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Total Education Show, July 5, 2012

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The Debut of Total Education Show
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with Neil Haley

The Debut of Total Education Show with Neil Haley on BBS Radio!

Neil Haley, CEO of Total Tutor. I have been working with children in a variety of settings for over 10 years. My experience includes the following: Classroom Teacher (9 years), Tutor (8 years), After School Program Director (6 years), Behavior Specialist (6 years), and Developmental Therapist (5 years), Practicum Supervisor (2 years), and Educational Talk Show Host (1 year). I choose to work in educating youngsters because I want to help the child and their families reach their full potential. The growth I am able to see in children makes my job very rewarding. If you choose Total Tutor, my staff and I will provide quality service. Please check the testimonials from satisfied families who have used our services. I hope you choose Total Tutor so that we can help your child to succeed!

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Total Education Show

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Neil Haley

Total Education Celebrity Show {also known as "The Total Education Hour" is an educational talk show that focuses on the listeners' needs. Catch weekly discussions focusing on current education news at a local and national scale. Check the weekly schedule to find out more about our featured celebrity guests and various other guests from the education community, including teachers, parents, principals, therapists, professors and service providers.

Parents, students and educators alike have benefited from the decades of experience that the hosts of the Total Education Show bring to the table each week and you can, too.

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