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InnerViews, May 19, 2014

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Guest, Panache Desai

InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky, and Special Guest Panache Desai

Guest, Panache Desai

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Panache Desai
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Each of us lives with insecurity—the prospect of losing a job, physical illness, emotional suffering, divorce, the death of loved ones, our own mortality. When we feel our lives may be falling apart or risk being overrun by these powerful emotions, we long to connect to who we truly are, to know the certainty and peace that comes from our core, because only then can we face—and surmount—life’s challenges. A contemporary thought leader who has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network’s Super Soul Sunday, Panache Desai calls upon us to harness the power of our authentic selves through our unique soul signature—our spiritual DNA—and be guided by our true purpose. In his first book, DISCOVERING YOUR SOUL SIGNATURE he gives readers a day-by-day spiritual roadmap to confront negative emotions and overcome them energetically, in a way that allows us to tap into a deeper sense of worth and well-being.


InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky

It’s in there, that beautiful spark you were born with. You may have forgotten who you are; you may have covered that light until you barely remember it. The good news is it never extinguishes. It’s not too late… to uncover your beautiful spark, to remember what brings you passion, what lights your fire, to BE who you truly are!

InnerViews is hosted by Kimberly Rose Zapf and Donna Visocky. Where intuition meets inspiration, each week InnerViews takes you on a soul-shifting inward journey to self-knowing. Join Kimmie and Donna in provocative, lively conversation with some of the most dynamic change-makers of our time.

Be inspired by today’s top metaphysical experts, authors, and speakers in the mind, body, spirit arena, including Dannion Brinkley, Gregg Braden, Dr. Patch Adams, Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz and many more. Are you ready to ignite your beautiful spark and release the power within?

Join Kimmie and Donna every Monday at 11:00am PST / 2:00pm Eastern on BSS Radio.

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