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Breakout with BD, October 13, 2011

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Breakout with BD - October 13, 2011

Breakout with BD

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Bidemi Nelson is a human rights activist with focus on the areas of child abuse and human trafficking. She is also an individual who strongly supports the enforcement of the rights of children. With increased child abuse and human trafficking cases across the globe, the average child has almost become voiceless. Bidemi’s philosophy is that silence promotes abuse, and she has taken it in her stride to become the lost voice. Bidemi states: “I believe in the positive power of the media as a weapon of change. It is our joint responsibility to ensure an abuse and violence free world for our children. This is my way of being part of that change”

Based on her childhood experiences, she has firsthand experience of what victims of childhood abuse go through in life. After leaving the Nigerian Banking Industry, she has committed her life to the engendering of an abuse and violence-free world, especially for children. Today, she is affiliated with the CNN FREEDOM PROJECT and THE NOT FOR SALE CAMPAIGN. She is also the founder of the “BREAKOUT INITIATIVE” which is focused on reaching out to victims of childhood abuse and human trafficking

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