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2022 Election Roundtable, November 3, 2022

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2022 Election Roundtable
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with Rudy Giuliani

2022 Election Roundtable with Rudy Giuliani

2022 Election Roundtable

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As we see our country spiraling out of control with record high inflation, government overreach, government crazy spending, record high fentanyl deaths, Mexican cartels controlling our southern border, deplorable foreign policy, and an out of touch administration, the American people are looking for hope. 

The only way to reverse this express train toward Marxism, is by voting for candidates who put your liberties and the Country's safety first.

The Election Roundtable will introduce you to candidates across the country!

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low is Asbury Giuliani and this is
inside the 2022 election Which is less than a week away pretty exciting huh I don't know watch the projection I'm spend the weekend and and much of the day study used to study in high school or college and I just completed a podcast in which I gave some predictions as to what the what is going to happen and how it's going to happen and so I thought I would share that with you and I've also been able to get a bit and I thought we'd Begin by narrowing or or a discussion then you can call me now at this point or you can
we followed this show with with a show that I do twice a week I do that every single
Tuesday and then every single Thursday and that's called cold today so
if you want as I go forward with this show putting in the microphone so you'll get better quickly if I put it on
which I'm about to do
see what happens
three General types of major elections coming up right at the house and the governor's the governor's races in particular what is that determine whether we get a check and a balance on on bike you can slow down when I call the Express train to a communist is if we can get control of the house and the Senate one certainly would be good to would be better than one
it would depend to a very very large extent on how big a wave with what we call Republican ways is going to be and we want to hope that it's a
I'm going to take you through right now
what I've been able to figure out about the two and and we'll see
we'll see where we are
right now if you look at the house and the Senate
it's about where we are I hope you can see this clearly
we got really just a couple of states that make a difference
why is it pretty much either
we've got Arizona Georgia and Wisconsin and the bottom Ohio and Pennsylvania
then on another analysis we've got
New Hampshire
North Carolina that that really isn't far to Iowa and Utah or kind of strange picks so don't bother
are the states
that are roughly going to be the most
what are the states that are mostly going to be contested cigar to the chef
now you look at you look at the breakdown on the general groups that do these real clear politics poll survey
and then some more some of the lesser-known
what's 8 what's able to tell you where the next wife will spend time on her only as much as you want to
the reality is that
I want to say this carefully so I don't sound
you don't sound too confident because I never have about an election you should understand no matter who of us at prediction election we can be absolutely wrong but I would say that it would be enormous surprise if for any reason
sure help me see
the house is going to be other by the Republic right now then I have this
right now I have a 220 in the house and they have two hundred and 212th and Morgan in the house of represent
so you can see the 53 Democrats 185 Republicans
the roll up for re-election
based on every available
what are the 53 Democrats will be returned to the House of Representatives and 185 Republicans
is just a teeny bit when they go to Michael
23 lightweight almost definite nobody is jump off a bridge
we have two hundred and two Republican
and the question now becomes how about the even going to win but it's even
it's conceivable they can go that way right now
so now what
the way you predicted
I bet there's not more than a two or three patients from this
call Linda Wade next predicted it should be a Republican
+ 185
5 undecided
and the prediction is the Republicans are going to get 3 in the Democrats are going to get 5 so it would be 23 to 200
220 to 205 nobody if he shot
if the Democrats maintain control about that would be one of the major political shocks
recent ducks
it's a republican went from 2 to 23
it would be this number the number we're running here
the 220 that you took 23
is replacing an 8
Democrat majority
what's a 20-25 Republican majority in other words three times the Democrat majority that would be considered pretty much
the predicted apps
Beyond ridiculous would be considered a disaster for the house Democratic party and really would probably be willing
I would say we can get it down to three possibilities for the House of Representatives
most likely
when I showed it to 20
2:20 to 2:05
202 another words anywhere from a boat
that's a big turnaround
if it's less than that
just surprised I think the Republican way wasn't as strong as people thought that was a disappointing show showing
should the Democrats win
the house it would be a massive increase in about.
Vitamin get new one
I bet your house you better not a republican pictures
something valuable
I'd go with the 215 to 220 Republic
I say 2:40 Republicans or the house is Democrat
make a fortune
Galaxy S7 has the names of the people and the races that and has all your truck
even one look at the governorship have a couple of individuals end up being
the predictable almost guaranteed results 2520 Republic Republican
I think that's it something like that
Senate races
and I understand traces that other focus on the the Hagen Boulder Creek
Democratic senator Senator Kay Hagan from New Hampshire New Hampshire she is a 100% Biden aficionados supporter of voter CTS lately tried to claim she's more moderate Democrats because they're getting killed on the agenda that by putting the fact you make it was voting for by which I don't know why they did I don't Joe Budden to 35 years in jail by now he's not a liberal democrat or republican is whatever is good for Joe Biden at that period of time so all his life he's been pro-choice but anti Public Funding of abortion and anti late-term abortion
and now in the latter years of his life as his intellectual questions you just suddenly became a all out War meaning
it's Father's left position on abortion you could have which is due till 8 or 9 months
abortion purple leaves on the 8th and 9th month
Joey please open for the Democrats suggestion given by Governor Northam of Virginia that's a mother should have a short. Of time after burst jiggly if she's unconscious should an abortion should she go to sleep and wake up to find out that she had an extra one with bank without any much responsibility
let me no different than if you walk down the street and kill somebody else's baby
you don't have a right to kill your baby
you give you the right to kill your feet it
baby your whatever you want to call it right
were they wiped out girl babies
and I thought if I morals
murdered more of their own people not just those babies anyone else but Joe supports that Barbarian practice being able to kill a half month old baby
that issue that abortion issue had become a big one road was overturned in the decisions on a bushel returned to the states
Democrats overplayed it as if it was legal in a way to 75% just to kill a seven or eight months old
and B Sports
so that has created
backlash and things now are
really focused on the economy and price
call Tommy first one second
many places border thirds
watching sports chess
things are swinging Republic right now
so let's start with debate last night
and all that has virtually turn this around based on the debate he is much better today there seems brighter and sharper and answers questions where is having a baby used to be the Democratic Playbook
the debate between Joe pinion and and and and trucks and never answer the question
what is really a very very much does pausing the conservative Viewpoint in a very strong way
anybody paying attention to it because they don't think he can win or some of them because they have deals with
Joe Biden crime Bill together
but that's a definite Democrat win unless you have a miracle and sometimes we have an answer
critical Republican wet
right now
right now you could find a pole with her head you can find the most recent
any political expert on either side of the aisle
what's going to happen the last 45 minutes.
What's 20% more enthusiastic about him at 68% in her 20s
fascist fascist
show me Smash
it's not even a semi that much less of stash
he served this country don't think we have the right to do that or four he's finally appeared and he was a rational reasonably sensible man
Big Shot
let me go down to Georgia and reversible thing happened between Walker and Walker to answer the questions a lot more directly a lot more to Simply very little of anything including being a supporter of murdering baby at 9 months in the womb sorry I killed a woman at seven or eight months pregnant
no. That women sang
we have an absolute right over that lady's child comes out of the womb
what is
kill the baby
abortion it was a crime
Miss murder charge
no one but the feminist movement
5060 years ago
call Danny Turner right for a mother to kill
what's in a room because she's not happy
Medical Science with would have created the
isn't that often prostituted to for the hell
and I just admit that all the abortions that we had
I'm something of a role the morality and decency this country if we wonder why we're so immoral now and working fast
but I would say I think he was and I think Walker when but in a different way he may have to go to a runoff because unlike New Hampshire where the plurality winner was in there three or four or five candidates when in and if you don't you go to work
let me go to the state of Nevada were Adam laxalt is running against
that's the way to pronounce it I'll see if I can get a better price eation of it than that but
almost every call between two and five points and although it is I would mislead you if I were to say that everyone would tell you that it's over I would say that
you can be pretty
you can be pretty happy
with the the way that race is lining up and also some of the rationale race
some of that some of the Congressional races are
just about there
Congressional races are nice winds of 20 + 30 + 30% so I think that kind of I think that's kind of
I think that kind of backup
so that's why I sought against Catherine Cortez Marshalls
and she had to leave until recently and has the lead in most of the polls since the other races that are not to bother with the North Carolina I think that race is basically over and I wouldn't bother with Iowa where I've been Grassley will win
Utah with Mike Lee was
what's up in a little doubt but now he's looking at a 10 to 15% lead and there also was some sort of maybe Rubio's in Florida
Lowe's I think we can safely put in the Republican
if the Republic
New Hampshire
or the boss
what's the Democrats take a sheet away from them
so that wouldn't be Arizona because the Arizona is Arizona is represented by Kelly he's a Democrat
is a masters of those positions
once again
but you still have to win that to get a majority
they don't give up with you
where's the best place they could possibly get up
Rubio he's not going to lose Mike Lee in Utah around somebody that might be able to
Georgia Georgia the Democrat
what what happens with Georgia should the Republicans win Nevada is this is some reason they don't win Georgia
yes yes yes
Wisconsin is Ron Jon
3 weeks ago
Mandela Barnes in a bit
I don't think so
I don't think Brian Beach dance but yeah that wouldn't be the pickup they need it
now is Johnson hold on hold on
what they have
even if they sell a cell to pick up New Hampshire which they might
or Arizona which wish
which they might
what about which they might
what's a pick up one of those 351 there were only two that's it that category
Wisconsin in Pennsylvania
what what what what do you think is the one that have the best chances
where is the better chance of winning right now
don't think the Republican
when do the house to get you in this point
I think this could still go
this one could still go either either way
just want to still go
either way
I'm going to give you
what is the number
from these two from the One race that I think is really is really the key
One race that really the king
Wisconsin Ohio Pennsylvania
what's the Republican
any one of those seats
I guess they went to the Democrats
most of the Bowls have Dad
you are very hard to believe that settlement after his performance in the debate it's really almost impossible
come to the conclusion that
what if we
if we go any further than that
we don't know if we just don't know yet
so hear my ear My ultimate ultimate prediction for the wrecks
and how it's going to come out and then we'll see how close I am next week
Bianchi said that before the electric saw
I believe that the Republicans will win New Hampshire
I believe they'll take Georgia but I'm taking it and run off 50 and Walker will be in a runoff
I believe black salt will win now to get the Republicans 252 with there are no other changed
I do not believe that settlement will be able to be black so I really think the performance in the debate
so shockingly irresponsible that he has no no chance at all
we already put away the ones that were raised as issues but
really are Florida Iowa Utah State Republican
right now I would say
we have a one-vote margin inside for a drink
and then by December to vote margin in the Senate
if we can also pick up George and we also pick up Arizona
now we have a sleepover
I got to go take something back
architect Wisconsin back Johnson ass at
Ohio back band has it
I don't think they got to take Pennsylvania back off
talk to Betty 47
Republicans have 63 and that's the end of it
comes up side vote margin
send it
it's something very drastic would have to happen between now and then to think that
my predictions for the for the house about 2:15 to 2:20 Republican and this would be
53 Republic
we have a few minutes we have robbed
what we put raw bombing a good time with Rob last night
I'm here how are you I'm good how you doing I'm doing fine. That was the other night I couldn't believe it it was great
shout out I'd like to shout out to Chad Goodman Justine Marie and dr. Maria Ryan of course with a grape
great team effort
go tell him what it was
well yeah we were we all convened at Restaurant Staten Island for the zeldin rally and we started off with the show here on BBS and I says to Rudy
it went when he put me in we got past me into Rudy and I'm like Rudy I'm out in front of the restaurant right now for the zeldin rally and he says well how's that possible the restaurant will do the show from right here in at the exactly what we did
yeah I was amazed I was amazed it was a great time now what do you think about when you were there and we haven't talked about what did you think about Sheldon and you think he's going to have a chance of beating
well if if there is no Shenanigans I think it's certainly important to the people in Staten Island I mean these people
they were having none of it when when the name Hogle came up you heard blues and Oz and who's from the crowd and
and then and then and then when you went up and spoke Rudy I'll let me tell you everybody was listening to this if you ever want to watch a professional work you got to watch Rudy oh my God I couldn't believe how many people can watch it we put it out there today. Yet at the podcast it's on Rudy giuliani's and put it on your gift you get part of the speed she'll get part of the cells and you also see some of the most exceptional people the people of the Staten Island on my board you know with the Senate races that I see bands in Ohio here
every time I'm in Staten Island I think I'm I'm in Ohio
that doesn't have like a big question feeling to it
by the time the night was over I felt like I want to move to Staten Island to go out there they say you're getting old now, and they have a very fine not so terribly expensive
terribly expensive
Corsair to the Richmond Country Club and then they have three very very nice golf courses so you really do feel like you're living in a suburb or you living in the Midwest
registration is at wildly Republic I don't know maybe bike for 5% separate the registration of Republicans Or democrats but I got 80% of the vote as the first Republican to run into generation
and only the third Republican to win in the 20th century
and only the second to remain a Republican
and 67% of the vote by 2%
my campaign manager of the liberal party but she came up to me and said he came up to me and said don't worry I don't think anybody will every once in awhile but what does all this debate about machines you know but there are actually Eric's
what's the temperature
I have to be a certain number of people who vote mistakenly for the wrong person
people make mistakes about a smarter as careful people make mistakes but every day everything like five
do people have to make wrong so let's say I want to go in and vote for Zelda
I brush them distracted and I somehow put the little 0 and I still win
Uncle Buck
I wonder what the margin of error
some of the others were really only one thing right now that's the prizes
how the heck is Fatima not wizard
isn't that unbelievable at
I think if you want to chill
I spent just because I get yours about these things and dr. Maria explain myself so I go on dementia
and it's still like
every symptom because he hasn't stopped talking yet
he looks around finishes his talkin about
you just confused you can't remember except
very smart he thinks for them is a smart guy
you know it made me
maybe we need an interpreter
I have to remind of you know that he's the president and the vice president president again he doesn't he does it again and again how bad can you be and you are you can only imagine the beating he must have taken from his Handler has his people every time he makes a critical blunder and then once you do a week later returns when does the same damn thing again
do you think they get off that or do you think that you're taking the drive now
but it'd be ridiculous to get all upset I mean they use them
I think they're adorable
what the hell did you ask somebody
yeah well they don't seem to love anybody that group of people at that party you know they bite and does the same thing to his song that the that the that the Democrats are doing the fetterman right now they they couldn't care if they drop dead as long as they of accomplish that goal like I guess I guess I don't know I'm just you know waiting on his bureau
you know it'll be where you think your job
get the seat to get the seat for us
too bad you drop dead because you put you under stress after I have you can't deny the fact that must have been a terrible straws
Strokes I see Strokes
25% of the people together within a year
what's The Strokes eyes of the percentage goes up so he's got to be in that group so basically he's looking at a pretty good chance of another stroke now or in the next
and they're looking at the American people and you know I would think they would want to sell themselves as leadership that has high performance that can perform well for the American people I mean what what is what is the criteria for voting on these people anymore if this is what the people use again the lowering the bar of what people even have the vote for the Youth vote for one idiot or if you don't like that one vote for this idiot but don't expect us to give you a qualified candidate
I don't know what they would do in the Democrat Party
AOC even know history
Biden and Obama have gotten the number of states that they can't get it so I don't know what's wrong with Obama but this is the second time he can't remember the 50 states they don't like the United States so much they think they don't bother to memorize these things about the United States wonderful, bubbly true how many I bet he knows how many
how many provinces there are in China
got a lot of money but I'm going to have to sign off now
okay tell people that hang on which will be back in about 5 minutes but we got it we got to sign off and we'll be back from PBS next week on Tuesday at 5:06 and by that time but I'll give you my last minute for diction figure out some kind of debt and I'll keep what I did here and we'll see how would change its okay so I bought it already I voted yesterday I'm going to urge all of you to go out and vote I do Republicans in particular do you like to vote early
from Sheldon actually told the crowd that Republicans are voting early in very large numbers which particularly for republicans
I don't think we trust the fact that if we spoke before election day gets counted maybe a dozen or so I'm going to sign off now and will be back with the show next week
on Thursday between 5 and 6 but I will be there between 6 and 7 thank you very much

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