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Reconnecting With Your Source, September 20, 2008

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Reconnecting with your Source - September 20, 2008

Reconnecting With Your Source

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Discover your life's path & purpose. Clear illusory influences present in your Soul Memory that are preventing you from aligning with your highest truth.

Laleh Améri is an intuitive coach, psychic consultant and teacher.

She has studied energy therapy (a body of techniques designed to heal through the balancing of energy meridians) such as EFT and TAT, Hypnotherapy and subconscious programming (BSFF, Zpoint) and has integrated most of them to her current practice.

She came across Soul Clearing as she was looking for a way of working with people who struggled with though issues that kept reoccurring or were stuck in very limiting behavioral patterns.

The origin of their issues seemed to be located even deeper than in the subconscious mind. She then realized that it is the nature of the Superconscious Mind that will define our conscious & subconscious programming.

She now uses extensively the Soul Clearing modality in her sessions to help people shed the illusions present in their Soul Memory, which are reflected therefore in their life.

She has empowered others to reconnect with their essence and live a life of joyful exploration of the Infinite.

She has developed several self-help CDs as well as DNA recoding material (ebook & CD - available only in French for the moment).

She organizes mystical workshops in Paris/France where participants can study with Almine (one of the greatest mystical teachers of our time).

You can find out more about the reading and clearing sessions she is offering by visiting her website:

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