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Creation Lightship Healings, February 17, 2017

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Creation Lightship Healings
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with Ron Amitron - FRIDAY

Creation Lightship Healings with Ron Amitron - FRIDAY

Creation Lightship Healings

Creation Lightship Healings with Ron Amitron
Show Host
Ron Amitron, Light Embassador

The Lightship is Creation's Manifestation Center. It surpasses all Earthly written concepts of the Creation process. The Lightship with its Pure Light Energy contains the spiritual blueprints of all manifestations created in the language of Light.

Tune into the Creation Lightship Healing BBS Radio Show to experience this Divine Lightship and its teachings. During the show the Light Being's picture will be activated with "Living Light Energy" while you watch. This is amazing to witness.

The healing offered from the Lightship will be active only during the live broadcast; the healings will not work when listening to an archived show. You do not need to have a particular belief system to receive these Lightship healing benefits.

Creation Lightships' Divine Light Beings offer their assistance through Body~Mind~Spirit Healings. Visit our website to access all of our healings. The Creation Lightship Healings are the same healings Jesus used 2000 years ago.

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