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Paradigm Shifters, October 4, 2022

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Paradigm Shifters
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with Veronica Entwistle

Paradigm Shifters with Veronica Entwistle, taking your calls live

Headlined Show, Paradigm Shifters October 4, 2022

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Veronica Entwislte : Intuitive Energy Counselor
Veronica Entwistle : Intuitive Energy Counselor

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters puts us onto surf the waves of change.

How are the changes going in your world? DO you notice the instability, the light frequencies, the
amazing blurring boundaries between the ways we used to be, even countries, weather patterns, hormonal expressions and more. My goodness! We want the promised CHANGES. But we want the promised evolution, don't we?

It is our politics to actually see and know possibilities. Searching for tonight's show options, we were aware
of wanting the radiance of integrity. Lo and behold I found a show from 2017, a call-in show. It was interesting loving and strengthening for us. And the callers recorded on the show were seeking next steps in their adventures through chaos, change, and onward to possibility. I hope y0u will find a sweet recognition about how we are moving consistently, sometimes at a snail's pace, and sometimes on the quantum train!

I hope you will feel inspired.

Listen tonight at 8 PM PT. I wish it were live call in, which means, I am going to start doing that again! Having you and I speaking live on air, hashing out the dance steps on this currently fast-moving cake walk called life on earth!

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, 8pm (pst) ~ October 4th.

Special Guest ~ Veronica answers questions

tune in on

~ if you are unable to listen on Tuesday, not to worry - you can listen several days later on:


A Message from Veronica --


Talk about a call in! Thursday at 5 PM is our fourth intuitive training class These classes are warming up beautifully. This week we wander through our various styles of sensing and knowing. As you well know, our intuition is fun, lively, and actually, deeply empowering. Not the same as psychic, our intuition is our rapport with life and others, animals, vegetable and minerals. With these classes we are enjoying the arts of opening ourselves to messages that come in as wisps, nudges, emotions, and anyway your senses can grab your attention.

After a short breather, a week or so, we will begin another series. You might want to list the skills you would hope to explore.

It is both fun, and enlightening. Nothing is more powerful than knowing yourself with ever deepening, or multidimensionally expanding, layers. Your life will ease into being a part of ALL.

Buoyant STRINGS softly strike the fields. Listen carefully and hear "You are a Child of the Universe". No less than the trees and the stars. you have a right to be here! Good old "HAIR", the great inspirational movie.

And remember if you feel chaos, you need it and I need it, to change deeply and thoroughly.

Much love to you all


510 595-5564


Veronica Entwistle is an intuitive energy counselor whose guides take her into a deep and loving exploration of the inner conscious, the universe, and the realms beyond. She is known for her wit, love and compassion, and ability to unhook realities from limiting patterns.

Call 510.595.5564 to schedule your session.

Paradigm Shifters

Show Host

Shift out of the dog-eat-dog mentality and transcend to a higher paradigm of love, collective empowerment & global consciousness.

When we are having relationship problems, or lack of money or health, these are all expressions of subtle energy fields that hold programs, either our own or of the collective, or a combination of the two.

LISTEN TO: Paradigm Shifters. CALL IN: and feel the freedom as Veronica and her loving guides tangibly identify and release the energetic bindings that restrict your expression of self.

It is Veronica’s politics, maybe yours too, to move beyond the limitations that keep us poor, trapped in the social consciousness of war, power over, greed, hopeless politics. When we learn to live with the expanded consciousness of our higher selves, and the beings of the higher realms, we enter the potential of multidimensionality, releasing the binding energies from genetics to mental and emotional reactiveness and to - all ways - all ways feel loved.

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