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Rocky Writer
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New Sound Healing Infused Music: Dive into the soothing vibe of Rocky Writer's 'It's Not You It's Me' – a genre bending, meticulously tuned anthem at 432 Hz. With the added enhancements of Tibetan singing bowls and a 396 Hz frequency, this song is a sound healing experience with a modern twist. Low-frequency theta waves also add to the relaxation, making it the perfect backdrop for love and self-reflection. Let Rocky Writer take you back and forward in time with lyrics that just might resonate with your personal experience. Join the journey – it's not just music; it's a mood. 🎧✨ #RockyWriter #ItsNotYouItsMe


Rocky Writer is a certified sound healing practitioner and sound healing infused r&b/hip hop artist. Her music is intentionally tuned to 432 Hz, with sound healing instruments and theta brain waves added throughout each song. This is designed to assist with the mental and emotional wellness journey of the listener while providing good music for them to enjoy.

United States