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Sovereign Mind Radio, December 24, 2008

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Meditations for America and Spirit Quest Tours with Greg Roach

A lifelong student of comparative religion and spirituality, Greg had a visionary experience of the transcendent unity behind all creation during a pilgrimage to Egypt in 1997. Subsequently, he answered Spirit's call to offer initiatory pilgrimages to likeminded souls, building on 10 years of sacred travel in Egypt, the Holy Land, Greece, France, Scotland, America, Bali, Eastern Europe and England. He also podcasts both Meditations for America and Spirit of Place. In the exoteric world, Greg holds an MFA in directing and is a successful entrepreneur and inventor who holds multiple patents. He is a high-level Rosicrucian (Fratre Rosae Crucis), a graduate of the Flower of Life and Earth-Sky training and, most recently, the Science of Mind foundation courses at The Agape International Spiritual Center.

Greg Roach has taught and lectured all over the world at numerous prestigious institutions, including Cambridge University (England), San Francisco State, USC, and the University of Sofia. He speaks regularly on spirituality, comparative religion, sacred sites and the potential of digital technology as an artistic and storytelling tool.

Sovereign Mind Radio

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To be sovereign is to be self governing allowing one to be spiritually and physically free to choose without silently imposed navigation. Join Sonia each Wednesday at 9:00am pst as Sovereign Mind explores the nature of the game, the game players and the strategies in place to hold you spell bound and distracted. Informed guests will bring insight to the silent side of corporations, spiritual concepts science you informed and to provide solutions in moving beyond a matrix of control. Sonia digs deep in the questions presented to her guests stimulating exciting and mind expanding dialogue.

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