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My guest was Kelly Lynn who has an on-line school that helps one become their own Master, connect with their Creator, and helps them take their Ascension in this lifetime. It is based on connecting within for their answers, their passions, their purpose, then empowering them to step into their greatest life. "The Journey Home School"  is a life changing program taking people step by step into their soul and unlocking their greatest potential.  Kelly is also the Founder and President of The Ultimate Gift Foundation, where she is creating the 7 Rays Ranch, a school for Indigo children and children in need. They are a 501 (c) non-profit org., check out her vision and 7 minute video "For Our Children"  Kelly revealed a very spiritual understanding of people's needs, and is very aware of the coming Ascension. Kelly can be summed up by her belief: "I believe God is the embodiment of pure and perfect love, and is the embodiment of all religions, all cultures and all faith, and is more than any one faith. I believe everyone is a Child of God and therefore, is pure and perfect Divine Love; though you may not realize it.

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I am married with two sons Alan and Colin. My wife Cathy supports me but prefers to keep out of the way. I started out life with very much orthodox views regularly attending a Protestant Church. I was never totally at home with their teachings, and as I got older completely turned my back on them. Having made a clean start I went my own way about finding the truth. I searched for it by going back to ancient times and became fascinated by Ancient Egypt. It was in the early 70's that I found Edgar Cayce's readings about Egypt and Atlantis, and this set me off trying to find out more about those periods. This lead me to a society called The Atlanteans and I immediately felt at home with their teachings from Helio Arcanophus, which means "High Priest of the Sun" as he was called in Atlantean times. I soon started my own Branch, and also formed a section in support of The Universal Network under Tuella, who channelled Ashtar. I also formed Galacticom Europa to distribute tapes and messages through Carole Hall, also from Ashtar. At the same time I started my own magazine called The Messenger.

I have had a few UFO sightings, and the most convincing one was in the early 80's. I was driving home alone after attending a private meeting to develop mind to mind contact with ET's. As I was driving down a hill I suddenly noticed a large circular silver/blue craft which had come from behind me and appeared in my windscreen. It was going very slow and it appeared to pulsate, leaving a partial image behind it. It was in sight for only about 10 seconds and disappeared over some rooftops.

I really came into my own after I retired in December 1999. I upgraded my computer and joined the Internet. In December 2003 I found that the treeofthegoldenlight invited E.T. articles to be placed on their web. I was accepted and now have a series of them in place. One day, Nancy Tate of the daily Wake Up Calls told me St. Germain wanted a word with me, and I was asked to sit at my computer each morning to take messages. This was in March 2004 and ever since I have received them every day from Monday to Saturday. Now I am taking another step in response to Donald Newsom's kind offer to allow me a regular program on his BBS Radio.