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Peaceful Planet, May 12, 2007

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Peaceful Planet Show WELCOMES WYNN FREE! WE are very honored to present the ascension work of Wynn Free!

Mission Statement: Higher Vision is a spiritual support network which developed as an outgrowth of the weekly teleconferences founded by Wynn Free, principal author of the book - The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? During the period the book was being written, Wynn was contacted directly (via the unexpected and spontaneous channeling experience of 2 consecutive personal relationships) by interdimensional sources who identified themselves as The Council of Elohim, the Ra Group, and others. This commenced in April of 2002 and has been ongoing. The nature of the contact revolves around questions asked by Wynn, which are carefully answered from a celestial perspective, with knowledge and awareness not normally available to someone in this realm. There have been many validations as to the veracity of Wynn's sources, including very accurate future prognostications and miracles of healing. These sources claim to have the ability to penetrate this dimension (the physical world) with love/light energy. They have described the period we are in as a dimensional shift and have explained much of the catharsis happening on our planet as a result of this shift. They also maintain that we are on the verge of what Jesus called ascension. We invite you to scrutinize this work in progress from your own levels of discernment. We invite you to visit our conference line. The interdimensional sources have agreed to be energetically present on our conference calls and work with individuals who participate with regard to their spiritual evolution. Thank you for taking the time to explore our website and the related links.

Peaceful Planet

Show Host

Our special topics include the Holy Grail Mysteries, investigating the life of Jesus, past lives with him, and the truth of his mission, which is vastly different than the story presented in religion.

The Ascension Series is another topic of interest for our listeners and we bring world teachers to this forum to discuss the personal and planetary aspects of ascension as it is ocurring now on the planet!

  •  Ancient Mysteries and Sites
  •  Goddess and Divine Feminine
  •  Angel Messages from Marcia & readings for our audience
  •  Peace process in the Middle East
  •  New Revelations from Spirit
  •  Authors from all walks around the world
  •  Creative artists and musical talent
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