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J.R. Smith
Your Pitch

We work with Veterans and their families through equine therapy.  The affects of PTSD on our Veterans affect the entire family.  We are now also facing a 44 a day Veteran Suicide Rate.  We are asking people to go to and sign up today to pledge 44 dollars a month in memory of the ones we are loosing daily.


J.R. has been around horses since he was young on family farms, and boy scout trips.  He is an Eagle Scout and very proud of that.  J.R. has been married to his amazing wife and President of The Veterans Ranch Pam Smith for almost 23 years.  Together they have an amazing daughter that they are very proud of.  Both Pam and J.R. come from military families.  J.R.'s dad, uncle, and grandfather all served in the military and he had friends go to the Gulf War right out of high school in 1991.  Pam's father was in the Army from 1955-1957 and can trace back military service all the way back to George Washington.  J.R., Pam and Mike are very proud patriots and proud to serve the ones that served us all.

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