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Andriy Sirchenko
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The Museum of War Fragments captures priceless artifacts that preserve memories from the 365+ days of Ukraine's war against the Russian invasion. 300 stories of Ukrainian indomitability "frozen" in transparent cubes. 

The idea of the project arose after the beginning of the war, which radically changed the lives of the majority and prompted the search for a new activity. The team's desire to be useful and to combine the technological and cultural spheres created one of the options for recording the course of the war in such an artistic way.

"In one place, objects with the stories of 300 people of Ukraine, who survived the horrors of war, are collected. We put each of these items into a transparent resin. After that we sell the finished art object at an auction to raise funds to help affected children." - in three simple sentences, Andrii, the co-founder of the museum, describes this project.

The goal of the team is to collect from 1 to 10 million US dollars to support the children of fallen soldiers and residents of regions affected by the war. All proceeds will be directed to support three humanitarian aid funds. 

All cubes are united by a common idea - to reveal the phenomenon of the resilience of Ukrainians. This is what the team says: "The main meaning of our project is to show the world who a Ukrainian is."

The museum exists in the format of an online platform, on which all 300 artifacts will be presented. This will provide an immersive and interactive experience navigating the virtual galleries, viewing high-resolution images of the artifacts, and accessing the detailed stories behind each of the 300 artworks. Anyone who purchases a cube will not only make a donation and receive an art object, but also access the emotions and experiences associated with the fragments.


Andriy Sirchenko is a producer and co-founder of the War Fragments Museum. Many years ago being a second-year student, Andrii began to develop in the gaming field and later worked with many world and Ukrainian stars.

Before the start of the full-scale invasion, he participated in developing projects 211ISteps - immersive audio performances and monetization platforms for creators, the development of which was paused. Andriy is now an advisor to many startups in the process of developing business models and scaling.