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Julie Gianelloni Connor
Your Pitch

Few books are written for children about adoption, and even fewer about international adoption. Experts say that children should be told they are adopted, but parents have few tools to help them explain this complicated subject. My children's book on adoption is a tool that adopting families can use to help their children understand adoption. It answers the burning question some adopted children have: why didn't my mommy want me? This book on adoption is unique in a number of ways, and I'd love to tell your audience about it.


A U.S. foreign service office for 33 years serving overseas nine times in seven different countries, I adopted my son in Colombia in 1992. At that time, I searched for a book about adoption that I could read to my son, but I was unable to find one. I wrote a small book for him and read it to him until I was sure he understood that he was adopted and what adoption means. Then I put it away. Fast forward about 25 years. During COVID, unable to travel to research my next book, I was thinking about what I could write instead. "I wonder if there are good books on adoption for children available now?" I thought. So I checked--but there still weren't any books on the market like the one I had sought for my son. That galvanized me into writing one. "The Baby with Three Families, Two Countries, and One Promise" is my second book and my first children's book.

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