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Chat with The Mayor, October 11, 2022

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Chat with The Mayor
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Heading for Armageddon, Was the election stolen, is president Biden Demented

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani

Heading for Armageddon, Was the election stolen, is president Biden Demented

Chat with The Mayor

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Rudy Giuliani led an award-winning consulting company. His opinion and expertise have been sought after by Presidents, Prime Ministers, business executives and law enforcement.

He also likes learning from others.

In this unique show, you will be able to call in and Chat with The Mayor!
Airing every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm to 6:55 pm Eastern Time. 

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chat with the mayor
Rudy Giuliani
hello this is Rudy Giuliani and this is chat with the mayor this is your opportunity to ask me any questions that you want and in the day and age that we live in we're going to do it a little different than I think you'd find on 80% of maybe 85% of the media outlets in this country will let you ask any question that you want we don't have practice since the ship here and there for cut-out 90% or so of the subjects like what's the election stolen is President Biden dementia
what did he mean when he said at a fundraiser that we're headed to Armageddon by the by the state Media or they are very very euphemistically or lightly because we live in a pretty much the section of the First Amendment
I would say more than at any other time in American history I've been searching history as much as I can the time that I have an era in which as much news content has been blocked and depressed and kept behind the Iron Curtain effects of shift and I can't find some very traumatic like the hard drive which would have been extremely important to American because the hard drive very simply which I am an expert on cuz I'm the one who got it and turned it over to the New York Post
conclusively that Joseph live in the president knighted states has been taking money from a far as that other influences office for at least 30 years in Sun clearly it mix it describes the scheme in great people and the records of the
well that was suppressed almost completed so now let's get you
let's get you your questions call in to 888-627-6008 X 438-827-6008 or 323-724-4851 and call us with any any any questions that you have I'm going to suggest a topic to start with because I think it's a topic that needs discussion and that is 5 capability to carry out the
responsibilities of the office of President knighted states which I would imagine none of us would just agree about is
most complex job in the world
most consequential job in the world Xi Jinping
they they are having special destroy the world so let's take them to take our first call
this is Antonio I believe
Joe I'm here how are you Joe how are you
they said nice to hear your voice again that's in the area so I'm much better today than yesterday and I was thinking Italian song and it ruined my voice
I want to try to get at a recording of that analysis of Columbus was trying to suppress the recording to everybody that I'm actually calling from close to the Sea of Galilee in in Israel and emergently from Pennsylvania did live in Braddock for a while but I don't really want to go down now, that show is my unofficial
he's been calling my WABC radio show
I don't know it seems silly to say the shenanigans of the Bible
so Joe what's on your mind today
thank you you know first of all the folks who listening and misdemeanor maybe you can pull this up two of your staff by the Lord's hands if anyone Google's right now Joe Biden China hustle Hunter Biden China hustle on every phone and computer on planet Earth, how seven of the articles are about me and that's because I've been following the biblical command to pursue Justice for the last 11 years I unknowingly stumble into what I believe was a massive multi multi multi billion-dollar stock fraud that they may have been produced the movie about few years. Called the China hustle companies be registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission court judgment
and I learned the hard way that none of those Court judgments really melted to anything they were one but the Chinese and the CEOs that were involved in the fabricated account he didn't pay on any of those somehow tens of billions of dollars disappeared
so when when I'm near Giuliani and started the podcast everybody was speaking about President Trump's Russian say it was a fake accusation of course there was the Russian collusion and mayor Giuliani was on with Maria Bartiromo and inclusion and got out the David from Viktor shokin so I took the affidavit to Picture Show can I put it on Hunter Biden Docket in Arkansas in his baby mama case with Lunden Roberts
as well as several of the Court judgments like mine that will work with over the last 11 years hundreds of Americans contacted me who also invested in Chinese company that lost some of them lost their life savings they were retirees that had invested
company or Chinese companies invested in a were involved with the great question and I did make a Lie by Nicki the conjecture in that Court filing that The Disappearance of the hundreds of billions of dollars was somehow connected to the Chinese Communist party because when I was in China on three different good. I learned the name of the CEOs will not the final decision makers that there was some higher up in the CCP so not there but possibly in directly and that's why I'm intrigued when you speak about a RICO case because it's very hard when the black box that's China to know where that money went in and how it disappeared I I know some of it probably just went into the vices of many of the CEOs down in the couch Ina
you know who had similar behaviors as the president's son
but I guess mr. Mary you know I've lost hope I am in my fifties I lost everything I had saved since I was 30 I feel like I've done my part to warn other people. Chinese investment episode about my story on Blaze TV with Kevin Freeman and when you speak about a RICO case I somehow maybe sometimes. Hope that people that were defrauded like me would have some kind of way to recovery and another
you're you're a victimization
how how is it connected is that all you know Hunter Biden and Devon Archer and at one point one point does several several others involved in a company where the Bank of China was a fart
that was probably the primary vehicle other than they were many others like cecpd that they put together with Joe Biden himself was going to get 10%
well they're too many layers of shelves but it did it was very hard not to receive every to be honest he was it's so opaque that she couldn't see where the money went and nobody to my knowledge has has done any serious investigation on on their site so I can't see directly but I'm hoping that if they are folks listening or or that it's like you know I've been on Maria Bartiromo show a few times this week station there's no there's no question that the Chinese government has been involved with and without the bike family and with other American politicians in many many American companies
I can't even begin to estimate your mouth I have a feeling for it with regard to the Bible because of the hard drive
but the hard drive is only one of a number of computers that Hunter had and I can't even tell you what percentage that it makes a total amount of money you can very safely
truth about 31 million dollars going from the Chinese communist government to the Biden crime family from about 2016 to 2019 maybe early 2020 31 minutes
there are other estimates that I can't
Journal would probably find this substantial enough to write about if they were honest that probably double that amount of money in case I could prove the 31 million dollars went from high-level members of the Chinese Communist Party
do Hunter Biden
and of course I would I would say to anyone out there so you don't think that was for Joe Biden you're stupid
because the Chinese are not stupid and they're not paying a lifelong totally drugged at that time tomorrow
when is Father is the vice president
you're one of the episodes with uncovering the truth with Dr Maria few months ago you were the term was called want to find this is just a cultural value for them it's not such a thin because that's how they operate that they have an end rather than pointed this out the princeling but they don't have the respect for the US court judgment I agree with your estimate about the bidens between 30 to 6 million I just hope somebody will start to look at it disappeared 203 on a company that the SEC be registered and do the SEC chairman were at the time it just continue to allow this formulaic systemic fraud in the one because that's that's estimated in the
if 10 to 200 billion dollars that was a small price for them to pay and there's an article one more piece of this is that John Solomon along with Frank Gaffney did a while back especially John Solomon maybe if you speak to him that there was some memorandum of understanding that Joe Biden had when he was vice president that they could use Chinese concept of accounting
I remember I remember that article and the reality is that the tremendous unbelievable protection of Joe Biden which is I think I'm pressing it in American Judicial District comes about because it would unfold number of American politicians
in addition to the Bible who is feasted off China
what what what China has done is attempt to buy it right by us I mean the United States because the Chinese market basket ball players and promote China ignore the unbelievably dastardly human rights violation a birthday Board of Arkansas
just like you print let me know because it'll be far and will be
small amounts of money compared to fat and that's why that's why they are protecting it to the point where they're trying to destroy me as John Solomon
taking my iCloud since
went surreptitiously the ifpi went and took my iPod the day I began representing Donald Trump
sign of this year that I would just start reviewing thanks Joe will keep you are a real real resource and I appreciate you appreciate you very much
my my birthday was last week and if it could you have could you Google Now Joe Biden China hustle and read that letter that I wrote to that or even maybe not the whole lot of that stuff that you throw a great birthday presents nephew Google Joe Biden China hustle if they commented Joel Kaplan
thought I will Google
I'm surprised I am I am I am surprised they keep it on put on you want me to Google Joe Biden China Hustle
exactly yeah I could Small Miracle to see from the Lord
would you recommend the people see the movie
Oregon Coast RV what's the first thing that comes up I would tell people what's the first item that sums up
is that what you want me to look at
yep. That was my one of my letters to the SEC at this point I got a little sarcastic with them hoping to wake them up though it was going on China hustle 2.0 has become an expert on Chinese companies
then I've been trading on NASDAQ
defraud investors want a bunch of bodies bank records that you that I did after I was at the Western Wall and I had seen I was watching on my phone at you on them we about to run my show and that's when I put Viktor shokin David David on Hunter Biden docket rainy and prosecute who was Prosecuting Hunter Biden Hunter Biden partners and the Olive Garden organized criminal who ran a bunch of Vibes company mykola zlochevsky
1620 billion dollars from you print while he was a government official partial by the way to Russia and Ukraine in this particular case Joe Biden being paid by a Ukrainian who was loyal to one of your food
are there no questions this payment was for Joe Biden's intercede and protect his company at that those questions have been resolved by the hard drive and that's probably why they suppress your birthday present for you lying, so you can continue to write my checks on your government in the CCP and the TLA yes. Just submit fabricated accounting without pcaob oversight and then you can drive our political elites on somebody is repatriated and time that you guys have it we can't do anything
so happy news for you sad for us this is really weird people taking a very very good look at him and we'll talk a lot more goes on this show and and the other guy just a few comments on China I mean if you if you are
if you are in any doubt that China is dead serious about displacing us as the world's leading country will then the shed get out
Z Jinping I gave a speech now for five years ago marking a2048 at the date on which China will pass the United States has the most significant economy and military in the world
now they have pasta with regard to the Navy you probably I'm in my meeting probably don't know the China has a bigger Navy than the United States and China just passed a really of
really fight a one ocean war we have to fight a few ocean and then we should have doubled the size of the Chinese Navy if we're going to be able to contain China Russia
North Korea Iran Venezuela and some of the other South American countries in and out going, this is the way we did it this way we did it was Ronald Reagan
by having a massive military that although they didn't show it frightened The Living Daylights out of them well you know Joe Biden has decimated that military water benefits on defund the police in this ridiculously irresponsible budget that he's passed then asked the American people some of them driven into poverty and literally reduce the money he's given to the military reduced it because although eat pretty much spending and most agencies anywhere from 12 to about 40% The increased spending in the military by only 2% which given inflation is about a six to 8%.
show a China is building up their military at record numbers and they getting the help of the United States contracted
what will go into great detail on this but there are two things that have to be looked at with Joe Biden that is part of the major depression goes on of news and this this to me is supposed to treat them and that is the connection between all the money that your pipe and his family got from China and then the
completely incomprehensible decisions that he made his favorite China and put the National Security of the United States and tremendous power but we'll talk about that as much as you would like because this is something you have to be aware and you got to vote us out of this problem
let's move on and that we have do we have an Tonio
hello Antonio yes yes how are you and Tonio that's a nice to nice to talk to you I'll talk to you before I actually live in Orange County Orange County New York New York by question is as well as Americans probably don't know you ran in 1989 and lost to David Jenkins but then beat him in 93
my question is to use yes do you think that maybe Adams is a shock to the city that Dinkins was that will allow a republican to win maybe your son will my son people should know ran for governor he lost in the primary to verify who he is now very strongly supported with my phone. My son is 36 37 I'm sorry and it was his first run for office but he he gave a really terrific accounting of themselves with very little money came in second against run for governor before and
you're ugly caddy at even funded broccoli it would have been a different situation great for him just like me he lost his first race like he lost his first race he's learned a lot from it and you can't be a more loyal supporter of fleas Eldon than my son do I sync my my son could run again I do think I sent this before I'm not sure I'm not really sure this but I wouldn't dismiss the notion that if the Curtis Sliwa Adams Electric bill run today Curtis would win
remember Adams last approval rating and they stopped publishing 40%
I mean that's as low as Vibe and that is unusual for somebody in the office only 6 months but he's not he's done the thing that hurts you the most and one-on-one and that was because he had the background of being a policeman on that he would have lower crime
time is up almost 40%
there is a slight the client this year in Murder
but that keeps getting wiped out with weeks like about 2 weeks ago for one day a day two weeks ago when 17 people were shot then and then and then nine The Next Step
so that's that that decrease in Murder doesn't cover the fact that over the last three years murder has gone up about 25% even with that teeth on the other hand Cry by grand larceny of up 60% auto theft is up
60 65% Prime in general is up about 40%
and remember most people
although they are frightened when they hear the murder numbers are not affected by when we had when we had outrageous numbers for murder like they were 2000
back to the city that many people around like 500000 carjackings and seventies it was getting to the point where everybody either has had their car stolen the next door neighbor has hit in the head for no reason their purse has been stolen these crimes are not isolated to the gang members or the one thing that I've noticed that finally the experts are paying some attention to a different kind of crime I do not remember significant numbers of pointless random from
now we're treated almost every night to a picture of someone going past someone else on the subway and knocking them in the head for no reason for throwing them on the track or how about picking the dead body
that was about 3 days ago somebody just spent 5 minutes kicking a dead body not sure that the person was dead
did you drop that man
know what somebody else
somebody else involved in the pantry and kill them is on marshalee under a Car Guy season is over and he started hitting the guy with his shoe stomach in his head
did you see one of those the other day was like a crime
yeah or or somebody waiting for a bus sometimes sometimes they just move on
Red X
need for no reason bremse
almost 20 times and Imagination the fire Lieutenant posthumous Lee a captain
she was stabbed to death so far there's no reason for it I believe that this emergency will Target great minds about this because it's probably going to book about a foot
I think this emerges from 2020
this is the this is the price that we paid for a summer of watching people act in a completely wall is wet
robbing stealing looting and killing
and being just observed but not arrested by the police this is what we get for giving up police stations to Criminal
this is what we get when a police officer like retired Captain George has to die to protect his friends door because the police are not allowed to
do the criminals have more on there really is no police
there's no preemptive pollution
they're not going to stop
they may come later and pick up the scraps and write up the report
but look at how many to retail Prime in New York City and the other Democrats that he's not the country is off the truck
no one has any fear of going into a retail store and stealing anything they want
security there doesn't even stop you now because they might get killed
the police do not that's coming up and have you seen the police
come in and interrupt cefdinir retail store
I'm never okay when I was mayor that was one of my caumsett goal my goal was to change my Police Department police department arrested people to a police department that's why I wanted them there when the crime was going on stop it
that's too risky for a police officer today because when that happens something can go wrong and they know that the Democrat politician almost all of it
without exception will turn on them
you made me a Democrat City that doesn't have a massive Prime problem like I talked to you in Singapore
laser 1717 of them last year set a record from her more murders than ever before in the history including a great city of Philadelphia
plumbers in Philadelphia
old on New York and Chicago have a lot of murder believe it or not little Philadelphia has more murder that she's not going to your come by
eastbound is about 30 times more dangerous than New York
it has a g l e
basically putting their corruptly by by Soros way back 5 years ago put up millions of dollars to go back to the day you came out on the job he's a car in front with your shenanigans. Half of the police cases
the police have refused to work with him the police have picketed against them even the Crooked Democratic party of Philadelphia didn't endorse their sons and daughters are getting killed because of crashing
Soros put in 3 million
Sorrows by Curtis Lee what does have a chance to replicate what you did
maybe not on the same crime is but
and I will have it all after this on this on the show as we move along because he has the police commissioner
the governor just about anybody in the state of without executing them all it's amazing but he can remove
do you get a hearing but it can remove you and I will never pass this way though
I don't see if I can guarantee you will remove Alvin with one letter
all I have to say is I found that you are not enforcing the law as required by your oath of office and you therefore are removed as district attorney
and I appoint actually acting District Qatar
so now brag is out
and he can have it here don't remember if its 60 days of 90 days or that certain number of days he can have a hearing before court and the governor can put for the for the ways in which he has not followed the law which I meant to take a year there were so many and then we only have to worry about it you know whether we have a reputable honest core we have a court because so many Democrats have made so many appointments many of Them Crooked County leaders you know what are the judges
why do we need a new mayor in 2026 voting for Adam and Maya Play-Doh to our fellow citizens in New York is don't make the same mistake would pay for play Holcomb
call my mother think she's also learn from your mistake everyone in New York City all the five boroughs
did that guy said Irma can you imagine the guy running for mayor the guy has never worked a day in his life
I know you're tired of his a third of his his term as lieutenant governor just on the parole board to certify to let people out and you can't talk about the election fraud
probably contributed to it they all did occluding Shapiro the guy running for governor and make sure Pirro is one of the people responsible for krasner in Philadelphia at all the people dying in Philadelphia the people of Pennsylvania going to vote for
you got to be crazy no no no if you have you seen the latest turn Pago call
no these women two points I forgot the name of the person running against him the person said that there's a voter's Republican voters that are out there that we do not know if I'll call is below night winning Pennsylvania by 800000 votes
I mean there are statisticians that will tell you that it was impossible to overcome that unless you created New Hope
a database New York State without identification their database you know you know and when I buy the doctors use the other night about the port before Congress woman who died and he was looking for in the audience don't know if you saw that right before the guy
and they're also downplaying his birthday which he turns 80
is 80 going on 112th I mean every year all I know is a much better shape than you get dementia is not tied to an age
absolutely not I I was on there playing with Henry Kissinger a few years ago and Henry was physically really having a tough time and when he got down and sat next to me I was really worried to our conversation
I mean you can still chat with you like them you don't like them or you agree with his policies he can just recite the history of a ran
and he hasn't lost the other was a beat at least as of two years question who do you think's going to win tonight Yankees or the guardian the guardian
what are the Guardians are they like
they want to make sure they're going to get 28 this year
I mean you can you believe changing the name from the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardian I don't know well hopefully talk to you now we're going to take one more call and hang on the number is 888-627-6008 or 323-724-4851 we will be back in
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I hit the instructions which again
hi this is Rudy Giuliani and you're on ask the mayor on BBC Radio and you can always get us on Tuesdays and Thursdays BBC Radio. Calm ask the mayor and will be on 6 to 7 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then on Thursday we're going to follow up with a discussion show involving the 2022 election and keep you up-to-date on what's going on there we now have a call from Tom
and if I am a correct it's Tom Edison
hello Tom
hello can you hear me most on DBS Radio for the last five years if you're up and at it early in the morning check out my show don't know I don't have a direct correlation to Thomas the event also and inventor inventor of solutions and before I ask you a question let me just tell you I ran for president of the United States in the last four elections as a write-in candidate without money I didn't get too much notoriety I'm doing a dinner 2024 do it as an independent write-in candidate the basis is I know how to solve all the problems since all the solutions
wish it would qualify for me to be the most qualified person ever be the president on Thursday to I don't want you just said let me get stuff to one of the things you can solve you are already more articulate than the present present
no you're already ahead of him on our on being our pixel
I don't know you but I can understand you I can understand our present
I would forget about Biden's firm in here you said something interesting at the beginning of the show I've been on hold since the beginning of the show
no that's okay but listen you said something important about the president of the United States such a difficult job said I'm the most qualified person to ever be the president of the United States because I declare and I'm telling everybody listening now the president of the United States is the easiest job in the world if you know how to take command of the situation and that's what I'm an expert at believe me I got a good question for you listen to me and I'm going to give you your orders what to do and if you can't handle taking orders from the president of the United States I want your resignation by the end of the day
you cannot say that the Congress
yeah absolutely and I'll make them a leader make the most basic constitutional separation of powers what to do if they're in government and I'm the head of the government I can't force him to do it okay but what do they do with her or not
about now we have been November 20th
nobody is talking and I don't think I'm not picking on you but I haven't heard you say nothing about it either nobody's talked to me about changing the Crooked voting machines for starters okay how come nobody's talking about case in the voting machines changing to talk about it now but you know it was only like 7 weeks away we need to talk about it now we can't go into another election with the reality of the reality is the reason that the last election if it was fix was fixed was really more of the mail-in voting than the than the machine there's no question that here's my point I found out from just listening to late night talk radio
like like the major station and with the guess they had on that it was over two decades ago they had discovered that the electronic voting machines can be so easily hacked into and we know that the machines out now or electronic voting machines you know Ventura and I know how to inject a Golgi apparatus at the camp and cheated on I started contacting people and government and nobody was interested. Couldn't be foolproof of a rig okay
I want an honest loading machine and that's where it is with the Democrats and Republicans wrap up but you can call me back on on Thursday and we can continue this on your 14 to I disagree with you on the first you're right about the voting there's no question about it and if people and I know maybe some people are going to be a little skeptical you don't watch the movie Kill Jane kill Jane for some reason it's still on speakers on Amazon Prime not sure if you can get her for nothing I think you can on Amazon for I can get it on a few of the others Nest Play the movie was done before the 2020 election and it talks about how vulnerable the voting machines including
the Dominion machine in the SP machine and vulnerable they were to being hacked change and most of the complainants with Democrat Senator Feinstein Klobuchar
the movie that is very much ignored it because it's virtually predict that the machines are going to be used to cheat
now as an expert on the shooting that went on in that election were there with a room filled with thousands of the exhibits and affidavits and everything else of the reason I said that to you is you got to concentrate on more relevant first they didn't they didn't fix the election through the voting in fact the voting machine didn't deliver what they expect Democrats never expected a 750 to 800 thousand lead in Pennsylvania and the public sentiments and it was so great.
which meant they had to go to the thing that is the most vulnerable in our system and that is the man mailing voted for you don't have to identify you because you can put in phone before and when necessary you can put in 40 votes after and make them up
there are reports that are hidden and suppress
that in about four State Troopers that happen and if you'd like another movie to watch with that they are suppressed it and see if it was some kind of horrible movie you should watch 2000 you done by Dinesh D'Souza and I want you to watch it twice because the technology is technology that is you by the FBI the CIA and by almost every large commercial company it is excellent technology it's pretty close to Flawless in all the months in that movie has been out all the Democrats say is we developed it they haven't found a single situation out of about 20,000
it's wrong and what it shows is that the stuffing ballot boxes with Sony balance and about one-third of the cases they have smelled the back it up
every case they have a digital Trail to fruit
the Democrats have never done the same thing they did about the hard drop where they said it's Russian propaganda or eight months later turned out not to be but we already had put the truck in the wider the same thing is true here they have it
anyway contradicted a single sack
about to move it they just generally say it's been to bump they don't tell you about who they don't tell you right now and of course the corrupt medium-sized so I on the right track on that second one on the first one about the president and the Congress that was on I think that would look like he was overstepping his bounds as commander-in-chief of a limited government but number to it sure as hell would so thanks Tom and when it was Thomas Edison I thought my joke
come to
come to the end of the show for today will be back on Thursday same time 6 on Thursday it will be hopefully with our discussion of the election and then we'll be on at 6 with your call and I think you're going to find the discussion of the election to fax that you don't get elsewhere like you. A lot of facts today that you don't get it I think you should come to us because we're going to tell you what do you and I want you to participate 8867

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