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Luminescence, March 17, 2022

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with Susan Klopfstein and guest JJ Dewey

Luminescence with Susan Klopfstein hosting today

Guest, JJ Dewey

Our topic is mysteries in A Course in Miracles. Why has A Course in Miracles gained so much traction? How does it compare with other available teachings? What is the basic message? How does A Course in Miracles define God and the Son of God?  What is heaven and what is not? How is Oneness defined?

Guest, JJ Dewey

Guest Name
JJ Dewey
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Author, Educator, Philosopher, Blogger
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Joseph J. (JJ) Dewey, born Feb 1945, has been a student and writer of philosophy, metaphysics and the spiritual path most of his life. He has taught numerous classes and seminars since 1989 on a variety of avant-garde subjects while earning a living with real estate and marketing. 
Dewey is a prolific author and is best known for his trilogy of books known as the Immortal series. Dewey draws from many true-life experiences to create novels that present unique and mystical teachings in a way that captivates the imagination. What is true and what is fiction? That is for the reader to determine. The trilogy consists of The Immortal, Books I & II in one volume, The Lost Key of the Buddha and Eternal Words.  Mr. Dewey has taught one of the most active discussion groups on the internet for a remarkably long time now called The Keys of Knowledge. His writings have been collected and archived at There the seeker can find over 5000 free articles written by him as well as a number of books. He may hold the record for the most original free articles on the web offered by a single person. These are not the ramblings of a blogger talking about trivial matters but new insights on life changing philosophy.


Show Host

International name expert Sharón Lynn Wyeth is the Founder and Creator of Neimology® Science, the study of the placement of the letters in a name, after 15 years of research followed by 3 years of testing in over 70 countries. She has evaluated thousands of names since 1995. Her bestselling book, Know the Name; Know the Person is the first in the sequence, followed by Know the Name; Know the Spirit and Know the Name; Know How to Connect. You may have seen her on Good Day LA, New York City’s Fox News, Good Morning Arizona, and in various other cities on NBC, CBS, & ABC or have heard her interviewed on any one of hundreds of radio shows.

Today she is hired by Human Resource Departments in choosing appropriate candidates to interview, lawyers in how to present cases to judges, and individuals who wish to know themselves better and maximize their ability to connect with others. She also assists nationally and internationally in naming new businesses, new products, and when people wish to change their names.

Neimology® Science is a way of reaching people who are more serious-minded and not into spiritual pursuits in a non-traditional style. It was developed as a joint venture between Sharón and the group that she is a conduit for the LightKeepers. Sharón began reading major books, like a Bible, once a year and reading other authors like Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, Jane Roberts, Joel Goldsmith, and many others voraciously. She has studied with the best around the world, and done readings for clients that are around the world, as her entire life has been spent in spiritual pursuits. She is pleased to share her knowledge with you on Luminescence, Common Sense Spirituality radio show.

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