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Gianluca Rey
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For your upcoming stories, please consider Gianluca Rey, a renowned DJ who has just released YELLOW in 2022. Rey launched his career DJing at parties in Tuscany in the 90’s, at famous techno clubs, was put in front of a spinning record at age 3, then a portable record player, first turntable, and first console, with spinning in his blood. His music was made for everyone to evoke a certain moment in life, in a particular state of mind, with a more intense beat.

Not impressed by the shining lights of the entertainment industry, he left his country to pursue his passion for making innovative music in Ibiza, without dedicating himself to a specific genre and became holistic with music in all of its forms. Each track and mix holds hidden meanings and messages that the listener can feel more than recognize, with a package leaflet instructing and guiding the listener on how to enjoy the track at its best.

Rey says, "The problem with DJ’s and producers today is that most of them focus more on 'the sound' than on the music as a journey, a feeling, a meaning. So, clubs lose customers and close around the world. Beatport is full of remixes of old tunes, and people are losing trust in the music industry itself. I see people in Ibiza want to listen to something new, without drugs, they want to enjoy something real.”

Released his first 7 tracks EP in 2018, Rey gathers inspiration from Ibiza and all over the world, being a showman in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Thailand, and playing in clubs and locations like Pioneer, Rizla, Carrefour in Italy, promoting international parties.


Gianluca Rey Born Italian in 1973, is an Italian DJ/showman who literally grew up in front of a spinning turntable. At the age of 19, he began playing at clubs, festivals and other events throughout Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland. In 2013, he moved to Ibiza for his new projects directed to a wider international audience. From there he did travel to South America, Netherlands, USA and Thailand.

His preferred style is melodic techno, which he developed as an evolution of early 90’s underground trance. His uplifting sessions are hypnotic and full of drama. He plays with a strong connection to the people on the dancefloor, to fully engage with them and bring them into an ecstatic musical journey.

His art name is inspired by “El Rey”, a famous song in South America, that talks about the king we become when we get to the point of belief in ourselves. His logo \°/ reflects his name and his mission and can be typed in on every keyboard of the planet. He recently released his first album, “Another world”, that he defines as “something that once you heard you will never forget”.