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Sarah Hickner
Your Pitch

Do you need a guest to talk horse racing (Derby week is the first week of May!), faith, overcoming obstacles, missing horses, or just want a good inspiring interview with an author? 

I'm working to build a media tour to promote my memoir, Finding Gideon. It's about a time when I left home to chase a dream of galloping racehorses in Louisville, Kentucky. Within two weeks I had a horrible accident on the track and two weeks later my personal horse was stolen. The story is mind-blowing! Once I survived all that, I had to decide if I even wanted to pick myself back up and keep going. And was I even brave enough to?

There's a strong faith element woven in as I question how a good God can let such bad stuff happen.

The book releases at the end of April, just in time for Kentucky Derby hype, but I'm reading chapters on my podcast to build excitement, so I'm happy to talk about it now.

I look forward to chatting!


Sarah Hickner is a dreamer and a doer. She's been obsessed with horses her entire life, which has led to some epic highs and really hard falls. Those experiences have been chronicled into short stories, magazine articles, and (coming soon) a memoir titled Finding Gideon. When Sarah isn't at the barn, you can find her at home with her husband, two kids, and coonhound.