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Sight for Sound, March 25, 2008

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Courtesy of BBS Radio
'PEACE PILGRIM' -Mark Skelton & Lee Waterworth

Sight for Sound

Sight for Sound with Janet Caliri, banner
Show Host
Janet Caliri

When our desire is stronger than our fear we become a society full of people at their highest potential. It is my vision to carry this through....and I’d like your help.

My unique coaching process unveils your true life potential. The coaching is results-based, forward-moving, objective, non judgemental, confidential and FUN!

~ Janet Caliri, F.C.L.C.

Janet Caliri is a gifted and intuitive Life Coach igniting human potential all over the world. She believes that we are all here to contribute. Each and every one of us has a unique gift that lends itself to strengthening the fabric of good will. The first step is to discover who we really are, and as we begin to feel alive and fulfilled, this is the experience to carry us through our mission.

Her radio coaching show 'Sight for Sound' creates a new level of self awareness for the listeners invoking their own inner answers. She encourages you to call in and ask questions or share thoughts!!! It's FREE coaching!

Janet is currently writing a book based on "I'm as good to others to the degree I am with me." ...the selfless act of giving. She is certified by Hans Phillips of Ontoco Coaching in Santa Cruz, CA.

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