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Kozmic Kids, May 19, 2010

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Kozmic Kids - May 19, 2010

Kozmic Kids

Show Host

KoZmiC KiDs
Spiritual awareness and understanding
for children as well as adults

Dedicated to the Children of the world...
that they may grow up knowing their spiritual essence.


1) In dignity and infinite value of every human being

2) That a person's highest potential can be reached through expansion, development and growth of his/her knowledge, wisdom and intution

3) In searching for truth and the unity of philosophy, religion and science through scientific, metaphysical and inspirational message

4) In the inalienable right of each individual to interpret and apply such concepts of truth in accordance with his/her own Conscience

5) That these are our higher obligations or ourselves, our planet and all living things

May the angels illumine your path!

More About Shelly and Jade

Shelly and Jade have been gifted since childhood but more or less stayed "in the closet" not sharing with others because of ridicule, laughter or disbelief. Shelly grew up with a family who was intuned with the spiritual world where Jade did not. Together they compliment each other understanding both sides of the scale...balancing children/adults who have been open and want to share to ones who are just coming into their own spiritual essence. Their humor and wanting to help all KoZmiC KiDs of the world is where their passion lies within. Join them in helping the KoZmiC KiDs with their spiritual essence.

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