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Sovereign Mind Radio, November 19, 2008

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Jim Mattatol, Tax Consultant and Sovereign Filing Consultant

Discussion: ( to name a few) The strawman (your fictitious status in law), UCC filings, setting up an air tight trust, Tax laws, assuming your sovereign status, what are some of the errors made in declaring ones sovereign status, are you an employee?

Jim Mattatal has taught and assisted those wishing to act Sovereign in their life’s journey by providing the tools necessary to do so. He in masterfully informed on the fictitious status by which we operate; this fictional self known as the strawman. He educates others on the true nature of law and the manner in which we have been defrauded in our commercial operation under the UCC code. He has been a tax consultant for 40 years based on an understanding of misinterpreted tax laws and the defining point between one being classified as an employee or a  sovereign man or woman supported by ones right to a livelihood, ones right to earn a living. He graduated from CSULA with a BS in Business Management.   He has been called a Federal Expert witness on taxes.


Sovereign Mind Radio

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To be sovereign is to be self governing allowing one to be spiritually and physically free to choose without silently imposed navigation. Join Sonia each Wednesday at 9:00am pst as Sovereign Mind explores the nature of the game, the game players and the strategies in place to hold you spell bound and distracted. Informed guests will bring insight to the silent side of corporations, spiritual concepts science you informed and to provide solutions in moving beyond a matrix of control. Sonia digs deep in the questions presented to her guests stimulating exciting and mind expanding dialogue.

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