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Sarah Welk Baynum
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My name is Sarah, and I am a published author of four fiction novels and I also freelance write for five equestrian magazines. My books are all in the same series right now, and in the genre of Equestrian Romantic Suspense. I do write all my books clean, for reference (no foul language or sex).

My bio gives a more detailed version of my background, but I have been riding and owned horses since I was twelve years old. I spent many years also working with horses in various jobs within the horse industry.

I currently own two horses and still actively compete in show jumping and eventing with them.

All of these experience combined with my life-long love of reading and writing was what inspired me to begin writing fiction novels. I spun many of the settings of my favorite places, experiences, and competitive riding in the horse world and brought to life characters and a storyline in those places. After I wrote my first book in the series, I knew being a published author was for me, and ended up writing and publishing four novels between June and December of 2022. I plan to have a fifth book in that same series published in February 2023!

I was honored to have my first book in my series, titled "Impelled," win first place in the equestrian romance category in the 2022 EQUUS Film & Arts Festival Literary competition. This book has also been a best seller in several book categories on Amazon in 2022 as well. 

As for the magazines, the articles I typically write are profiles on amateur and professional horsemen and women. I absolutely love writing for these magazines, since I get the opportunity to  speak with these people who love their horses  and typically are national or world champions. It’s always so interesting hearing the backstories and behind the scenes lives of the people I write articles on!

I have been on four or five podcast interviews now, so this certainly would not be my first experience with an interview of this nature!


I look forward to hearing back from you, and thank you in advance for your consideration!

 - Sarah Welk Baynum 

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Sarah Welk Baynum has an extensive equestrian background which became the inspiration behind her debut novel “Impelled.”

While writing her novels, Sarah draws from previous experience as a working student, show groom, barn manager, working for FarmVet and other various jobs in the horse industry over the years both in her hometown and in Wellington & Ocala, Florida. Sarah also attended Otterbein University and majored in Equine Business and Facility Management.

Sarah still owns horses and actively competes in show jumping and three-day eventing, and horses have been a big part of her life since the age of twelve.  Her first horse may have been a gelding, but she has a bias for mares and has primarily owned mares throughout the years.

Besides writing equestrian novels, Sarah also writes articles for The Equine Chronicle, The Plaid Horse, Sidelines, Off-Track Thoroughbred, and Horse & Style Magazines. 

When she isn’t writing or riding, Sarah also enjoys competing in local and national singing competitions, and mainly sings country music.

Today, Sarah lives in her hometown just outside of Columbus, Ohio, with her family which includes her husband, her two dogs, two cats and her two mares Tilly (a warmblood) and Letty (an off the track thoroughbred).

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