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Chat with The Mayor, October 18, 2022

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Chat with The Mayor
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Crime in New York, Getting somewhere in a Democrat run city, the election races coming up and more

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani

Crime in New York, Getting somewhere in a Democrat run city, the election races coming up and more

Chat with The Mayor

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Rudy Giuliani led an award-winning consulting company. His opinion and expertise have been sought after by Presidents, Prime Ministers, business executives and law enforcement.

He also likes learning from others.

In this unique show, you will be able to call in and Chat with The Mayor!
Airing every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Eastern Time. 

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chat with the mayor
Rudy Giuliani that's me right here
and over the next hour you get to call me
and you get to ask anything you want
within the Realms of common decency not political we don't believe in political we believe that is another word for censorship
so the heck with political correct we prefer to be incorrect and relevant how about that would you rather have that with you so I am going to be somewhat distracted but I'm going to take you into my distraction because I am talking to you
I am watching the Yankees and the Guardians play in a must-win or and go home playoff game to move on to the American League Championship now just so you know a little about me
I am a
Yankee fat
but that doesn't really describe it
for example did the Yankees lose tonight later on tonight I'm going to be on the Rita Cosby Show at 11:05 on WABC radio. Stop by the mine does a wonderful show every week on WABC I am going to have a great show tonight because the Yankees are going to win and I'm going to be very happy for they will be announcing they will get see they will get the explosives on the announcement of my suicide and go to the Yankees lose
but the point is I'm trying to get to you how much of a Maniac Yankee spent on him but I also want to let you know that Annabelle Facebook Facebook many years of my life as a result of playing baseball I don't have any knees left
but I swear example corrected earlier in this game the great manager
of the Indian fail to really ask for a replay where he would have the hell he wasn't paying attention because you didn't set up a Fail-Safe system for checking on replays which nowadays in baseball I'm sorry you just have to know where the Yankees are winning five to one it's the bottom of the fifth inning The Guardians from Cleveland they used to be called the Indians when it was okay to speak English and talk to each other normal
put country of huge Advanced censorship they are now called the Cleveland Guardians Cleveland Guardians have a 1 run the Yankees have two outs in the fifth and I'm sorry in the in the shed and there's going to count on the battle area the picture of Chaka is the relief pitcher and he's in the game to try to end the inning without damage being done to the Yankees weed
and the fans are
after you
like I remember my constituents wildly but I love to watch it then
and I knew that this is what baseball a good at that what that means is going to no balls yet
but he's been up for about a half-hour you just keep smiling pictures off about this all about that manage section
single this becomes of 523 Market
so will
now if you want to call me here's what you do
toll free 888-627-6008
6008 is your oldest at 323-724-4851 I do believe that's a strikeout however I will now show you the fan side of the Empire at
first base did not call that a strike and he went he broke his there is no question he broke his wrist there they are they're broken right now very bad call
any should now be over that should not be a ball but you got to live with that in baseball in life
I don't know why you do what you do I'm supposed to say that
he got a bad call he said screw you I'm getting I'm going with everything here baby I'm going with everything here you ain't hitting this picture
so the Aggies now go into the bottom of the sixth inning
they are 30 minutes away from playing the Nemesis and the Nemesis of the Yankees is no longer the Red Sox it's the Houston Astros who allegedly cheated them in the playoffs I think it wasn't 17 by stealing signs with electronic equipment
so there's a good deal of animosity between these two teams and they are both too. Baseball team
the number is eight eight eight
67600 8th and I am going to now switch subjects to
what is probably the most important thing we're going through right now which is the elections of 20
which are just three weeks away on November 8th and many of you are stage you already can vote
it might say I do believe it's October 28th that you can vote in the early voting situation
there's no question the election is is great significance for a country that if you look at the world the way I do and many of you do countries at
engrave a danger in grave danger of its economy completely busting
you are already you're ready for 25% less than you were when Trump was President as a result of the economic activities of the president I'm trying to find a kind word for what I'm about to say
what looks like George find a few ways of describing
he was the dumbest person in the muscle car in the dumbest person in the Congress
I've known him for 35 years he by far the dumbest person I've ever met
and he doesn't have dementia
that I'm crazy
the guy was looking for a dead person the other day
I turned around he doesn't know who it was and the shakes or if he has to shake hands
I can't figure out the difference in his wife and assistant
he thinks we don't have inflation
I mean do I have to go for it
is taking an economy that was booming
and he's made it into an economy that's
highest inflation rates in 40 or 50 years
reduction in the real value of your money at 25 to 30%
can you just losing money every day as it sits in the back as it sits in an IRA or a 401k
or as it sits in the investment of your business
the value of it is going down every day he likes to say wages have gone up or they have it when you calculate inflation wages of God down separate
is is
stewardship of the economy
the worst I've seen in any president that I've ever witnessed took us from a country that was energy independent to a country that is begging Saudi Arabia Venezuela
and she'll the oil Reserve to our enemies China
this is a disaster which is white his party has to be defeated in the 2022 elections in the house and set it so there is a check and balance on this extraordinarily incompetent president which is
the most generous way you could describe him extraordinarily incompetent
it helped greatly
buy a
Biden State media that
basically, the world from this point of view, said they can't completely do that but they do it effectively enough so that his disapproval although quite high is what it should be his disapproval rating like 5758 and approval rating my 4142
if you covered like a normal
president democrat or republican it would be in Saturday's disapproval in the seventies that's what it really is on the street
I I can find no one who defends him
if they attempt to defend him they turn it around into an attack on who hasn't been the president for two for two years so I check on Trump whether it's about 1 or not is completely useless
to our current situation
so now we have elections coming and on the Democrats side every single Democrat is running almost all have a hundred percent 5 and 40 record no matter what they say to you
they have not once voted against any of the Absurd out-of-control ridiculous spending that is destroying the value of your money
what's necessary what's necessary is to replace
the Democratic majority in the House and Senate with a republican substantial majority in the House and Senate will act as a
I guess the best way to describe it would be it would act as a check and balance just a constitutional phrase that we like to use write check at the end of that check and balance
would reduce a lot of the spending don't know that it could do much about going back right now and fixing what he has
I destroyed
dependency programs he's created the odd situation that we have we have more jobs than people do that work because people are pretty happy on the dependency money that by giving them which is nachos
kind of a terrible thing or funny thing or object
part of the whole program of moving us to a socialist economy
no changes have to be mad
and I can't really be completely made on chill
we are in a situation
that we have
a a republican House and Senate that can block the things that he wants to do
now they can propose changes
of course with his veto power
he can buy and washed the feet most of those changes so it's not up
not really a perfect solution or is it solution at all
the slowing down
the necessary slowing down
because with the damage she's done in the first two years
should I be allowed to move ahead
the next to
it's hard to
charger really calculate Department of damage you can do to us I'm just talkin about the economy now
I'm not talking about the crime that we have Democrat America
how many Democratic cities are
setting records, side left and right left actually
cities with Sorrows ga
murder is commonplace and I'm being released at what other channels are very serious crimes happen quickly and often
take a City like Philadelphia they set a record for Homicide last year under a left-wing I used was Democrat mayor and under a criminal district attorney criminals free
when I say I'm a record Bahamas. I mean more people were killed in Philadelphia than ever before in the very long history of Philadelphia under this Democrat Progressive left-wing socialist leadership supported completely by the Attorney General Shapiro who's running for governor would like to do it for the entire state
the elections are really important take Pennsylvania Pennsylvania as a place where people in Pennsylvania have the opportunity if they can
carry through the responsibilities and accountability year which is bordered by a left-wing press but there's a perfect opportunity to defeat Shapiro for governor
like Doug mastriano will reverse.
quickly again
but if they go by the usual to go by the usual
what a goal
politically correct nonsense that is enforced on them by the Biden State media
well then mastriano is some kind of a right-wing baby action Shapiro's just a very kind very generous liberal
and they will once again vote as they have in the past for a crooked Democratic Administration
choir just pink
take a look in the condition of their state
say what you're thinking it's time for a change
same thing is true on the Senate side of that which has gotten more attention largely because of the bizarre sediment that is Governor now running for Senate again now he's
attract tragically been afflicted by a stroke or two recently I think he had some in the past as well
and in his gaze
he has been a very very adamant supporter of
how do you describe the left-wing crime programs crime programs extremely favorable to criminals crime programs designed to create more cry
I don't have cash bail most people to get arrested should go right back out so they don't get interrupted and committing the crimes are committed that's one of their big thanks go through prisons and white out everybody you can
in this case there was a. Of time when you thought people that were involved with second-degree murder and go to prison because it wasn't first degree
property crimes if it's not enough money let him go for it so they just got people in New York and Philadelphia to do a hundred of these in a year ago when they come out and they go steal another one they make a nice living
and they don't pay taxes by the way this is what happened in Democratic mirror
serious question
consider what is the Democrats want criminals to vote
why do they want to
people convicted of felonies not being allowed to vote while they're in prison
what are some substantial period of time after they leave prison
reason is digging about 90% for Democrats
why are they going to vote for Democrats step tracker knife
now there's a trade-off of being nicer criminal means you're very cruel to victims it means you don't stop the robbery take place consistently
stop the race
you don't even stop the murders
that means that the victim
get very angry about this have no say no right
do consideration
play the Byrd Theater population in angry population
what is the population that starts a weeds
where you live at
this is a year in which I don't know which state you're in
if you have a competitive ready sent you surely have a house race you to really consider voting Republican
even if you don't like the Republic
show that the Democrat Party gets the message
that it needs a substantial change
go to work if you work before political parties have to get elected to exist we make it impossible for them to get electric cell change the program gets done it before you do it again people come to me all the time from cities that are overwhelmed by front for some reason a lot of people from Portland come to New York Portland is overwhelmed like New York and Philadelphia and Chicago in Detroit it probably not as used to it and they know me for having reduced Prime Dramatical so they'll see me sitting in a restaurant and I'll come up to me in the last
how can we reduce crime in private Portland mayor who is war and order you have to have a mayor whose primary objective
is to protect the victims of crime to reduce the amount of the obligation of government
I give you a peaceful environment
to be fair
not absurdly ridiculously enabling the criminals or maybe just
you got to change that now? It goes on the more difficult it is to change how do you know that I know that because I did it
the city that I'd be more crimes in Us by a lot
2000 murders
I took it down 68%
I'm not talkin from you.
I'm talking from having actually done it
in the way you do it if you change the priorities priority has to be to prevent fraud
have to be nice to the criminal
is big difference between between being true 100
being accommodated
Democrats are accommodated they seek the motor criminals
they do homage to the black lives matter movement which in case you haven't figured it out is that a complete operation
mini it's a phony racket
words to just a rash to racket that exists to a promulgate the killing police officers
organizes our former murder is a police office has freed by irresponsible Democrat president even though they had a life term
every black lives matter rally has a signature
to basically kill police officers
fry em like bacon
the reference to places pigs right
pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon is the message kill police officers they started that in 2020
we set records in 2020 21 or Jordan 22 for killing police officers
when you see corporations like Coca-Cola
and not just Coca-Cola many of them supporting blacklivesmatter please remember they are supporting the killing of police officers
you can support
without any doubt
the importance of not killing black people
without supporting a communist organization that is dedicated to killing cops
are you want to support an organization that prevents the killing of black people support the police department
I saved more black lives in any mayor in the history of New York City
I said my black lives in the neighborhood and I did it by fair but strict enforcement of the laws which the vast majority of black people in my city Bob's
Dr Al Sharpton's not the continent
not the Patrice Colores who's got the 40 billion dollar mansion
these are serious people
these are what you call Connie
so we can take a short break after the number is 880-867-6008
2 minutes and bring me up to date on the game as well
I need back again with you
chat with the mayor
if you call in at +886-276-008-6008 to be able to get us we had a little trouble with our connections year so we missed a few people I apologize
if you want to call back your free
I'm feeling like answering some questions with you could ask me about the upcoming
2022 elections which are of great import all the nation
you should ask about baseball
in many ways he is very important
the whole the whole purpose of this year
let me see if I can explain there's no way there
what's in perspective Where We Are
the show is to go around the Iron Curtain of censorship so if if you were to go to my alert for this week
which is on Rudy Rudy Giuliani
you would say that I point out
as well as on my podcast
where we are sentient
meaning we are not allowed to have free discussion
for example on Culver
doctors who are completely legitimate doctors of Grayson
have differing views on how we handle covid and on medicine that work for them to save lives that were deprived from other people
they are entirely legitimate doctors they have statistics that support their argument
there are doctors who disagree with
so for example
I had one of these doctors on Doctor write a year ago
who explained the success that he had in saving people's lives I believe
believe it or not YouTube
broadcast off a year after
it was tough
on the theory that it gave false information
give false information
it gave another scientific view a very very Prudential doctor and scientist that is supported by enormous numbers of studies all over the world
there are also study that disputed
what are common in science
puppy, or social science
but we've been to the place where it isn't left-wing woke
you're not allowed to watch it believe it
you don't have to talk about
don't know if American good decent Americans
realize how dangerous this is it
no contrary this is a country that strength is free and open discussion
and it's something that
intended to
by going around the Iron Curtain of censorship so we have a caller on line 5 so what
let's see who it is and what you would like for she like to talk about hello hello
hello this is Tom Edison hey I talked to you a couple of days ago or was it last week and it kind of puts the ball in your court how would you like to see climb going down in every neighborhood in New York now you're familiar with Drake that hapless you could be the smartest person in the world and do everything but if you don't have the connections it means nothing basically I do remember that and now it means a lot more to me than what I heard of whatever the kids but you're actually right Great Britain
now what I want I'm going to throw the ball in your court I could easily teach the New York Police Department because I am a New York City resident how do you start gaining control of the situation with the out-of-control crying that's mostly committed by The Gangs of course in the local neighborhood I can show him how the criminals and and ending the the crime wave here but
it would require them to follow my instructions of how to set this up it requires strategy understands New York neighborhoods you know as a young truck driver I've been to every neighborhood in the city every neighborhood and mostly the my delivery enjoying all the dead neighborhood so I know everything that's going on in New York literally and from the New York City Police Department how to stop the crime in these bad neighborhoods and it'll happen I've got the knowledge
how to do that I couldn't do this by myself because they don't want to listen to me I don't I don't think you understand the reality that I'm on the outside
that's a very good suggestion you and I should follow up butter knife Reddit you for thinking of me I thought you were just thinking of the New York Police Department by a corrupt part of the Democrat Party then I'm going to listen to me and not going to listen to you you're not going to listen to anybody
you know what I tell everybody don't ever tell me how it can't be done let me tell you how it can be but I don't take no for an answer. The connections who is remaining with whoever in the police department listen to you so respectful because we're on the same page here for the New York Police Department which is controlled by mayor Adams who is a Democrat if I had a friend in the New York police department and I introduced you to him and you gave them a great crime suggestion that poor friend would be fired
that's just the way it is now you may have great ideas about front but my good friend I have to tell you I probably have a lot more and better ideas about because I spent two years do wolves live in April following old procedures in 4 years by 80% we have massive Auto don't you think it honest decent mayor would call me and say Rudy you got a few ideas
Jesus you did it unbelievable no of course not because Mayer Adams is a political animal
not a public servant now if you would like to work with me and you'll leave your number I know Police Department's I can have you work with
they even may be Democrats but they're not crooked Democrats like the ones we have in New York but I wish I had the connections was he had ypd that that you think I have an even the friends that I have would be jeopardized if they work with me you have no idea how crooked
call Katie and state is by the New York Times nobody you know I'll get some president every four years but doesn't have any in a much more corrupt state
so yes I could get you
plenty of places where they be good solid War enforcement people
I got most of my best ideas from talking to people like you
but that isn't the way it is right now my friend I wish it was I really do and I understand why you think what you think but
please let Democrat control of American cities get out of control
yeah I know it's out of control when I first of all I don't even think about your political parties is good and that's the way it is of young black males
is in your name indecent Savage
the failure to focus on by African-American politicians is one of the more disgusting acts of traitorous but I see
to your people
I'm putting the president of the United States who come from Chicago all the years that he was a president didn't do a damn thing for the young black people being killed in Chicago
and he's treated like a prince to me
we can't imagine how much I just respect
you can't imagine I'd never allow that to happen I watched black people being killed in New York what I became mayor and whatever I do I reverse I stopped it and I saved more lives in a major in history with the help of great Police Commissioner and a great Police Department if by the way is not systemically racist in any way at all
want to say black lives just as much as it wants to say white why it wants to arrest wife criminals just as much as I want to arrest black trim
and all of this that we've gone through is
who's the horrible experience in trying to move our country to something it isn't which is a socialist
race divided country the Communists divider based on class based on race so you got to overcome
that's why they've got to get voted out of office
not so that we destroy the Democrat Party so we require them to
reform themselves come the constructive political party that they want war
the objective volume out of office is like
think of it as a very very brisk slap in the face like wake up and start thinking about your greater obligation not your obligation to your party not your obligations to power
not your obligations like Biden and putting people to making huge amounts of money
I mean I do believe that Quentin introduced the form of Evil under the Democrat Party that wasn't there before from the top
intersex people very much like 5 newest demonstrable
the hard drive that he covered up demonstrate the money you took from China
they took a brass just ignores it that has all these sex with America how do you fix it or throw it out of all you get rid of you have to put them in jail I don't know if we have to. We don't put Democrats and Jim said we frame Republican to put him in jail but they didn't do
even if we just get them out of all. Let her back in her yet
and fix the rules
we can get back on track we were there with Trump
as economically successful Endeavor bad blacks and Hispanics making more money than ever before
country country in the world that was peaceful
I don't know you really think we would have been
Ukraine under of Shame president
Brighton and he came to the conclusion that any unbiased intelligent tough person what
the guy phonetic
doesn't know where he is he doesn't know what he's doing
when he was not suffering from dementia he was stupid
his own Secretary of Defense described them as never having made the correct decision about foreign policy there's entire career which he has just magnify the president
how he was elected will you know what I think about how are you doing
gosh there's a lot to this and
what it really depends on how is this election so this Thursday night
between 5 and 6 on CBS Radio
where can I have a one-hour discussion on the 2022 election and the importance of it and then it'll be followed by an hour of
what you can do just tell us about the important races in your city or state that was it New Hampshire with Gerald Bulldog against Maggie has it was a complete call a Joe Biden and pretends to be a moderate or is it a reverend Warnock who is attacking Herschel Walker for personal hides the fact that you ran over his wife
he asked a voted for inflation that is driving the middle class into the ground he has a Jacuzzi after police reported what does defunding the police destroying any Hydro better thank God Herschel Walker got a debate with him was able to point it out yourself also why do the Democrats don't want to debate
until the day before the election
because they know
they have no records to send a record of destroying America
they have a record of destroying your IRA
your 401k your salary
your peace
they have a record of a record of crime for murders at the damn that before you got to get up at your dinner today even better than who uses used can't talk to defend his record of what about the children
please don't be fooled even full too often by these people
if Biden got elected
in 2020 he fooled you
you didn't know he was demented and you didn't know about the hard drive I was before the Russian agent wasn't completely true
it shows Minions going to the Bible
Americans now that know about it over 20% of the city
don't you talk about election fraud prevention of information
I'm sure your mother tell you but my mother told me once for you twice a year
we don't want beef so what are we back
we're going to be back on Thursday
Thursday we're going to start at 5 eastern time we're going to start with the discussion to bring up today
on the 2022 election and the reality is you got to be brought up-to-date every day cuz it changes everyday
block calls during that but then we'll have like one hour between 6 and 7 where you can call and
you lead the discussion you tell us what you want not one of these orchestrated bull session
going to get to talk to each other
I have some guests on or equally is Canton okay
now I'm going to go back to the Yankee game we were getting into the bladder in it
my future survival depends on the outcome of this game
I think and
I'll be back with you
5 Thursday BBs
did you get us all over the world take advantage of the colon because this is unlike any place else you got to say what you want
that gentleman you got to say what he want I understood his confusion
I think we got somewhere with that
well thank you very much
go to the greatest country on Earth
those people who are tearing it down or not entitled to your boat
they don't love America and they don't understand it
I was never deprived of being taught about all the terrible mistakes America made
I consider myself an amateur historian I know the Terrible Things America.
One of the great things America did was John parallel by any country in the world
if you don't know both your ignorant
I need directions to it
that all the time now
you are
thank you for listening please come back
on Thursday so we can have it even more complete discussion
God bless you and God bless the United States of America

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