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Chat with The Mayor, October 20, 2022

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with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor

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Rudy Giuliani led an award-winning consulting company. His opinion and expertise have been sought after by Presidents, Prime Ministers, business executives and law enforcement.

He also likes learning from others.

In this unique show, you will be able to call in and Chat with The Mayor!
Airing every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Eastern Time. 

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hello this is Rudy Giuliani and you are listening to call the bay this is your opportunity to call up if you want
ask whatever you want we're not constricted by a political correctness we're not constricted by
what are the other terms that we use now I'm not even sure
communism stupidity socialism
fascism you ask what you want and I'll give you the best answer I can in the most honest answer I'm going to start off with something I'm enormously worried about and really real
now this is what we have people listening obviously not just from the article though I'm in New York right now we can see the you can see the
window behind me that's right outside there on Madison Avenue and
well you can actually just went out on TV but if you were worried you could so the New York Post today
had a headline and it had a group of pictures that looks like the FBI Most Wanted except it is among the top Intelligence Officers we've had served in the United States government for the last 30 years
and the headline is featuring John Brennan who looks
looks and James Clapper and it says spy by
the intelligence experts who falsely to spread it on to buy laptop
and still won't say sorry
even more significant stay described it as Russian disinformation this was 51 people over the course of the last 20 to 30 years have advised the president on things involving National Security
mostly CIA I say 80 to 85% she is a more complete group of their pictures is contained inside the newspaper
and what they did was they rotate they wrote a letter they wrote a letter on October 9th of the 2000-2020 that which which is was just what three weeks before the election and they said that the hunter Biden hard drop
that I obtained from John back Isaac
actually my lawyer Bob Costello originally obtained it and better B they said that a Russian formation this was only four days after they found out about it and head of course never looked at it
in any way shape or form
but they went ahead and put their names on this extremely defamatory as to me the president Senator Johnson Senator Grassley physically accusing us of being Russian spies I guess agent
particularly me Miley my picture showed up on the front page of the Boston posters
is kind of the purveyor of Russian disinformation
when of course I know exactly where I got it I got it from John Mac Isaac's it was a repairman of computer is in Dover Dover Delaware I guess Delaware and I brought this computer in to be fixed on to buy this a time probably was either drunk or Hunter was as he normally was a throughout the years of the hard drive high on drugs of which there are maybe four to five hundred pictures that I have a thousand feet from in of Hunter that smoking dope in a home by the way they contain minor children also walking around with no clothes on
and taking pictures very very often of his private part of which he is extraordinarily proud now I a size that only tell you that this home in a minor children and there is on the computer a clear evidence that the psychiatrist for one of these children wanted him out of the house because he was abusive and contain them was a great danger to the truth
he added that he denies he denies this but then in the text of the hard drive he tells his father he's a danger to his niece
another words that shows a grandchild which show does nothing to protect her just like he has done nothing to protect the illegitimate child that Hunter had who is it
what kind of man does that
I asked you to look in your conscience for a moment and say you find out if your child has illegitimate child they were trying to avoid and had to be caught with a DNA
given bracelet
is being part of you would you cast it aside because it's politically embarrassing and because you're such a narcissist your political career is worth a lot more than shot Shirley is because Joe Biden in favor of abortion up to the ninth month which involves watering a fetus's at seven 8 and 9 months
call when he goes to church every Sunday
but in any event I want to read I want to read you this letter and then I'm going to take that call Joel you just hang on from them just want to read this letter that I want to show you
exactly how perverted these 51 intelligence officials are and maybe it'll give you an indication of why we have so many disasters when these people were the people in charge of revising presidents I mean after all these are the people who thought they were weapons of mass destruction
I am indeed these days these are the people that advised on Benghazi
these are the people who help with buying a trait of the disaster in the killing of Americans in Afghanistan and which is either due to their incompetence or treachery that greed
go there to get me the Communist and I don't know what it is but there are fifty one of them and they really should be on the FBI's Most Wanted I don't feel like you to consider that by accusing Russia fault of this week that may create of the possibility of
military time
I mean what's really bad.
I know something for sure they're lying you know she wasn't the source of this information
he knows that every one of these
51 posture like Mike Morrell tell me Mike Morrell was so honest he's a big damn liar Mike Morales
almost caused the national incident here with with aggression by falsely accusing them of being the source of Hunter Biden Criminal
hard drive that contains well over 50 felonies and child pronography Mike you were covering that up you creep
guess what it says in part and even if she write in it that's in the moment it was written it should have been seeing to be a disgrace
be right to say that the arrival on the US political scene four days early
emails reportedly belonging to Vice President Biden son Hunter
much of it related to his time serving on the board of the Ukrainian Gas Company
has all the classic your mom
Russian information operations the classic
there's not a single ear
that is even suggested in the web
you would think if it was still miss class again he could mention three
but no earmarks or mention or anything else that suggested is brushing except his conclusory statement from the self-appointed only geniuses
we want to exercise. They just said that the question marks of a Russian information operation
we want to emphasize that we do not know if the email provided at the New York Post by President Trump personal attorney
you are not why they shouldn't have big mouths
should they first find out if they're genuine enough before they accused a country that has nuclear weapons of putting out this kind of phony information in which they didn't do
would you think that if they had the slightest bit of Integrity they would have checked but I'm about this even better
that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement
that wasn't suggesting is for if you don't have evidence of War
know what you want to do is an election and you did you want to talk about fraud and stealing the election at The Ballot Box and they sure as hell did that too
60 election right here
because all of the corrupt media that sucked up to them
with the same weird perverted ideology coming it up
they took New York Post America's oldest newspaper off Twitter
does the New York Post was based on this piece of crap
from these pathetic failure
these pathetic horrible enemies of America
people who was so irresponsible to do this are our enemies
a full charge
about nuclear power
interfering in our election without checking so that you can gain credit with a dimension soon-to-be president of the United States what kind of fruit are you Mike Morrell how about you Leon Panetta I know you lie on I know you want to come on my show intubated with me my daughter is actually why you didn't check emails Pony you want to come on and tell me how you can say this when you have no evidence of Russian involvement that can you come on and tell me how you haven't called you get wrong in a big liar
because your whole career is worth
you're a phony ass you know what
who am I show me on any one of you
come on on debate with me explain to me how you say these things when you've never looked at the emails explain to me how you say this when you have no evidence of Russian involvement
explain it to me when you didn't deny it you'll get that dirty work for them
explain it went where is you just called me. They would have told you that Biden's lawyer authenticated it
if you want to check with me I could have given you 10 different ways in which I was instigated by do more about investigation that you ever knew you know why cuz I was successful
I put the mafia
top Echelon in prison I broke up the Teamster's Union what the hell did you do you got to wrap wrong you got a scanner stand wrong you got up to building in Benghazi
what is the last time you were right
what is the last thing you said about our country
don't do this if you care about our country a little later for Dave no evidence
just because you what what did you want a job for more money
you shouldn't care about the United States of America and how about the last sincere
I have evidence of Russian involvement
call Rex.
Makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this game if we are right
is this Russia trying info vote in this election
and we play strong American America should have been aware of the fact that you are interfering in our election
maybe they should have been informed of the fact that she was going to cover up evidence of 4450 crime but by the run is not going to cover up there getting $31 for 2.5 million dollars from Moscow $800 from you for gas company
1 by an organized Criminal
so Shifty who was Biden Joe Biden payment
ask me to look at the at the email I could have showed you one email would have answered the whole thing 100 says that the 30 years I've been paying all the bills for the family and I just kick back 50%
when Joe said I never talked to farnaz I could show you 17 far is all of which will show you that Whitey bulger's nephew
I could show you that machete partner very conveniently disappeared when he one of the rest of the company or that the spymaster of China as described by home to buy is now sitting at the bottom of the Yangtze River
they have a pretty good idea
I'll be involved with a joke Biden but timing is China
and how maybe that explains his weird decisions paper and communist China National Security of the United States
you're an honest person you don't lie like that
you care about this country
you don't send out a little like that with no evidence of Russian involvement
without looking at a single email
you don't do that if you're a decent person
you got an evil motorship you can't see if you're there picture it should be an FBI wanted poster
right now they're getting away with it so is Joe kill Beck
yes I am nice to hear
can you hear me how are you Joe
well knowing that the truth is slowly coming out in the Judas Iscariot of the world are being revealed for who they are with their way are you a real basis for Saint Judas Iscariot tell my yard I'm in Israel right now I'm actually very close to the Sea of Galilee where there's an energy hear of of divine truth that's that goes thousands and thousands of years of generations that have come and gone to have thoughts for the truth and falsehood that that seems to manifest itself when people take money
and they put money over their value even when they are lying or at least most of them some of them are a lower-level but
you think this is mostly money not position not appointment or
like wanting to be
director of intelligence or whatever the heck they wanted to be sure I I can't get it I mean I know Leon Panetta he knows me he knows I'm not a Russian agent any lenses names of this and its Integrity of this and he's never apologized so I've got to say you're useless Lyon and how bad must you do a bed when you were in in in in July like that she must have been lying all the time which is why our country is in such trouble
do you know the people who will take a look at it look at his Wikipedia background and
young Mister mayor you cannot underestimate at as Jimmy speaks about that the end and Savannah has spoken about these bgy operation people including Leon Panetta it can really affect a man's soul and there aren't many
guys like you at that there is a to that level of unrighteousness and I know you're troubled by it because we all are but over here I know that they've tapped into former Mossad agent former no intelligence it's like you just mention the guy at the bottom of the Yangtze River either very genius people that know how to manipulate even the best of what America may have had and they do it with a combination of money and other types of manipulation
you see this is a communist
ultimately, let's directed
situational over 40 50 years
I don't think it's just communism I I think it has to do more with whether we put in Jewish terms and say I'm a lick or in Christian terms and say the Antichrist but it is a question of good of Good and Evil and and hopefully these people that have been maybe that they can still redeem themselves and they can step up to the microphone and say I admit I admit I was wrong
got a couple things a couple things and then we can maybe get Home Depot first of all you know it buddy what time do President Trump did say that you and I heard it on the media that this is going to be one of the biggest things in your career get exposed and you get fully Vindicated it is going to go down in history as as we speak about the Bob Carr still about 2 years ago I was at the har megiddo Armageddon that place and I spoke to him about the Dreyfus Affair which was a fake attack on Dreyfuss and it's one of the whole reason that Israel is here now indicated 10 years later against the false accusation, but that's the 120 years ago and this is the same type of a false accusation that has penetrated the highest levels of the FBI Intelligence Officers
going out to your audience in a journalist that may hear this is what crime did the FBI not go after because they were creating these big crimes and he posted and deceiving tens and hundreds of millions of people that have led to war one of those crimes as we spoke about last week was the hundred billion dollar China hustle which in which members of the CCP Angela dark skin Russia and Ukraine and that's another level and I can feel the fear of those people as we speak Mister mayor that they know Justice is coming
well let's keep working to keep at it and I know I know the process of progress is happening is happening slowly but I look at Kohl's I look at people I've listened to people that now tell me how they change their mind and they now see it let me tend to 20% of the people change their mind the minute they do the hard drive and realize that among other things it has a 3.4 million dollar money laundering transaction which is just peanuts for the Bible in which show got 88 the grand on the side Joe Biden while he was vice president we call that bribery when I was a prosecutor it lays out the complete bribery of the of the president of the Ukraine in which the bridesmaid somewhere between 8 and 20 million
we also have some incredible situation at Bob and I of a woman that identity we gave to the FBI and confidence a year-and-a-half whose life was in Jeopardy every reason to have this information because she was in a position to get it
and of the information she had with the Bible offshore accounts she wanted to be interviewed by the FBI and she wanted the witness protection program and she could qualify they never sent anybody to interview Arden I can't find her anymore and her people that were dealing with us told us that she was in Jeopardy of being killed they almost kill shokan new who was the prosecutor who wouldn't fix the reputation they tried to destroy
so you think I'm extremely dangerous people
I also would like to point out that if people were an evil man Joe Biden
I'd like to be able to focus on if they had a 19 18 19 20 year old son or daughter who has personality would they put them in this kind of business of being a bagman for international organized criminals Crooks and collecting money from why would you even have go to work for my Cole Associates can you get organized crime Russian oriented killer
one of the biggest trucks in in in Ukraine
if you're if you're a decent father you don't let anyone work there but even if you're a crooked father you don't let her on a dick grown son works you know he's going to become a degenerate drug at why didn't you do it because you're a damn narcissist that's why because you got a bunch of chips, Washington to do display
literally when I write a book about this I'm going to point out the mafia people who wouldn't do
they may have been evil
but they didn't want that for their show, so just get to protect his big-money make that's maybe why he's the smartest guy in the in in the room all it legal
why why do people have such trouble with it why in the name of him for that organized criminal like mykola zlochevsky give five million eight million 10 million the hunted by
when it's like right behind Hunter Biden was the vice president United States like complete control over you
I could save this company from a criminal prosecution that they desperately deserve and didn't
what do you need to prove
how stupid can you be to think he really paid it to Hunter Biden and didn't get what he wanted from Joe which was bribery of the president of the Ukraine
and then you see it repeated in Iraq you see it repeated maska you see it repeated endlessly in China
and we elect a president of the United States indebted to China and Russia
Punjabi crazy that would be like Eisenhower or Kennedy getting money from cruise ship
she's crazy but maybe we don't know if he was truly elected but I wanted to ask you if you could comment on something a phenomena where when Trump in the second debate said
yellow about hunters laptop and he said what he staying has been disproven by 51 Intelligence Officers or in front of the economic committee a couple of examples on the committee said I fired the guy who was corrupt know at the time when do the opposite was true that was the same thing that I'm shifted when he said something to the effect like this our system won't work unless whistleblowers to come forward which I put on Hunter Biden socket and Adam ship did that simultaneously while he was lying what is that called when a person has the ability to pretend that they're speaking so righteously and yes there. But I'm hoping this moment guilty of what their
do piously speaking about I believe it's pathological that word for it I guess honestly I mean Joe Biden I mean I'm Joe Biden's in the evil man
the grand shot
they leave a grandchild out there so you know in the wilderness
it's his grandchild.
every dog on the Arkansas docket courtconnect if you go to 49 Arkansas I guess they're saying that Hunter doesn't have the ability to pay London Robert the money that they agree to there was some lawyer in California that was backing him with a few million to pay off his tax bill and that by the way that's a court date for the journalists are you FBI agents that are still good out there is 187 the Circuit Court of Independence County Arkansas Alexis Roberts vs Robert Hunter Biden and you'll find an interesting filing their December 31st 2019 this is the quote from Adam ship and you spell pathological if you just said he says here we are dependent on citizens of good faith to step forward when they see evidence of wrongdoing the system won't work otherwise
Adam Schiff at the September 26th 2019 impeachment hearing as he was making up lies.
Let's go broke that let's let's let's have these people finally confess their lies and I don't see them I don't see them confessing their launch I just so I just don't I just don't see it I think these people are thoroughly corrupt us to leave they don't have a conscience
and their conscience got ripped away somewhere with ambition greed maybe they never had a conscience in the first place I mean you can't sit by all of them and let this happen find out that you would take it away I'm sure some of them were taking advantage of the case it's sort of explains it it was run down by the National Review and it's one of the one of the signatories named Gregory trevorton he was the chairman of the National Intelligence Council whatever the hell had it probably just another group that gives false and irresponsible information to the present
so he gets called about and was putting his name on this and recording I'm reading from the article now National Review he apparently misunderstood the clear saying quote this is the first I've heard of it
me and the letter but I'd be happy to sign it then
when the newspaper clarified that he had already been named as a signature
he said that he had never seen the letter
I would have signed it if he had received the request
he made that statement despite the knowledge that he hadn't even looked
at the details with a federal investigation a bunch of the emails or any of the evidence
if it's just going to sign it
I don't know how many is it I mean Brandon and Hayden and Burrell and Pharrell helped to write it I mean they are directly involved in the conspiracy but a lot of these exports
I basically just signed it and and here is what was out there right now to be a little strange at the bidens didn't tonight
you're denying it for them
and they don't deny it I mean that you're being your being abused all these things and you don't say I did that's not my that's not my hard drive that's not my computer
how do you how do you do that
and then and then
then when he was confronted by by by truck with it
eat directly going to buy them directly lied at the at the debate with the you know with the suck up moderator
and said that it was Russian disinformation
perpetrated by President Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani mentioned during the debate is very proud of that action
proud of me like I applauded when he meant mention day I said yeah I want that little part of history of pointing out what I
evil miserable
anti-American unpatriotic human being
he knew it was his son computer you got to go to pictures I know you don't want this pictures you really don't and if you look at some of the pictures. You go to jail cuz it's child pronography this is the kind of perverted family were talkin about people wonder why he smells women there I don't
I know too much about him later wonder this is a this is a crooked
dishonest family
that's at the highest levels of crime
they've taken enormous amounts of money selling out the United States and I do I do not think that his decisions favorable to China or anything but purchase by John
and she's on but you can't explain giving up the Grom Air Base
other than being completely demented I guess that's possible or being afraid why would you give up in a base 4 miles from the biggest animal
mirror of the teenager with no you don't do that why would you leave 85 85 billion dollars worth of arms behind and not blow it up
are you really that stupid
why would you take out the troops before the civilian in a terrorist country that wants to kill those civilians
why would you do that
and why would you want to give money to rent
why did Obama give cash to it if I if I if I if I asked you why would you give cash to a country rather than do it by wire
what's the only logical answer to
it's a terrorist before crook because governments do business by wire it's a much safer I mean the plane could have blown up and they're there with a big enough
Dubai wire did the wire if the wire blows up you just do it
is butt is by now of albino Mama that stupid that they send cash to the biggest sponsor terrorism in the world they don't know what it's being used for
are they really that naive that stupid
or are they as one Israeli official a very high rank when I said them it must be strange not having the president on your side when I start going about all the things that I know I don't have to present on my side
he's on the other side
meaning of grin
and the optometrist Spanish words he would never used by the Islamic extremists which I resented bit early because they killed so many of my city
thank you for all you gave me an opportunity to
too I think layouts of people something they really have to know and you know Joe is hard for them to accept this I know
like when you talk about it still one of my
I'd like to see Peter Doocy day to Biden or Jon Jon Pierre whatever one of the press, addressing this exact particular issue how did mr. Biden feel now about his well no lie regarding the laptop and a ticket if people would like to go to my podcast coming out tomorrow still see the clip Kelsey Biden lying on National Television saying that Trump and I were basically Russian age but you know Joe I spent the early part of my career doing fisa warrants on Russian climate
help to develop the fisa court
there's nobody that's done as much about that people have done more than not these Bridge
who knows what the hell they gave away to rush I don't trust them as far as I can see the store you're in my prayers as we get off the phone with they restore your ability your your your light your legal license pursue Justice because you're on God's side and that should happen what what what they did what they did to my 50 years of practicing more accomplished a great deal and not a single complaint what these political terrorist attacks a little but there I mean they're up that these these are the people who find conservative justices unqualified
that's what we're talking about when we talk about the New York Bar in the Washington bar where they look at me like I'm lying
and so far every time we've had a test I turned out to be telling the truth so they were lying about Russian collusion
my representation of trump truck and I would tell him the truth
life's right they're all sitting on the January 6th committee by the way if you want to find them
then they lied about the Hard Rock
all the people on the January 6th committee were part of that to you want to find some of them there right there
then then they might have better conversations then they lied about the conversation with the president of the Ukraine
the ship was the biggest one on the January 6th how is it that you know
four five times in a row there lying and we're telling the truth
and all of a sudden we come to stolen election in January 6th now they telling the truth
you're not exaggerating lying adding phony Witnesses suborning perjury
midday draw good for people with killed by truck people
on January 3rd nobody was killed by a trump person on January six people killed by the police
this was an Insurrection without a gun
what kind of fool do you have to be to accept the idea of an Insurrection of these people showed up without gun what were they going to do if if if if if taken up trumps off for the National Guard they going to deal with the National Guard with a pencil
that stupid guy with with the his stupid outfit.
Meaning of these people look like idiot moron
no guns in that she wasn't a threat to anybody
well if you got a lot of water review and a lot more to go through but hopefully I think that I will pray for you and Andrew this is just something for you and Andrew very important please read the last verse of the Old Testament that addresses the Father the eternal love between the father and the son both spiritually and physically the prophet Malaki Malaki because
it's okay it's the last very last few verses of the old man but if there's something that goes on with the father and the son with these men these evil people that were talking about whether it's Raskin or or or if it happens with the boat checked out early because he saw the criminality Beau Biden checked out early I don't have any any feeling for both have no idea what that's all about but what what what he did was hunting guide
what age is a hunter Biden is a disgrace
I want you to answer to be protected by God's light with with those types of verses
thank you thank you very very much take care and pray for us you're in the place where prayers get answered the better I was going to ask him a few questions about next time you call I want to ask you a few questions about what's going on inside a wrap right now
address for sure I like what I see I mean I ran rather I like what I see
with all of these protests and I particularly like the fact that they're continuing I mean horribly with people being killed no matter what that just continued it
got to be something going on
more more significant than being reported by our extensive breast to take a look at that from the point of you and this girl you're going to have a better feel for if we thank you very much for coming up here and there so things are going to really turn the next few weeks that's what we're going to talk about now
we got just a couple more weeks to make sure we can make a difference
I'm tired of people
call me and saying to me what can I get
this is what you can do
the time is here the time is now and if you don't do it now I don't know what we're going to have what we're going to have a country run by people like you see on the front page of the New York Post shell out their country
Thirty pieces of silver
so you got to get a box
you make sure you vote in the way you're in the country
make sure you vote
vote early if you can't if you can't get there on Election Day
get other people
tell them you don't want to hear them complain it afterwards about how
are the price of food is gone up 12% and even though you got a 5% increase in wages it's really a 3% reduction in your IRA or 401K was worth 300,000 last year and now it's worth 240,000 and it's on its way down below
yeah don't don't tell me that this whole thing in Ukraine and I wouldn't have happened if Biden wasn't the president if we didn't have a weakling Tower demented guys still looking for a dead Congressman that's present and don't tell me that Putin didn't take advantage of that because if he didn't then he's not the Food Network
all all Putin has to do is look at it and what he sees is it totally in Syria incompetent human being
he's not rolled by the Crooked Branch this is a a stone cold killer
and what you don't do is make false charges against
I mean it's bad enough they just don't old tiller you don't you don't
you don't care who tomorrow ligra
play falsely accusing his country or something they didn't do so you can fraudulently win an election and if somebody would do that and somebody would try to frame a president they political party in an organized way would do both those things
once they stealing election
or exaggerate a situation in try to trying to destroy the man they've been trying to destroy by Framing
is that so inconceivable
and how would the people who brought you that information that you never would have known about how crooked the button family why would they suddenly turn into mine
why would they be fighting so hard for what they believe even though their actions taken away
if it wasn't true they were driven by a sense of justice and fairness and what were their country
it's taken this election in 22 at the beach taken 12:36 step step if we can take the House and Senate where we can slow down the next door goal Express train to Communism which is maybe in the station you don't pull it out
we can slow down with a republican House and Senate in the people running or telling us the truth and I think they are a lot of these facts are now going to come out
Fresno fireman the Press will make all kinds of horrible chart you people in Wisconsin you make sure you realize Ron Johnson that man's a really rough he was falsely accused of being a Russian agent like I was off completely same thing with Chuck breast
how many senators with the courage they have
we got a house and we got some really good members there who got real car
let's give him a majority let's give him a chance
give me a chance to dig our country out of
no we got what what what we we've been up until now
greatest justice system in the world it's now become
a one-sided disgrace
Democrats get away with the biggest crimes you can possibly commit at the highest levels of government
crimes similar to trees
Republicans gets framed for crimes they didn't commit
or things they do
we can't survive if you were knighted country
do you want to eat tonight this country with your Christian God would be totally incapable of doing evil people
dementia people can't get out of country
I'm tired of saying cognitively impaired he's not. He's ready for the back room of the nursing
you know there's a bubble sitting there
the controls the fate of the world
these Democrats are willing to put it in the hands of a feeble old man
under control
look at the situation the worst ever in history
no Republican
get the Mega Ball
chop the head off
audio Rivage
delcambre salt
are good American top of the park
let me know what you think at Rudy Giuliani go to my podcast tomorrow because you'll get all the details and you'll see all the pictures and and and the script so they don't have to rely just on I don't want you to rely just on my work I want you to see documents
everything I say about the bidens I got it right there including the stolen election got the documents and Witnesses the video tape
and the Heart rash
what are the scratch in the White House. Time to get on the road to start 422 God bless you God Bless America back to CBS next Tuesday at 6
real answer anything you want it asking if any of those stuff trailers here on the front page of the post want to call feel free to call I'm ready to debate you thank you

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