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Chat with The Mayor, November 3, 2022

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with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor with Rudy Giuliani

Chat with The Mayor

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Rudy Giuliani led an award-winning consulting company. His opinion and expertise have been sought after by Presidents, Prime Ministers, business executives and law enforcement.

He also likes learning from others.

In this unique show, you will be able to call in and Chat with The Mayor!
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this is Rudy Giuliani and you are listening to
call the mayor
and you may or may not have been listening to the Pryor Show
which was the in inside the 2022 elections and are they are we had a chance to cover rather
I said rather quickly the the
directions as they stand right now in the house and the Senate we didn't get into the governorship in any great detail and I'll just summarize it all for you and
see if we can
do you get a conversation started about the election you call me at 888-627-6008 that's 888
6276008 or
did you call me from overseas you call me at 324-724-4851
and that's the cold the next show
so here's here's where here's where we were we say House of Representatives
House of Representatives
put this in front of my face which I don't think you'll be able to hear me so here's what years where we stand right now
when I look like a peach
and like a really like a good teacher not one who don't want to come to work and want to be locked in the classroom and that kind of stuff or wants to mess around with your sexuality
not the teacher this is where the house is right now to 22128 plus down
what's the weather to the bottom on this is the this is the median projection where it's going to be after the election
220 Republicans for a plus 20 Republican
Republicans would more than double
place and more than double the Democrat majority
how do they get it so it's 222 1253 designated as safe totally set
Democrat seats 185/85 Republican you start seeing the majority of Republicans started merging likely she got more damn super 2317 Quebec St Unit 202 for the Republicans
okay and 176 for the Democrat
and now we have leading at least a week is really the weakest projection and that's 1918 Dempster Republican so that leaves you with 220 that are combination of Fisher lightly and leaning Republican and 185 dams
at the margin of 15 right that's the margin of 15
that's smart enough to know my goodness 25 then you then you are five more these are these are the people that are they are tilting Democrat that's 220 to 210 we have five winners and their supposed to go look at it we can
203 to 200
20551 Route 203 to 202 something like that
shred it
Saturday is more interesting one because there is still enough out there so you could end up with a Democrat Senate in the sense of 55th West up a president Vice President Joe Biden Harris casting the tie-breaking vote but that is very very important because that gives them what you mean championships Old Tower
makes it much easier to do confirmation
passing by majority majority like bankrupt in America that way past inflation measures that way so the big race is in the car
we can do them in order of
obviously they're going to be resolved as either Republican or Democrat get resolved as Republican or Democrat sexual looking at now
easiest ones to resolve knock off quickly as Republican or Democrat would be Florida North Carolina those are going to go we're going to go Republican there isn't really much doubt about it and I don't know why they really were much doubt and not neither is neither is there going to be much doubt about Iowa and Utah I would say son of the Grassley in Center Valley win by double-digits Rubio win by double-digits
so I would say that those four are taking up taking care of
for the for the toilet for the easy way to look at it is for the Democrats to keep the majority
by and large
I just can't lose a sheet
they can't lose a single shape
I got to pick up
there's a loose tooth I got to pick up three
do I have to do to get it back to 55th
so here's a earring ear are the ear other possibilities who are the Democrats could pick up
a a a republican seat
and therefore get themselves to a 50 majority where are the Republicans most vulnerable and what Renee and what does Renee Arizona George Wisconsin Ohio
in Pennsylvania
and was terrible
so which are the Democrats most likely
probably they're the most likely
what's where where was the Republicans be the week
ashay ashay
maybe Arizona
Arizona is a pro so it could go either way and it's the one that I would be the least surprised goes Democrat
is going to either go to Walker or it will be a run so you won't have a win on that night and therefore whatever is going on with that it that's going to make it there but
in both Arizona and Georgia
you talkin about a pickup
so if the Republicans make a pickup
somewhere out
and don't lose the sheet
they then going to have 51 votes majority so Georgia May matter in terms of padding your lead the Georgia may not matter in terms of a winning the Senate
if the following Senate Republicans getaway Wisconsin with Johnson over box
that would be holding that chick
if they then turned around and also one of out-of-the-box all through the head by both these gentlemen are ahead by
Johnson is pushing double digits and like salt is now at about 5 or 6
the wax what would be the pick up new Johnson to be the whole and now it's a hold everything else
they win no matter what happens enjoy a Rob is again with us online run
forget to get the rubber just a little so
you got it and go to Ohio
which is a whole other Republicans and it's closed but it's looking good for Vance seriously doubt I seriously doubt that trying to pull through
but if he did
and Johnson wins and wax all Twins and
Advance Auto lose it so now we lose your seat
it could be easily overcome by Oz winning in Pennsylvania and I cannot believe he's not going to be set up and I don't believe we get to know you will not be happy with who he has been a very very good job of catching up with him going ahead up
in some of these cases certainly in the case of bulldog and in the case of vans
and in the case of Walker they were painted with the Democrat money as such what would you say way out
way out a republican so I can extremist Republicans that
when they appeared and we're at the debates and we're reasonable and and quite effective speakers and showed up ready to discuss the issues discussed which is due in part to the country and George were in such bad shape
I mean he's the guy was black lives matter guy racial politics guy
all of these make all these make sense to me I do not understand is that the date for the other night was a clear indication to a person who has any caring for this country that he would be an embarrassment to the country in the United States enter the same danger that Biden is a man suffering from Dementia in the white house but
enough chat danger so that one would wonder about
how people came around to voting for
he doesn't seem to understand the propositions that are put forward to you know when he was as
when he was asked
but a moderator how he can tell he can explain this change in position
with regard to
he just dumb broke
it took chances to do it in the second time it was if he was trying to try to remember what you've been taught to say
well I mean he'll see if he was dead set against
the reason I think it's more than just being a liar
warm me up make a mistake
and a hard time remembering
I think I don't think he can conjure up in his mind that the day you know two years ago that he said that he would never get
I don't think she remembers
and what he says it looks like he doesn't remember
are you coming
give me the bait and persuade anybody represent you
I just wanting to feel bad for her because she don't you feel bad for him
nor do they mind the danger to his life presenting that kind of stress honey just
just look at his reaction now several
several months later
start recovery
I've seen people recover from stroke into three days you can't tell me he did not have a big stroke
just just kids reaction
this kids reaction has to tell you that doesn't
doesn't his reaction have to just like eat
sort of
demonstrate that Beyond any doubt imagine
turn the country around
let's take a look at some of the other things that we have that are happening right now in this country that are
it's impossible to believe
Iran which is not getting the attention it deserves.
The protests within Iran or
very very substantial they are at the point where
there was a person on
Fox last night or could the news back
Andrea woman author who said that you would describe it as a revolution
I interviewed and I would suggest going to my podcast to get the details of this is interviewed
I would raise those yesterday who is the representative of which is the largest resistance group against the is now for 40 years and Ali Reza is a perfectly fluent American but very very dedicated to the freedom of the people of rent and Ali Reza told me before I heard this that there aren't Revolution this is not a protest that what's going on in Iran no matter how much
no matter how much mileage is supplies
not going to give up
the impact of the violence has been
violence there is the greater the react
the stronger and the greater the VA
it comes in a very hard time because we have a president who seems to be in love with her and I don't say that
in chat
I tried to be a legal illegal purposes
why would a country
as we know them so we gave them to killing Israelis
that was done by them
possibly more oriented toward socialism
and more sincerely have to have you been yelling student of Saul Alinsky
is it in it in in what world
you give money in gas
what country that killed its own people in a large large numbers
don't understand it I never did and I think it
find Jim along
it probably helped to make Obama the worst president
but there's no question who's the worst president now
I was a KGB murderer you were some kind of a community organizer really
you got elected out of work it's not out of
probably would have shatter in the United States
New York for the United States
you want to give away money to get it wants to make nuclear weapons in that cheese that shows that I hate your children from the day they're in Grammar School
thanks killing Americans taking them hostages perfectly okay
terrible time for a random with a Pro Controller
one that wants to settle the nuclear dispute supposed to get a lot of money
so I think that's going to probably play at another reason why
Democrats really hurt
I'm trying to find a difficult
break out of this
really really
and that is the freedom safety of the people of The Rock
we also
I've gone through a week and once again Biden speech are there is no inflation
prices of just stopped
12 13 14 15 per cent for their groceries but it's not it's
spending money
I'm creating a paper or paper and
all they're hoping for more opportunities to give Michael
and I think it is becoming more and more a source of American political reaction American Toluca Ranch that
good results in a big impact next
do we have to worry about some kind of October or November surprised coming up
I always late with his Optimus and think it would be really
who was for the Democrats to do it because
they shielded are entitled or they are protected on their immunized because the Press never cut was anything that they do that that's wrong I mean you look at
okay the telephone call that was made to help
mr. Pelosi
at first it was because you're supposed in the background with another man
the police commissioner said that the police didn't have his name they gave away the wrong name
the whole idea was
that somebody else
open the door not miss Applause
the Big D
police chief is quite adamant about that
what did she do or not do for you
she attempt to help you achieve jumps into me
why is there always a mystery with this
we'll take a short break and when we come back we'll finish our thoughts about
the condition of the country in the dentist's mother thinks that you will find equally as interest thank you
well it's great to be back at you honey I'll call the mayor
I was I was I was talking about the you know the president and
was Frank the strange situation that we find ourselves in but this election coming up now and how important it is
was the story when I was a child
about you know someone
what was it a boy or girl or twins but you know they would cry all the time
and the mother went to the nephew do that. Can come
one of these days you're going to cry wolf
and the Wolf I'm here nobody's going to come
we've been saying forever since I I've been in politics
history of American history
some of them are really important
find 1863 Davenport
I think I think 1980 was very important we got Ronald Reagan otherwise I don't know
when do it at the Soviet Union rather than Russia having invaded and having fun at the pool when they haven't gone beyond Poland got into West Berlin rather than pushed all the way back and going in just to the
just to the part of Ukraine that they did nothing I'm saying that's right just trying to put a perspective
how things have changed
the idea that this is the most important election is a very valid one because the government has kept Obama's promise of making fundamental changes
save the changes have been made in the wall yes not that are all completely you have a number of areas that I'm going to have to change in order to make you a communist and a couple of those boxes very strongly like taking our children away
you got a lot of children that don't have the basic values of their parents and have been I have been brainwashed away from that based on the Marxist a type of public education system we have I mean
look at how they took advantage of
eating out of work the extended at least a year more than necessary what the union and the Education Association not the teachers
I think of you was just an obstruction
you're not a help me know what they want to brainwash your child to believe and know you'll get in the way of it that's why they don't praise the beginning of a class that frayed gotta get in the way of the big time
kick it away if he understands the people doing this or not always very
you obviously don't reason why many of the destruction and massive massive murder
you also wonder why so many people from communist and former communist countries are pouring into the United States as American Immigration
he's the guy that was so worried about that he brought people from all over the world I can come in with covid-19 check it out
it walking around your city or state
you didn't
they didn't they didn't seem to
I don't know the best way to
I tried every way that I can I'm going to try a few more with Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday 55 more days
when I said that I felt like Apollonia in The Godfather
number for cheese
Kelly the dawn comes and says all your learning English are going to be a proper American life she said oh yes yes Monday Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Monday Wednesday
but I do want I just can't list you everything that should say I can list back to you what you say is it shake from the polls go everywhere but New York you make number one or maybe put a different way inflation the rise in the cost of living the cost of a
agenda is usually
then somewhere around six or seven is a is abortion at 8%
Democrats Democrats of campaigning on abortion and Donald Trump closing January 6th that's the whole camping there's no program for two months late is no programmed to do about this is Sasha pretty damning
he got well over 31 million dollars from his father expense that explains it a text it
why go to wish it was it was
influence expertise
that the crooks wanted to also Joe comes from
Joe comes from pretty sleazy background and a fight about this is a Saturday he was asleep back his brothers hanging around PlayStation grab money
then he feels that that that that
is charm work out into other side
it's just chance now to get your democracy back we are fighting for democracy we're fighting for a chance to make a decision as to whether we take her back C-section
where where where we're at a quandary to figure out how this crime went up so much and how little has been done about it and how much your actions are the governor and Governor Cuomo have contributed to this
Larry Bird major questions that are over the United States
bad tempered when when when you call them, are sure I guess it's so true now that they they just accept it
nacho fries
very bad for us actually I think about it right
Rob has been on a bit and what she is if you rob how are you
I'm good Rudy I'm here can you hear me okay I can hear you fine yes I did I tell you when I was in the doctor's office before you go in and get my blood checked it's not like that I'm waiting for the doctor and I said you know what I said I'll come back Monday because I got I got to get home and talk to you I got a bunch of things I was listening to you on WABC today and let me get a second I just wanted to hit this real I'm going to blow through this stuff if I can I was going to text you earlier today because we had call Carlos Pena who is he signed with the Yankees back on 2006 he's he's retired now but he's an on-camera corresponding he was in for a haircut today. Text me a couple hours this time but you said you said you would but I didn't do that but I figured you probably busy at all so I texted you my license the other day like my driver's license with all my parking information
I want you to know you know who you talkin to whatever was this guy that keeps calling me all the time but you know so I want you to be so you're not in the dark about anything you know you can bet me all crazy and I don't care you know I'm not so on the show today on the show today it started out with what I heard was that beautiful wonderful young lady Genesis who call my goodness isn't she isn't she, her mom is a police officer her mother was assassinated really and she was left with her I think she's about 9 and she was left with it and so they were alone and she said she is just dedicated to bringing up
play all these policies are written
police officers and firefighters who died in the line of duty they never get as much as they should but they get a decent amount of money and but it goes to them it goes to the
minico's basically to the spouse
and once you become a a child in in the majority so I should say nothing compared to if she sat with her and she's really in a situation like it is a husband and we've been trying to help her have the city make some kind of exception to that because usual situation but this would be as if
she died and this was a mistletoe
right well I really hope that the city makes the necessary adjustments to that because dummy it's over and I imagine a lot of people probably must be aware of that story because it was a highly publicized story and we were appealing to the Bellagio and DiMaggio had no great loss to the police so anything having to do with it he would be nasty and and the very beginning of his
beginning of the offices willing Ramos were killed and that's when the police turn that back on them and they did for a very good reason because if it weren't for his communism in anti-police rhetoric and his left-wing rhetoric and there's black lives matter kind of thinking those police officers to be alive today because after the killing took place he decided that he would make a remark like the New York City Police Department has a lot of racism joke
Baltimore comes up to New York and a couple of New York City police officer and expressing themselves like they're stretching themselves like I like condoms in order in order to somehow connect to what happened to promotion and it's really sad
the guy came to New York because the Mets are singled it out of the place with racist cops me a lot of places to stop between Baltimore and they all can go kill cops you want to come to New York busy painting black lives matter on the street in front of Trump building I mean to den to take care of business. The bin and then apparently he must have influenced that s koala you destroyed him you just don't like Michael Savage you destroyed that guy didn't do it without on something at the way you absolutely expose him for the lack of knowledge that he hasn't this is what I'm talkin this is where the rubber meets the road I wanted you I really wanted to do that
really exposed him as an ignorant idiot I mean the guy doesn't need the guy doesn't the guy with the background of you know who's talking about these are the kind of people who have no critical thinking ability they may have critical race Theory but they don't have any critical brain stole truth
no notice how when he started the conversation with you it seems like he wanted to take it in like a nice Direction and intelligent Direction and he was well he was articulate and what not what the problem is he he is the Crux of what he understands to be the facts are completely skewed by what he hears in the mainstream Media or the school that he went to perhaps
and that brings me to the brainwashing cuz you know when I first approached you for the first time Rudy the first thing I wanted to talk about was that that that's phenomenal terrible psychological Mass formation psychosis which is the you know that the tools of KGB indoctrination into totalitarianism I think that this guy he's a perfect example of somebody who has to understand I thought I was a child and I was about probably 8 years old in elementary school and it was we had an assembly and this gentleman was speaking to the children the bugs are full of children any kind of like. Warmed up to the children and he says he said the same thing he suggested to all the children which I was one of them you know he was they don't have to see all these TV commercials on TV with the toys and you fall in love with these toys and when you go to the store with your mother you beggar and you're kicking bar on the back bar on
so you can get that toy in your mom finally bought by you that's the way you get home you play with it and you realize it's the stupid in adamant useless piece of plastic it doesn't it doesn't fly it doesn't fly through the air like it does on TV host the fundamentals of what he was trying to teach us because I guess back then in those days you talkin that was probably like 1972 or something like that for he's trying to demonstrate to the children don't believe everything you hear on television show television and media has a particular ability getting nephew so you know what I'm going to hypnotize you want to swing this watch back and forth before your eyes and I'm going to hypnotize you the first one to say I'll get the hell out of here you're never going to be able to hit and we believe that people think that they can't be hypnotized is a very complex procedure in some cases that me to take time to do but when it when it's done properly people are HIPAA mandates If people could understand that hey
is it possible that I could be hypnotized maybe that would be the first step in the right direction you do to correct somebody like this guy who seems to think he knows it all until he got you on the other line and you destroy you. I hope he understands how stupid he sounded when he was up against a superior intellect which you absolutely were in that conversation it was amazing I was I was ready to jump off the table. That's why I told him I said I got to get out of here I got to get home and get this this is really the person when I was younger I used to it now I look at it as he's a great example two people that have a little more or less in terms of ability to reason a little more Independence left and they're on the floor of the week one way or the other they listen to something like this and they realize like I'm sure most people
that Express very warm sentiments about black lives matter had no idea that the four Founders portraying Chinese, and who acknowledged that isn't that isn't a guess that isn't a specular they have written about what dedicated communist they are
organization before they took on the cause of police think it was the Trayvon Martin case began them but before that they were they were a gay lesbian activist group
so they have a lot to do with check the gender change stuff that's going on and and their focus with a sandwich and education and their focus was really destroy the boats the Marxism basically has a goal the destruction of Education they wanted an answer the states but it get the parents out and the destruction of God so there's nothing that stands between socialism and communism being the most important thing to you and you don't want a Dodge standing in the way they don't want Erin to think about your own self interested in your own sanity and growing health and fairness to you they don't want them in the way
they know that I rolled your system
be careful the people don't get time to think of another Revolution
and he kept saying can I talk now can I talk now you said you had when you read go home and read first and then call me and talk to me and you remember Trump Donald Trump God bless Donald Trump remember when he said maybe his snake story about the little old lady that found the snake freezing in the snow she takes him home and nurse him back to health and then he comes back to hell with Venom eyes is her and she says why did you do that certainly now I will die and she says in this pic says to shut up old lady you knew I was a snake when you took me in that's what the people should think they need to understand who he goddamn snakes are who are trying to destroy their country and end in the Democrat Party I'm not talk about Democrats or Republicans
when he says that Mack of people are semi fascist
will 80% of the Republican Party 85% is back
write 80 million people
I do a lot of nerve I don't I don't believe that 80 million people who are Democrats are evil or bad
but I do believe that the top 1% have become
crooked dishonest
and I think a lot of them has effectively become Thomas they either believe it
or they were they serve it without understanding it because now the gentleman I was talking to
I would consider of Genius level compared to Joe Biden when Joe Biden was normal
I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I tell people the truth and I said this for 35 years
Joe Biden may very well be the dumbest man I ever met
tell me a joke that's not a joke that isn't a statement
you would have conversations with him and you walk out this is what I did business with him constantly to try to get he was there number two ranking Democrat young man and I was too on the Judiciary Committee when I was Ronald Reagan's associate attorney shout I had a specific job among others I ran the criminal side of it just apart but I also had to oversee the confirmation of 92 United States Attorney in 92 United States Marshal and I had to help the deputy attorney general was he a pointment and Confirmation judges
and there was my main
my favorite staff went to law school with Joe Biden
and one day came into my office and said to me
and I said why should I I don't know what I'm doing
you know that but the guy and he got anyone to spend any money and you are smart you send me the great and will get a lot done with it except please please do the best you can not to laugh at him he knows why you do that I'm not sure I think it was left back in third grade which is a chip on his shoulder but I don't like how they played Rising Las caletas cost for as a matter of rest but also is Austell classmates didn't want to be around them because he was a silly immature cheetah call so he would look over your shoulder
just stuff like that and they don't want to be around you but they wanted to be around you when people are drinking and running around having fun because he was a fungi
great conversation
we're going to be back on Tuesday I'll be in New Hampshire
cuz we're going up to New Hampshire to help
our candidates in New Hampshire where maybe we can put in three Republicans if we got ball docket
I believe we have 52 53 in the Senate we're going to go beyond 51 don't want it to be 51 because God forbid somebody gets sick and dies actual right then we go back to your president Harris you do what you do you know I just realized why Joe calls the president Hershey's president of the Senate
I'm being nice to you very much we will talk again very very soon party let's see how many of you were great in the Democrat Party should be renamed because it is one of the Prime creators or supporters of slavery and the biggest defender of slavery in America that help you get more Americans killed I mean we can't we keep changing name because slavery is nothing to have more slavery and the Democrat Party so you guys let's call them the party of projection because that's the only thing they seem to know how to do we're we're over the limit and be back next week God Bless America

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