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Nina Verkoeyen
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Discovering Meta Spirituality With Nina Verkoyeon

Change Your Core Identity By Removing All Spiritual Practices, Rituals, Techniques and Tools to Achieve True Communion With the Source In Days

Verkoyeon Has Been Called “The Modern Female Buddha,” With a Global Following and a New Approach to Embracing the “Truth of Who We Are” That Embeds It in a Way that Changes How We See and Approach Everything and Everyone – Including Ourselves!

Nina Verkoeyen was an incredibly successful spiritual teacher in Eastern Europe, on the cover of Yoga Journal TWICE, and in demand with growing influence. But that was on the outside. On the inside, she was bereft…something was missing and she was desperately searching for it everywhere.  

She had tried every spiritual practice known to man (or almost), but nothing was IT. Until one evening, as she contemplated what Love is and asked this question to the Universe, something profound happened. Everything she knew disappeared. She became one with the Creator and experienced everything and herself AS Love. She received the answer of what Love is. She became the answer.  

That evening her core identity changed. The knowledge of who she is stayed with her and never went away. It changed the way she perceived everything and how she acted in the world. She started writing down her epiphanies and the new vision of every aspect of life seen through the eyes of her new identity. Those writings laid the foundation of Meta Spirituality, a spiritual tradition she later founded, and its landmark work, a course of lectures called The Last Truth, that are intended to share the knowledge that changed her life. 

Meta Spirituality is the philosophy of truth that eschews all spiritual practices, rituals, techniques, and tools that stand in the way of a direct experience with the force of creation and true recognition. Meta Spirituality is the fastest practical method to change your core identity and live in the world with an expanded perception that allows you to live as the Creator, being and expressing Love in every action. She calls this The Last Truth because this is the only real one that exists.

As Nina says: "Meta Spirituality's knowledge is like climbing your Mount Everest—the pinnacle peak of experiencing being the Creator, in the communion with everything—seeing the new 360-degree panorama –a completely new vision of reality—and as that initial experience fades, you return to your world with a new map. Now you see it all from this new perspective."

In this upgrade, there is no separation and lack, no rage or depression, no fear, or as she calls them," distortions" that take you further away from your true self. You create everything—even yourself--from a higher perspective—and if you find yourself slipping, your remembrance will return you to that new-found state of presence. Nina also doesn't see the distinctions of past lives or reincarnation because those speak to a separation she doesn't perceive exists. In fact, she doesn't see herself as a guru or teacher—but as your voice reflected back to you.

According to Nina, if you're ego-mind is running the show, all you'll create will be chaos, conflict, problems, and strife. But if you are creating from the Truth of Who You Are, you'll see a profound change in the flow of everything—even others who are in your presence. And you'll help to create a more evolved and enlightened world—which is why Nina's life is committed to spreading the knowledge and pathway through Meta Spirituality-- an emerging spiritual tradition now taking America by storm, after having conquered much of Europe. Learn more at

If you would like to interview Nina Verkoeyen, who has been recently featured on MindValleyLA Weekly, and on the cover of Yoga Magazine, please send an email with the name of the show, your contact information, a proposed date and time, and the calling details


Nina Verkoeyen, called "the modern female Buddha" by LA Weekly is the founder of Meta Spirituality an emerging spiritual tradition taking America by storm.

A former psychologist and spiritual teacher, she has 20 years of experience in human consciousness and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.

In 2016, Nina went through a spontaneous spiritual transformation and acquired spiritual knowledge that profoundly changed her life and work. Since then, her mission has been to spread the message of Meta Spirituality and share it with millions of people.

Nina believes that we have outgrown mainstream spirituality with its focus on intermediaries spiritual tools popularized by mainstream spirituality that are rather detrimental to our personal growth than helpful. Meta Spirituality community is rapidly gaining popularity as more people are becoming ready to enter a direct relationship with The Creator within, saying no more to the lessons of intermediaries and being the student of life rather than the Creator of life.