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Peaceful Planet, July 2, 2006

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My heart is grieved at the loss of a dear friend and light worker Matia Michaelson.( Carolyn please share this whole message if you would be kind enough to do so with the Conclave members) I want to share this message with all on the AA Micheal Conclave and ask that all honor Matia. I am going to be doing a tribute to Matia at the begining of my show, the Peaceful Planet, which airs right before Carolyn Evers's show. Matia was on our shedule this week to do readings!

Since I have guests appearing this week I will do a tribute for about 20 minutes at the begining; where we had originallly planned to do readings together. Matia had agreed in love and service to do readings on each of my shows of the Peaceful planet, and she had been well loved among my audience members. My other guests are pre arranged, the Pinkhams will be speaking about their book the Guardian's of the Holy Grail. We will focus on the Templars and the mysteries of that sect, and grail mysteries.

Peaceful Planet

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Our special topics include the Holy Grail Mysteries, investigating the life of Jesus, past lives with him, and the truth of his mission, which is vastly different than the story presented in religion.

The Ascension Series is another topic of interest for our listeners and we bring world teachers to this forum to discuss the personal and planetary aspects of ascension as it is ocurring now on the planet!

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