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Twila McGee
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NOLAs Finest Pet Care llc, Louisiana's first bi black-owned pet business that recently launched "Ask the Pet Expert," a feature allowing pet parents to book a private zoom session and receive tailored advice and tips (media experiences available). A self-taught artist offering unique products for pets & pet lovers that offers functionality, quality, art & culture, Twila's shop is the only business in the area that makes human-grade gourmet pet treats from scratch via Doordash. 

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Helping pets live happier, healthier, & longer lives

Born and raised in Uptown, New Orleans, C.E.O. founder, artist, & fur mom, Twila has 9yrs of professional pet care experience & basically a lifetime of being a fur mom. Her expertise are cats & dogs. Twila has fostering experience and has cared for furkids in every life stage. NOLAs Finest Pet Care llc is Louisiana's first bi black-owned pet care business.


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