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The Journey 8, August 26, 2014

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Parting The Waters, Part 3 - Turning Water into Wine
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with Reverend Judy Hosner

The Journey 8 with Reverend Judy Hosner - Parting The Waters, Part 3 - Turning Water into Wine

Headlined Show, The Journey 8 August 25, 2014

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Please join us Tuesday August 26th as we continue with our series Parting The Waters. Our lesson is entitled "When The Water Is Too Deep."  A subject most of us will relate to at some point in our lives. We willl take calls on our toll free number 888-627-6008.

I am also going to discuss where the Journey 8 is on several subjects of interest to those who may be listening to the broadcast from the Greater Greensboro area. 

So, join us won't you?

The Journey 8

Show Host

The Journey 8 is a Christian based talk show that crosses the barriers of fear and hatred to find understanding and tolerance for all of God’s children. The Journey 8 was founded by Rev. Judy Hosner in 2013 and remains one of the most progressive Christian talk shows.

We are here to reach out to people who need to hear God’s Words in plain language, without the rhetoric and judgment many have felt from the traditional church. Please stop in and listen to us live on Monday nights; call in and connect with us, or go to the archives and listen to a recorded episode anytime day or night.

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