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Titus Joseph
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Duality confounds our understanding of reality. We need and seek a clearer lens to reconcile understanding. "Positional Symmetry - Requisite Mirror Image" is a new lens on reality that utilizes fundamental ideas from science (Chown, M., Greene, B., Gribbin, J., Hawking, S., Whittle, M., Zeilinger, A., etc.), ancient philosophy (Parmenides, Pythagorus, Heraclitus, etc.,), and, with a smidgen of spirituality the result is a holistic conceptual framework, an arrangement that explains consciousness and being, the forms of our perceptions, and the emergent universe of space and time. PSRMI defines a torus-shaped circuit, anchored by mirror image poles - from which the universe and all existing things are formed via the quantum entanglement processes involved in uniting mirror image poles into one. The efficacy of this new concept is that it explains the beauty and universality of symmetry everywhere in nature, and it clarifies, by reconciling the paradox of duality using mirror image poles (they come in pairs). This new lens provides a comprehensive account for dark energy, dark matter, and the arrow of time; discloses the nature of the working relationship between relativity and quantum mechanics, sheds new light on universal consciousness and adds new ‘meaning’ to our ideas if God. 


Titus Joseph is author of two new books on metaphysics and spirituality entitled, “Our Curious World of Mirror Images,” and, “I AM ‘Mind,’ I AM Consciousness” (available at ). Mr. Joseph has a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy with a minor in religious studies, and a Master’s degree in counseling. Mr. Joseph has worked throughout his life as a counselor and at present, he is a real estate investor.

Our Curious World of Mirror Images