could be cleared to really remember that we are we not all each other's children and enter really be available to hold the highest in that energy
I think about how many times we literally stolen from us by a con artist and yet we have continued to say yes and often times we would have request made of us by the Archangel how are we ever going to do that but in saying yes what we can share is that over 100% of the time that yes manifested you know even think about how the hold up a little bit
all right
as soon as I married Kira I basically my birth family said you're too weird thing happened in many other cases and friendships in your world you're climbing a real all of my spiritual and physical store all of my friends 100% of he's awake spiritually accurate people that I had really respect and I was bringing more customers at anybody but they told me she was Satan and that getting together with him was the worst thing I would ever do is coming out of the woods and we got attacked at
Rebel forces that we eat we lost our home to a con artist will the con artist was actually a very loving member of the community was offered to take over the ranch while we were basically stealing a little league member who had transitioned who's dying wish when she and I were honored to be with her during her transition was that her ashes would be permanently kept in the temple
instead they were just thrown out and so it was a profound moment and I know and all of my daughters who already are estranged my beautiful young daughter is the only keeps them were thrown out my childhood thrown out and so I literally don't even have a picture and and what I find so beautiful about that is that what I do have is a hundred percent connection to that which matters and to see the sense of there is nothing we need to hold on to and if we keep saying yes the Bounty and the Miracles that come forward are incredible and right now this moment is going to be about expansion more but we're sharing this again with all of you to say that we're there times where we had no idea what we were going to eat tomorrow have there been times when we were just like oh my God
almost all of that and I know I'm getting my heart broken in the spiritual Community teachers or to watch them not Champion your wakening that's why we produced um first one where a lot of people and one of them who I just love so much walked right up to me and said hey Carrie Anne. So I I remember my own Nativity my own but we didn't we didn't let it stop us we didn't let it
I'm the reason to sell out because that's why they all fell out guys it's profitable every step of the way you will have your own stories in your own opportunity to set a healthy boundary because one of the things that's ironic is the release of the ego is moving into a state of consciousness yet understanding healthy boundaries is part of how you get there or said differently otherwise it will your Evolution so when we set a boundary with our partners contribute to some energy that is bringing you down you're actually saying yes to yourself
I know is I yes and yes has it other side of it of the know because of the polarized World by yourself when we say love and light the light in the dark at a certain level of Consciousness Consciousness there is light and no life but FF at the level that most people are operating in their history you know as as we are as we're sharing all this with you we really want you to feel our hearts that we have had stayed steadfast we have had despacito transition upon us more than once we have had people throw attacks of us we were living in Guatemala
who told me that there were people actively doing ceremony to kill me at all and and you know this moment because in this moment it's about looking at the totality of what you've been through and end really inviting in the birth inviting in this unified field of Resurrection we are all in Retreat right now about ensuring is a reminder that in order to resurrect energy we must be like the Phoenix Rising Up From the Ashes
because to have a Bright Beautiful future beans to give up all hope of a better past and so they are part and parcel of the Resurrection beautiful I just brought us to this place unify all the way I experienced the listing Consciousness dimensional space we are no longer affected by that which is coming from a frequency we are literally passed over because we're not even seeing because we are now seeing we are a service
Perhaps it is our ego that has said I am ready to be released and as we release that and call in the Christ Consciousness energy and really bring that into our heart unified with this higher multi-dimensional presents and then as we come forward into the fence and a month for you to fully create through this unified Trantham that's the gift before us right now but to do that all of this anything that got you here this is a mole
call Adolfo look at it one more time can you see it for the blessing in the gift that was in front of you. You get your invitation to love you more to forgive you that it more and still more sharing with you today because it's also part of our little coming out party that we're together we are better think about last year my husband
and it is that Bond of love that keeps all of us go and and certainly my I return from from the Bardo in about a year ago was everything about love and the recognition of the commitment made and the promise to be kept and and the and the recognition that so many beings were saying yes to each other so we are here to support this Ascension of Consciousness the Christ Consciousness is already here what we are doing together is we are you know where Paula sheets are wiping off the debris of density where were each of us has our own there because your life is your spiritual path
at what happened to know that you live a conscious life is far more rewarding than let's talk about the healing of this moment you can raise your hand by pressing * 5 1/4 if you called into the 800 number who is chakra
here's what's interesting. There are some interesting Energy's watching Today show Resurrection let's receive a beautiful gift of clearing energy to not be afraid of R-Truth to not be afraid of who we are because when we stay in our divine multi-dimensional presents we are visible tonight which would seek to harm directing trust and love are we coming forward with greater authenticity or are we in a holding pattern because of what's interesting to me this morning
the context against which we lived our lives changed I'm still here you're still here you're still who you are yet the backdrop shifted and there and what you're choosing to use from the back drop the outerworld the backdrop of your existence is giving you a key information as your default what were you relying on that you weren't fully conscious of its all about if you honestly are in the Peace of yoga felt Ascension if you are really walking the walk then all you did was step into a new set right you be working in whatever is that world was this is what a timeline slide to look like here's the good news if you're that good at it you can keep going
until we have an opportunity here now where am I going because so often if we only focus on what is the reaction that is in front of your Consciousness it's important to honor it all and then set your boundary by twos to pay attention to that which is wholesome and emerging and I'm not going to look right when we are aware
are you all right that's what this is about you that you are is at peace and really grow how did in that truth then this is just another moment to say okay now how do we create with this rather than oh my God I can't create with this choice is very much about the multi-dimensional presents and tree I'm hearing that to really offer the greatest service right now that we should read the Divine directors and soul minutes and then what we will do what we're going to do guys because we're getting clear guidance to do it now so we're invited to relax and to really really real and we're going to if you're watching the video where else could be putting up some slides you can read along at 3 and I read this really profound message that came in from the Divine directors literally an hour ago
and then right after that we are so blessed and honored that we are going to offer you a 8 Minute meditation with music that was created by our dear friend David Raphael. Com this is only the first 8 minutes of the flower and so again we want to invite you in this moment to just we're going to share the installment we want you to just receive a Twist at ourselves then we invite you to take the energy of that receiving into this beautiful 8 minutes pace and then we come back and I are going to share a little bit more about that ensoulment and start taking all of your phone calls and offer you some special Resurrection healings so I just clearly heard that before we went into the readings and before we went into the healings this energy needed to be introduced on this beautiful day
we all have an opportunity in every moment to be born Anew every moment I am born Anew and this is why to keep one's eyes on the Divine at all times means never up into my Christ Consciousness because my love are there reminder and invitation let's take a look at this beautiful
taking a breath and relax this came in today April 12th 2020 at 12:47 p.m. in Ecuador a message of Resurrection from the Divine directors
we love me and welcomed be with the Open Arms of the Eternal presence BB your Open Arms of creation
from now through the end of the experience of time known as May will be the energy of contraction or expansion
this is the peak of the peak up level energy and it will come with the last day of Ramadan
open your mind if you expand your vision ignite your heart and Heal the World live within and call forward the inquiry what is fasting and forgiveness
what does a month of steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust look like and are you willing to do what it takes to stay the course this is the PHD in Ascension Consciousness master
there will be two lists rapidly and a full Ascension Consciousness they have stayed the course and are here to open the Realms of the ascended heavens for others Define Mastery service there are even more revelation of the illusion of the ego and how it is brought them to this moment through the gift of true self love they will call forward honest forgiveness and a rise in to their ascended presents for they have toiled and continued they have ignited there are scented heart and present in the majority will be in the head as they feel the Divine empowerment of their Collective spiritual activism this energy has been building for many of what you call years through this powerful momentum of the magnetic polarity the strength
this experience has given rise to the Fulfillment of the highest aspects of density Consciousness and the support that density Consciousness need to stay robust
for those who have chosen to stay and the density experience they are dancing with the light all the Shelf as the all of the illusion has called for the frequencies of confusion here is Energy's wraparound the formed go that is here to experience as much as possible there by it will do all it can to self Preserve
when self-preservation becomes the tool that steers the belief then the belief becomes the addiction of the ego when addictions are available for the invitation to be witnessed rediscovered and honestly released with love and forgiveness this energy heals the self of density as it lifts up in through the spiritually activistic energy to Open the Eyes of heels problems as Ascension awareness was anchored you remember as you expand the self into full attention Consciousness lifting effortlessly into the Realms that transcend the ego as presents ignited with conscious awareness
judgement doubt fear jealousy raise competition denial greed and lack energies all dissipate as they are merely tools that assist you to navigate The Creation they are acknowledged with love and appreciation as the inner smile of unification blossoms again stream of crystalline light that you are the divine nature of your heart ever more and the creation begins again welcome home beloved one
let's take a breath together
as we are grateful for whatever was experienced wherever there whatever you did experience or did not experience
and thank you for giving yourself the gift of receiving this installment and we will be slipping out just the installment portion of today's show and posting it at both of our YouTube channels long with the homepage of Cam if you would want to come as well and so as we are breathing into all of you during this beautiful meditation again we bow before the Artistry in the Mastery of David Raphael, thank you I was experiencing a resurrection community and the combined moment of conscious awareness free of this
fear energy sphere is the awareness that is identified with dancing in in the environment as well as love and what goes by I like to see on a road trip to remember I believe is that I am a Divine being having a human experience
we are at choice
and we don't need to exclude one for the other we can in fact practice having a tall beer plays out in in in a lot of things that we do and I want to go back to a little bit earlier and email that we read where she talked about the people that were cutting somebody down for not not honoring the trauma enough bear in mind that every being is a way to the level of Consciousness they carry and so we love them as as each being moved through this is where spiritual generosity ignite this is where you do something because it is the right thing to do not because of the outcome you may hope to gain by doing it and this affects us at all levels and
that this is a moment right now where an N I love that this called a presence has been so unilateral that the truth is illuminated that we are all able to see the truth of who we are is it a lot of people are having a lot of physical experiences know but has a relationship with the essential you shifted absolutely like you stirred the pot
finished with me or something along that line you don't we are complex beings we have a lifetime of experiences and the future is what you choose to make of it so which parts of the carry them along into the future in the same sort of at least it breathe in and let's talk about it over to the Lord honey loss of people have been on hold for quite a while all these people wherever you want to go looks like New York
Nassau New York Namaste welcome
how the yes I do hello hello stranger on much love hello everyone
yes I do have a question for free and it's been regarding you know lately that's been awhile been having a lot of physical pain even though I when I am a Reiki I do Reiki you know I am not level 280 job I pretty much have giving myself you know a lot of Reiki you know therapeutic but you still feel the pain and just wanted to ask Siri if I can have a energy healing of course
of course yes you do thank you
thank you thank you and before I offer you our general response is there any particular issue that is really calling your attention right now is there a particular that you would like me to talk or is it just the pain
it is the pain as well as you know the fear force five serious a little bit of gout and when I mean doubt I mean for example if you don't mind I'm seeing how a lot of love and a lot of people are coming forth and helping however when how do I say this I want to be in service so badly so badly I want to do it from the heart I see a lot of people offering their love and help you know for those that can't afford it or or for those that are financially you know so here I'm like
so badly I however I heard that they will be an imbalance of that is there a freeze don't want to share with you sweetheart but I just I haven't we can really look at it from you are creating somebody else's belief system whatever you are listening to has more PS4 the crown chakra right now is if so alive and so eliminated but it's covered with all these other you know the lady told her it's all about steadfast commitment focused a higher level you're beyond Reiki Reiki is a wonderful thing but it's
body stuck between biracial levels or you need to stop doubting yourself and let go of these other people trust you and move forward and he'll forgive me but your guys are screaming and then my husband and I are on your contacts out of you do male female world and I will trust my guidance as to how to take actions
are you forced chakra hire a send it to Madison wisdom not direct connection to a teaching Direct
I got it I got it listen to me permission bless them and you'll be amazed at how fast the pain resolves really will you everything smiles back so thank you because a lot of people are going through this right now we're very grateful that so many people waiting to talk to you oh my goodness gracious where we going to Massachusetts alright Namaste Massachusetts you have a question for Siri
yes I do hello tree and Cara it is so wonderful to speak with you everyday my intention is to be of value in my life and I would appreciate any information you could give me towards that end
and is there anything in particular that you feel you're ready to release something that you've been holding on to that you know it's time to let go
well I have been feeling a very uncomfortable feeling between my heart and my throat chakra it's I don't know what's going on there a very odd I've never felt it before but I've been feeling it now for about maybe you know to
okay I may I look a little deeper to have permission I can hang on a sec
okay my dear what I would like to offer to you is that you are literally going to be choking on your truth if we don't relax it and connect up into your guidance centers more fully in order to be a service it is an expansion of love but love without wisdom is becomes a recipe for heartache love without wisdom becomes pain because it's on it's it's it's like a river without any any sides bring wisdom in what we're saying is I choose to trust my Divine guidance and I apply my compassion in a way more and that's one of the things so you're off your throat chakra with the truth because the truth is directed through your own Divine guidance it's not what you say
I need or learned the truth is what your soul is informing you is is true that from from Beyond. Together the minute you brought me here I saw this huge like wave of almost imbalance energy is that saying you know you're ready to grow but there is a piece of the self that is still afraid so it's been kind of pushing it away justifying why it doesn't have to do it and they're saying relax smile and love you more there is a moment at hand that you have called in and so it is you are at the precipice of a breakthrough enjoy the ride
that was all right tree where we going Anonymous with the hand
thank you thank you for sharing your story along the way that was that was great can I get my body and alignment and my mind and alignment with acting find out something I need to do but like my willpower is always there and when we start bringing in more fully more consciously
teen has two levels one level is to cleanse the body but the other level is to remove the distractions from your spiritual consciousness one thing that is if you were sharing story I was connecting with your beautiful. Remember that fasting does not always refer to food and that the call you are feeling right now is a fast from the thoughts and the things that have distracted you it's like you're going to go on that distraction fast and stay focused and the other thing that I will share with you that has really helped me and I that has over the years I'll never forget one of those early days I'll never forget when Archangel. Jill said you're going to fast for 40 days and it's going to be here on this day and I kid you not. I spent three weeks eating everything we thought we would best that I want
we did and what was so amazing was that at the end of those 40 days I was actually more afraid of eating again it was like you learn to breathe everything so the secret or one of the little things on his hair with you was is that when you pick up anything to ingest while you're fasting or not has nothing to do with it when you pick up anything to ingest and and it has really shifted my life are you ingesting it for your soul or are you adjusting it for your ego what is the act right and so that's how we were eating because we're loving ourselves enough to say thank you thank you for being a reminder right now in front of me I love you so much and then do something that does satisfy the soul and that moment and little by little it works honey and so I'm really grateful you brought this up and a lot of people being called listen remember that
we are in an energy of fasting we do especially as as we move through this Ascension Passover Ramadan Convergys that we are in the energy of a so maybe it's a fast from destructive habits wherever it brings you Joy and in my laughing on his hair is that passing is fast it's always amazing to me how quickly it becomes your lifestyle I've been literally fasting out for almost a year literally and and it's now my lifestyle and I don't even know I'm fasting and I'm not suggesting it and I'm not encouraging it I'm just sharing that there does come a moment when we become the spiritual energy of that which is the intention and so it is your Mastery that's even asking the questions thank you my angel we love you
thank you honey, we move into the severity of a spiritual practice embrace the nectar of the practice says I'm starving it's a belief system nothing more about true sold Richmond are you injecting for the soul or you just be for the ego that isn't just about
well and I want it I want it
controlling what right you don't so many beautiful being so said if you believe it you can be it but they believe it without any doubt many people say oh you know you're faking it maybe you are creating it for your Divine sacred intention is the creating creating is the when the two are one everything Manifest this transcends the law of abundance you call that unified field of the I am presence we are the co-creative force in motion we are that exhibited rainbow we are here to listen to and hold the space for enlightenment which is a very active thing many people here listen to some Enlightenment in Buda that's one option that's one way
however the way of the yoga self Ascension is very much it is to its what's good is your own Divine Mastery presents if you are not radiating. And sharing it for others to do the same in the end it's about connection and inspiration to listen listen we are clear because we are not thinking of the self to honestly listen means the self is not there you are available to hear that which is being stared at a level that transcends ego
love begins with loving ourselves enough to be empowered as the present that can in body and hold the space for enlightenment as the living walking presence that's the blessing of the yogasalt Ascension to awaken to a moment of divine Mastery presents that you walk into a room people show you show up somewhere people smile you're the one in the family that most likely had the most challenging moment to arrive where you are but that inward Grace showers through you we are collectively at this moment The Yoga of salt retention transcends all the dog, it is the simple release that says I am here I am ready I am open
often times people require a little dog mud to get some momentum empath spiritual intentions that was still there overtime most dogmatic traditions
at any rate without tradition also has a mystical tradition as well that those are in Christianity or Christian tradition
had a moment where there was an opportunity to be in a front row seat when his Holiness the Dalai Lama was presenting at a conference in Portland Oregon that was around 2,000 recognized in this man I knew very little at that time about so what I did because gift of a front row seat is I fasted for 4 days before going to the conference my spiritual sincerity to want to connect to his Holiness the Dalai Lama available
is present and so what happened in that moment was I wasn't you know it's a it's a line where he goes by and he was going hello hello bless you bless you Namaste Namaste and he took my hand and he stopped
and his handlers looked at him sitting on you keep going and he stopped and he held my hand and he radiated and energy of
Temple and in almost deceptive because he was just standing there in his body smiling in his other hand went so the other people but he would not let go of my hand until the energy that he felt I needed to receive was fully transparent and I felt and this isn't very intimate moment I haven't shared wifely I felt and energy move up and down my spine from head to toe I felt so if you could call it and it was an initiatory experience and he was Mystikal and Universal I was not given any chance I was not giving any sauce on it I was. I was given the energy that was behind all of those things underpinned those things and in that moment free of any need to rely upon Dogma because I understood the truth in the reality of the direct connection that was a Moment of Truth Liberation for me
great gift from our selves call backs of who we are when we can celebrate it when we love our path more than the opinions of another you know this is goes back earlier as well you know we part of our own self inflicted in her interference is when we do not forget phrases when we forget that it's just so simple it's steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust if anything is outside of those parameters that you're being invited to your toolkit of spiritual survival tips to to get yourself back there because you're never outside of the Spiral however there are parts of it that
sign to confuse you remember that we are in a moment right now where it's going to be all about expansion or contraction when we we are sending the energy of spiritual generosity out into the universe is tangible fear it says I do not deserve I am too afraid to receive I'm going to stop the things that make me happy. Support my spiritual nature because I'm that afraid this is only going to last for about a month as far as an overarching energy but it's a moment and this is why lifting at your inspiration every time you can
during the week and I and I do want to share that you know and I let you know we're witnessing and so we are kind of combining that with the fact that we have this incredible series the lessons of light that were gifted to us for the Arkansas for the first time ever we are being told now is the time to release all the codes that go with me and so that begins tomorrow night so you know join us tomorrow night 5 p.m. Pacific time it's donation-only we're doing it to help fund the clinic for the indigenous an end, you can come in for a little Sport hours at 7 weeks of of the 12 lessons of light at a moment where we're fasting so maybe you're fasting from some social media surfing and instead you're going to spend an hour or so with us on a Monday night how about Tuesday night's come join us on Soul mirrors for ceiling inspiration and weekly energy updates right
give yourself a kiss those of you that are feeling called as Linea told her you can still jump in you'll get all the other videos Thursday nights so those are just some of the things that we help or on your calendar right now things that inspire you because the ball is in your court you are the master and this is a moment of expansion or contraction and it will directly radiates to use the energy that you are putting out that's why the light scripture being triggered that's why it's all coming up and that's why she and I are here to serve we are doing everything we can as as as Abyssal this is not a time that's about money this is a time that's about all of us saying yes to who we are because together we are better and in this up level energy in his resurrection moment what are you forcing there's so much Beauty goodness and inspiration available
member that you are not your body and the mind is your servant will you really let that become our reality I and the moment we Orient fashioned discipline to keep going
all right, say Minnesota
oh my God so glad I got through I was asking my guides to help me get through today wow so much has been going on and I'm just resonating with everything you're talking about but I really wanted to bring up I've been having really bad head pain and like pressure behind my eyes just like right on my crown very painful in my temples and I was kind of wanting some insight on that and we're having some lot of people having this right now
refer to it as the Ascension energy experience in the head is about this is a promise we the heart is it is the foundation for the body the deeper reality part of our physical body has to stress is one hand is on the heart and the other hand is on the area of distress and we begin to relax and really a heart and feel the love of your own heart center expanding
and just let that expand you might notice A tingle or warrants in the hand that's on top of the heart everybody can do this right now just feel that love expanding you a firm I am connected to an infinite supply of an infinite supply of Love & Light
and now with your intention we taking a breath and we direct that beautiful greater comfort and resolution
we create a channel a connection between the Divine love and that area of your assistance
doesn't matter with your hands on your head or your belly or your head for your shoulder or your knee whatever part of your body is saying love me more wish to be in alignment in harmony with you and your sacred attend
so now as we connect in your case dr12 your sixth chakra which is the chakra spiritual connection this is the chakra of learning the difference between the family of origin and the Soul family we are evolving earnings of our emotional body which is kind of emotional lessons
those energies take a deep breath and smile and say thank you for whatever you just received
thank you sweetheart what a blessing. Thank you thank you I was really feeling you were doing that was for all of you that many of you may know about the cosmic Maria's what I'm hearing we should offer you in a hanging out with us to the end of the show thank you for staying with us to remember that the cause of Thai Meridian begin right here at these points by the eyebrows and they actually are two cosmic rays of light that are held open by our star Consciousness which is just above the third eye and they resonate with this tone this is a tuner that we had created for offering a clearing in so what I'm going to do right now is about to strike the tuner give you guys the tone I'm going to point it and where it's going is right here at these two points
screen you want to feel it going right there and then when I washed up
interesting energy guys feeling to your Resurrection what are you birthing
enso ring and your heart when taking a nice deep breath in first for you
I'm going to strike it again
come in and clear
and this will help a lot with the energy of the headaches and right now and I know it can seem kind of wild there are people all throughout the world that have been felt and so will let you know where if you want to get it in person so it is quite an extraordinary moments we come do a combination free and I with all of our heart and soul want to invite you on this beautiful day to let go of the triggers to let go of the delusion of the allusion to really call in to your heart the joy-filled recognition that in this moment of Resurrection you are birthing and you are already prepared are you in
the choice before you is clear expansion or contraction what's calling you and are you calling forward your tools to navigate it with conscious awareness
expansion or contraction sometimes we can track a little in order to get clear that we're choosing expansions so watch for that
remember you make a fresh choice in every moment this is the one skill that I think has been Liberation for myself out loud I am I am how much is a new moment of creation then whatever trigger happened before does not have to continue unless you give permission or cellular body is constantly rebuilding itself we are not stagnant we can reshape our body we can reform Our Lives all it takes is our conscious and the minute we Empower that the full I am presents ignites the illumination of the Violet Flame
because we have said without doubt yes I am and that is when the universe says and so you are and so it so beloved ones as we come to a close for the day invite you to take a breath and just get along with me is the resurrection breathe deeply and trust and know that all is
stream KIRO live to have your questions answered send us an email at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3 do you next week, today

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