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Chat with The Mayor, October 6, 2022

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Chat with The Mayor
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with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor

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Rudy Giuliani led an award-winning consulting company. His opinion and expertise have been sought after by Presidents, Prime Ministers, business executives and law enforcement.

He also likes learning from others.

In this unique show, you will be able to call in and Chat with The Mayor!
Airing every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Eastern Time. 

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this is Rudy Giuliani coming to you with this show is designed for a very special purpose
I'm on the radio 5 days a week
I have to podcast a week and work and I'm interviewed fairly often on television in particular but also ready and then I have a few precious minutes on my radio shows to take telephone calls and I am constantly frustrated as I might say some of my colleagues like grow up I thought of a while back and finally got around to doing it maybe it would be useful and this is just a test run what we what they called in the restaurant business opening basically two nights a week I think this is the right time for like 6 to 7 but you're going to let me know
you get to call me on the numbers I'm going to give you and I have time to have I mean we can't talk for an hour otherwise nobody else we can have a good 23 minutes or minutes to talk we're at on radio with constantly being hit with hard brakes and disc brakes and back brakes and he's right in the middle and then in the middle so this will give us a chance to talk and if it works with then going to expand it into more like a bit of a conference call I'll have some of my colleagues people that you know or people you don't know that you find interesting that you know maybe I can bring grape jelly on it with on ABC or Curtis Sliwa for maybe I can see if we can get
what's the advantage to come over unless they've been or something if we could come over and of course my partner on uncovering the truth dr. Maria Ryan we do a Sunday show that's the highest rated show on ABC on Sunday call uncovering the truth it's really devoted to your opinion but usually on a controversial subject
and Doctor Ryan is the first person to have actually interviewed a whistleblower from China as well over a year ago laid out
I didn't understand it cuz people talk in Chinese on story totally unlike
employee call Miranda Devine you should she is the woman who broke
the entire Hunter Biden drop some very enterprising patriotic American citizen
the name for Robert Costello Rudolph Chelan who was the repairman that an inebriated and addicted Hunter Biden less and I noticed today in fact that the first thing I was going to talk about before we go to court let me give you some phone numbers we have done this without any anyting this is really for me to practice
it's like spring training
I don't know I don't I don't I don't know if I'm going to have a season like Aaron judge but I sure won't have one like Joe by like you know if you ask me trick questions like the Pledge of Allegiance I think I could get to work or yeah I do know my children's name
I kind of remember people who died in the last day or two so it'll be better than
but the number is asphalt toll-free number +888-386-276-0088 8626008 and if you would like to call us from overseas and I have a fair number of people that called me overseas on WABC 323-744-4831 that's 323-744-4831 so as I
you talk now to see if you get this give me a call and we'll figure out what is all this all this technology works with the leak from the Department of Injustice Department of corruption in the department of I cannot call the Department of Justice I work for too long my blood was threatened with death shoe off into the work that I did for my friends and my wife
I don't take the Department of Justice
Mike you'll find that out as much as we talk but there was a leak from the Department of Justice today when they falsely weeks for example and perpetuated the eight months that I was a Russian Russian town of them but it was determined that it clearly untrue course they never called us but today was late that there will be an entire text Ron what can say that specific and then a full statement with regard to a gun. This is ridiculous completely silly absurd and embarrassed
there are so many crimes on the hard drive that know God keeps taking five years prostitute and we're talkin about the bottom of the bottom of the totem pole I mean we should go right up to racketeering we could go right up this Edition bribery music I mean 20:30 bribes maybe 40 money laundering transaction history piece of paper 3.5 million so maybe
so you got I mean you've got a many many serious crimes that will put you in jail for a very long. Of time for this looks like we're headed for a while so I think if we have a call on line one
name is Andrew Andrew can you hear us
I can hear you very well congratulations on the new show well congratulations and you're going to get a prize because you're the first call
well being the first caller is prize enough but I do recall that you highlighted that I'm going to surprise you
what would you like to talk about
what I thought you want more than anything a comments on on your opening statements right there and just tell the mainstream media what was I would classify before the mainstream media has continued to play this one side of game that protects the likes of the hunter Biden to the world as you see again today was they get they get all totally crazy
can you hear me
okay well maybe maybe he'll call back
and we will at Willow and I will I will I will I'll go on and and and explain in more detail what what I'm talking about. You should know that
I obtained the first information about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden
that's a long time ago
and I was told straight out by a very credible source and ask for no reason not to believe him that Joe Biden was involved in a number of bribery schemes in
do you print in Ukraine and
I was not looking for that information I was seeking information about countering the Steele dossier which that I was representing President Donald Trump and by head definition of conviction
and I was in search of information would help and actually it was strange that was the Democrats were accusing Donald Trump in Russia Russian collusion which it was turned out to be you and that Hillary Clinton was involved in it a lot of her money was involved in it Joe Biden was involved in it and several other high-level Democrat Andrew 1st and 2nd right there. I think the point that I was making I didn't hear the last couple of minutes but more than anything just this is another example of of the media really just forget
King of the West End and didn't really feel fine right and it's I think it's why it's so important CDs competitors to the mainstream media prop up you know what are the things that I always hear is a republican says you didn't get your message out there as well I think I know that has to do with the fact that you have but kind of traditional media Outlets that don't want to cover Republicans in so many different states and certainly nationally in and that's why it's so important that all turned it to your CNN's and msnbc's and CBS has an APC continue to fight me and pop up
what you know and you to find out who this is this is Angie my son just ran in the Republican primary for governor of New York for President Donald Trump in the White House was 44 years of many many important sensitive matters and it was his first campaign very competitive race and we Sheldon won that race fair and square but I think everyone felt and Andrew for a first-time candidate was kind of star and he has a great deal of knowledge to the last six years you saw with me and then you saw it with many of the campaign's you and I worked on after that including bush
became Romney
there's a real difference in the way they cover Republicans and Democrats so as a republican you know you're going to be covered on Fairland you know that how you doing
it's a great question and I and I think this is where is the importance of like I said other sources of mainstream media coming up and competing against them because if you rely like I said on the original Main Street networks or the New York Times or the Washington Post you know you're going to get buy is covered now this I think was the truth probably from what I've read in the certainly heard from you going back to the Reagan Administration where I believe Reagan said that if I get the quote wrong he said the more I read the New York Times and I think to me this is this is one of the things that is candidates we fight against and Anna and I've certainly been helping my former competitor now the Republican nominee for governor there was a recent poll that had him just down a couple of points to to Kathy hochul but like anything else there are very few people that are trying to give him the fair coverage in the state
again because it's pretty obvious 441 441 candidate the Democrat rather than the other Republican I'll let you I'll let you go in and spends all the knowledge you have on any media and their political donations ninety-three percent of political donations in 2020 and not sure where it wasn't 2021 or where I'll be in 2022 but I'm sure it'll be over ninety percent went to Joe Biden over Donald Trump now you tell me they always say follow the money on this and if 93% of those political donations are going to the Democrat over the Republican you know where the heart of mine is
Army that's true I mean you can do it I mean you can do if you just ask him are they Democrats or Republicans and ends up you know 70 Democrat to Republican the rest independent the ones who are Republicans will tell you honestly they can hide it because they're going to be embarrassed and I remember I remember the night that it was CBS called the election for Bush against the against not core against the other people in the CBS room.
so it doesn't it does exist and this has to be made about this one that you made that is the most important is we have to create or no and I think about turning this media is a sign one sometimes I like to get romantic about him called underground medium
in ways in fighting the Cold War I helped to develop the fisa court to go after mostly Russians where lights are the underground sources of information during the French occupation of Germany or or or the occupation of your wife country Lithuania by the Nazis or we have to go around
the big the big wall of censorship kind of get our stuff out and this is where
if we can make a show like this work we help we help get out of that they are not going to get elsewhere sometimes they don't get it
and sometimes they get it it'll go get this information about Hunter Biden's going to be indicted as if these are really serious when the real story here is it's like throwing a fight
they got they got Prime from which they could put in place of shortening the fifty years and his father before him and they also under Rico cuz she's over there my
lights at 31 million dollars from China
there are many cases white-collar cases where people's businesses were taken away because they committed for tomorrow and then you won't see any mention that
if you flipped it and we were doing this to Donald Trump or me or abandon order you pick it
it'd be right on the front page and that creates a distorted view that we have to deal with it that's at the at the polling place so thank you Aunt Vickie election is 34 days away is that right about that something like that
I think that's right I think you're looking at 34 days from today and everybody get out there and vote and congratulate us one more question
can you believe fetterman
what is a jetty
yeah I haven't seen the latest today that yet that you may be the first but it's gets pretty amazing that that you got a guy who is just continually I never understood why people would vote for a candidate to choose not to be somebody especially if he if he didn't put the fact that they're protecting this guy to the point where and look whether or not this is the guy who's going to be the CEO of the state of Pennsylvania let's Bethany's actually I'm sorry editor from the state of Pennsylvania what time what what Americans would you be getting is a representative right there on fortunately you've got a guy who continues to hide behind again
if you will do it seems like a to make a football analogy you have a Medias if there are his left guard his Right Guard and who knows what else you can probably put the whole offense of line out there and that seems to be the media when in relation to this well
how do you spell absurd things as if they are like normal or defund the police let out 40% of the people in prison he did recommend people on 2nd degree murder and second-degree murder was like you know what like a badge of honor is not first Uber
he can't talk because of his stroke now I feel very sorry about his stroke but you don't try to work out the rehabilitation to your stroke in the United States Senate
that's exactly right up in there if he feels like he can't do the job not sit back in his basement but again he still have the current president United States in his basement and become president so maybe he's taking a play book page out of his Playbook well we'll be talkin and I'm going to put Michael Andrew into being a part of the show Orphan at the gas out of the question I want to ask him a lot of questions the different generation those are Republicans and we both are I think conservative Republicans and we both know I'm very friendly and posted Donald Trump but we have differences not important that might indicate the difference in
if you do in generations and I think you'll be interesting as one of the things to look at you know sometimes called both of us and asked us how you split on this because one of you guys is really old well congratulations on the first show many more to come thank you and now let's go to John John how are you
I'm doing well how are you sir
yeah I'm coming from California I live in Butte County over here
well you know I are living in California as you can imagine I'm pretty frustrated with the politics in the way things go around over here I'm all with a criminal justice and everything you know he's violent offenders getting out all the time so I was just wondering your opinion on how you feel that you never thought both games by be able to overcome any kind of fraud or any kind of deficit that they're facing here
you want to know my my advice without spot me like the California California and New York geography and climate and everything else to live please
he could be the same state we were basically a Democrat
dominated stage
with a large number of brainwashed voters
I know I should say more my state than yours I know that man was that they've been voting for Democratic governor now for 20 years the last two are they elected had to leave before their charms of offices were out because of major Scandal the only one who remained was the one who wasn't that was Governor Paterson who really is a fine gentleman but actually probably too honest for them to nominate and then our state controller went to jail couple of other
going to jail as a democrat in New York for a corruption front lights for taking money under stuff
and I think your state I'm not sure just tore up his our butts but the audiological e
I don't know it's somewhere
somewhere in you know the last couple of chapters and kalmar
I feel like they're just trying to do it subtly to I mean if I don't know how up-to-date you are with a lot of the largest tell me the ones that you say I mean resonate them the way they just put stuff out to the voters to is also super confusing like I'm recently we had a option to repeal the the gas tax and yes Mitch no but no meant yes if you look at the word is the verbage on the the recall so everybody was confused and everybody voted yes thinking it would repeal it but instead it just connected to say to be able to raise the taxes on gas whenever they wanted and without any further consent from the voters
play yeah we had that we had that on propositions on our ballot it sounded like
sounded like you were saving money somehow protecting the environment and in fact it's going to cause you know I'm going to be a new bond issue with like 50 billion dollars is a bell that I told you how much money they anticipated a hundred years from now you're going to make them so you think you're going to save a hundred billion but it's going to cost you fifty billion to do it and how do you get that money back depends on whether China reduces its use of renewable energy
which is an inflation
well I think the only thing that you you got to do in California is
the momentum has to you got to go you got to get involved realizing that maybe in the first couple years those loads are going to mean a win but they going to start to build the political movement
I always think of it we think a political leader needs needs at least you know you need to get lucky and you need some charismatic Ronald Reagan to come off
or Donald Trump in other states national publicity I remember Governor Rockefeller did a great job in New York I think I did a pretty good job in New York City Democratic state so you need somebody to come along
you know that will stir up the people and show them that it can be done so but but but if you keep plugging away and you keep going you'll be all right. Do you have a fantastic cam
I will thank you very much for your time I appreciate it you'll have a lot of stuff on there that you can call me about it and then to help me with okay
okay I'll definitely look into it thank you very much sir. It would be very helpful ideas. So we're going to take a short break because the time is going by really quickly will take like a miniature so you can get up and just relax for a second and then we come right back we got a whole bunch of other things to say this time goes by very fast will be back
does Rudy Giuliani backhoe with you I will chat with the mayor we've had to don't know what I would call this a test case for Broadway we've been doing this out of town and do his and sprucing up the show and figure it out what songs working which ones we can't remember and if we would show Bible being difficult trouble cuz he wouldn't remember any of the show so here is a call now from dr. Maria and
dr. Maria good evening mayor Giuliani I did want to call real quickly to congratulate you on your maiden show with BBs but I did also want to comment you do these great podcast @rudygiuliani which stands for common sense. We keep it out longer
yes you do but you just released a really interesting one with alyna Kaba President Donald Trump's lawyer one of his current lawyers and she was really outlining this persecution this political persecution that the former president has been going through and you've always been so complimentary of the FBI you work with the FBI collaboratively with your mafia cases how does some of these reports that the FBI is acting in a political persecution manner affect you like a really short really deep question probably probably worth an article a book or a few sessions with a psychiatrist I don't know it's a matter of
I don't think I can emphasize for you
how much it depresses me and hurts me to see an institution that I held in tremendous a scheme from the time I can remember
that's what they do and I've I've known that unfortunately I've known that way before the public just I found it out quickly very abruptly in late 20
18 in early 2019 that they would not touch cases involving corruption involving Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama and of course your body
the end of I didn't believe it at first I unfortunately they took me under investigation instead of the people that I had to come back from the day that I began invest began at the attorneys for Donald Trump which was in March
until the day that I officially ceased being his lawyer which was basically almost
they went and Aunt surreptitiously my iPod
and took every message of what do you mean devices on Android why didn't you text me
they virtually have
and went and took every one of my text messages from some date in March or April of 20
until until 20 in till until 2020 12 years later lottabody and they just went and spied on you for no reason then compounded it because they didn't find anything obviously they don't charge me with all kinds of crazy things I never did and then they did a search warrant at my house
which essentially was for all the electronic equipment I have in the house and all the electronic equipment I have in the house is Apple and if everything they essentially went and got the electronic equipment all of the text messages that they were looking at and she will email for the last 2 years and after a year of doing it he'll to my business because I've lost numbers and every turn it to me and they didn't officially exonerate me but they look to the newspapers they were
that's the way that's the way a fascist police organization deals with it is not the way a police organization in the greatest Democratic Republic in the history of the war and that's just me and I have to tell you I was dealt with someone gently in comparison to what when they did my search ensued not military gear like they were invading Afghanistan like they did for Rodger Stone and Steve Bannon
I told her that you over there just for ankle braces Book price on the dr. Navarro two ankle bracelets on the 70s
what shocked me more than anything doctor
is white people aren't more outraged
if we is if Bush have done this to Islamic Terror the Democrats would have gone nuts
because they would have said even they are entitled to life so it's real nice Dad isn't it
political party year in in the thing that gets me with you is you are in a steamed lawyer you had other cases so they heard probably try to get information about other clients. Half of my time I will also ask before I was on on radio and television in a regular way and so I'm not going to dispose you the number of
like if I was like I had been 45 years earlier actively involved in practice law but the fact is it was a small number of which makes it easier for them to pick up damaging information I can make them and as you might imagine the people that asked me to represent them
so I didn't understand it at you I wouldn't be. We only have a few more minutes left in me tell you who dr. Maria is dr. Maria Mike Andrew. Going is going to be part of this show if she wants to be because she's a true genius she is a she's a nurse practitioner in the state of New Hampshire which means that she can diagnose the illness has been prescribed medicine just about like a doctor but he has a PHD in hospital Administration and she's had two very big farts for career one is Emergency Management the actual practice of medicine she is an excellent medical provider I know that's having watched them but you also that was for the last seven years up to 3 years ago
voted the seven years in a row is the number one rule for having saved a hospital in New Hampshire that was going under her response to cold it was was football
she had anticipated it
she handled it without any incidents and as she because she had anticipated that you was able to help our entire stay when people didn't have a she pee pee more of it than anyone and Associate anticipated as she did and many other respects and she also as I said is the one who had the first interview with the first tomorrow
Chinese woman who snuck out of understeer of death Way Back 2 months into the thing too much are there in the United States is she not sure what time the Tucker Carlson show she was afraid to go on so I can show because it was National Television afraid meaning the usual first speak English very well the number to the stage fright and it was worked out by the people with her maybe be better if she dealt with a woman that was a doctor and the longer short of it is we interviewed her on our uncovering the truth show with maybe one of the things to help make it the number one show on Sunday and Maria was the first break that the Wuhan lab
was the source of the
the deadly virus about that there is no question anybody who tells you there's a question about that is a damn liar
if you want to question and debate and we will on this show and we'll bring on some of the experts what's it done to wear brightly by the Chinese communist government
in order to hurt us in order to defeat Trump
or was it an accident which they took opportunistic advantage of so that they wouldn't be
at a disadvantage another word here they had a tremendous that this this this is terrible
I'll check the terrible virus League they had no cure for it there if they're supposed to be developing these viruses to develop yours but they're extremely sloppy and they get out and they knew they were going to lose a lot of Chinese people
so here's what they did that is absolutely inexcusable and it's a warm front
they lockdown China and they sent Chinese people all over the world as ambassadors of jet
and Donald Trump saved us a month and a half of that by cutting it off early so which the demented human being in the White House at the time going to mention that you accused me of being a senior fellow and had we had them then we would have had a month-and-a-half more of Chinese coming in and probably another $500,200 check out the way we didn't have an unfortunate we did have them at the time of Afghanistan and as you will learn as we go on with the show he's directly responsible for the deaths of people in Afghanistan who under a president
Republican or Democrat of normal sound mind would never have made the decision that he may like taking out the troops before the civilians
the only two reasons you do that you're connected to
the second one
don't pass over too fast you did get 31 million dollars from China and has not made a contrary decision to their interests and she's been in white including giving up and are based on his phone from China a very very functional are bitch that could be enormously helpful to us if we go to war with you but that's a doctor Maria is and she will be
the part of the show as we move forward one of the panels and one of the people adding her expertise along with Andrew and then we'll introduce some others also take your suggestions I knew you'd like to hear I know a lot of people some like me a lot like to see me dead some even voted to you
interesting you know there was once a vote by the commission of the mafia on whether to kill me
maybe I'll save it for next time what the outcome it would you know they didn't kill that doesn't mean I didn't vote to kill me
I always have close to them they go to 322 not to kill me would be too upsetting what is the morality with nothing good for business so you can see we're going to have a lot of interesting things to talk about this is not intended for me to give sermons like I've done today or do you want me to make up
or a frustration that I have
and I have heard from enough people the frustration that you have that we don't get enough chance to talk on what they called terrestrial radio because of the time constraint and that one of the great things that this new form of radio which is taking over it's about even on ABC it's about 30 to 35 per cent of our audience may be more growing the fastest growing form we have a little more room for discussion
and next week
we'll pick 2 hours and we will start advertising it over the over the weekend so that you can get prepared and and
just don't be embarrassed to pull up and ask away and there's no question that's too stupid try to avoid being silly and get on something and
you know there isn't much you can call me I haven't been called
I think this is really necessary for us to have this Outlet I don't just mean you and me I mean you and me as part of a much larger whole think of it this way as soon as we conclude we're behind an iron curtain you know why the old guy in person it was a Soviet Union and Cold War behind the Iron Curtain of censorship is enormous amount of information every single day that comes to the New York Times Washington Post CNN MSNBC ABC NBC
that 20 years ago would have been tough
and tell Victor that is now looked at it and said no no not getting too close to the election let's not put out that information on setting enough let's not put out that information on Holcombe. She's got three candles I have a shift 144/214 not top of the fold down a little
I know that your office like first of all that way
or you can talk to people who have who have who have turned over and down on the other side I'll have them on
how they justify it and results 80% at least of the mediums that bring you information in a country that is supposed to have serious dedication to the Public's right to know
tells you what they believe they want you to hear in order to develop your opinion in the same way as if I profited for the Soviet Union
You & I me Maria
Bernard mcguirk who just died his partnership
all these people all the people that you know what's called him the right-wing commentators and reporters and
trying to destroy
I try to destroy them from their reputation and keep them from jobs keep sponsors away get them fired got plenty of stories but we have got to get we've got to keep the Free Press going
we got to use got to use our Founding Fathers as a model here and will cost them quite a bit
freedom of religion
freedom of speech
not that there's no free God bless you and thank you for joining in our our out-of-town tryout and we can go back look at it and by the time we come back next week it'll be vastly improved thank you and God bless America

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