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Clay and Iron, May 1, 2006

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Guest: Eric Phelps "Vatican Assassins" Resurrection of the un-Holy Roman Global Empire

Background:  Eric Phelps is the first to alert us all of the pieces of the top religious and globalist organizations from the White and Black Popes, the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta and Illuminati to all the globalist tentacles and the ultimate plan to resurrect a totalitarian global religious Un-Holy Roman Empire.   His CD and book Second Edition will be ready later this spring.

Clay and Iron

Clay and Iron with Dr Bill Deagle
Show Host
Dr Bill Deagle

My mission on The Clay and Iron Show is, “Raise Your Consciousness, Become Wise, Control Your Destiny and the Destiny of Our Planet, and Survive Into a New Era of Enlightenment”.

Check for my weekly NutriMedical Report Newsletter Updated on uploaded weekly and enjoy the spiritual, mental and health blessing of listening and taking control or your destiny on Clay and Iron with Dr Bill Deagle MD

The May 25 th to 28 th 2006 Dr Fred Bell Seminar, I will be an introductory and Sunday speaker with topics to stimulate thought, spiritual enlightenment and a call to action from Avian Flu, DU NotSo Depleted Uranium, Above Government Technologies, WORLD GLOBAL RFID chipping, to Life Extension and Wellness Technologies of the New Millennium.

September 2006, I plan on hosting an International Clay and Iron Teaching Seminar in St. Louis, MO and keep tuned for times and exact location.

I come to mentor as a Physician-Scientist and Prophet of Israel to inform, enlighten and bless all those who have ears to hear and a will to hear and do what is good in the eyes of our Creator God.

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