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Chat with The Mayor, October 13, 2022

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Chat with The Mayor
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with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani
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Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani led an award-winning consulting company. His opinion and expertise have been sought after by Presidents, Prime Ministers, business executives and law enforcement.

He also likes learning from others.

In this unique show, you will be able to call in and Chat with The Mayor!

Airing every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Eastern Time. 

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we are against the mayor

are those that we have every Thursday between 6 and 7 so you can get a chance to call in an hour now on censored State media I try as much as possible to focus on subjects that are kept from you but we'll talk about anything and sometimes those over my lap so you can't be you can't be completely sure that something hasn't been on top of it in some way or as been covered in some way but I need the reality is

things that are harmful to the air completely fumbling and that's a bad word really because it makes it sound in some ways Marty not so dangerous the incompetent I guess maybe it would be better being confident by the ministration the excuses that forgiven

for him are amazing like when he was looking for the dead congresswoman I mean anybody could make that mistake

I'm not so sure anybody can make that mistake if they having a memorial service for the woman the next day

the number to

I guess it was the only mistake sure I guess I guess

drive me there there's one of them every day or two or three or four

yesterday Journey tell us that is sunbow died in action sometime in the hospital cancer

didn't die in action

I don't know if that's Biden demented or that she is lying the fact that he's a pathological liar and has been since he was in the hospital treated

and tries to make himself and his family in to hear Heroes beyond what they are

you know my Katie even lying about everything in person about have you been on the battlefield and get it out the metals and tell me about the owner was recently said

when he was in Delaware population with about 3%

Brewster just amazed he's apathetically


I never talked to any of my sons Barn client

you got on the hard drive you've got just clear examples of 17 or 18 of the day that he did talk to her now we got evidence of what he talked about some of the witnesses that are available to the FBI that I'm not sure they did the FBI has an interview a lot of people that would have made it possible to

to do this case

the way a normal criminal case would be done as opposed to a chase that they clearly or fiction


perverting the criminal criminal justice

I just finished an hour that's wrong about the 2022 election and I thought it might be useful to spend a little time on

lunch on Saturday because betterman is

it's almost like making the same mistake the same Biden mistake over again

I mean by you was clearly incapable of being

a present you didn't have the mental capacity to be pressed he demonstrated that many many times I would urge you to take a look at a podcast of mine that was John

I'm going to say about August of 2020 toward the end of the campaign but before the hard drive came out

I asked you to take a look at that and listen to the two doctors so now we're talkin about I'm right and it was August 2020 that was 20 plus years ago

and they analyzed his deterioration based on videos and audios of him speaking and they point out the difference in the way he talked he talked much faster much more articulate a place yes really

then they compare the way he talked to years ago and it was the kind of the talk of an old man in a in a nursing home

and I've always said stupid

because I know you will discount this because I'm a political opponent but I've known him for years and was introduced to the dumbest person in this class of people I've met me really is a profoundly.

and I left my charger where the line between his very great decision IQ and dementia begins but this is to mention it isn't sure I guess it's a little worse because


pretty clearly had it in 2020 they never let him go out he did strange things like in fuses

is his wife and sister

he announced that he used to listen to Roosevelt of watch Roosevelt on television video Thomas there was no television at the time the Roosevelt died he died before it was television first thing if he had

you know the things that the children

in the 88-89 when he when he claimed he was first in his class and had five degrees and made up a whole tale about his wife they son of prime minister candidate for prime minister in England the old cynic plagiarized plagiarize a man for life not just this word

so this this is been a problem for quite some time and dr. Maria Ryan who will be on the show I'm sure frequently she's my partner for my Sunday show uncovering the truth on WABC

you can get that all over the country on WABC radio. Calm just like you can get this on BBS radio and the mat or chat with the mayor

then you then you can get this ready where

and if you want to call you can call +88-862-768-6008 and we can have dinner


radio call-ins because they're so short and got to cut them off and people are just starting to tell you interesting things that you have to go to another person and and then when you explain things so here we have a little more Runway and we can we can cover things more it'll more intelligently and in-depth as they deserve

so what I want I wanted to do is I wanted

I wanted to play for you

and I wanted to place for you shattered in himself

because I think

first first

I'm not going to play I'm going to play something where he talks money yet because I think he's getting a legitimately questioning his capacity to hold an extraordinarily sensitive and important job where he matched to make very very precise judgments about what's good for us has to be extraordinarily discreet he's got to be able to speak with a certain amount of confidence and Power in order to represent his State and the guy never worked a day in his life she takes her allowance from his parents

and he wanted to defend the police he wanted to let second-degree murder is out and she's been in favor of releasing cop killers constantly is a big supporter of president whose watch crime goes through the roof would you like to know how by just releasing criminals the way Bragg dozen Manhattan I figure at this point

about 50% less people in prison who hurt you then when I was denied

meaning of rather being in prison where you know they can only hurt themselves

or maybe I don't know five ten thousand people something like that out there and when they do get apprehended very often because of the Nobel that Kathy hochul really won't change get back out on the street

so he supports all that he supports all of that destruction of the criminal justice system that and he's a big supporter of wacky

is bigger looks like what are you I mean this is before he was dressed and acted like a watch it

and he is a whack job and you wanted me to send I mean so we can look for me. I'm pretty crazy because he has no impact on his capacity to reason and translated into something else so that it gets around whatever damage that the stroke did to his brain catastrophic damage

he says it doesn't really affect his judgment doesn't a talking to his ability

you believe

what is that was the case then why would he answer this question you now going to hear him let me see if I can get this just right for you when we're going to hear him

we're going to be nice if that's the case then he should be extraordinary really anxious to release his medical records to check Lee on this subject and have his doctor's question about so let's see if we can

let's see if we can get this up high enough so you can hear it

don't you think that if she released those records and answered those called

are doctors saying that we're sick to do it and I've demonstrated my abilities to where I'm at and I leaving people up today

Army everyday and you seen our campaigns across Pennsylvania

I don't know if she answered that we just didn't go far enough he he doesn't go over his basement

I think that was his first interview one-on-one interview with a reporter and get his first press conference only two months ago. And people are voting right now give all authority without the information

I mean that business would be like the hard drive I mean that those records could say that he has a permanent impairment

at least doing the Democrats crooked thing which is hiding it until after the election until we find out that we would like you to compromise didn't sound like it also sounds like he's he's not he's not a well put-together human being you

with his ideas and his strange Behavior

I mean you know you know


is tenure as as of whatever the heck was he the mayor or the county executive that was an article so done that by the time he's finished County was close to bankrupt crime and increased dramatically and I nobody

and they don't support them right now

this is this is this

if it wasn't so serious a matter of life and death

is it almost be funny

world like in a guy. I will be 50 will I get a 50 year old guy

about 67 68 probably about 280 lb

goes around with overalls

what was that was that the wrestler Calhoun looks like he looks like he should be in the old-fashioned wrestling matches not stream boxing in order to be

spell sensational but we should really have the prisoners we should we should relieve people and I'm just checking the green Birdo we should really see we'll just was property crime krasner where a crime is going through the roof in Philadelphia and it has more murders in New York and Chicago combines doing a really good job with Progressive Progressive d a i guess Progressive GA means you can you make progress in getting people killed

of course she poured some spending money as if it has no value which every Democrat now does but I guess one who's never worked and never supported himself probably have no problem with that at all

please my friends in Pennsylvania I mean f e f e f e r and the guys guys will see it as soon as all get out so we can get the best treatment for his crazy ideas and they even more dangerous than it is now

and we can also get rid of Schumer

and we can get it checking balance on on on by

I have you both the house in the shower really prevention

I'm doing really damaging from really damaging



that voting it probably in your state voting is going on now or it's about you

and it is really outrageous

again without the Press

performing its role as a disciplinarian here but he's not going to debate until

last week

half the people who have voted by that who knows what he's going to be like in though I don't think he knows what he's going to be like which is why he's putting it off if you want it. I want a little info on the debate

last night Johnson and a Barnes debated and did a remarkable job but I mean Johnson is a

very sensible very honest man and Barnes is a defend the police all charge of policing you know don't send the police and the social workers soup violence guys beating the hell out of his wife just tell him things like use your words

that really works with the guy who's up you know career criminal and beat The Living Daylights out of

Main Event really

what's it I want to be the one asking the questions at this one tell you the truth

this is I think they would refuse me

it's a raffle Warnock in Herschel Walker and they're going to be on wsav in Savannah

we're also going to be on TV stations in in in the state

and I think you're going to be on

that new channel news

new news

the one that's the one that Chris Cuomo is on don't hold that against Leland vittert is on it Abrams

which makes you a little nervous news nation is the name of the nearest nation and this will be at 8 tomorrow I'm sorry it'll be at 7 tomorrow on news Nation or you can probably get it online as well and New Station I didn't get a chance to I didn't get a chance to write down and I want to write down to you the other debates that they send me they're covering a certain number of the debates but almost I want to be streamed so you'll be able to pick him up on your on your computer

and a for example Kemp and Stacey Abrams

both the former Governor speaker Stacey is the one who

you know she did what Trump did but nobody wants to put her in jail for it she refused to acknowledge it kept won the election

and until now has questioned the legitimacy of the election the way they do it it's just

just there right

so that was going to be Monday

and it's going to be on Facebook

and online another Outlets online

then Doby I would say that that's the main event

although there's a second debate on Monday the 17th between Ryan and J D Vance and that's at 7 p.m. eastern time

and then what did I just don't think is going to

I just don't think that

the race between Mike Lee of Utah and Evan McMullen he is a competitive race but we spread it even though he said the leader he's a responsible leader he's not waiting until early voting is over even though he's big front-runner he should be dating him on Monday night

not worth that's worth listening to only because you're so damn smart

I just don't think that's a real race

and then on

Tuesday night there's a race we haven't talked about

largely because

I just don't know but I don't I don't have a good I'm trying to get a feel for what kind of Shan

Joe audet has

dig that they're just going to do a mental health Forum at 12 p.m. and then that at night

probably one of the dumbest politicians other than buying in the country and one of the worst Governor what for though I don't think anybody is pretty bad to Murphy he's sure got a lot of people killed them and damn it like JB pritzker

will be at the dating Darren Bailey

can you do

I wish Darren Bailey the best but it's not one that

it's just not one that

oh yeah where you can say

got really good chance

now I do have to say in Spanish because when you get a chance there's a settlement of doing this and I think Charlie is going to do this and it is raised you know he's running against Joe pinion was a very fine candidate I may have him on this week he's a very very fine candidate and I think it's going to surprise people with the voting against but it's really hard because they cut him off completely from from any kind of illicit so

it just doesn't get a chance to

just have to get a chance to explain himself

is it going to debate at some point but I am at 4 in the morning two days before the election. In Spanish do I have today just did the same thing to some extent he's not having a debate until October 24th with Charlie Fritz and he's freaking out he's the big front runner and

are there still count on your truck truck Charlie Crist I also know for a very long time and I will tell you if you talk to Senator Scott from Florida he will tell you that my bad


I'm just not saying that bullshit I'm just telling you the facts and he says it all the time but it was it was not it was not today is a very famous American restaurant in Florida Miami and I went off on politics but none

is Charlie and I explain why 1 minute

add and put it on for about 3 weeks and

knocked out

don't think I'm going to have to do them out please send it to me on October 24th that's because the fantasy but it is kind of late

and then what will keep you informed we do not have a date for settlement and I

I don't believe we have it maybe we do yes we do October 25th

the price is it November 26th

I think it's October 25th and

it says that it's going to be live stream the fetterman of physical Frailty and illegitimate questions about whether he can communicate communicate properly understand what he's saying

but maybe the threat may be the biggest one of all anime I've made really

we shouldn't really determine the election because his ideas away outside the mainstream of Pennsylvania which is a swing state and relatively

sensible State compared to New York and California so we're going to take a 2 minute break so that people can do whatever you would like to do and will be back will be back at 6:30

thank you

what is Rudy Giuliani back with the mayor and we're we're discussing what we're talking a lot about the election because I do I do think them I do think they're more important this year than

just about anytime I can remember now I know I ran and I ran myself so as the candidate three or four times one two three four and I've a campaign for many people very very intensely and you know just wanted to a principal surrogate for John McCain and also

also for Donald Trump which is which of the Shrek and so I know I know campaign is really really really really well

there there it's almost impossible I think nowadays should really get a good feel

with a pole for 4 what's going on people wonder why are the poles so off why they so wrong one reason is a

what are the posters who are public pollsters began their career doing pulling for candidate and people who Poll for candidate give the candidate what he wants or she want

do you have to do is a right so I owe the sample Republicans I'm going to get a big number for the Bubba Bubba sample Democrats even with Independence the kind of Independence the right over several men or women

so poles at this stage or not

I'm just saying Age Two with the cell phone and things things like that

makes the poles a little bit less


here's here's the way I would look at these elections and his a little hint

until you usually is a if a campaign is Within Reach

can I say anything below double digits

show me at this stage but there's still plenty of time left.

anybody up double-digits like they points behind seven points

Stickley was he trying to turn out the.


what are the reasons that Democrats have stopped counting on Election night was

they didn't calculate that big a turnout

and a turnout turned out to be much much bigger than they anticipated they never anticipated having to make up eight hundred thousand votes in pencil in Pennsylvania having to do a lot of phony ballots to get that job



is a factor in an election nowadays because we're so split down the middle

that it has a lot to do with who wins because whoever has the enthusiasm definitely comes out to vote that particular party

what you make up for a lot of things that happened early

so you want to watch that you want to watch the enthusiasm level and how how is it being affected effected

end of the Trump rallies are very very important for that because they engender enthusiasm he has them for this cycle he didn't have them


20 and that's one of the things he can do well which is to create a sense of enthusiasm in a motion for his candidate or 10 for candidacy

so which one

what's what's go back in with you for a moment

some of the races and what and what and what you can what you can do obviously if you're in in in one of the stage with one of the key races then

and you obviously you can vote you can volunteer you can volunteer to help

you can

you can

try to get people out to vote

if you're not in that you're not in that state

you're not in that sit

you can donate you still can donate money and money is still valuable even though the word of mouth has become you know I'd say more valuable an internet campaigning has become valuable advertising

important you want to be covered but it isn't it isn't as critical as it used to be

so let's let's review the races we we talked about because I think these are still the ones that we put in the

in the

category where the result is not know so I won't move when we when we mentioned mentioned Senator Lee so he's going to win that that does the debate may be fine to listen to but but if you want to listen to a debate involving a candidate to make a difference in whether Democrats Republicans have the leadership that's not that's not the one but

so I would I would start with Mar Mark geographically I wish I wish we were on TV but I love doing this with a man that I think I'm going to do this to your grandpa's so we start with New Hampshire for the right

where we have bulldog and half and

basically I'd say if you was in New Hampshire or in the East you can you can get up there and help Bulldog that is a state where to order door

bring out the vote going to make the difference it's within it's within the margin of error

the other races within the margin of error and so that showed erase that you were expending you know how many some of your time

I would not I would not consider it a waste I would not consider it a waste of time

if you have

she gave some gave some time to that because

they got a pretty good job of trying to make bulldok into an extremist and other reality is that

New Hampshire the moderate stage but on the other hand a New Hampshire really just disappointed with bud. It's very bad numbers in New Hampshire and he's not that kind of person that would have all of the things that have come out about all the foreign money they've taken from China and Russia out crooked they are and let's face it I mean there's a lot of that lot of that is whisper whisper whisper butt

why doesn't go down well in a place like like New Hampshire might be easier to deal with it in New York to California

that's one race

to keep an eye on a very very very careful then if we try to do this in some kind of order

in Pennsylvania

where we have you got and we have with mental can talk better

and I said to have a debate coming up in a few are in the New York-New Jersey area and you want to give us some time to help him or you want to help Doug mastriano Marciano against Ben Shapiro who is a really really a left-wing with your attorney general who really helps to empower the crazy DEA and thin

crazy G A in Philadelphia the city of Philadelphia. Should I be able to win who wasn't a member of the military for 27 years simply asking if your team up with Nas and they can work together I'm doing it would make it very very big very big difference in Philadelphia needs a bad word

then then I say we go up from there to Ohio

and we've got the very close interesting race there with Vance and Ryan

and they're both aged in that debate the very very well

I think Ryan has the big problem of he really is a Trumper a bike Easter rather he really is a by mister and he's not going to be able to run away from it and Ohio is a definite we have had it was bud and I think Advanced can just keep convincing people that he's a by the Easter

I think that's the one I feel the most confident about right this minute

now that I feel confident in the in the following order bands has involved in that in that order so far then we go to Georgia and we have Walker and Warnock

now there is yesterday counter Scandal developed in the war not campaign in that his date the video it was a video rather lengthy video from his wife's going about how he beat her up and ran her over with a car


Providence Tax Bill Walker jr.

I don't know if it's any more true about him that it is about Walker they both denied the women both attest to it you're supposed to always believed women but we didn't do that with Bible who had a woman claimed that he sexually harassed her and she she went nowhere so do the best you can with that one that's it that's it that's going this hard too hard to figure out that way and Wisconsin is a Ron Johnson when they're in over their trying to attack as a responsible guy because he kept the election and that sort of thing I know the evidence to the atom is all very very

bird probative in very useful evidence that the show

let's the election was

tainted by an illegal activity

so you're the one that will keep our eye on the most I will add to it one other I said bye but I will add in the bottom as well which is Cortez masto

after school right now and

so I think those six races those six races really will tell you

I would say

Republicans are going to have to win

46 and the right one

and I think it's possible and then make it possible for the Republicans to win all of them I do not think it's possible for the Democrats to win all of them it is possible and I think the next couple weeks ago

and they start to ask questions that those of you who have been following this from the earlier part of primary fine

I wish you put it somewhat


why were you asking that now

but I do I do think that the format that we played out where we're going to go over these and you you spend time getting your questions ready about the candidates show that

I can give you the benefit of what's going on on the inside with all of them in one way or another

I think that we could do something useful and getting the people you know because this is a very very important strategy aside if we continue on this walk past that we better or

we are

we turned it around and go back to our old Air old value

what are Sol's

like the nuclear family I believe in God

like when I speak into the universe

girl that's a little disappointing me some people but that's just the reality of thing it's just the reality is also take a look at the house races to see what we can what we can find there in the way of races that will

not only beat the Democrats because I think that's going to probably probably be

easy easier to do than in some of the other situation but the the

the whole atmosphere of it I think it's important so you got you got fixed a New Hampshire New Hampshire and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Georgia Wisconsin and Nevada pretty much been around and the rest of the stage

it was pretty well locked up for one or the other

although Trump will try a couple of sure to take a few away from

take us to you awake


from the front from the other side just in case you just in case they do full round or just in case something goes wrong

you can't you can't be too short

and I think that

the race of the stated here with Joe pic then should be a close race but it's in or just not Canyon

would have been good I think if we had a stronger candidate

I don't I don't say the job was not strong he is just doesn't have the resources you haven't had the resources to be a candidate as he could certainly has the internal resources he's a very particular person a very smart person but he doesn't have that the Bucks to make themselves into a candidate better know

what's a miracle happens that's going to be one that will just have to grin and bear it but if we can get most of these and I think

you don't get to change tonight if you change tomorrow I don't think it will there's no reason why it will but this is going in the right direction

I think that it's going in the direction of that people realizing that we need checks and balance that we need to have a president that is restrained by a constitution that's why is it that he is wiser than and that has to be interpreted honestly so that we live

and what's that will have ice tomorrow basis on which should come back Prime and that that alone will bring it down

single single also examined because it'll have something very much to do with how the election comes out and we didn't spend time on it we just got a few minutes but this is something that is there something there

will do some analysis to get together and

that's the issue we know crime

we do crime is an issue we know what quality economy or inflation or cost-of-living be more specific and say inflation because what it really is is the effect of things possible and we know that that the Democrats are trying to bring abortion it in as the issue of it is just about gone as an issue education is an issue

do we have to see how they play how they play out

how they play out against each other in some places crime could be the number one is you in some place that could be the economy and in some ways it could be children and their education which of course was the big factor in the Virginia Reel message no reason why that can emerge as a major factor in this election

keep up with it

remember the number write it down 888-627-6008 will be back next

Tuesday at 667 so be prepared with some questions for me because I don't like it when I don't get tested and then then that will be back on Thursday next week with

inside the 2022 election and estimate will get into much more who's going to win and why I'm looking as we go off at her at 8 at a Chevron sign for gasoline I think it's California I think it said $6.75 and I'm looking at the Saudi Arabian why would we help you you're trying to honor and wants to destroy us

just a thought so now I have a great week I'm on radio remember tomorrow at 3 to 4 on WABC radio. Stop then I'm on uncovering the truth on Sunday between 10 and 11 with Dr Maria Ryan

and and I will be back as soon as I said on Tuesday go to Rudy Rudy Giuliani and get my present podcast which with the key issues that are being censored and as each of these issues you're not finding out massive amounts of fact that much of the same way that you didn't find out anything about the hard drive for you get some of it we got it out no matter what the number of people that know the baby Chastity Bono.

and they didn't know about it in the detail that we're now getting out of the details of the crime that he committed his father committed in his father's involvement so what is a mole make sure you get that information is kept from you and you have a great week God bless you and God bless the greatest country on earth is Rudy Giuliani and

be with you

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