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Guest Name
Roderick Robinson
Guest Occupation
Independent Business Owner at Neumi
Guest Biography
Introducing Roderick Robinson, a remarkable entrepreneur and leader who has achieved extraordinary success throughout his career. Roderick's journey has been marked by a series of victories and accomplishments, demonstrating his unwavering determination and exceptional skills.
Starting at a young age, Roderick's talent for excellence became evident when he won medals at the Watts Sumner Olympics at just 7 years old. This early triumph set the stage for a remarkable athletic career, where Roderick became a leader on his high school track team, guiding them to consecutive City titles and Invitational triumphs. His ability to inspire and motivate others left a lasting impact on every path he walked.
Following his passion for service, Roderick dedicated eight years of his life to the military, where he rose to the esteemed rank of E5. His dedication and hard work led him to become a nuclear weapons instructor, a position that required immense responsibility and expertise.
In 1983, Roderick embarked on a new chapter in his career at Xerox, where his exceptional performance and unwavering commitment allowed him to rapidly climb the ranks. His outstanding achievements were acknowledged by the company, placing him among the top 10% of employees as a distinguished service manager.
During the early 90s, Roderick discovered his profound talent for network marketing, which further revealed his exceptional skills in teamwork, mentoring, and leadership. Through his unwavering commitment and dedication, Roderick achieved remarkable success, earning high five-figure income checks. He firmly believes that dreams can materialize through collective effort and teamwork, and this belief has shaped his approach to supporting and building the foundations of success.
Roderick's latest venture is with Neumi, an extraordinary opportunity in the home business industry. Recognizing Neumi's AAA+ rating and immense potential for growth and financial freedom, Roderick has set his sights on empowering 25 individuals this year to break free from the constraints of traditional employment and embrace true freedom in their time, health, and finances. He invites you to join him on this thrilling journey of turning dreams into tangible realities. With Roderick as your guide, success is within reach.