Eves Corner, January 2, 2016

Eve's Corner with Prophetess Amina Campbell
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Eves Corner
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Guest, Pastor Terrence Kent

Eves Corner with Prophetess Campbell with special guest Pastor Terrence Kent

Guest, Pastor Terrance Kent

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Pastor Terrance Kent
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Minister of the Gospel
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 Terrance is the  co-founder of Thug Ministries (juvenile gang prevention). He has an associates degree in counseling from Jacksonville College of Theology. Terrance is the Chief Adjutant of the Connecting Faith Fellowship under the leadership of Presiding Bishop David Gillard. He's an Associate Pastor at The Faith Center in Memphis , TN.  He is a husband, a father to 5 boys, a Prophet to this Nation, and most importantly he Loves God!

Eves Corner

Eve's Corner with Prophetess Amina Campbell
Prophetess Amina Campbell

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