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Angel A
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An innovative novel catered to the emerging millennium that offers new mythology and pioneering solutions to combat suffering. 

Award-winning Australian author and filmmaker, Angel A, releases his second novel, 'Holy Parrot' December 1, 2022.

It is a tale that presents an emerging mythology for the emerging Age of Aquarius. 

The story seeks to bridge the gap between scientific method and spirituality. It also seeks to create religious syncretism - a coming together of religions under a common faith. It is for people who are scientific who are curious about matters and behaviour of faith and for people of faith who are curious about potential ways forward on their spiritual path.

Leo Lumière was an undergraduate science student from Australia working in the coastal fishing village of Buritaca in Colombia. Maria swore the parrot they call Gabriel told her that she will be the mother of the new Christ. Miraculous events unfolded. But was she lying to hide a despicable secret? Or was she birthing the saviour of the new millennium?

The title, Holy Parrot, is the English translation of the Spanish, Loro Santo. This is the name given to the macaw in the story that is initially called Gabriel. The relationship of this bird to a village girl called Maria sends a ripple across the globe. The cover design is a reflection of both the role of Gabriel and Maria in the story. 

If a readers are curious about a mysterious event that includes a fusion of of science, spirituality and exotic locations, that leaves them pondering about what is truth and what is not, this story may be the perfect option.

The author can comment on the following hot topics:

-The belief that there will be a new ‘Christ’ every 2,000 years. 

-Our transition from the ‘Age of Pisces’ to the ‘Age of Aquarius’ and what may be different moving forward.

-The novel reveals the three elements of divinity and the three C’s of connecting to these elements.

-How Heaven is accessible while living and how the stories reveal these pathways through allegorical examples.

-The novel explores ’suffering’ as a topic. How do we move through it and become a better version of ourselves to overcome our own suffering?

After winning a writing competition at age 17, Angel A says, “to awaken the collective conscience, we must awaken each and every soul to their unique path. Each individual is required to transcend their own inhibitions, dramas and self-limiting narratives.”

These stories represent different examples of such awakenings. He has 8 more to write at various stages of development.

Angel A continues, “Mental health is a primary health concern in the modern era. Reflective review of our self-limiting beliefs may be an aspect of the resolution of this problem. The novel offers specific strategies related to this topic. To reveal them here would be a spoiler.”


D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

‘Angel A sweeps readers into this multifaceted story with a plethora of insights that reveal just how special Maria is, opening with Maria's pregnancy and thwarted attempt to marry in order to preserve her reputation and name.

Spiritual readers who enjoy stories of beacons of hope, paradigm-changing experiences, and social and personal transformation will find Holy Parrot vivid and involving.

While libraries strong in spiritual novels will be the ideal audience for Holy Parrot, it ideally will assume an active role in any book club or reader group interested in the intersection between science and faith, the resulting drive for a better life, and the miracles that can power such convictions.’


Angel A is an Australian writer and filmmaker who shares insights and experiences of varied cultures through narratives that are compelling, inspiring and insightful. Mary Poser was Angel’s highly awarded first novel. Angel’s passion for writing screenplays and novels reveals a richly diverse world of conflict, love and hope.

2017 Foreword Reviews Indies Book of the Year Award Finalist 

2018 American Fiction Awards Winner.

2018 Best Book Awards Winner

2018 NYC Big Book Award Winner

2018 International Book of the Year Finalist

2018 Paris Book Festival Runner-Up.

2018 Readers' Favorite Finalist

2018 Independent Author Network Book of the year Finalist

2018 London Book Festival Honorable Mention

2018 BookViral Millennium Book Awards Long List

2018 New Apple Book Awards Official Selection

2018 Body, Mind, Spirit Book awards winner

2019 Independent Press Award winner

2019 New York Book Festival winner