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Chat with The Mayor, October 27, 2022

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with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani

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Rudy Giuliani led an award-winning consulting company. His opinion and expertise have been sought after by Presidents, Prime Ministers, business executives and law enforcement.

He also likes learning from others.

In this unique show, you will be able to call in and Chat with The Mayor!
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again and we're here with chat with the mayor and following up on the show we just yet on the 2022 election where we try to deal with that the overview of it and in particular the New York and Pennsylvania racer that had the a rather interesting interesting debates this week that might well have had a big impact on the race if you get the impression that the debate in Pennsylvania unless there's something very weird going on going to have a big big impact on the race in Pennsylvania since Mr fetterman was as inarticulate as the reporter who described was almost dismissed from reporting it turns out to have if anything underestimated the nature of his cock
disabilities which are severe is how a major political party his friends and family can allow us someone who can hardly logical option allow him to run for public office in for a major public off like that there's the entire matter of itself and the control of the Senate itself as well as the control of the House of Representatives more than the ceiling the pole that I have available to be basically basically shows that the Republicans are going to prevail
regard to
the House of Representatives and it's a question of really a question of the number of seats that it will take will it be 5:10 will it be 20 30 will be more than that right now when I look at the gym what they called the generic ballot which is a pretty good
a pretty good reliable indicator of how the congressional election is going to come out it seems to me that there is a good chance that the Republicans victory in the house will be at the higher end of the ones that we've had over the last 20 years or so I'm only basing it on the poles here no no I'm not I'm not only story I'm contradicting myself I'm basing it on Tuesday I'm facing a yes on the pole but I'm also I'm also basing it on
the fact that
you get the feeling
that Republican Republican concern about the future of the Republic
under Joe Biden is much greater than the Democratic concern of what would happen if there were a republican Congress and a Democratic president
if we weren't in such a partisan Europe
that Democrats what might even be higher
because that's sort of like a Biden has
made so many really completely irrational not not even particularly part of the decision for your rational stupid decisions that weren't so
deeply divided I think more people would move but I think the decision making and the result of that has been so profound that they'll be a lot of moose
it's like what happened was fat
they'll be people that just could never vote for a Republican
that will not
ever pull down a lever for fetterman because they wouldn't vote for a man who doesn't know what's going on I mean you don't vote for summer cuz you feel sorry for that particular if they're taking on a job they have no right asking for because they lack
the critical ingredients for that job which is an active and strong and vibrant intellect gone for now at least might be able to come back and number to Express himself in a deliberative body that depends on speechless negotiation I don't know it's like if you've lost your ability to speak how can you be a simultaneous translator that you might feel very woke and very sorry for the person but I'm sorry you're just going to have to find another job for them if they can't speak they can't speak into the microphone I know it sounds stupid
his nomination was stupid and it was sneaky and dishonest cuz he hit it Democrats a person of
your total capability of doing the job he might ideologically be strange without it I don't know there's nobody else is strange and weird audiological yes he is let me know Shapiro ER like called I don't know who's worse and a particularly it and haven't given us present at or having had a Honda crashed against a supporter and a good deal with the Democrat Party in in Philadelphia supposed to be there and he has the record for murder twice now in that great City and that's that's the kind of records that you have that should mean you should go find another job because you can't do the one that you're presently doing you're not capable
there are certain criteria that measure the significance of a job setting a record
it goes back three hundred plus years for murder I do also believe that last year they had more murders than New York in Chicago come by killing field in New York murders have increased quite dramatically so
I will take the Philadelphia and the rest of the state of Pennsylvania is fed up with Shapiro instead of I would think so but we'll have to see
the other Senate race that could have a lot to do with this they all can although if the Democrats hold on to what they have
Ed Gein want
then they have a working majority
so if they lose one and gain to that's the same thing
so that's why Pennsylvania become so important to them but let's say they lose
Taylor's Arizona
what's represented right now by Democrat so that would not be a net loss
that would be a net Weber that was Florida with Rubio then that would be a
and now that have to make up
right now they have to hold what they have and when want
if they lose one they have to hold what they have and when to it's a whole what they have and when to then they did majority becomes 52-48 which is a little safer
and of
and there are people predicting 53247 which would be even safer but I would say I am persuaded that they're going to make it back seat you're going to control the house by a large number of seats they going to control the Senate by a seat or best to and because the momentum of the last week is the trip to Moscow was thinking about Moscow because of the money because of the money that that Biden got from Moscow that they finally explain I've been been I've been thinking about that money for quite some quite some time I really have but the reality is
let's see if we can get it down to the key race I'm going to take one of my boards here check could you give me one of my boards which I like to play with
no matter what don't what I said
the map
let's have some fun with the map
yo yo yo
do we tell you what we have here we go the years before they'll have to just ignore this this map was previously used to describe the three major entry points from the border but look at this stage we can go clean one time a republican I'm going to Markham all red but that doesn't mean they are going to feed that I don't want to waste the time that my color it up too much red so we got we got to race
we got to race right here in New Hampshire right that's it that's a senate race that's in play in doubt we don't I would like to say the one in New York is
but I can't in good conscience because I love Joe pinion he's been a he's been a I guess I'm on the podcast on the show and he's a much better I would say Albany we would just have to concede to the party that that is rotting from the head down this is Harrisburg housing + 10
here are two there in that one hell buy a Democrat
do theoretical you should lose this one and as long as you don't lose any others picked up one you're okay but you never know right I need to do the thing could go the other way here you have General Bowl.
And you have scented a hasson she was leading by very large Mark quite some time
and now he has made it what everyone would consider to be an even Rich this up before the catastrophic debate
this was a two-point election
for sediment
hard to believe and many people do believe now that Oz is ahead by a few points
we come down through here and we don't really have a competitive race or we could go to Ohio and that's just going to go right down here is Ohio is she is banned from Ryan and so now I will tell you the only one I'm willing to call right now and a lot of people wouldn't because it is closed but I just have a feeling about that ignition from one if I 10 11 points is a residual of Republican support I would call that for the Republican I'd say that's it that's a win
David Ross Cubs that's a win
I would say the same thing is true down here we come down to Atlanta
okay does Atlanta
oh you want to put them in as a we are going to be fancy he's going to keep them under side and 12
okay so we got to read there I would say Georgia is definitely Republican this is really not a contested state Florida with Rubio will just mark it off just to get it out now let's go to let's go to Wisconsin where we have a very important race with Senator Johnson holding onto a seat for a
for a senator is a very strong defender of President Trump and I would say he has gone out now to pretty John good lead is going out to a pretty darn good laid there so I would I would mark that I would Mark that to her
the Johnson right that's what I say okay
so now we go towards the West I don't know if I'm missing any in between both go back and check to make sure
Nevada is a very very tight race
lacks lacks salt and Custer
I would I would I would Mark that one that you can black right now I don't know that I'm ready to do that I'm ready to Utah I would say Alexandra Williams but you'll pull that out another one
what does that to the to the Democrats right now
unfortunately so now that gives us one two three four five six seven eight consider toss-ups right
the black in the blue heart rate notice a difference of but we can't do in Arizona I tell you what Ted what is going to happen in Arizona
in Arizona where should the senate race in the governor's race if we were to look at the governor's race Kari Lake is looking really strong and the other is much closer and the debate is there enough time outside of the political ideology unfortunate incident where she was shot in the face so those sorts of
now it's hard to see the big blue and black
45 red
5 red
is this one still possibly have an estimate Russia
I wouldn't worry about that I can consider that a truss if I could
I consider Nevada
pause up in Arizona Democrat Democrat Democrat
about to say Colorado and and and seen it
so now let's let's let's see if we find a reminder to pick up no pick up yet here
for us because if we we would have win that we would take it from the Democrats over to New Hampshire we take it from the Democrats if they would have went Pennsylvania they take it from the Republicans those are both thought they could cancel each other out correct right so let's say that like save it
let's say that they pick up
Pennsylvania let's say that somehow for some weird reason because it's Halloween but then if I would have went back when we start even said it right now we don't call them this is a gain of a sheet
in Ohio
the right now
right now we're + 1
if we go over to if we go over to Wisconsin it's holding a seat
that makes it that makes it plus one
if we go down to Georgia and walk away in its + 2
Rubio doesn't matter let me know that when we go out here in Denver. They just hold it in Arizona
in Salt Lake Salt Lake City we're holding onto a sheet we have Williams holding onto history and in Carson City for picking up the seat so you'll see it could be + 3
give me plus three Republic and it could be there at 6:53 and then it would be on the Democrats side it would be 47 now is
if they
if they
if they split Harrisburg at New Hampshire
if they split Harrisburg Pennsylvania and New Hampshire Remains the Same
if they split these Remains the Same
is that what a wooden bows
my goodness that would be 65
at 8:55 they would win both and if they would have pick up Nevada
the Beast 56 so that's probably the furthest I could go 56
Beach out of 5644 and that would be quite a mark
my guess is
it's going to end up about here
he gets to this then you have a really big Democratic big red way
to get remember to get to to get to 53
so if you if you pick up
if you pick up
you pick up New Hampshire you pick up one
Harrisburg means you don't lose anything
Columbus you pick up to Georgia you pick up 3 Tallahassee you don't lose it
Wisconsin you don't lose any gear S3 Ohio we are you sometimes you are right you are right so take everything down by one this is 5255 is this as you you're not ready to call PS3 2:55 so once again if you if you win New Hampshire
you window after you pick up one
if you're hold on that's one for New Hampshire if you hold on to Harrisburg you remained the same with your hold on to Columbus you remain if you hold onto Columbus you remain the same the whole lot of Madison you remain the same if you pick up Georgia it's plus two if you pick up if you hold on to Tallahassee it Remains the Same if you
if you lose at a Colorado it literally means nothing in the sense that you don't lose anything if you lose Nevada
you lose nothing right
if you lose up if you lose Arizona you lose nothing I just heard you tell her I'm sorry if you'll lose Arizona lose nothing the only place you could lose out here you have to get lose Utah built Lee would have to leave it have to lose
and I would say Lee is going to win
so the most likely that we could call right now is to
this basically 52 244th I would say it's the most like
the one that you get in New Hampshire
she can take it the one you're going to get in Ohio are not getting my brother in Georgia
next what you would think that's what you would pick them up
if you get if you get
if you get lucky
and this is totally inconceivable on your pickup
Las Vegas now you now you were 53
and this is this is
what's what's time in the order in which are the most durable
the most durable this one Ohio that is going to happen
that will be us holding a C-SPAN report has retired and so you're saying as far as it comes to open seats that is most likely to be our
is take me an open seat but if we only keep it it's just a republic
next to our Georgia
and Pennsylvania
terms of likely
the next one is New Hampshire
and the bottom that's so in terms of that tells you that
the change of the Republican victory in the Senate is
I would say
I would say for sure a good chance he's not even
now here's the caveat to order which is
Paris 2 weeks to go
and two weeks
two weeks ago today I think most people would have predicted a fairly narrow but but but decisive victory in the house I don't know if that's ever been in doubt World it flips and flops and turns and don't know that that as at all been in doubt and it probably would have been thought of as
the Senate was going to stay tie or maybe even go up one vote for Democrats but now I would say the odds are moderately big victory in the house. Just moderate to a small victory in the Senate
Governor's I haven't looked at his careful
do birds have to go to scare people I'm sure interested in my opinion of the two big ones the two big ones of Florida and New York and I would say Florida is DeSantis all the way against one of the biggest and most dishonest Scoundrels and politic Charlie Prince I would say a New York is still one you can't call for Republicans but it's just quite remarkable that you could call it pretty close to a toss-up tickly after Sheldon performance in the last debate which is quite Superior. Holcomb and hope those ridiculous remark that she didn't know why
tell the relation crime and punishment for Crime so important in May or what does it tell you that for 12 days out all his time.
Why would you bring the president if I'll even though he's not even know he's in New York I would say you were also we also should say that the reason in Michigan to very big one and become a very very close when it wasn't supposed to be the one in Arizona is a big one and once I carry let's go to win that one the set it which might help set it when a couple of surprises to with Democratic Governors That was supposed to went behind by a point which ones they are the races in in in Austin Texas with me I don't know where the Democrats find these people you know I said a minute no walk that Robert Francis O'Rourke was born to be president
it looks like looks like looks like it's not going to be a step in his inevitable Destiny the White House that's all I bet that race is over in the absentee ballot they went too far there with that that that that Jim Crow stuff and Jim Crow stuff from Shelton The More people voting in the state of Georgia that have a warrant here
including black people
so I think that's a pretty good idea of a pretty good analysis of it I guess the question becomes what could happen between now and then that would change it
right now I don't think it can change it
dramatically I think that what could happen it is you could go back to where you were two weeks ago and I haven't much more
competitive race in the Senate which might go to the Dems or the Republicans could go back to that I don't think it will but you never know and and the house to the numbers could come down a bit but I think the house is now inevitably Republican in the Senate is probably Republican and
it'll be a very good thing for the country because the president needs a check and you need something
I think you know from this you will listen to me at all that I believe that the President should be removed on the 26th amendment believe he fits the words of the amendment which says that you should seek his removal was not capable of carrying out the duties of President of the United States are showing it in every indication that he has a diminished capacity to think and to remember and do the things that the president has to do with you even though Irish so desirable you don't get to make that choice you got to make it harder decision on that first question and be honest decision is that they should begin the proceedings constitutional proceedings to remove him which
but you're always very jarring and always very
difficult but I fear that if we don't do it we will get into a lazy pattern of allowing these are people who are
very unwilling to give up power whatever they have to to continue to do that and play this game in the in the future so they can we move on
but I got to get decided now it's Ballot Box and just just two weeks of course both make sure you vote
and make sure that that that you that you say to yourself you're not going to let anybody in anyway discourage you from doing that it's critically important that you exercise your ballot and even goes wrong you report it because we should I want to see the same thing as last time you met or what would you say to some folks maybe even some Republicans some voters in Pennsylvania who may have been strong supporters of President Trump who are they look at dr. Oz and maybe on some of the question if he is conservative
a lot of people get electric managed to wear untested and turn out to be great President Trump was untested and it turned out to be a great present from the conservative or I don't think that that's
but I don't think experience in the Senate means that much it's up to you really doing this end of this intricate your photo on the most important legislation of the world you take positions and you have influence over some of the most important decision isn't a job where you need to be there for 20 years to understand it a good deal with it if you want to stay at almost intuitive way it's been in politics
and what would you say to voters who made it and how do Republicans keep their voters coming out if they're looking at bowling and you're hearing are Republicans Red Wave, what always happens if you get up and go I mean if you are losing if you're losing too much there's a fear that nobody will come out and vote because you're you're complacent and what the heck you would like to join a I think that's a little less true than the other way around because you would like to join a victory would like to say is going to win and they marginally even like that person then want to go to work I think you cute I think the vote that's unaffected by it is the Democratic vote in New York
I think that I think that they will come out to vote in large numbers
and I take the enthusiasm live on the Democratic side about that the Democrats can be hard to pick up I don't see I don't see Obama's approval rating be down at the 40 to 35% level
that keeps people away rather than send them there and
New York mayor President Biden has tried to paint himself as kind of a will that work at em coming Upstate New York will this work I don't see how he turns that me if anything he's much more popular among the people who voted against it or had or had the desire to vote against for his voter base molding in Long Island and his
the vote the vote out in Upstate New York
I don't know
I know where I'm at if you going to take him anywhere you take my New York City will you take him to that middle of Philadelphia has been with Chicago Police got the solid Democratic vote and you want to bring some come home I would not take him to a neutral or republican area if I were that but I'm not them and therefore I'm happy to do it do you think former President Barack Obama is going to play at parties you know he's visiting messages to places like Michigan on behalf of it, Governor Gretchen Whitmer
you think there are places where I can help with that. Guess I guess if they picked Democratic districts that are still very loyal to him that that would be places where he could help but I think the nowadays you go to your place and the rest of the press let you know that you're there including the people who just like you then find out and if we are going to come out much larger numbers till I mean there's no easy question to the never is when a president gets up the negative
and what it is and what it what do you anticipate will be the top two issues we need to ride the economy is really going to be in front if you might want to make it three issues
your father
using the culture wars how much of one culture wars some of the things those sorts of things are moving people that that that has been so much so much a part of coverage conservative liberal media woke media whatever that said no to go get the two driving issues and you're right on both of them
you going to win big to run on one of them we want to be right on
New York City would be truant
are Democrats overplaying their hand on issues like abortion talked about that a lot and somebody is it 1:00 because they they can't defend some of these other big issue or is it is it to they really think this is something a majority of Americans or something else
I think Democrats are hoping that they can revive it as a subject as a subject and it's on the poles and it's at a fairly you know fairly substantial margin although it is down to 8% and some I wouldn't if I were the Democrats I would not give up on it I think all told are there a repetition of it but if I don't want to look for new and more creative ways to say the same thing because it is the issue they're going to have to convince people that's the only thing I have going for them I don't think you're going to sell themselves on crime or the economy being the government economy
at least
play suggested I could muster at this point so we want to get to the midterms and force mayor but looking ahead to the day after the morning after do you anticipate maybe depends on how I'll let your day goes you anticipate an immediate push from the Democrat Party to keep Joe Biden from running for re-election know something happened but I think it'll happen it'll happen in the next to you I don't see the Democratic party letting him be the standing of the party I means to check these two
Izzy doesn't look like the kind of person that needs somebody like Harris this is something like that you think that she could appeal to a broader base of Americans going in 24 or the Democrats be looking elsewhere maybe there's somebody like Secretary of State Pete buttigieg I think they destroyed the temple
I think that depress depress depress that loves them as destroyed, they cover her problems much more than they do hit and people are aware of it and I think that that coverage has defined her publicly and its way out of a definition
play something right I mean this is someone Kamala Harris made her announcement I believe in Oakland California and at that time a lot of the press were with her and he throws his son donated the most money she was up she was ever a frontrunner but she was a strong Contender and then
Tulsi gabbard destroy her
speaking of Tulsi gabbard what do you make of having someone Tulsi gabbard switching the Democrat party's over
as opposed to someone like you were seeing a lot of old school Democrats you I went to my father's day it'll be a lot in common with some today's pharlap Minaj they're not big with the bushing and AOC and
did I do that
and that's the million-dollar question is the Democrat Party are they waking up
they may be losing some of these motors as they did the Trump and so maybe they're trying to ship messaging to bring them back try to put out some of my friends invited he's trying to paint in Scranton Joe Hannity
I don't think he's going to run about to give you don't want to but I don't think it's physical and mental capacity you'll be there it is after all an illness that gets worse is that he really doesn't have a few do you take a look at fetterman for example betterman has the possibility of improving not likely given the kind of illness it was but he has a possibility of improving but Trump has had so many from so young is hard
so I would like to I'd like to say to everyone that
organize yourself so you can devote remember last time I'm by last time I mean 2020. 21 day at work
watch deficits in some places in terms of people who didn't vote you got strong convictions about this thing between yourself and your self this is this is something that you already a federal assistance to make a decision you watch a program of the local government that's going to have a lot more to do with how we how we come out of everything
so we need your support to do that or how can listen to keep up with you this election we know you're putting out conscience find by mobilizing good patriotic American to come out exercise their right to vote how can I stay in touch with you I know social media platform has to go to Rudy Giuliani
and and send us with what we need to see that common sense
that is lacking greatly in the United States the great we definitely need time and said if your on social media platforms you can follow her on Facebook Instagram Twitter gather truth social subscribe to his YouTube channel
and there's so many our place to stay in touch with the day will I die by a Google can I have to see how next week is very important because of the debates and I don't think that the Democrats going to give either one of them another day I think they both made it as strong as they could and as short as short as short so is there any reason for the Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania Governor debate for mix by Mr fetterman does it serve his any reason for him to go out to try and maybe fix things up protect his own race and to go up there and debate
any anyone anything there across the border where they're behind or they're just really just naturally aggressive I would have thought that you'd be one of those but it's not the main thing is it's going to rest on the advertising the appearances what they know of the two candidates mastriano is a a real American Patriot he went out and when my son was running and faced a possible threat because Starfleet was wearing they were playing different things play a different scene so we had to be very very can we had the amount of animosity towards a particular back to the beginning when Angela's my name is was very great now that's changed
expect some people waking up to the realities of the current president is that wise
you know it seems to me an interested be a process with going through it seems to me that random person has taken over now we end up with these crimes are not necessarily of the mass shootings but the smash and grabs in the store is the deepest part of the Subways and we don't know why it's just it's just angry behavior was just something that she's never led to such consequences Beyond being a control controllable by a properly controlled by the laws
play any any closing remarks here as we as we wrap up another great hour with mayor Rudy Giuliani don't become complacent you're ahead by too much are behind by too much I've seen many of those are reversed idea that momentum momentum depends upon that people get up off that you
and I know one knows exactly what it's going to be and I would just get up and vote
so I would say that we're at a total at the end now and I want to thank you for listening and I want to thank you if you if you give your response to Rudy Giuliani and ask me the questions that I really interested in conversing with you and going back and forth because I've learned so much from you you're a source of knowledge
a source of wise decision
so you could you can send them into me at Rudy Giuliani
you help me know how cold is it at work and very very hard to try to preserve the first and thank you very much for listening and thank you for being part of this and so the next time God Bless America

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