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William Anderson
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I am working with William Anderson and besides being an accomplished author, William also has his degree in Journalism as well as his Masters in Marketing at the University of Georgia. I think his new book, The Price of Perfect", may be a good fit for your audience.                 

“Anderson intrepidly takes aim at the most incendiary of topics—race relations in America—and deftly limns the many ways in which even the best intentions can descend into the counterproductive. Anderson deserves great credit for tackling such a sensitive issue so foursquarely… [The Price of Perfect is] a didactic lesson for readers … ambitious and intriguing.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“A of his works are based on people's lives in transitions, not of their making, but caused by larger events. How we react to forces we can't control is a recurring theme. In Praise of The Price of Perfect: William Anderson has written a powerful story that chronicles the conflict between a modern-day Atlanta developer and the preservation of a historic site rooted in the city's dark history. The Price of Perfect addresses our modern-day racial issues with a deft hand opening for discussion about today's culture wars. It is a story you will remember for its balance of both sides of the issue.” --Jim, Harvey, author of Grayton Beach Affair

Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter. Slavery. Critical Race Theory. Affirmative Action.

Just mentioning any of these things could spark a debate, a fight, or even a riot in today’s sensitive, divided society. Our nation still struggles with how to view or discuss matters of race. Does anyone really listen to a viewpoint other than their own? A new book explores, through a creative novel, The Price of Perfect, a way to launch our country into a peaceful and honest dialogue on race and racism.

Once a journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an advertising agency founder, and author, William “Dub” Anderson has managed to craft a best-selling novel that encapsulates the points of view of all races. His thought-provoking and candid discussion of our racial divide in an extraordinarily balanced tone allows for others to launch into meaningful dialogues.

Please let me know if you would like William on your program. 



Anderson is available to discuss the following in an interview:

Why race need not be an issue discussed with anger and division.

Why an older, white, male southerner should write such a book.

How we can move past thinking our opinion is the only truth.

Why social and traditional media have failed us on the race debate.

What can be done to resolve racism.

How he handles the backlash from writing on the most incendiary of topics.

How he has been active working toward solutions for Atlanta’s inner-city minorities.

“America is a divided nation today over culture and race,” says Anderson. “When millions of citizens differ in their opinions on this or other major matters, how they communicate their ideas between one another is critical--the words used, their nuances, metaphors, what they emphasize, and how well they understand the effect their words will have on those who differ. The most critical ingredients if we are to come together through language are first to listen, then have the freedom to speak our own truths.

“Today that freedom of language has been stifled in some instances where a host of words are considered taboo and offensive. 

“The Price of Perfect addresses this challenge to free expression through the frank, often very personal, conversations of the novel's characters. Some readers may think one side of the novel's racial discussions are offensive, or the opinions favor one side of the debate over another. This is not a story seeking comfort in its reading, but as an example of learning by listening. The goal of our nation to address today's racial issues should be to bring understanding and find commonality with each other while holding on to one's basic beliefs. This novel invites all readers to find common ground where all opinions are allowed and respected.”

Book Summary

Southern politics has rarely been so carefully revealed as in this contemporary novel. In The Price of Perfect, Atlanta’s oppressive racial past rises up to threaten the reputation of controversial architect Jack Collier. He feels he and his friends are the best of people living in Buckhead, Atlanta’s most prestigious suburb.

Jack is determined to create his greatest achievement in life--a magnificent building in the community of Vinings that defies the imagination by literally opening and closing like a flower. Jack will dedicate the building to Atlanta, a city that believes in the future more than its past. But social justice advocate Shandra Berry discovers a Black man had been hanged on a towering oak tree that still stands on the property in the community of Vinings. She demands Jack save the oak as a memorial to the thousands of Blacks hanged during a dark time in America’s history.

Jack refuses. Saving the tree would mean redesigning his “building for the ages.” Shandra accuses Jack of being a racist, hiding behind years of financial support he has given Atlanta’s Black charities. Jack's reputation is attacked by woke social media. And something even more damaging is at stake. The loyalty of his wife and best friends is being tested by the anger in the accusation of racism being hurled at Jack. They fear their reputations can be ruined if they remain loyal to this man they love. Their agonizing over the price of loyalty becomes a metaphor for the current struggle over race in America.

Can Jack and Shandra reconcile over the explosive racial issue before Jack’s dream is destroyed?

Their challenge is America’s challenge.

What price are we willing to pay for our truths? And how much should we allow the past to rule the present?

Media Contact: Brian Feinblum 914-462-2038


William “Dub” Anderson


William, "Dub" Anderson is an author, journalist, and advertising man. His newest book is a controversial bestseller, The Price of Perfect.


He was born in Athens GA. He received his degree in Journalism as well as his Masters in Marketing at the University of Georgia. Dub started his writing career at Vogue Magazine and later contributed a political column to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He also became a copywriter for several advertising agencies. Over the years, he founded three ad agencies of his own, positioned at each one as Creative Director and Senior Writer.


Dub's first book was The Wild Man From Sugar Creek, a biography of notorious Georgia governor Eugene Talmadge. It became one of the definitive histories of southern politics in the 1930's.


His first novel, God's Arm, was a historical fiction imagining Jesus as a man, searching for and finding His destiny. It was heavily researched as to what life in Jesus's day was like, and how His ministry was partially formed by the harsh world of Roman rule.


Jesus at 65 is Dub's second novel, placed in Atlanta in contemporary times. The premise finds two golfers searching for the meaning of life, as one of the men is dying. The main character goes on an urgent search to discover, in his mind, if Jesus was Christ or is this a life without purpose. His conclusion was life-changing. 


He has been active in working toward solutions for Atlanta’s inner-city minorities. Dub co-founded the Good Samaritan Scholarship, which provides funds and mentoring to promising young Black leaders. he was elected Chairman of The Atlanta Homeless Children Shelter, which serves urban homeless families. He is a member of the organization seeking racial reconciliation called Hopeful and Honest. He is a member of Leadership Atlanta, which also seeks dialogue and understanding of racial and other urban issues. He also helped develop the marketing program for 100 Black Men’s first major Black college football fund raiser.


Dub recently appeared on a political interview show on WGUN in Gainesville, Ga, to discuss his newest novel. He had write-ups in the Smoke Signal and Dawsonville News. He was also interviewed on PBS radio about the Atlanta Children’s Shelter as its Chairman.


Professional / Phone: (404) 825 - 4034 


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