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Jay Shafer
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It is estimated that 828 million people worldwide don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Jay Shafer, philanthropist, entrepreneur and CEO & Founder of Zurvita, has made it his mission to combat this issue by pledging to provide one million meals for families in need.

Zurvita’s philanthropic endeavor is Zeal for Meals, a program that donates three meals for every Zeal Canister sold, with the goal of providing one million meals to hungry families.  Zurvita is over three-quarters of the way to their goal of feeding a million people.

As of last month, Zurvita has given over 790,000 meals and continues to grow. The company's Zeal for Meals Program has directly impacted thousands of lives in peril by funding SERV International, which provides food, shelter, medical assistance, and spiritual support. SERV International has a strong track record of successfully delivering aid and resources to people who are living in some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable.

The Zurvita Zeal for Meals Program has directly impacted thousands of lives in peril, funding SERV International to provide food, shelter, medical help, and the word of God. The most recent impact reports state that the direct impact of Zeal for Meals includes:

The Kepoto VIllage in Northern Kenya - This region suffers from severe malnutrition; To date, Zeal for Meals has provided 30,000 meals in this particular area as well as medical outreach for over 320 men, women, and children; the village’s nearest medical facility is 46 miles away.  At the Hungary/Ukraine border and in Ukraine - SERV has deployed two teams and secured partnerships with local churches to provide food, essential support, and other necessary resources to refugees fleeing the war. To date, Zeal for Meals has allowed them to assist 500 Individuals and 200 families displaced by war.

We would love to share Jay's journey with your audience and the incredible work he is doing to make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling with hunger.

Jay’s mission is simple:

To make a significant impact on people from all walks of life and to change lives for the better.

Jay is available to interview.

Looking forward to hearing from you!