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Chat with The Mayor, October 25, 2022

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Chat with The Mayor
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with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor

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Rudy Giuliani led an award-winning consulting company. His opinion and expertise have been sought after by Presidents, Prime Ministers, business executives and law enforcement.

He also likes learning from others.

In this unique show, you will be able to call in and Chat with The Mayor!
Airing every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Eastern Time. 

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hello this is Rudy Giuliani and you are on
call the mayor former mayor of New York this is a show that is a dedicated to your being able to call me and ask me anything you want
me and we don't have to worry about
have to worry about sensors and kind of things that they don't do in fascist countries and
communist countries and places like that it's a free country
the First Amendment to the Constitution that many people feel is in the First Amendment because that and freedom of religion are the real historical basis Republica bars and
I don't need to tell I think most of you that under the regime is presently and many of the states
circulate the accelerator by the the pandemic
you look at the kind of cancel culture that we live in now and if you say the wrong thing then the West Wing Legacy Media democratic
a lot of the business interested
will try to destroy you
I see this big iron for I know that goes back to the Cold War Winston Churchill Iron Curtain the censorship we just trying to stop you from getting information that is dangerous
and they work together to keep that information from you I guess the most dramatic example of that was the suppression of the computer or hard drive which was
probably one of the most relevant pieces of information to a presidential campaign it was a it was a copy of everything on his computer Hunter Biden computer for about a six or seven year period which revealed in a committed by his father as the vice president and then as a privacy and in some cases having reference going back to Prime 30 years ago committed when chosen fighting with a Saturday Hunter Biden had one of the many times that he was overwhelmed by drugs which if you want the hard drive in the pictures on it looks like a majority of
with the computer repairman in was it that was because of the drugs because the general desire to be caught which has a really interesting thing to explore or by the way in excellent movie that is suppressed
I think if you just put it under my son you'll be able to get it and it's a very small charge like $78
fictionalized version of it but realized only to give it a certain degree of humor and entertainment actually laugh watching it I feel guilty last night I feel guilty laughing when biting does what he did yesterday and refers to president hair
he's the president of the United States of America
with astounding amount of power
literally the power to destroy a lot of the world
he's probably the best job of any American president in destroying the American values American economy American Safety and I can't think of a president has done more direct damage to this country so I don't know why I'm laughing and I'm whenever I do it's kind of a shot myself across the face but yesterday was remarkable
I mean this is probably the third or fourth time is referred to as president actually congratulated her mother on
all of the vice president
I'm not jealous I wish I was as follows other equally
demented things that he's done like looking for a Jed congresswoman in the white husband
I'm walking away from the microphone and then clearly not knowing where he was aware
I have not exactly within reaching distance I would happen if I have to interrupt this broadcast but when we take a little break I'll go get it I I haven't had to buy some time something called the DSM spot DSM-5 is the psychiatrist psychologist a Bible used for the purpose of diagnosing probably mental illness
Beatrice almost every one of the symptoms of
Dance Dimensions
if you want want to go into that in more detail you can go to Rudy Giuliani
you can go back to about job
I'd say
August 2020 and I have a podcast
I wish two of dr. I'm researching Joe B
and now and I didn't get to examine him personally so that you have to factor that into how you evaluate this but what they did do was quite the studiously review his
videos available
it was a 10-year period is debating when he ran for vice president of a democratic questioning and then they contrasted it with and now we're talking about roughly to the way he spoke now first of all you know the speaking style was notoriously different meaning
I guess you would call normally like you do and I do and now all seeing lately
I have spent a fair amount of time in nursing home visiting and then
the things that he likes about very very clear and very
three significant listed as sign up
big bass tournaments in that is
the loss of short-term memory
that is so traumatic that you forget what you are talkin about immediate
for example I would now forget that I'm talking about your body
about his dementia and I would be I would I would stumble or Forbes
there's a recent situation I think was on Sunday during an interview by one of his lap dog and he was being asked a question and I fell asleep
and then the reporter kind of signals him and
spoke a little louder
the wake up confused. The question was about whether his wife wants him to run for prep and he begins by saying the first... The first lady
I can't tell I'm actually I first thought he was sleep but his Defenders say he wasn't he was just up just put his head down to think
what happened if that's the case then we're we're we're talkin about the symptoms that your doctor about the DSM-5 indicates which is he lost
so everybody does sometime
when you do it all the time I need does it
easily one of the three times when I speak
in fact I was giving the advice by one of these doctors went went went when President Trump was debating him basically just let them talk let me go beyond all the sudden and unfortunately he was interrupted or interrupting or or the moderator by Chris Wallace everybody tries to say fine to try to save them and putting them in a place
I know she'll have a safety
do you think capable of carrying out the duties of President of State understand
I do not understand
how the people around you as Americans
Royal American
does that have a square with your conscience
man in the most sensitive position in the country
who is struggling to sing
making up a complex reasoned decision
you overlooked that
we have to examine what's wrong with you
why you doing is it personal power is it green because you make money off his presidency
is it a calculation that that vice president or as I think that's possible.
even though she she seems like she's out of it most of the time I have no doubt that you can shout mine
and I do think I'd come out in Facebook having somebody a sound mind as president
who might be a president that's in effect of incompetent and
ideologically pervert
at least you have a functioning brain
make that choice for our return the past as what we're doing now and in the presidency
I don't know how happy we're going to become you know in the future and I don't just mean
I have to be a oil tea Beyond politics
Country Inn to the Constitution
common sense in Fairplay
oh my goodness we have a call from a man I'm going to have him I'm going to have him and I believe this is
person I'm taking up a robber you there it is Rob from Secaucus
well I am
a New Jersey resident in the town called Secaucus which is a stone's throw across the Hudson River from Midtown Manhattan and I am a huge fan of Rudy Giuliani and his style of speaking and the subjects that he tackled in light of the fact that they've come after him they so I don't know where the day is is my second favorite sports venue
where the New York football Giants play
that's correct and you know
I meant Sunday rather than Saturday so I'm probably get like 5 and Sunday the Giants won a game that was one of the more ridiculous games I've ever seen with a pass to the one by the end of the game so how are you and what you want to talk about
I'm well and then I can tell you that the my business that I've been in business for over 20 years here in Secaucus right and we cut the hair of many of these sports figures like you know about the New York Giants that used to take team pictures by guys that have to duck to get through the door at 8 when I first started taking pictures in the whole team would come over by the by the time you know when they're going to be there and I'll see if I can see if they let me out of work and I can maybe she'll let me come over absolutely I will yes we we we
I'm a sports nut so let's Sports baby MLB MLB Major League Baseball Studios the right here we got we got the guys from that from they're coming in all the time as well you know from the
the correct ya Ali barber shops I guess I should say bars and of course no hair salons for women and
your Barber Shop is kind of like a hangout
yeah well I hope you do with this actually is professionals we will get our clientele basically consists of professionals these people have careers and the Lots going on and they want to get in and they want to get out so we have to we have to run like a clock you know what appointment scheduling is very strange that I can maybe help you yes you can
what would you like to discuss you always have interesting points of view and
I'm going to be well I heard a lot about biting just now you were talkin to man on man of course here you know you're right on the money and did you see this on your describing this psychological phenomenon that are known to exist people who are in the science of psychology they understand things that people do like almost like self-mutilate not so I don't mean mutilation I'm coming up short on words I mean because maybe they have went over to the World Trade Centers and just fainted and fell today
I wonder if that was just the weight of all the collection at that moment like weighed heavy on her right while giving koshy is it could be
I told I told President Trump to then Donald Trump I told him that she would collapsed at the 9/11 ceremony
and that we should stay there as long as we could he should because she would find it difficult to leave you know before him and I had seen her at that event for several years she had a hard time standing for that length of time and also
you have to go back to the last that. Of time during the campaign she looked to me like she was
what are the Medicaid in order to stay away from products I would look in her eyes I said they're kind of shoes in a row and I said that you liked stay there and we were me and because she left and my chief of security ran over to me and said you won't you won't believe it may or I have her on video collapse into the car
wow antenna on the Trump campaign for the next Doctor
you saw it coming you know what I told you you were right when you focus on the clintons you focus on the turning point
for the for the Wii to ship with the Democratic party which after all up until then was much different than the Republican party just a different ideologies I wouldn't say that the Democrats were any more honest or dishonest in the Republican party has a monopoly on virtue you ain't kidding about that
maybe upper echelon of the Democrat Party
and they put all the time so don't think you can McConnell and all the rest of the person running for Florida Governor Scandal she's only been a year and I'm afraid that the
stuff that's what it's all about for these people because they probably they don't really have any inherent Talent you know they're not need to get by somehow when I guess corruption is the is the default for them and it's terrible it's terrible to watch and speaking of drugs or something I think they have to keep him off the drugs for a while downtown he's like a guy who's half asleep but then all of a sudden for an event they get them all going and I'm saying did you know what you're telling me was lying to me in great detail about 4 weeks ago by a doctor but you're telling me we don't have any proof of it so I can't really
but he has a fiery exactly like yours that day they prop them up to certain events with drugs
but that they can't use the drug all the time because they actually become like almost addicted to
when they need it doesn't nap so I don't know if it's true or not but that's it that isn't very same as dr. support what you're saying
yeah I'm if you can see it it's it's clear and how about Megyn Kelly she came out a couple days ago opening on what went on with him and his hands on that young girl again then giving her dating advice of what the hell is with this guy if you if you if you really
if you looked at the whole hard drive
oh yeah she's the families a very disturbed, I think so I think so I made some very very disturbed and Lena number was not just this honesty but let's hope that the American people have absorbed enough of this so they deliver a real review to the Democrat Party and they start straighten themselves out you know on November 8th I hope you know I think that's the Democrat Party they have done so much Carnage in the last how many years is it is it going to be like a four-year five-year run of just disaster Carnage now that's been going on because of them with the Russian collusion take you back to at least 2016 right so that's good
6 years of destroying the fabric of America which is clearly what they tried to do with trying to do but I wouldn't be surprised and it seems almost now that you know whether it's saying okay we got more than we ever could have expected in these last three for five years and this isn't it it's almost inevitable that we're going to lose this upcoming election a meeting really this is what this is this is what they call fighting for the midterms you don't hear any kind of fighting words let me just ask you one of the think what do you think of this fenneman die in in the state on your other side of Pennsylvania
it's unbelievably it's another Joe Biden moment they take the worst possible candidate that they could find and recycling see him in the street panhandling and the ones are the best the other brother a dollar that they can turn him into a wall Street Guru and and they do it all over the bed
oh that sounds like a good one. Fellas was great completely uneducated illiterate
guy is going to be to be president United States you know like that
yes I didn't know what I did somebody mentioned it to me and what I did was I got clips of it on YouTube I didn't see it from beginning to end but I will yeah I just wrote a movie and sellers is that mean he's just released great actor and then surely but claims it was also Shirley MacLaine is trying to seduce him at the funniest thing you've ever seen in your whole life
oh yes I will want one more Invasion of the Body Snatchers explains this member we were talking about that mess formation
I've never seen but I will you all watching baby and you watch Leonard Nimoy Donald Sutherland and I forgot a couple others but you had a great movie and I will I'm going to look into this over come over and hang out with the haircut people at some point or an absolutely yep all right make whatever arrangements are necessary God bless thank you thank you for the God bless you as well I'll talk to you I'll talk to you on Thursday
Robin has a real complete
obviously you know.
And he's a good sounding board since I'm solo
I'll be the one that it may or now or for involved deeply in any campaign in the bubble from the point of view where the average citizen I'm always I've always done that's what I just did there but I was mayor I really recommend it to politicians and really want to be
Public Service Republican or Democrat
not used to do one town hall meeting every month
I like to go to a different bar out and they were good structured so people are sometimes people use it for their own reasons Sometimes they used to try to trap you some time to try to help you a little bit loose in the diner
we could go over some of those are nice person
the congressman or state representative
most people just say okay what's going on what's their perspective on how do they look at it that you can't believe what you want
a big public opinion polls and focus groups because it's a lot more honest and natural and you're not selecting the topics day off
when they select the top it means there's a lot of intensity to it and you don't get that from pulling because you decided I really recommend that if you're in a position of authority like
can't believe what you find out and and the and the strategy will come up with
read it like a real job that you didn't like
looks like an acting position
it was always you know long before but Joe Biden was dementia. I don't have no joke
I believe since 1981
he's always been
not very bright
and I always felt that he got bye-bye posture you're basically saying whatever they put on the cars in front of them sometimes not even reading it correctly
I mean
don't think you really appreciate if you don't before that just have done it the guy that trouble
you take you take your guys in this comes into it probably not intelligent enough to be present in the first one
Denny's Dimension also talked about the rent. That is not focused on enough. I think probably know there a protest going on in Iran
and are they started about the camper and they started a reminder is it in the news now and Target to disappoint disappoint you but you started with the Jessup fight for your old Massa Massa I mean e m a h s a i mean a m i n r Marcia was beaten and beaten so badly till
because she violated the dress code of the tyrannical regime of the Ayatollah
the I told the reign of terror
and how she she had a
Iraq Iran War
she was Joe because a little piece of her hair
came out of her head covered
just a little Peach
I didn't interrupt your podcast today which will be out tomorrow I think with the man whom expert on this man that tried to kill
is David o'doherty and he is a really very very intelligent but that is not uncommon what I'm telling you is not uncommon for me to be eating part The Killing part
sometimes but I mean if you if there is there is actual police force has the dress code
what were this is what
don't say nobody keep statistics on this job remaining on this description
as happened in the past
Andy and the regime of Terror track down immediately as they have been able to do in the past by using brutal force right at the very beginning
actually accelerated so let me take you to where we are now as of today
it been about 198 cities have had big big protest
documented over 30 teenagers some children
there are an estimated 20000 people in detention
and the protests continued as I speak and the process involves sign saying just for the dictator just said to me just the pressure be at the shop or the leader the leader is to mean I'm reading to you now from video chat inside a rant I have access to it because of
my long-term association with the any cat and I have been looking over the last five years at numerous protests in a rat
this is
these protests will do a bit of a surprise to the American people the intensity of these protests going on since 2017
that's why 17 2018 there were protests multiple protests by the
by the teachers by the bus drivers by the doctors by the nurses calling for the removal of tomato
Donald Trump help expressing support for which he gave no support when he was trying to reach his agreement with Iran and at what you did and pumped billions of dollars into the rain why you did that only he can explain to God I don't know but you surely had to know if you give them money that you're going to kill me if you don't be president
any events
so this doesn't happen in a vacuum these protests were reaching really
big lots and the Machine
watch everybody calm down a little and this has revived I'm going to make a prediction for you
these protests are not going to answer to the
I don't know if they going to last 6 months a year 2 years 3 years
I watch them carefully
and they have the characteristics of the kind of protest that happened when people have decided they'd rather die than live under the conditions that are being opposed
and that whelming number of rhenium have made that decision
from all walks of society this this involves a Shiite Muslim
it involves the Era construction of the Rand to the South it involves the other ethnic groups and you know you've got many different ethnic groups and it seems to be something in which they are all involved
and it is now well into the second month and
you're here are the top 10 characteristics that alley razor noted that these are terminal protest
that means of
it's up there just continue and the more people they kill the more protesters that come out and it's in Gulf map of Turkmenistan
write down by the board of wage throughout the country
and the focus is without any doubt where they are machines at the sign or adjust to the dictator Khomeini we will fight we will. I will take her and another one just to the oppressor be at the shop or the leader from Annie
this is not a protest is a revolution
it's it it it it it it is
not giving me American people the knowledge they need to understand the world to keep calling this protest this is a revolution that is going on and you look at it carefully and analyze it carefully this is an ending without a resolution all destroyed or the Ayatollah is going to be overthrown
the slogans are Universal so from the Wicker standard Curtis and you've got the same theme over throat
the community is
the community's 290 support to it all taken care of the people that have been for our joining the protest and volunteering to the effort taking care of the beaten
Khomeini is the main target there is no other Target and razor who is his prime minister who is a mass murderer by the way they are are in their folks
every ethnic group
they have made it clear that he knows that nothing less than machine
that is beginning to peel off
this could be
throw of
you're one of the most oppressive
I needed the most disrupted in the world has gotten herself now involved in in the Ukraine of the Russians with the with the with the bombs at our place there
because of your expertise into enjoying that haven't done that to you how many Americans killed many Young Americans
this is another point of complete confusion to me with the Biden and Obama and their support for the rent
and the other thing is they are almost what appears to be insane desire to reach some kind of nuclear agreement with them
I never understood why Obama sending hundreds of millions in cash to Iran when he was president was not investigated what truck was investigated
about sick about that right just for a moment just focus on
why would a president to live a cat
in an incredible amount in there
and not send a wire
Sovereign Nation
what did the president think when he did it
and Obama was able to say
you have to ask yourself why do they want chat
Bobby bright
no one cast for government operations to assist the people of a ran with starving
they want Jazz because that's the way you helped organize women
what is the things that about around all the time that I don't think anybody disagree with the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world
how how do you square with your conscience if you have spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an airplane overnight
country that devote resources
who supported terrorists Who Kill
0 citizens
the Iranian touch for Honda Solomon he was responsible for the death of that young America
they were extremely active in Iraq and killing Americans
the focus on american-israeli
they are dedicated to the destruction completely the state of Israel one of our strongest allies
we give them cash
and we're and we're debating you know what it is the singer guy being at his Connecticut
what is the name of the dollar store
I mean that's like Beyond in another realm that if I'd probably suggest it I end up with no being attacked all kinds of other stuff
someday I would like to see Obama have to answer that
I'm sure that money was used to kill
more people and achilles rally money sent by the president United States
world's largest sponsor of terrorism
what are you capable of knowing and approving and doing things like that
why did you post it
are you going to do it again but I was coming in today to do my radio broadcast of Alexa
and I don't know why you put it that way she will have to resign and Scandals which one is the wisdom
what type of
the white why do people just bought like this and I can give you a New York having run and having been the Republican elected in the 20th century and only the second that remained a Republican
I have to say the Democrat Party has brainwashed
Democrats even though it's absurd
you continue to put Democrats in Albany which probably is more crooked than washing
and the person that is now seeking election has already demonstrated all the characteristics of being a
Yoshi's chicken
was Richard Nixon a campaign contribution
from a company that she didn't deliver the contract to
or will the 600 million
allowing them to charge three times more than California charges for the same
one of the worst suffering you
Congressman Sheldon is a
is a is a veteran of the military has been a very effective congressman
you may just grab me the biggest issue is the defendant Trump all right you may disagree with that but he's going to end this ridiculous situation in which is an estimate done by a criminologist that something like something like a thousand people were out on the street who should be in jail if I were mayor or or poor or below Bergen and rake out and those are the five through seven thousand on subway tracks and shooting them nice and and the whole thing about.
eBay did you got control over guns he has it Adam but they're doing it would not
this isn't a question of the instrumentality used for murder which Democrat Party avoids because
they don't want to hold the criminals responsible
Supercar you voting for the same
W good sign of who you shouldn't put in office
at least until we can talk
so I guess I'm pleading with the people of my state
please don't continue this you're going to destroy the state of New Jersey electing you are the worst of it is in the country
Spider-Man character in
is Pennsylvania
doesn't understand English anymore needs a translated by some software, for he has a brain damage pictures of Ali second degree murder supports this guy in Philadelphia who has probably single-handedly destroyed the city of Philadelphia is a roller derby now his record murdered the more murders than any time in the history of the city of Philadelphia application the police bring him
Democratic party of Pennsylvania Republican so they go to beat you or kill you
and then sauce came in with 34 billion and made a V8 again
now trying to remove my car Brad guy here in New York for a husband
is silent doesn't do anything about it in the governor in New York h and I would say the obligation to remove a district
I don't know what's wrong with them. Trying to figure it out all I can tell you is I don't know what's wrong with the boat
why do you go to
1 people killed in Chicago 50 years of democratic rule last weekend it was 55 shootings and murders
13 of the shootings and killings were teenagers 78% black
where is Black lives matter what situation you know
what's up
50 people in one weekend 78
it is routine happens every weekend I spent fifty years of the same political party that makes it worse
a daddy a put there by syrup
give me the pattern is obvious
obviously making suckers out of you when you both work
uniformly and intensely and dramatically station Democrats
but I realized I got to step forward and take over their party so we can have a really active vital two party system in this country
you mean I guess I can put icy on the television Here Charlie Crist governor of Florida and last night he challenged to say about the idea of the DeSantis you know what will you promise I promise to remain Romney
Jamaican vice president when he was governor of Florida other words to interrupt his service too far
a good reason all the start of death inside my staff you know the charger
and I can tell you about my experiences with him
what is whining again for governor the governor raised taxes the people would have gone somewhere else not far it's only because of the way because of governor Scott and Governor DeSantis in Florida in
what are the premier states in the country in terms of gross
how dishonest people like this get his apology
how they for the people still did not been in politics for a long time confusing to me
and I am Bound in Duty bound to try to go get a chance to change it so we get honest people in on both sides
I have no illusion that any Marley better than Democrats just so happened. Not history
the leadership Echelon of the Democrat party has been taken over by crooked and perverse
and they are bound and determined to impose that on this country and I think there's an element of ecology working its way through so many of these people were educated and trained
and yeah we can we can save that for another broadcast that I can trace that for you and show you that they've basically following Mark how do you prepare a country attacking it tomorrow so thank you very much or I will be back on will be back on on Thursday except on Thursday will come on a little earlier I'm BBS and we will be discussing the 2022 election and the state of it which
between now and Thursday maybe they change it is really Dynamic normally fascinating and ignore most important to the future of our country may be may be the most important picture on the election was ever had I do think it is and I am not a candidate I'm telling you that as a matter of fact you very very much for listening please return on Thursday on Thursday for the two hours starting at 5 if you to say a prayer tomorrow morning and thank God that he allows you to be part of this great nation

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