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Susan L Williams
Your Pitch

My name is Sue Williams, and I lead Sport Hypnotherapy, a pioneering practice at the intersection of sports psychology and hypnotherapy. I'm reaching out to share a compelling story idea that explores an innovative approach to enhancing athletic performance through hypnotherapy, which could be a great fit for your readership.

At Sport Hypnotherapy, we specialize in assisting athletes to overcome mental barriers, enhance their mental toughness, and accelerate physical recovery, all through scientifically validated hypnotherapy techniques. Our methods offer a fresh perspective on mental training, an area that's gaining immense importance in the athletic world comparable to physical training.

Why this story?

* Innovative angle: The application of hypnotherapy in sports is a relatively untapped story with growing relevance as athletes seek holistic approaches to improve performance.
* Evidence and impact: I can provide compelling anecdotes, case studies, and possibly arrange interviews with athletes who have benefited from these techniques, highlighting the profound impact on their careers.
* Expert insights: As an expert in this field, I can offer in-depth insights into how mental strategies can be integrated into sports training regimes, providing your audience with a unique blend of science and practical application.

I believe your listeners will find this topic both enlightening and inspirational, offering them a new lens through which to view sports training and mental health.

Thank you for considering this story idea. I am eager to provide detailed information and discuss how we can tailor the content to best fit your program's style and audience needs. Please let me know if you would like to arrange a time to discuss this further.


Dr. Susan L. Williams, DQC Cl-Hyp, affectionately known as Dr. Sue, is a distinguished figure in the world of hypnotherapy, holistic healing and natural therapies. Her professional journey, however, is defined by a relentless pursuit of alternative and integrative approaches to health. Holding a Doctorate in Quantum Counseling, she is a specialist in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Quantum Journeys Hypnosis, specializing the use of hypnotherapy for athletes and sporting teams.