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Sovereign Mind Radio, July 2, 2008

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Peter Moon, author of, The Montauk Book Of The Dead,  The Seventh Seal, The Spandu Mystery and his most resent The Montauk Book of the Living. The name Peter Moon is generally paired with the name Preton Nichols Authors know for the Montauk Project.  In the Montauk book of the Dead Peter Moon has however surpassed all expectations in his autobiographical account of his amazing life's journey and synchronistic events leading up to what was destined to become The Montauk Project: Experiments In Time - Moon's first book which set the world on fire in 1992!

He has presented amazing insight into the world of Dianetics, Scientology, the legendary L. Ron Hubbard as well as powerful symbolisms laced like a golden thread through the path of his life. He worked closely on staff  with L. Ron Hubbard for several years and in The Montauk Book Of The Dead he has dedicated thirty-eight chapters to his personal accounts with Dianetics as well as his spiritual, social and political narratives regarding Scientology's historical significance on a global scale, past and present. He was destined to eventually cross paths with paranormal synchronicities and occult symbolisms rooted in The Montauk Project of Long Island.

His most resent book The Montauk of the Living has been a long anticipated work exploring deeper angles of Time Travel, Dream and much more. Peter Moon is also preparing for a trip to Romania to meet with Dr David Anderson founder of The Time Travel Research Center once located in Long Island. This is expected to be an adventure he plans to cover in his next book.

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To be sovereign is to be self governing allowing one to be spiritually and physically free to choose without silently imposed navigation. Join Sonia each Wednesday at 9:00am pst as Sovereign Mind explores the nature of the game, the game players and the strategies in place to hold you spell bound and distracted. Informed guests will bring insight to the silent side of corporations, spiritual concepts science you informed and to provide solutions in moving beyond a matrix of control. Sonia digs deep in the questions presented to her guests stimulating exciting and mind expanding dialogue.

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