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Guest Name
Jay Sivasothy
Jay Sivasothy
Guest Occupation
High School Student
Guest Biography
Jay Sivasothy, a 16-year-old student, is about to embark on grade 11 at Sutherland Secondary School in North Vancouver, British Columbia. In the previous academic year, Jay achieved an impressive A grade in honours pre-calculus, showcasing his ability to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them effectively. One of Jay's notable qualities is his attentive listening skills, which allow him to absorb information with ease.
Jay's dedication and discipline are evident in his pursuit of basketball. Despite being initially cut from the team in 9th grade, Jay's unwavering commitment led to his successful inclusion in the team during grade 10. His discipline extended beyond the court, as he diligently woke up at 5:30 every school morning to engage in gym sessions.
Currently, Jay has set several goals for himself. He aims to dedicate an hour each day to reading, improve his confidence in speaking and conversation, and learn the Spanish language. His ultimate dream is to reside in a Spanish-speaking country. Looking ahead, Jay envisions himself working towards becoming an entrepreneur within the next five years, with the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world. In terms of hobbies, Jay finds joy in playing basketball, boxing, and snowboarding during the winter season.
In summary, Jay is a hardworking high school student with a strong determination to become a successful entrepreneur capable of working from any location. His journey is filled with ambition and dedication, and he warmly invites you to join him on this remarkable path of growth and achievement.