Shelly and Jade

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Shelly and Jade
Radio Talk Show Hosts, Lightworkers, Intuitive

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LIGHTWORKER: A clairvoyant, intuitive/medium. She uses her abilities to hear, see, feel, or sense information. Shelly can give you information to inspire and heal. By listening inward, she can help those who would like to find solutions toward greater success whether it be personal, business, spiritual or romance.

Ro-HunTM is a modern day alchemy. Our past upsets held in thoughts and feelings keep us from being present in our lives. Awareness of this turns our lives into gold. It is said to be a continuation of what Carl Jung might have done with his work in that part of our unconcious, repressed or unacknowledged aspects of ourselves.


LIGHTWORKER: A clairvoyant, clairsentient, telepathic, empath and has precognitive dreams. She is what considered "a late bloomer" in the spiritual community and each day is a new experience for her. With Jade, she also uses her creativity with books to help children stay connected with the angels and belief in the universe. Jade has a hard time with some of the aspects of the spiritual world and comes to us with a fresh set of eyes and has us look at things a little differently than what some of us do.