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Guest Name
Valessa L. Taylor
Valessa L. Taylor
Guest Occupation
Entrepreneur, Author, Core Life Coach, and Professional Speaker
Guest Biography

Valessa L. Taylor is a highly accomplished and influential leader. She possesses a strong and dynamic presence, which allows her to make a significant impact in her field. Her extensive military experience and diverse background have equipped her with a unique set of skills and perspectives, making her a force to be reckoned with. 

Valessa is known for her ability to inspire and motivate others, and she consistently demonstrates a strong sense of determination and resilience. Her leadership style is characterized by her unwavering commitment to excellence and her relentless pursuit of success. Valessa is a true powerhouse in her industry, and her contributions have made a lasting impact on those around her.

Valessa  L. Taylor is not only a highly accomplished and influential leader, but she is also a c suite executive and the CEO of Go Core Mind Body Soul LLC and Corelicious LLC. In these roles, she oversees the strategic direction and operations of both companies, ensuring their continued growth and success. Valessa’s leadership and expertise have been instrumental in driving innovation and delivering exceptional results for her organizations. Her ability to effectively manage teams and navigate complex business challenges has earned her a reputation as a highly respected executive in her industry.